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“Stephen J. Sedensky III, State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Danbury, today released his report on the investigation into the December 14, 2012, shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and a private residence in Newtown.” That’s the intro from the state of Connecticut website were you can read a summary version of what happened in Newtown almost a year ago. [Click here for our initial analysis.] As part of the report, the State released a series of photos from the crime scene and Adam Lanza’s bedroom (a.k.a., the “gunman’s lair”). This one shows that the killer did not, as reported, shoot through a door to enter Sandy Hook Elementary School. He shot through a window. Does it matter? It would to anyone building or modifying physical security for a school. If they did so before this report was released, well, what’s vital information compared to political correctness, gun control and whitewashing the police response?

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  1. Very bizarre set of photos, check out the ones from the house. I don’t know what to think of these, they raise more questions than they answer.

    America needs answers from the boy’s father and brother. People who knew Adam. Why are these people silent? Why these photos and not something that can clearly show bullet impacts other than a broken window?

    • Read the 44 page Summary Report (I did). He had not spoken to or otherwise contacted his father or brother since 2010. They were asked by the investigators, but didn’t have the answer for that question.

      P.S. The caption on the photo of the shotgun says it was found in the trunk. Not true. The Report clearly states that it was found in the front of the car, and moved to the trunk for safe-keeping by the responding officers.

      • Regardless it was in the car and not on him in the school. There are so many things wrong with this case from why did he have easy access to guns at all to why did the cops park so far away and wait.

        What we don’t need is BS about him not having an AR. He did but some loons grab onto early mistakes made by new media in their zeal to be the first ones with the news and the fact that they never correct mistakes when the mistakes don’t fit their agenda.

    • To be honest, I have some doubts that Adam and his “brother” may be one and the same person. Anyone ever actually see him on the news anywhere?

  2. The video game industry is clearly next on the hit list- nothing quite like seeing Gears of War and Call of Duty photographed like mags at a crime scene.

  3. Who knew that glass doors and windows didn’t make a school safe from a madman? Years after Columbine and I can take you to local schools that not only have no armed response in an emergency but in some cases they haven’t even got a fence around them.

    True conversation. Me,”Your classroom door is locked but there’s a floor to cieling window right next to the door.”

    Her. “I’m turning my lights out if trouble comes and hope the glass is thick enough to keep out an intruder.”

    • Yep, that’s lock down procedure where I work.

      Lock the door, turn off the light, close the blinds and cower…I mean shelter along a “safe” wall.

      It’s such a joke. The wall they’re supposed to shelter by is supposed to be an interior wall, which puts them 2 sheets of dry wall away from a main hallway, behind a locked door with a window right by it.

  4. The entryway to that school in #16 looks like virtually every school I ever attended. Minus the crime scene tape, of course.

    Also, his bedroom is remarkably bare.

    • The bare bedroom, and the self help book entitled “Train Your Brain to be Happy” laying by his mother’s bed, speak volumes. Not only was the shooter suffering, but so was mom.

      The most surprising thing in the summary report I read was that this six foot tall male weighed but 112 pounds (I’m sure that’s after blood and brain loss, but still…) and had no medications of ANY type in his system. Did he just refuse to take them, or did mom try to wean him off?

      • That last part has been discussed, and I’m not sure if a definitive answer has come about, but SSRI’s and other medications would not be in the standard battery of blood tests performed in autopsy. I’m not sure if they thought of doing it in this case or not.

      • The report says that Adam had been taken to a psychiatrist by his mother, but that Adam refused to be medicated. It does no seem that he stopped taking them, but that he never took any.

  5. We will not create safety by preparing solely to prevent previous attacks.

    If there’s someone involved in designing secure buildings who can’t anticipate (without this report) that an attacker will shoot/smash through a plate glass window, that person should find a new line of work.

    That being said, there’s no good excuse for the report to take this long to release, nor for the continuing secrecy. If we’re supposed to have a “national conversation” about this, as our president has suggested, we need to start with real information.

    • The new Newtown school is being built with the help of DHS if that makes you feel better… it definite does not make me feel better.

      • Are they building a school or prison? Just imagine if a rogue or 2 get in like at Columbine. The place could be locked down like a fortress trapping everyone inside and responders out.

        • Where I live the newer elementary school is eerily similar to the newer county justice center. They both are based on a pod design.

