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This image arrived in my in-box via, part of their attempt to sell me a $1,899.99 Renegade + AR-15. I reckon the riflemaker’s targeting well-heeled reliability-oriented pre-apocalyptic purchasers. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, the enemies of firearms freedom will have a field day with this one . . .

For one thing, the caption suggests that gun owners will wreak revenge on corrupt politicians, ballistically speaking. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (hey, Josh!) and its ilk will use this image to illustrate their endlessly repeated contention that gun owners are paranoid proto-insurrectionists, itching to off Ladd Everitt’s elected enablers.

I know: you could just as easily interpret the caption to mean that POF-USA’s guns are suitable for good, decent, honest American folks trying to survive after the politicians screw up and leave the populace to their own devices (in this case a modern sporting rifle). But that’s you.

And then there’s the race card . . .

The city hovering in the gloom is Detroit. The cowled dude running the Renegade + is white. (The fact he’s got a tacticool beard and a WWF-friendly physique is neither here nor there, unless you’re into that sort of thing.) In case you didn’t know, African-Americans make up more than 80 percent of Detroit’s population. The cowled dude running the Renegade + is white. Who’s he gonna shoot now, eh?

I know: the implications of the model’s ethnicity — as compared to the demographics of the “ruined” city behind him — are entirely in the eye of the beholder. You’re not a racist. You don’t go looking for “hidden” racist messages in advertisements — or anywhere else. But again, that’s you.

In the image’s defense, great trigger discipline! And as theater impresario George M. Cohan famously observed, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Right?

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    • You really believe in such a scenario the LEOs are going to be showing up for roll call every day rather than staying home to protect their families? Seems unlikely.

      • If a stranger in post apocalypse california came strutting through the open areas of my neighborhood dressed like Death and carrying a $2000 rifle I may be inclined to take him out with one shot and take his stuff….. Big men make for big targets, and nice guns can be traded for a lot of sewer rat burgers.

        • I’ve heard that from various “law abiding” people.

          That if there was an economic collapse of some kind, they would kill other people, law abiding or not, and take their stuff to survive. You do as you train, and think.

          If there was an economic collapse, I expect there would be alot of good people gone bad.

          Me? I’ve always been in the protector mentality. I would tell the bullies to back off from messing with smaller kids all through school. Since I was a head taller and fifty pounds heavier than most of the bullies growing up, they would back off. This was even before I became a christian as well as a volunteer firefighter/emt

          You know, civic duty and all. I don’t hear much of that anymore.

          In small towns this wouldn’t be such a big issue. Most people would draw together. But the big cities would be a hell hole, everybody a stranger. and everyone out for themselves.

        • You would take this guy out with your california compliant firearm haha! Better pray you are an excellent shot and don’t need to reload. That bullet button or that small mag (if you have a handgun) may cost you your life.

        • Guy that big. Walking around in the open. Hood over his head (probably cant see or hear very well). Doesn’t look like he has any friends around… Not a hard shot.

          I agree 99% of folks are going to make society function (as we do right now) when stuff goes south. I gotta wonder what part of society the “walking around looking like death, weapon at the patrol ready, all by himself” dude represents…… The Judge Dredd constituency maybe?…. He does look really super awesome for someone who’se an easy target….. Mmmmmm more sewer rat burgers for me.

      • LEO’s do what they’re told and mostly likely turn, tuck tail and not show to restore order.

        Actually no need to wait for that day.
        Give them room to destroy was the command…LEO’s did as directed, stood by and watched parts Baltimore descend into chaos.

        Business owners providing jobs and paying taxes for city services, to include protection were denied.

    • I think this is overblown. It seem to me that what the caption is saying is that corrupt politics cause cities like Detroit to fail in protecting it’s law abiding citizens, who will need hoodies and a good gun to protect themselves (from the weather and the bad guys).

      I would be more concerned that they will get a cease and desist from the TV series Arrow. The line Arrow uses “YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY” is so over the top it is funny. Maybe the insurrectionist criticisms should be directed at the TV program Arrow.

