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  1. What was the line from Starship troopers (book not the movie)? “There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men”

    • This quote from the movie version of Starship Troopers is also appropriate:

      When you vote, you are exercising political authority, you’re using force. And force my friends is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authorities are derived.

      We need to close the polling place loophole, and run a background check on every voter every time before they cast a ballot.

      • If he stated the obvious — that guns in the right hands are going to be a factor in protecting our children — then everything just falls to pieces for them.

  2. Ok point by point…
    1. Of universal background checks how nice!
    It fails to address illegal trafficking and straw man purchases. A Department of Justice study indicates that 78.8% of criminals get guns from friends or family (39.6%) or from the street/illegally (39.2%). To this point, the FBI states there are 1.2 million gang members in U.S. and that gangs illegally traffic guns as addition to narcotics. (SO IT DOES NOTHING)
    2. Oh scary looking rifles!
    So we go back to Columbine and they start using a highpoint, then what? Oh sorry forget about VA Tech which used small caliber pistols. Forget the fact that 0.5% of gun deaths are caused by a sporting rifle. The AR-15 is not the weapon of choice for most mass shooters according to James Alan Fox, a highly respected criminologist from Northeastern University in Boston; handguns are. (SO IT DOES NOTHING)
    3. Oh protect our children!
    I agree, and we can follow Israel and arm our teachers. It worked for them, and we are seeing schools and school districts start to put off duty police or like Texas and Utah arm their teachers. (LIP SERVICE THAT DOES NOTHING)
    4. Well ok on this one I agree. But having a doctor ask you if you own guns is not the way to go about it. (LIP SERVICE THAT DOES NOTHING)

    • 4. can be achieved by instead of the doctor asking if you have a mental condition that will put you or others in dangers he submits your information to a national DB dedicated to this. And states can check if you have a conceal carry permit and you are on that database or if you go do a NCIS check and you are there.
      Thought this wont address people stealing guns and getting guns from friends and family.
      This could help some crazy people from going on mass shooter without requiring a third party help.

    • “and we can follow Israel and arm our teachers. It worked for them, and we are seeing schools and school districts start to put off duty police or like Texas and Utah arm their teachers.”

      at Ft. Hood, we had to pay contract police officers to protect our disarmed Soldiers…all of Israel’s soldiers are always carrying Loaded rifles, on AND OFF duty.

      • Yeah, but I would imagine Israel’s soldiers are better trained. My cousin did 2 tours in Iraq, and he said the numbers of ND’s were ridiculous. Some idiot would go to a discharge barrel on the way in, then end up waving around a loaded weapon while trying to show clear. Others would sit in barracks with loaded weapons pointing in all sorts of unsafe directions. In those situations, you can either disarm everyone or you can make training way more intense. Our government tends toward the former.

  3. And again I will say…

    Since when do criminals OBEY laws?

    If they did, they wouldn’t be criminals now, would they!

    Hey occupier in the WH…STFU!

    • Laws should not be passed that infringe the rights of others. Laws should only punish for the infringement of another rights. A law that prohibits me from obtaining the firearm of my choice is Unconstitutional. A law that punishes me for murdering someone is not Unconstitutional because I’ve infringed the persons right to life. A law that punishes me for theft is not Unconstitutional because I’ve infringed the persons right to property. Further, a law that punishes a person for the tool they use to is Unconstitutional with respect to equal protections. If someone robs me with a knife the get a shorter sentence than if they rob me with a firearm because of the “use of firearm in a felony law.” I’m robbed the same no matter what tool they use. The unequal sentencing is Unconstitutional.

  4. Nothing like being specific, is there. “Make schools safer…” Isn’t that what they thought their gun-free zones were doing?

    But then no one ever says “Step 3: Make schools safer targets for violent psychopaths.”

  5. “Make schools safer”. As above, so below: “we can fix this by gun-and-smart-free zones, billions in PR, and by simply declaring an end to the violence.”

    DONE! How nice is THAT?

