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My opinion of Ted Nugent as a loose cannon who hurts the cause of firearms freedom with the fence straddlers is well known in these parts. His appearance on Piers Morgan made me rethink my reticence about having the Motor City Madman representing the pro-gun position. This post-State of the Union CBS sound bite is another example of “good Ted.” It is not, however, particularly compelling. Still, it could have been worse. Kiss My Glock. ‘Nuff said?

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  1. I totally agree. I have met Ted, more than once(anyone who lives in Detroit, and goes to gun or archery ranges probably has too). He is more subdued in real life. But still an asshole. And rude, and dangerously ignorant. Having him on our side is not helpful. Ok, let people start insulting me now.

  2. What’s wrong with “Kiss my Glock?” Now, if he said “S^ck My Glock,” well, that would be naughty. Ish.

    Ted doesn’t say anything that each of us wouldn’t say if we had the b@lls.

    • Agreed.

      As vocal as he is and as passionate as he is about the Constitution I don’t blame him for going off sometimes. He’s trying to convey reality to lib interviewers – how else can you deal with them? The meek and mild approach is only inviting yourself to get drown out. He holds it together a million times better than I would if I got face time with a camera and I like his passion because he backs it up with facts.

      • APBTF: There is a difference between standing up for what you believe in and being a swine. Nugent went on camera and started cursing and calling names at Rep. Jim Langevin (D-RI), who was paralyzed in a shooting accident. If you really think that is the kind of thing that you would, or should, do to a member of Congress in a wheelchair, then you need help.

  3. My own Nuge problem, aside from the incessant one-liners (“my guitar will NEVER gently weep!” being one of the better ones), is the captive hunt preserve bull dooky. That’s not hunting; it’s more like “picking off.”

    I get that he’s “on our side”; what I DON’T get is that he appeals to some more than folks like Alex Jones or the national treasure, Gerald Celente. Maybe it’s an intellectual level-match kinda thing.

    • Who the heck is Gerald Celente?

      From what I’ve seen of Alex Jones, no thanks. I’d rather have a crude and (possibly) ignorant guy like the Nuge on my side than a so-smart-he’s-stupid conspiracy theorist.

      • I’ve always kinda taken Jones as Limbaugh brother from another mother.

        They’re both radio hosts with a devoted niche fanbase. They spout some outrageous things which appeal to that fanbase – things that few others will say.

        And I’m rather sure that neither has ‘gone native’ enough to truly believe some of the crazy things they say. Neither is that stupid. But it’s a persona, it’s entertainment, and it makes them money.

    • Many “captive” hunts take place on more square acreage than the animals normally range in the wild. People envision “captive” hunts as going into a corral and blasting some animal but that’s far from what a common hunt is like. Are some game animals shot in a ridiculously small area? Yup. And it’s a disgusting thing but most hunters want something more.

  4. How does this work? A fence sitter on this issue would say:

    You know what, I think the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms are good ideas, but after hearing Ted Nugent on the subject, I don’t think so anymore. Any constitutional amendment with this man as a spokesman should be abolished and the populace disarmed.

    If the above synopsis is correct, then our society is in about as bad a shape as I thought.

    • You can have it when you pry his poop-stained draft-dodging hands off it.

      I don’t judge the 2nd Amendment by Nugent. But I certainly judge his supporters. If you are in favor of letting a man like that be your spokesman, then your opinions will get ridiculed.

      Sorry, that’s just the way it works. Speak for yourself and let him speak for himself. Same deal with LaPierre. If your nervous condition is so bad that you can’t serve in the military, then you shouldn’t be able to carry a gun.

      • Dodging the draft meant fleeing the country.

        Nuge did what thousands of others including Giuliani, Clinton, Cheney, and Mittens did. They worked the system to legally avoid service.

        Do I approve? Nope. Is it fair? Meh. But it was the law.

        • 16V: He didn’t flee the country, he faked a mental illness. He smeared himself with his own urine and feces, and didn’t bathe for a month. That is different from getting a student deferment, that is just plain lying.

          And if he had such a bad mental illness that he couldn’t serve his country, then why is it OK for him to own 200 guns?

      • The draft?
        OK 2A guys, what part of “Shall not be infringed” do you not under stand?
        My guess is that you understand it perfectly.
        13A , what part of “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, .., shall exist within the United States.”
        What part of DRAFT is voluntary?
        I guess the underground railroad was just a bunch involuntary servitude dodgers.
        Do we ALL like 2 and 13, I hope so!

        • KCK: You don’t understand the difference between slavery and military service? Just because the Nuge didn’t volunteer to join the Army does not mean that it was slavery. There is a difference. There is a reason why we still had the draft long after slavery was abolished. If you don’t believe me, look it up.

        • LBDuh, you do know the fact that something is law doesn’t necessarily make it right… right? The draft is misandrist involuntary servitude, period.

          • Jake,

            I didn’t necessarily say it was right, I just said you can’t call yourself a super-patriot just because you smeared yourself with feces to get out of the draft.

            The Viet Nam war was obscene and pointless. But a lot of people felt that way and served anyway.