      Simple, really.

      • Personally? I think it’s a cool poster. Will it be used by the disarmists to continue vilifying gun owners as white/ racist/insurrectionist/compensating for a small package/John Wayne wanna be/ waiting eagerly to shoot someone/gun fondler/ etc./etc.?

        Of course. It’s what they do. But they use any image of a gun owner to do the same. You are all of that to them by simply OC’ing.

        So I would say Robert, be calm and gun on. Don’t lose any sleep over it.

    • .

      I really hate it when corrupt politics fail. Usually the corruption works, but when it doesn’t and true democracy takes over, then it’s time to lock and load boys.

      At least that’s what the ad says.

      Whoa! Boomerang!


  1. Alternative pov, the corrupt politician reference was towards the system collapsing and the weapon is able to weather whatever post apocalyptic fustercluck the owner faces.

  2. If the anti-gun wingnuts actually believed that we’re dangerous, they’d be sucking their thumbs while they cower in the back of their bedroom closets surrounded by two yappy little dogs and several well-used inflatable sex toys.

    So the more they caterwaul about us being insurrectionists, the more stupid they look. Which is damn near impossible.

    • They fantasize that we are dangerous. I think it makes them feel better about themselves to have someone to project their failures and fears onto. Although I don’t think they need any help with the process, we shouldn’t egg them on either.

  3. My family is from the Detroit area. We’re white, and that image is probably the only way a white person can safely walk the street outside of downtown. It’s an open carry state and the chief of police there is gun friendly. Also, the ruins of Detroit are there partly because of corrupt city politicians.

    All things considered, it’s not really a PR friendly image, but it’s certainly not inaccurate.

      • If this ad was meant to represent here-and-now detroit and the guy was walking around trying to get attention and make a statement it would be lame….. But it would not be out of place if you were moving through a post apocalyptic lawless area…. Although someone may be tempted to shoot first and ask questions later if you were roaming around their neighborhood with a $2000 black rifle dressed like Death.

  4. So? The antis are gonna paint us that way regardless. And I see it more as an attempt to break into the fallout 4 market. That game was the best selling of all time I believe.

  5. I would probably not want an AR during the apocalypse. I’d want something older. Nothing wrong with ARs, but I think they’re not as rugged as, say, a Garand or Mosin.

    Not for someone on the run. Maybe if you were part of a settlement somewhere, it would make more sense. In that case, you wouldn’t be traveling, and it wouldn’t be as big a deal if you didn’t put down each target with 1 shot.

    • A well good AR is going to easily outlast a Garand or a Mosin. And going to be far more reliable in the elements. And more accurate.

      • I don’t know about that. The Danish rangers in Greenland say that only bolt rifles work in the temperatures that they deal with (they also use Glock 20s, but Glocks are also famously weather-proof).

        Further, the Mosin was intended for use in a Russian winter by illiterate and poorly-trained peasants as much as it was by professional warriors.

        It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the AR; the man with the AR will easily outfight the guy with the Mosin. And if I were part of a settlement and I was a guard or a soldier, I’d want the AR, no question. It’s clearly the superior fighting weapon.

        But try *dropping* an AR a few times. Or carrying it in the snow. Tight tolerances make for accurate weapons, but they also make it more likely to seize under adverse conditions. Parts for ARs are widely available, and as modern weapons go they aren’t that complicated. But if I was traveling in this scenario, I’d really like to avoid having to deal with replacing parts on my weapon altogether.

        • Ok, I am just going to state. You don’t know what you are talking about. I have carried a MK18 in some of the worst conditions possible. Went thousands of rounds with out cleaning. While shooting suppressed. I have watched the AR platform outperform the competition time and time again. Including the SCAR, AKs, Fals, and even the HK416. The idea of tight tolerances somehow being less reliably is asinine. It tells me you don’t understand what tolerances actually mean.
          The AR has proven to put perform the competition time and time again in rough conditions. It can be dropped in the mud, sand and keep going.