  6. “Make schools safer”. As above, so below: “we can fix this by gun-and-smart-free zones, billions in PR, and by simply declaring an end to the violence.”

    DONE! How nice is THAT? See what happens when we put our mouths to the grindstone?

  7. I was taught along time ago in college that any time you hear the words “for the children” beware. It is so true. What is a “High Capacity Magazine”. New York thinks 8 rounds is to many. So by trying to ban “high capacity magazines” they have also purposely included almost every pistol magazine. Please contact your Senators, Congressmen and local officials and let your voice be heard.

  8. 1. Tell that to the Mexican Drug Cartel members who bought guns in F&F (Romney should’ve eviscerated BO on that issue in the debate!). Tell the Crips, and the Bloods that they need to undergo background checks to buy their illegal firearms. Oh wait…

    2. Stop selling them Mexican Drug Cartel members first.

    3. Sooner or later schools in the South-West are going to be attacked by Mexican Drug Cartel members as retribution for something, it’s only a matter of time. Maybe a small town in Arizona will refuse to pay “protection money”, so their kids have to pay the price, maybe a mayor in New Mexico spoke out too forcefully against the cartels to their south, so to make an example, the town’s gringo children are butchered. These are people who leave skinned-faces of their victims on the porches of people they want to intimidate. Shooting up a group of kindergardeners won’t be too hard for them…

    4. I actually agree with this. We can start with helping those homeless members of our society who, through mental illnesses and mental disabilities, can’t support themselves. We can then move on to helping out our nation’s vets who are suffering with PTSD, and killing themselves off faster than the Hajjis every could. I would have no problem with my tax money going to help such individuals.

    Aside from the last bullet-point, that list would have done nothing to stop Sandy Hook, and the POTUS and his lackeys have actively aided the enemies of the USA, and Civilization as a whole, in the past, and should be opposed at every opportunity.

    A fifth point could be ending the war on drugs, but that’s just the voice of the radical libertarian in me…

  9. Maybe they should make the “Gun Free Zone” signs really, REALLY BIG. Shine a spotlight on them. Make them fluorescent! Big arrows pointing to them.

    That will “make schools safer.” 🙁

  10. This suddenly reminded me of the Derek Zoolander School for Kids Who Can’t Read Good (And Who Want to Learn to Do Other Things Good Too).

    I can just picture Big O berating his PR people in the Oval Office… “What is this, a list made for ants?? It has to be at least…three times this big!”

  11. Dear Obama…
    1. Solves nothing.
    2. Go f**k yourself.
    3. Sure why not?
    4. I actually agree with this one, maybe if we did something to help the mentally ill instead of attacking the gun owners, some good can be done.

  12. Show how dumb Obama is every poll released yesterday say no one wants a AWB so the idiot best argument is to lie and say while this wont work hunter support it. Between Obama and Biden a rock is a rocket scientist.

  13. 2. Criminals adapt to the weapons available. Banning semi auto rifles does not mean the 20-50 people a year that died by these rifles would not have been killed by another type of firearm or weapon.

    • We could easily have “banned Obama” in November if his only real opposition hadn’t been so totally focused on controlling women’s reproductive rights and religious fundamentalism.

  14. The FBI Crime Report (Table 20 – Weapons) for 2011 shows about 2 ¼ times more murders were committed by means of “hands and feet” than by “rifles”.

    Limiting the definition of “rifles” to so-called “semi-automatic assault rifles” (a gross misnomer) would increase the ratio still further.

    We are being told that we need a return of the senseless AWB because . . .?

  15. If there was a mental health test for voters, Obama would be back in Chicago organizing communities and writing his sequel, “More Lies About My Father, Whatshisname.”

  16. There are only semiautomatic rifles and standard magazines (10-20 rounds for handguns and 20-30 rounds for rifles). Sure there are crazy drums and stuff (50-100 rounds) that you could call ‘high capacity’, so what?
    See the games the libtards play. And we let them.

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