      • To me that’s even more frightening than the rush on the 2nd. At least we have people protecting our gun rights. Very few people in or out of power, democrat or republican seem concerned with the militarization of society. I’m not a wing nut, conspiracy theorist or loon, I just don’t think turning schools into armored camps in response to a horribly tragic yet statistically rare and unpredictable event makes anyone any safer. It just makes us all a lot less free.

    • Should be fun to discuss the “uselessness” of the second amendment around the table at Thanksgiving with the @sshole liberal relatives.

      • Funny you should mention that. Bloomer’s MAIGgots sent out emails telling his followers to engage people that are on the fence or unaware of the lack of effective gun control laws. They cited the “gun show loop hole as an example.”

  6. A with all things conspiratorially speaking.
    The public wont see or know most of what actually went on.
    JFK was fiddy years ago and they are still sticking to the lone gunman theory.
    I for one don’t know anyone even with the smoothest bolt action rifle there is who is not a professional.
    Can pull off 3 shots in the given time period. Let alone hit anything that far away with a 4 power after the 1st shot..

    • In high school (1964, just one year after the assassination) in our speech class one student gave a speech on the JFK assassination and the “lone gunman” theory. To illustrate his point he brought his own Manlicher-Carcano rifle to class (really) and had a student with stopwatch time him while he worked the bolt and pulled the trigger three times (dry fire-no shots). Time required was 3.43 seconds. Granted, he was not aiming at a moving target, not under stress, not dealing with recoil, but then he was not a Marine marksman trained with a Springfield ’03 or a Garand either. And keep in mind that only two of the three shots found their target and they were at least 10 inches apart, possibly 12.

      To state categorically that this CANNOT BE DONE is just conspiratorial hyperbole.

      • Oswald’s qualification records show he could barely hit the broad side of a barn qualifying only as a sharp shooter, the lowest passing grade in the Marine Corps, with an M1 Garand, a highly accurate battle rifle.

        Qualified and expert snipers could NOT make the same shot under testing with a Caranco Italian bolt action rifle, yet everyone believes Oswald suddenly became an expert how again, luck, magic… a 17 to 23 degree down angle at a target speed of 25 mph of the motorcade, moving away, lol……in a time span of 13.3 something seconds for 3 aimed shots, uh yeah, right!

        • This oft repeated fallacy comes from personal recollection testimony from one fellow marine in Oswald’s unit. It is in contrast with official records which show that Oswald achieved the designation of sharpshooter, and military experts have assessed his skills as excellent.

          Furthermore, many, many people have duplicated the series of 3 shots in 5.6 seconds (a time that’s disputed in and of itself; it could have been as much as 8). Just last weekend the History channel did it with a SEAL sniper, a Carcano from the same batch as Oswald’s and a series of stationary target measured at the exact distance of each of the hits on Kennedy.

        • Maybe I missed it but I have never seen an “exact” recreation of the shooting.

          1. Similarly skilled shooter.
          2. Same height off ground.
          3. Moving target with same path of travel.
          4. Same window to shoot through.

          That last one gets me the most. He had to be shooting down and to the extreme right, tracking an unusual trajectory, manipulating a right sided bolt. The body position that would require just doesn’t add up to me given the time constraint. As well the body parts blowing out to the rear from the head shot. I don’t have a theory on what “actually” happened but I do have my doubts about the official story.

        • It’s near impossible to perfectly recreate any given scenario, even in laboratory settings. The intention of recreations is not to duplicate the exact occurrence of events to see if the outcome is the same, it’s to test specific theories. In that respect, 3 of your 4 criteria have already been met (although stationary targets are more accurate tests, since the test the range of each hit preciously), and th e4th is utterly ridiculous. You’re saying you want them to recreate the shooting from the window of the book suppository? Good luck with that… what would it even prove?

          I’m also not sure what your comment is referring to until you get to the old “head/brain matter going backwards” standard. This has been discussed ad nauseam and always has the same demonstrable, scientifically sound explanation: the force of the bullet exiting the front of Kennedy’s head drew brain matter with it, and the force of that brain matter exiting from the front pushed the head back, in the direction of the bullets trajectory. If you don’t believe me simply wrap a cantaloupe in duct tape and shoot it with an FMJ rifle round and see which direction it rolls. Or simply ask Newton.

    • “JFK was fiddy years ago and they are still sticking to the lone gunman theory.”

      Yes, and the theory of relativity was a hundred years ago, and they’re still sticking with that too. It’s funny how they do that when the evidence says a theory is right.