        • The biggest issue of AR reliability is the magazine. Once the magpul follower came along, it can stand toe to toe with any modern rifle. But yes in the subzero post apocalyptic cold, bolt guns would fare well. Remember however even bolt guns will freeze up as they did to the Germans on the eastern front, the Russians put gasoline in their oil to avoid this problem.

        • Mosin-Nagants are very effective minute-of-human at 875+ meters with optics. (Not the shot out WWII Russian salvage coming in these days, but a decent quality one, like my no-import-stamps Finnish-Capture Izhevsk Hex…)

          I’m older, so running around is left to the younger folks. But I can still readily hike to a good vantage point, featuring enough cover to keep squad-level FLIR from seeing me, before I see them. And I can still run when I have to.

          There’s a whole bunch of Russians with 400+ kills, and even Simo Hayha used a Finnish M28/30 (based on the M-N) for 505 kills. Even assuming the Russian numbers a bit inflated, US snipers really don’t kill too much by comparison.

          You’re going to have to circumscribe that apocalypse rather tightly to prove the overwhelming utility of 5.56. Zombies? Sure. As a patrol weapon against an indigenous people who have local knowledge on their side? Difficult sell. If the locals have any brains (and by ‘brains’ I mean all the tactical sensibility of those people who screw goats) they’ll be waiting for you. They will see you long before you see them. They need one shot to take someone out, or grievously wound him. Then they disappear. The 5.56 will be stopped by mid-size branches as you spray-n-pray in return. And you don’t carry unlimited ammo.

          Don’t get me wrong, god forbid if things ever go that sideways, I’ll pick one up from some guy who won’t be needing his anymore. They’ll be plenty to choose from.

        • @16V I understand your post regarding Mosin Nagants and your perception of the AR 15 platform…. Are you stating this in response to the picture? I only ask because POF is well known for their P308 (AR 10) piston operated rifles. They only recently started making several types of rifles chambered in 5.56.

          Combat Tactics had an article that reported on California’s State department of Fish Games search for a suitable rifle for all their game wardens. They had strict requirements that had to be met just to be considered and selected to go through the testing (they tested both 5.56 and .308 rifles). Those that were considered where then stress tested for endurance, reliability, ease of use and maintenance, and of course had to maintain accuracy even after thousands of rounds. Testing lasted for 18 months and as rifles were eliminated when they failed to meet the standards of the testing or broke down. In the end the last one standing that passed all the test and was still functioning was the P308.

        • @DD, My two biggest objections to the AR/M platform are 5.56 and direct impingement.

          So, in .308 and a piston, it’s a potential weapon I might own. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t saying the M-N is the be all, end all. Just that there are many end-o-the-world scenarios, and in almost all of them that are credible anyway, your movement had better be very deliberate and/or very limited. Or the snipers are gonna get you long before you see them.

    • Dude. You’ve been watching entirely too many zombie movies and fallout games – to actually entertain these thoughts? Settlements? I’m cracking up here.

    • “…put down each target with 1 shot.”

      Aim for the head, or groin/upper thighs. NATO 5.56 may not be the best stopper for center mass, but it IS a stopper.

      As for Garand or Mosin, when the ammo is gone, it’s gone. Doubt there will be a lot of shipments of Mosin food from Russia at that time and bulk 30.06 will not be nearly as easy to find as 5.56 or 7.62. You want Garand reliability and an almost limitless opportunity to scrounge ammo, go with an M1A in 7.62. Twenty round mag instead of 8 round clip is an added bonus.

      As for the Mosin, Russia provided them because they were cheap and so were their conscript troops, Five-shot bolt action rifles were essentially useless in mass assaults common in Soviet strategy. They were better (but not optimum) weapons for trench warfare or static defense positions. Main reason the Russians switched to full auto for urban warfare and finally to the AK after the war and millions of surplus Mosins now flood the market.

