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    • for that price it should be two–or three. Didn’t wee see this very same ad a week ago at half this price? Ah, doncha jus love capitalism!

        • That is still a lot of money, in my local paper someone sold an AK variant with 3 standard cap mags for $800.

      • For that price it should be seven or eight of them.

        These prices are ri-goddam-diculous. I wonder how many dumb bastards are paying these prices. On the Phoenix backpage fellas are asking anywhere from $250 to $500 for stripped lowers and I’m not sure many of them are selling. I have a barely used LAR Grizzly-15 stripped lower I put up mainly to dicker (cash on my part if needed) for a D/A .22 revolver but cash offers were cool too. Nothing, nada, zip.

        • I think the window for selling stripped lowers at a profit slammed shut when the supply of lower parts kits and complete uppers dried up, especially the latter.

          My theory is that most of the initial waves of buyers for stripped lowers were either buying LPKs and complete uppers at the same time, or (like me) were buying them so that they would legally own the “firearm” before any ban came down.

          The trailing waves have either been folks too panicked to think through what comes next after buying a stripped lower in today’s environment, or those who are in it for the long term but are wincing because they missed the boat before prices went way up. And not too many of the latter are left, leaving only panicked buyers who will pay ridiculous prices for a precision-machined chunk of aluminum with a serial number.

  1. This is the kind of thing we’ll remember in good times and in bad. CDNN never had me,.. but now they never will.

    • I’m trying not to hold this one against them. They were slow to up prices earlier on, but I think they’re desperate to keep at least SOMETHING on the front page of the catalog. I’ve had some great deals on stuff from them in the past, and some good customer service.
      For that same cash though, oddly enough that’s exactly what I had to spend, I picked up an Auto Ordnance Tommy, a brick of 45, and still had $400 bucks in my pocket. Next stop, violin case!

      • Then you are enabling this kind of retail douchebaggery. Congrats! for being part of the problem.

      • …or just wait a couple months until they’re back down to $1,400. Sweet guns, and I’d like to get one myself. I am still in favor of long stroke systems over SS.

      • Seriously, go get laid or something. Your pissyness is a real downer.

        Were you not hugged enough as a child?

        • I was actually chuckling when I wrote that, so it certainly wasn’t “pissyness” on my part. I know I kind of left that vague, but if you look closely, and I mean really squint, I wrote “durka durka durka”. I figured anyone that would’ve been a dead give away that I was mostly joking.


  2. Uhhhhhh $800 a piece for a pair of stripped lowers? Ill pass. As will everyone who knows anything about guns or who has any friends who know anything about guns. May God have mercy on anyone stupid enough to pay that kind of money for a stripped lower.

    • You could only buy three or four good lever guns for the price of those two stripped lowers. Clearly your priorities are completely screwed up.

      • Ha! I wish I’d gone back at the local gun show a few weeks ago to look at a used Savage lever-action in .30-06. selling for a few hundred. I could also, for that amount of money, have bought a great re-loading kit to include the tools, equipment, and supplies. Oh, and I could have bought lots of ammo. And I’d still have money left over for a full body rub by a cute girl.

  3. On one hand, the price gouging is maddening. On the other, well, I decided to take advantage of this pricing surge myself. I sold an AK for $1400 and immediately turned around and bought a mint vintage Series 70 9mm Commander and a hand made leather holster with the cash. I’ve been pining for one forever, but couldn’t fathom parting with the cash, until it came from an AK I already owned. So, you know, make hay while the sun shines, I suppose.

  4. If you read the whole add it states that the serial numbers on this pair is #1 and #2. Still expensive but not your ordinary stripped lower

  5. I’m not condoning anyone price gouging in this market, however, the fact that this is a matched pair- serial #1 and #2 was conveniently cropped out of this photo. I don’t personally care what the SN on my lower is, but some people might find that worth the crazy money. And since they’re the only place I’ve seen a stripped lower for sale online in a month, well, supply and demand.

    • Agreed. You guys shouldn’t have cropped that out. That does add value to some buyers. I wouldn’t pay a cent more in this case for a pair of consecutively numbered lowers, even if they are #1 and #2, but some people would gladly pay more. $1,599??? I think it’s ridiculous but cutting out the serial number details is dishonest… $0.02

      Full relevant section of the ad:

  6. It’s the image editing, not the image that’s incendiary. As jamie and James said, these are special serial # collector some-such. TTAG is as bad as the MSM on this one, just trying to stir up a controversy where there is none. Boo hiss.

  7. Speaking of body rubs Aharon, no gouging presently here in the Deep South. $250 plus tip and holding.

  8. real douche bag move not printing the whole ad…lame,lame,lame..congrats on stooping lower that msnbc.

  9. Bloody Hell we are like a bunch of hobo’s try to get out at all cost; though the cost is greed… We need to stand together. As one unit to get those less educated the education they need to make an informed decision… This shooting ourselves in the foot like this and turning on eachother is how fidi will get your s and my guns… We need to close ranks, make all state & fed. Leo’s live in the same law we have to… And if they just exempted themselves from the law which is why we have this problem. Then we lean on the guns, parts, and ammo manufactures to not sell to them until they abide by the civillian part of the law… Security companies should do the same. We as a country are blamed to be the capitalist skurge of the world.. . Why can’t we let our feeling known the old faction union way??? Oh , wait,, George Jr screwed us there, Obama through his own share of unions under the bus. We remember how unions work… Let’s get cracking we have lots of work ahead of us….

  10. C’mon TTAG! You’ve got to be better than this. Show the full ad. After all it does have some relevant information that makes it far less “incendiary” than your cropped version.

  11. They didn’t have much luck selling the complete rifles even after price reductions, I’m wondering if they’re parting them out now? If we see the uppers for sale we’ll know. BTW aren’t these serial number 1 and 2? Doubt if that adds any real value though.

  12. Heehee! Had the opportunity to buy a couple of lowers for $42 apiece, last week. Love my new workplace!

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