  5. Ted should be kept “off the streets” like a secret weapon to be rolled out whenever a Piers Morgan-type needs a good talking to. He overstates the “mentally ill” issue. Violent ideation is the thing. Psychiatrists prescribing anti-depressants when a person really needs an anti-psychotic seems a serious problem. Going off meds for the seriously ill needs to be stopped. Recidivists? The poor 15 year old girl in Chicago was killed, we now know, by an adult who was on probation for a gun possession violation. He got no jail time. That isn’t a gun problem. That’s a justice system problem. One Obama didn’t bother to fix while representing the South Side.

  6. He has done a surprisingly good job of late. Until recently he was an embarrassment. I’m not sure I would want to bet that he stays on the reservation.

  7. I think the worry about the fence sitters is more about will they “Like” us or not. Personally I don’t give a rat’s butt if they like us. Either you are for the Bill of Rights or not. The Ted Nugent argument is about nothing more than personal like or dislike.
    Let’s get off the idea of fence sitters BTW. Who invented that concept? You mean there are people who can’t decide if the freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights are worth anything and don’t know if they want to support liberty? Who may prefer a super controlling government? I don’t believe there are any people out there like that, I believe it’s a fiction. There are 2 opposing views and the third group of apathetics who don’t think any of this means anything to them until it’s too late. If you think you can get them off their behinds to support you and Ted Nugent will push them back on their behinds you are delusional. If you ever get them moving it won’t last long enough to matter before they fall back into their black hole of a life.
    We need Nugent to be as offensive to the gun grabbers as they are to us. I think it’s real offensive when some brainless troll casually decides I should not have a basic right. I think it’s offensive enough to go way beyond Ted Nugent outraging them.

    • no, i think the majority just doesn’t understand a thing about economics, finance, law, or history. They aren’t really ‘fence sitters’, but there are a lot of people who have misinformation, that must be taught correctly.

      I’ve swayed many with rational argument. Not the anti’s, but a lot of people who just don’t understand, or really care enough to understand. Sheeple, they would be called in internet forums.

  8. I get it.. I really do. I mean both sides. Ted brings star power, and gosh he says crazy things. Probably says things that deep inside we all feel. Then again if you aren’t half naked, drunk, on drugs, or getting arrested for that underage prostitute in the hotel you are not a movie star either these days.
    At some point the tin foil hat folks will be right or wrong. We are trying to be civil, and level headed. We are trying to be logical and fact based.
    If what we think we see is coming true, then Ted will be our best friend to get folks attention. Yeah that whole love hate thing!
    I look at it this way. Support his efforts, but be sure to keep a short leash. At least for now. The day they start knocking on doors and taking guns on trumped up charges with out ever actually charging individuals.. Oh wait…

    Also as we have seen over the last two appearances Uncle Ted seems to be learning a bit. Sure he still tells what he feels, but not nearly as bad as it could have been….

  9. I like that he’s holding back a bit, taking his position serious, I hope he goes into politics in some capacity.

  10. So what makes him worse than Chris Rock refering to obama as our “daddy” of the United States…. and you should listen to your daddy….

  11. funny though that Nugent criticizes people who make terroristic threats, but i’ve think he’s done that before.
    I think the whole mental health thing is a slippery slope.

    Anyway, I was in a gunstore yesterday, and i witnessed a straw purchase. Maybe it wasn’t, but it looked like one pretty much. All you can do is BE ARMED. No legislation will stop someone from getting a gun if they really want one. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a ride down the block and i’ll find you a seller. All you can do is be ready. Whether you choose a firearm or not is your choice. Let me make my own.

    • T-Paine (heh) you can’t just drop that turd in the punch bowl and walk away.

      Straw purchase story details. We must have them.

  12. When I see Al Sharpton on television, I mutter, “Two words – Tawana Brawley,” and change the channel. When I see Wayne LaPierre or Ted Nugent on television, I mutter, “Two words – draft dodger,” and also change the channel.

  13. I though he was fine. If thats over the top I guess I don’t know what to say. He was measured & didn’t pound his shoe on the table like kruschev, so all in all, pretty mellow, Randy

  14. he’s suggesting a policy towards mental illness that if implemented would result in his permanent commitment to an insane asylum.

    cares alot about 2nd ammendment, not at all about 4th or 8th.

  15. I put this as a reply to a draft dodger comment but here it is for general consumption, seems it needs repeating.

    The draft?
    OK 2A guys, what part of “Shall not be infringed” do you not under stand?
    My guess is that you understand it perfectly.
    13A , what part of “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, … shall exist within the United States.”
    What part of DRAFT is voluntary?
    I guess the underground railroad was just a bunch involuntary servitude dodgers.
    Do we ALL like the 2nd and 13th?
    I hope so!
    Consistancy of values guys, consistancy!

  16. Having avoided military service during Vietnam isn’t the worst of it. I’m sure you’ve all read about his self-admitted statutory rape activity. Yet, you still discuss whether he’s a good spokesman or not.

    Ask yourselves this, if one of the lefty progressives who disagree with you on gun control issues had a history of sexual behavior with underage girls, would you guys write fifty or a hundred comments without even mentioning it?

    The answer is obvious, You’re a bunch of hypocrites who will close a blind eye to almost anything for one of your own.

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