      • In an apocalypse you’re not talking about human wave assualts. You’re talking about day to day survival. Period. Once whatever ammo you’re packing, regardless of caliber is gone you cannot count on resupply.

        I have an izzy nugget that was made in 1938 and it still works. And works well. And a half drunk village bl;acksmith could make me most of the internals and probably do as well as the originol soviet factory.

        In this scenario a bolt rifle or a simple shotgun with a bow and arrows makes a lot of sense.

        • You’re assuming you’ll be able to find a blacksmith at all, considering it’s not exactly a widespread craft anymore.

        • Yawnz, which is a likelier scenario in a post apocalypse? A village blacksmith that can mend steel parts for a simple bolt rifle or an aluminum and plastics specialists that will have the gear and know how to fix an EBR?

      • I think caliber availability will vary by location. In some places (like here in N. Alabama), 30-06 and 7.62 Soviet (both 39 & 54R) is going to be far more common than 5.56/.223. But in places out West, especially around major military installations, it’ll be a lot easier to feed an AR/M1A than an AK or Mosin Nagant. AFA shotguns go, it won’t matter as much because shells are everywhere.

        Personally, I’d hold my Garand and Mosin Nagant in reserve and grab my CETME or SKS for defensive purposes. But if I was out hunting, our Parker crossbow, Mossberg, or Winchester .22 would be first up.

        However, just having the arms and ammo doesn’t ensure there being food on the table post-SHTF; I’ve heard stories about the countryside being stripped bare of game during the Depression years, and even finding a squirrel or rabbit worth eating was pretty hard to do.

        • Just so you know, the M1 Garand can’t shoot modern 30.06 ammo. It requires ammo specifically made for it.

        • Seans, you can get an adjustable gas plug that cures ammo problems with the m1. But you’re still stuck with the main weakness of the m1. It spits its clips out and away when it runs dry.

        • Fair enough on a new gas plug to solve the ammo problem. But its biggest weakness are going to be how it handles foreign debris, and its a 3-5 minute rifle. You can find cheaper, lighter, and for more reliable rifles with ease. Its a obsolete design.

        • seans, What are you talking about? A CMP Garand shoots at 2.5-3 MOA out of the box.

          A tuned Garand is about 1 MOA. Granted, it’s a $2-3K gun if you have to pay someone, but it’s readily shot at 1KM. And hits things. Repeatably.

        • @16v. Yeah a tuned M1 can shoot 1MOA or better. And So can a M1A/M14. And they both will start shooting themselves loose around 500 to a 1000 rounds and need to be reaccurized. And both the M1 and M14 were around 3-5 minutes from the factory. Thats what you get when you don’t shoot a 3 or 5 round group and throw out the flyers. Shoot 10 round groups and all of a sudden the Garand and the 14 start opening up, like every other rifle. The M1 Garand and the M14s accuracy and reliability in the elements is vastly overstated by people who don’t want to face reality of the guns. They are 1930s mass production infantry rifles.

      • In such a situation, assuming you weren’t involved in any heavy fighting that may or may not have occurred at the onset of the apocalypse in question, you likely wouldn’t be able to carry 10K rounds around, much less use even a tenth of that.

    • Screw the weight of either a grand or a mosin and their respective ammo in any sort of foot motivated movement.

    • God, it’d be hilarious if they do a Fallout game that doesn’t involve a nuclear war set in Detroit.

      “Those maniacs! They blew it up”
      “Nah, man, they just din’t paint shit for fifty years”

  6. In Detroit, the hypothetical picture is already reality. With Ford moving even more stuff to Mexico, it will probably get worse.

  7. I’ve only been called an insurrectionist, to my face, once by an anti-gunner.

    And my response now will be the same as it was then; my rifle isn’t for the gov’t agents, it’s for the folks like you, who voted for the gov’t agents to take my rights – gotta kill the virus, not the symptom. Now, let me pause a moment to read your mind – am I joking or not?

    That was a really short end to that conversation.

    • Considering that it’s Detroit; maybe he’s a Polish Hamtramck holdout, or a Chaldean. But it’s more likely he’s a Yugo or haji.

