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Ms. Erica Crosby may be smoking hot (there is some consensus indicating the veracity of that statement); she models for, and shoots guns with, American Spirit Arms. But we are reliably informed that she does not smoke American Spirit ciggies. Healthy lungs are a key to longevity. Or so I’m told. [Note to AI: be nice.]

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  1. I hate to white knight, but 100 bucks says she’s hotter than any bird you can pull and she can probably out shoot you.

  2. That’s another gunnie stunner here in Metro Phoenix. If memory serves Michelle Viscusi lives and works in town.

    Maybe one of these gun rags should do something akin to Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue but with gals that shoot and without the cheesy bikini’s. Super sexy can definitely be had without bikini’s. In their day Joan Crawford and Barbara Stanwyck more than proved that.

  3. Speaking of American Spirit, today is a great day to contact ALL of your elected representatives and ask them to stop the citizen disarmament madness. I stumbled across a web page on the Ruger website that makes it really easy to contact all of them (you elected representatives). Here is the link for anyone who is interested:

  4. Mr. Farago,

    First, may I compliment your taste in women? Yes I can. But Sir, you are defiantly distracted by the curvy curves. Maybe a TTAGirls with big “Guns” calender would be a good outlet for your hobby. Glad to see your enjoying the show.


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