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B&T Industries/Accu-Shot/ATLAS make some beautifully engineered products. I’m a big fan of ATLAS bipods, for instance, which isn’t a unique opinion among anyone familiar with them. Perusing their website I stumbled upon an interesting and somewhat ridiculous item from the B&T Industries line: The BT41 Letter Opener . . .

At first glance, it looks just a curiosity. Clearly they did an awesome job of using an actual bipod leg to house the dagger letter opener. It’s also pretty cool that they kept use of the integrated spring-loaded leg extension system to deploy/lock-in the letter opener. But once you dig into the details, things get a little weird…

“We machined the Handle and Pommel from 300 series Stainless Steel then tumbled to compliment the blade.”

Good to know my letter opener’s handle was tumbled. Because a handle that doesn’t compliment the blade just won’t do. As for that blade (sourced form Spartan Blades)…

“The double ground edges along the length of the blade are not sharp but the point is.”

Wait. So…is it even a “blade” if the edges aren’t sharp? Tell me more.

“The blade…is machined from 440C Stainless Steel given a Rockwell Hardness of C 58-59 with a Cyro treatment followed by Alumina then Ceramic Blast and finally a PVD Chromium coating.”


I see. And this opens letters exclusively? Are you sure it won’t be distracting if I want to take it from home to office and back again (I get a lot of mail)?

“The two Buna o-rings prevent rattling when sheathed for a stealthy presentation.”

Perfect! I’m sold. I definitely prefer to sneak up on my mail. You want one, too? No problem. With a price tag of $274.95 ( plus shipping) I’m sure there will be a few on the shelves for a while.

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  1. I am wondering if this is just called a letter opener to get around various state laws in regards to concealed weapons. Looks to me like it was designed as a weapon not a letter opener.

  2. It’s a damned cool design, but for that kind of dough I could hit up Windlass Steelcrafts and get a fully functional, honest-to-God sword.

    • I just got their Christus Imperat rapier for my wife as her birthday present. It’s a little whippy, but it’s sharp as f-all*. You wouldn’t want to be poked with it.

      (I had it professionally sharpened)

  3. As far as designs go – I prefer the one my grandfather brought home from WW II. It uses a .50 BMG shell as the handle to a letter opener. It is still in use some 70+ years later. He had the hard job of having prison guards hung for war crimes, having served on a war crimes tribunal at one of the concentration camps.

  4. It looks like it would be extremely hard to draw if you ever found yourself in an emergency-letter-opening scenario. For that price I’d want it to be easy to deploy.

    • Hmm, Pic rail attachment knife sheaths could definitely be a thing. At least, you know, in that I’m sure there would be a market for them.

      Rifle mounted letter opener may be a bit niche though 😛

  5. Yeah, I’ve got some brass paperweights that double as belt buckles that are fist shaped. They are polished and crafted from spent AR rounds. I’ll be selling them for $150 each.

  6. Now that’s tacticool, is their a bit of rail somewhere so you can bolt it to an AR? I mean you need to open your mail in the field, think of the horror if you didn’t have a letter opener!


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