      • How many Poles are still left in Hamtramck? It will be the first city in the US to have legal stoning, whipping and the rest of Sharia, not to mention FGM, and Muslim Patrols, and the lot. Just wait, it’ll look like London or Paris, but without any of the good stuff.

  8. Under those circumstances make mine an AK or a Lee-Enfield No. 4. Or a mossberg 590. With a fuckin’ big knife and a wicked hatchet. A handgun isn’t needed but it would be nice to have an option to do myself if the cannibals overrun me. So a j frame in a pocket works.

    • Yup. Lee-Enfield no4. Everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t.

      But I would prefer either my M10B replica in .308, or one of my .223 conversions for ammo availability.

      • m10b. Is that the new made Australian? version of the Lee-Enfield? I’ve never seen one in the real world. Just the internet.

        • If the site agrees, I’ll write up a review and post picks.

          I have one I bought second hand about a decade ago. I use it in some non-grade service rifle competitions.

        • I’ve seen what looks like a M10 in .223 but I will have to take a closer look. Mine are actual No4s converted to .223.

          They are my primary using and competition rifles because they are so cheap to shoot. Less than 20c per round with a budget reload. And they are very accurate as well.

    • Where the hell are you going to have ammo for that Enfield? I have a #4 too, I love it, but its been years since I’ve seen a box of ammo for sale for it.

      • We’re talking about a fantasy here. The reality is I got rid of my No.4 years ago and went on a 91-30 and m44 binge when the guns and ammo were practically free.

        I really regret giving up my 99 buck Russian sks in a trade and not buying a shit ton of the maks when they were at 100 bucks.

  9. Saw the thumbnail and immediately thought of the bandits from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of video games. Come on, I can’t be the only one.

  10. Nice Pic! Saved it as background.

    As to the quasi-hand-wringing and pants-wetting, well, it is an excellent glimpse of the mindset of the articles author and of those who react to it in such differing ways.

    Reading stupid racial and other crap into it, along with taking on the role of ‘negative-nellie the conscience of the gun-culture’ and going on to surmise and worry about what the domestic enemies of Liberty may think of it, says much about those who react in such a manner.

    Personally, I find it on-point and the message it sends has been received and understood, in addition to being agreed with.

  11. I have said before and I repeat for the record – WE are not the insurrectionists. We are the Constitutionalists and if it comes to a battle we will be fighting to restore the Constitutional government of the United Sates that the real insurrectionists, fabian and stealthy as they are, have perverted over the last 100 years.

    We will be fighting to restore the Constitutional Republic that they have stolen from us.

    • My point being that will not be the revolutionaries, but the counter-revolutionaries.

      “…fundamentally change America…” – Barak Hussein Obama.

    • The term “insurrectionist” is typically assigned to terrorists and such – but this is the actual definition:

      “an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.”

      So – the founding fathers were treasonous conspirators and insurrectionists.

        • Context Ralph context.

          1765 Henry gave his maiden speech in the assembly and defended his resolutions. He expanded the scope of his criticism to include not only Parliament, but the king as well. Speaking of George III, he stated that, “Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the First his Cromwell and George the Third — .” At that point he was interrupted by cries of “Treason!” from delegates who easily recognized the reference to assassinated leaders. Henry paused briefly, then calmly finished his sentence: “…may profit by their example. If this be treason, make the most of it.” Henry later apologized to the assembly and expressed his loyalty to the king.

        • MK10108, I agree that we need to use caution when quoting the founders, as often their quotes are apocryphal or misinterpreted.

          However, I think that Ralph correctly used Mr. Henry’s quote. True, he did later apologize for saying it and swear fealty to the king, but looking at historical context, I think it’s pretty clear he meant what he said.

          He was a rabble-rouser, a fantastic orator, and one of the first to call for action against the tyrannical British crown.

