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TTAG reader Adfbfda Dfabfdab sent us a link to The screen cap above indicates less than robust support for reinstating an Englishman’s right to armed-self defense. That said, I’m sure the number of signatories will have increased by a dozen or so since my Wednesday morning screen scrape. While the longest journey starts with a single over-used metaphor, I caution readers hoping to see gun rights return to The Land of Hope and Glory to dial back their expectations (even from this low point). Having spent 12 years living in the UK, I can safely say the island nation’s populace have more or less abandoned their belief in – and desire for – sovereign citizenship. Which makes perfect sense when you have an actual sovereign. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. As a UK citizen, I just did my bit by signing, so thanks for the heads up. I also sent to all my acquiantances in UK. The First step is letting people know this is on the cards.

  2. How many of the passengers on the underground during 7 July 2005 would have liked to change the law? How about those viciously attacked and hacked to death? How about all of those home invasions where the criminals tend to ensure the victims are present in order to terrorize, threaten, or kill them AFTER they turn over their valuables? Oh, you mean you didn’t bother to ask them? /facepalm

  3. I wouldn’t count on seeing massive amounts of signatures. people in the uk bark loud. there have been so many petitions the last 2 years that you would think would get a lot of votes, but ended up not meeting the minimum. sad but true.

      • Which won’t do them much good if they emulate England. Hopefully if they do declare independence, they’d want a little but more, you know, independence.

  4. It could be awareness not motivation. I hope the number climbs but grassroots activism is what makes these things a reality.

  5. Given that many other laws would have to change as well, repealing the handgun ban would not do much.
    You have their own law enforcement saying that marking spray is an illegal weapon if one accidentally (or intentionally) sprays an attacker in the face and hurts their eyes.
    The entire country was raised to submit to government and criminals. Like the Borg, resistance is futile.
    They haven’t banned training in martial arts but I assume the same thing applies as dies to spray. They can’t use that training to actually defend themselves because they might hurt the criminal and can then be sued for damages and charge with criminal assault and battery.
    They are subjects, not citizens.

    • Forget the pepper sprays – sell aerosol skunk juice. So far as I know there are no lasting physiological problems with being skunk-sprayed, even from the original container, but the stink is terrible, changes your immediate priorities, and does not go away quickly or easily.

    • I practised martial arts at school there. From the ages of 13 to 17 I was registered as a martial arts practitioner and had to hear about how I would be prosecuted if in self defense I hurt someone “too much”. Needless to say, whenever friends or myself were faced with violence (it happens sometimes when you’re a kid) we had to just take it. We got severely beaten once in town close to school by a mob. 7 of the 8 of us were practitioners and all we did was shield ourselves as much as possible. After being beaten for no reason the Police showed up, booked us, and I had to be picked up from the station by the headmaster. How do you like them apples?

  6. Rather odd that they consider themselves subjects of their sovereign when the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family has virtually no political power. Why do they keep paying them to do nothing but host parties and parade around acting like they are important ? This could be a clue as to why they like to subject themselves to the State. Are all of the citizens of England so clueless and afraid to defend themselves that they don’t even try to change their ridiculous laws that favor the criminals over law abiding citizens? It appears that their government has the citizens so cowed that those citizens have forgotten that they elected them. What a sad nation England has become.

    • Too many centuries of sending the best, brightest and bravest off to fight and die in foreign adventures. The current gene pool is sadly deficient in survival characteristics, IMO.

      • And the truly independent spirits, the determined nonconformists, the incurable individualists, the wild misfits all left for other shores.

  7. UK residents will look up the word “sovereign citizen” and google will tell them this:

    Sovereign citizens are anti-government extremists who believe that even though they physically reside in this country, they are separate or “sovereign” from the United States.Apr 13, 2010
    FBI — The Sovereign Citizen Movement

    Then they will say – “Oh no. I am not an extremist.”

  8. All you posters are forgetting about the 50 caliber pitchforks they have over there!
    Or is it more like a 22 short??

  9. What do you expect from a nation who stands around taking cell phone pictures while a soldier’s head is being hacked-off in the street. Britain has lost its collective balls.

    • 911 May I help you?

      Yes, there’s a man walking down the street with a long bow.

      Is he waving it around, or threatening anyone?

      No, it’s slung on his shoulder. But it’s painted black, and he hs one of those high capacity thingys that goes up, over the shoulder. It’s got maybe thirty arrows in it. Who needs thirty arrows anyway? It makes me feel scared.

      Its okay ma’am open carry of a long bow is legal now…

      But he’s going into a Chipotle…think about the children!

  10. I guess all the people who believed in freedom left the UK a long time ago..I believe in boats headed for “a new world.”

  11. I feel the same way about some of our states, like NJ, NY, CA, just to name a few. My biggest pet peeve is DC. Even when the courts forced CC permits on DC, the number of people applying was pathetic! And this is our nation’s so-called capital and a place where you really need a gun for protection.

    Another of my pet peeves is Ireland. I’m of Irish descent, BTW. England kept its boot on the neck of the Irish for hundreds of years and one way they did it was by disarming them. The freedom they finally won was partially due to funding and firearms smuggled in from the US. But when they got their freedom, they adopted the British model of gun control and disarmed themselves!!!

    What is that line from The Who? “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…”

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