      “I for one don’t know anyone even with the smoothest bolt action rifle there is who is not a professional.
      Can pull off 3 shots in the given time period. Let alone hit anything that far away with a 4 power after the 1st shot.”

      Then you haven’t looked hard enough. I literally watched someone do it on TV Friday night, and Penn Gillett was able to dry fire off the same number of shots in just over half the time with exactly zero training and almost the same amount of experience with guns.

      Conspiracy theorists believe what they want to believe, and that’s it. If you actually want the truth you can sweep aside the rhetoric and hearsay, examine the evidence and find that the most reasonable conclusion is that Oswald did it, and he most likely acted alone.

  7. I kinda wish blogs and news reports would omit the shitter’s name whenever possible. Avoid giving him the infamy he wanted and give him the obscurity he deserves.

    • That’s his mother’s bedroom and the gun he used to kill her. He dropped it there after shooting her four times in the head. Look closely and you can see one of the ejected shell cases.

      She knew he had a lot of mental problems. Maybe she was reading it to help her deal with him.

  8. These pictures don’t mean anything one way or the other.

    Unfortunately, we’ll never know exactly what happened that day.

  9. So since they heavily implied that video games were a contributing factor (by dedicating 3 photographs in the series to his video games and systems) I’m assuming that we’ll see an inquisition leveled at that website similar to what the NRA received after LaPierre’s stupid remarks on video games, right?

    I mean, unless that was just an excuse for people to whine about that evil old NRA…

    • Maybe we should.

      If they’re already leaning that direction, why not unobtrusively help them along? Let them waste their time, money, and social/political capital tilting at that windmill. Lure them into the cultural equivalent of a land war in Asia and reconquer our lost territory while they make like Napoleon marching on Russia.

    • i would say that 90% of males age 10-25 have played cod. that is probably a low guess. now i think I’m going to play some cod ghost.

  10. What we have so far is a “Summary Report” — the Reader’s Digest version of the case that’s been written up by a select inner circle chosen to cherry-pick the facts and present the case that the State of Connecticut wants to present.

    We will never know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    • The agenda was gun control, that is all the truth that matters. Everything else is simply for show to make believe they are on the job.

      Ralf, look at what Sedensky is doing to prevent releasing the 911 tapes. Is he working on behalf of the state or a private attorney for the Sandy Hook families? Amazingly, he is even going against Malloy who said the tapes should be released. The families saw the report before anyone else as well when questioned by reporters.

      They clearly don’t give a crap about letting the truth out. There is too much to hide.

  11. The other day, my political science professor said something that I liked quite a bit. While talking about terrorism, she said, “You know, at the end of the day I’ve come to the conclusion that we have to accept a certain amount of risk in our lives, and we can’t let a fear of that risk control our lives.”

    • Your professor has a clue, buy that man a beer.

      Fear and emotion leads to control and in our case as gun owners, that means gun control.

      Looking at this report, no law could have stopped this nut job but we keep pretending that magic words on papers will atop the next incident.

    • Yes, buy her a beer and then suggest that we can’t allow fear drive us towards trying to control the lives of others. We are responsible for that which is within our proper control; ourselves. Beyond that, it all comes with the unavoidable risks of being a free people.

    • How sensible your prof is. She’s right. In a country of 311,472,440 people a a few local tragedies involving 35 or 40 people tell us nothing about the dynamics of the culture or the value of guns for self-defense and a hedge against tyranny. Chalk the frenzy up to media + couch patato’ization. (Yes, I made up the precision number for the population because a string of zeroes does not register in people’s minds._

  12. Not for nothing but it looks like the Lanza household had a pretty decent gun cabinet/safe.

    Doesn’t mean it was locked or anything, but it does kind of drop a wet blanket on those that were screaming loudest about how having the guns locked up would have stopped something.

    • Reportedly two long guns were often left standing in a closet. Adam had ammunition in his room. If the AR was in a safe, either he had the combination or it was not locked. The 10mm was out. Etc. Good safes stop non-pro’s. Adam certainly should not have know the combination, if there was one. No?

      • Probably residue from firing it? I used to get that on my pistols when I would burn through several boxes of ammo in one go.

        • It could be. But all the way back to the handguard?

          I was thinking it looked like fire or fire extinguisher residue. I haven’t heard anything about a fire, but was there anything about someone trying to defend themselves with a fire extinguisher?

        • I had the same thought but then seemed to recall that the photos were taken in place. This computer I’m using is too slow to go back and take a quick look at the photo.