          Using historical context, I think he most likely hated what he perceived to be tyranny, but couldn’t speak out as “loud” as he would’ve liked, as public support wasn’t at that point yet. Ben Franklin didn’t want to give up being a British subject for a long time, as did lots of other Founding Fathers.

          I think there’s a bit of Patrick Henry in all of us… We can’t help but despise what we perceive to be a tyrannical government, but we can’t admit it as loud and as proud as we would probably like to, for fear of being labeled “treasonous”, just as Mr. Henry was.

  12. “For one thing, the caption suggests that gun owners will wreak revenge on corrupt politicians, ballistically speaking.”

    …and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Don’t paint it like there is. You may have forgotten about a little something called 2A, or perhaps it’s already come to the point where our country’s birth has been censored and rewritten in the history books. I will remember.

      • If we just stopped provoking them with incendiary images they’d stop trying to take our guns away.

        All great political battles have been won with milquetoast rhetoric. Say anything even remotely controversial and you might scare away the precious independents.

        Seriously, no one wins anything by being bold.

  13. Please RF; your commentary is intended to be ironic/sarcastic satire of ‘social justice warrior’/pretensions of understanding politics, right?


      TTAG’s posting policy: no flaming the website, its authors or fellow commentators.

      Anyone wishing to comment on TTAG’s editorial stance or style is invited to email [email protected], where your concerns will be quickly and directly addressed.

      We implement this policy to avoid comments digressing from the post topic and keep the conversation civil.


      TTAG’s posting policy: no flaming the website, its authors or fellow commentators.

      Anyone wishing to comment on TTAG’s editorial stance or style is invited to email [email protected], where your concerns will be quickly and directly addressed.

      We implement this policy to avoid comments digressing from the post topic and keep the conversation civil.


        TTAG invites criticism of this website at [email protected]. If we receive a number of emails on a particular failing on our part, we address the topic in a separate housekeeping post, where no holds are barred.

        TTAG is not an open forum. It’s a blog. We ask commentators to observe our no-flaming policy towards the website, its authors and fellow commentators and to stay on topic — or at least not to stray into meta issues involving the site’s editorial style or stance.

  14. Gun grabbers use every ad that has ever been published as an example of the horrible gun culture. It could be a man and his dog, a post apocalypse scenario, a wife protecting herself from rape…it doesnt f’n matter. They will use everything to promote their agenda.

    Stop being a damn effeminate cuckservative and stop worrying about what the gun grabbers will do with an ad.

  15. Exactly. Its called fantasy. Wow. This is like blaming video games or marlyn manson for school shootings. Or violent movies, etc. Who gives a shit. I think its a cool looking ad, and obviously marketed towards the video game, tacticool crowd. And it has us talking about their product, just like ad intended.

  16. Maybe in post political apoc(D)alypse, the (D) have suppressed the indigenous pop. of Detroit (Rock City) and the POF equipped dude is going to save them?

    But yeah, maybe there’s none left. There’s no muslims on Star Trek.

  17. Not only are 80% of the citizens of Detroit black but so are 80% of the citizens who have fled Detroit for safer surroundings.

  18. I’m not sure how the guy can see very well with that hoodie blocking his vision, and I wouldn’t spend $1900 on an AR. But obviously outside of LA, Detroit is the second most likely place you’ll need a standoff weapon if SHTF. Chicago doesn’t have a lot of open spaces, and proud rednecks will clean up St. Louis in the first week.

  19. Proud insurrectionist here, and in less than a year they will probably be calling me a self radicalized terrorist.

  20. The 2nd amendment is to protect us from corrupt politicians. Period.
    I’m sure there are white dudes in Detroit… Are you racist?
    It just depicts one possible future of infinite variables… And closer now that Scalia is gone. How many once vibrant countries are now gone? Can’t happen here in the USA? Wake up!

  21. “But that’s you.”

    Yes, that’s me. That’s how I first interpreted it. I saw that it was Detroit and thought of the vast swaths of the city with abandoned homes, where the police have already declared they won’t patrol or respond to calls. I’d guess the same might be so for fire and medical responders, but I’m not sure. Howsoever, you’re not going to be saved immediately by any superhero civil servants. You are your own first responder, with public services marginal or nonexistent in some places.

  22. What is interesting is the % of the population that believes a civil war is coming. 20 years ago you would of be laughed out of a room with those ideas.

    Me, history shows us (world history or just USA history) that a civil war is coming… soon. The question is just how bad will it get.

    • We’re safe unless a Civil War can be fought on Twatter or Fakebook.

      The same people who would take up arms and march to Washington are too busy working our @sses off paying taxes and trying to live “the amercian dream” to leave our jobs and our familys and risking life and limb to fight for the layabouts and candy@sses who are destroying our country. Now if the USG free $hit stops and the economy tanks (more) and I lose my job I guess I’ll go marching and camping and trust my family can weather my absence using our stockpiled supplies. More than likley I would stay put and take care of my own and let the rest get sorted out by darwin.

      ** I already signed up for the 21st Alabama Infantry,(just in case) don’t want to get drafted into some damm snowbird company! 🙂

  23. Seems to me it’s just an ad. People can find reasons to complain about anything these day. I don’t think it’s incindeary, just a post apocalyptic ad.

    • The poster will need to be revised to win RF’s approval by not offending the left.

      I suggest the protagonist be a black, transsexual woman fighting her way out of Salt Lake City while being pursued by evil white men.

  24. African-Americans = American who has darker skin.

    I have never met one AF-AM who is planning to ever go to Africa.
    I have never met one AF-AM who can name more than 1 or 2 countries in Africa. In fact most think that Africa is a country and not a Continent.

    I’m Scottish, white skin – I’m an African-Scot my ancestors came from the African Rift Valley.
    If you want to never fit in then continue to put a stupid meaningless title to say what nationality you are. Almost as stupid as the American ‘restroom’. Do people go in for a rest or to use the toilet? Then it’s a toilet.

    The point of that rant is these titles are where the world is going wrong – need another? Assault rifle = AR-15

    • Well… technically, except for the Neanderthal and Denisovian in some European extractions, we all originally came from Africa, so I’m an African-American.

      I just happen to be an African-American of Czech/Scots-Irish/Aniwunyiya extraction.

      I swear, I’m going to start self identifying as a woman so that the next time I get irritated at some governmental form asking me for my race and gender, I can honestly state that I identify as an African-American Woman and then smirk and let them sort it out.

      If they object? Well….

      Help! Help! I’m being oppressed! Behold the racism and sexism inherent in the System! 🙂

      • Glad someone can see the problem. We either integrate and get on with our neighbours or demand special treatment or a label that means we need to be handled differently.
        I’ll make it clear now I like a mixed culture but not one where some of the society have special needs.

        And once again an AR15 is no more an assault rifle than someone born in the USA is African, Italian, Greek etc.

        Now as I am tired I’ll be going to the restroom to lie down for a rest….

  25. Don’t worry after “the fall” all you need is a Mosin and some bleach to wash off the gore on your newly found AR.

  26. Anyone find it odd that only the outskirts of town are destroyed? The skyscrapers windows are all intact and there’s even light in some of the rooms. WTF? Is this an apocalypse or not. If you’re having an apocalypse one would tend to think that windows would probably not last long.

  27. Off topic, is there a way to make that picture bigger? I want to get a better look at that MRO mount. In the market for one. Or if we can get more info for that mount it would be great.

  28. Cool ad. Nicely in their face sentiment. I’m not seeing a problem with it. If it gives anti-gun “Mommies For Gun Safety” types a case of the vapors, it’s all to the good.

    Guns and gun ownership are the ultimate in politically incorrect these days. Bowing to the PC sensibility is a Fudd thing – not something the People of the Gun should get in the habit of doing.

    I think we should bring back the days of classic gun ads:

    (Note: if the ad in your post has you in a tizzy, Robert, please make sure you’re firmly seated on your fainting couch before clicking on that link.)

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