          Then again, fruit loop could’ve been eating powdered doughnuts while shooting for all we know. Or, perhaps Chief Wiggins brought the doughnuts afterwards for the investigation. There’s much weirdness surrounding this whole incident.

  13. Any mention of the crisis actors and laughing fathers of dead children? Doesn’t matter, the scene of the crime has been conveniently demolished. I’ll never know what happened with confidence.

    • What “laughing fathers of dead children”? What are you talking about? Must everything be a “conspiracy theory” with you?

      Can’t you accept that a mentally ill person “cracked” and committed a horrific murder suicide? There are only two people responsible in this crime — The shooter who refused the kind of mental treatment he needed, and a desperate, loving mother who was only trying to help her son get over his many problems. We also can and should lay some of the blame on the gun control complex that refuses to acknowledge the obvious truth that gun-free zones contribute to our mass shootings problem.

      • For the record, and you know I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I saw the video he’s talking about, and it was definitely… odd…

        • With all due respect, losing your child in an abrupt, violent and cruel manner is odd. People act strangely in strange situations.

        • Agreed. I’m a realist, and that instant change in character is unusual and unsettling. I wouldn’t sit near him on the Metro.

        • I don’t have a link to the video but here’s my summary:

          1. Father about to be introduced to the media just a day or so after the shooting.
          2. Seen in background yucking it up with someone. A real laugh riot.
          3. Is introduced, steps to podium, instantly cries uncontrollably.

          An Academy Award worthy performance if ever there was one.

          EDIT: Google “sandy hook father laughing before interview”

    • Of all the moronic, bullsh!t, crackpot conspiracy theories out there about Sandy Hook, the “crisis actors” one is the most mind numbingly idiotic. It literally makes less logical sense the no plan 9/11 theories.

      Just to be clear – you are saying that these are not the parents of murdered children, they are actors hired by the true perpetrators, and that they were hired via an organization that specializes in these types of actors. Oh, and that in the course of this actors life, from his birth until this moment, he has never met anyone that would see him on TV and say “Hey, that isn’t a Sandy Hook parent, that’s Bill from High School Drama club.” Oh, and not to mention all the people that actually do know him, his family and his children. Of all those people, not a single one has come forward to suggest that something seems off.

      Still think it makes sense? Multiply that by 26. If you’re still comfortable with the crisis actor theory, all I can say is we’re cooking something smarter than you for Thanksgiving.

  14. Not that it is a huge deal, but the Post also identifies the weapon used to kill his mother as a Bushmaster, which it wasn’t. It was a .22 Savage(not the evil black rifle), the Bushmaster xm15 was used at the school.

    • Now of course you know that .22 is just a bit different from .223, I mean look, they are almost the same number, so it must be almost as powerful, with no meaningful difference between the two. /sarc

  15. The duct taped mags is what seems quite odd to me. Also the fact that Ms. Lanza and so many guns and knew to duct tape her mags.

    You know that type of people who duct tape mags…Spec Ops. My Pops who was a Green Beret told me that they would duct tape all their mags together for quick mag changes during fire fights.

    I’m pretty sure that no shooter video game teaches you to duct tape mags together.

    • Special opps… from the 70’s. There are plenty of 80’s and 90’s action movies that feature “jungle style” magazines, and the most reasonable explanation is that he copied these films.

      • Then where is the “7 foot long, 4 foot wide spreadsheet with names, body counts and weapons from previous mass murders and even attempted killings.”?

        That’s kind of a big piece to the puzzle and would help provide a motive…yet we see pics of a sterile bedroom with NOTHING on the walls, various shooter X-Box games, and old gaming consoles, random drawers loaded “High Capacity Assualt Clips” all as evidence?

        These photos do nothing but push the official narrative of Violent Video Games and “High Capacity Assualt Clips”.

        • “Then where is the “7 foot long, 4 foot wide spreadsheet with names, body counts and weapons from previous mass murders and even attempted killings.”?”

          Is this a serious question? You understand photographs don’t generally capture xml files sitting on hard drives, right?

        • “Investigators revealed they have found reams of articles about multiple shootings, leading them to speculate he intended to outdo them all.

          Police have also discovered evidence that Lanza became extremely efficient in his mastery of his AR-15 Bushmaster assault rifle – leading them believe he had been planning his assault for a long time.”

          Where is all this stuff??? And I work in Excel all day long and NEVER describe a spread sheet in feet or area.

        • You ever printed one out to be 7 feet long, and 4 feet high? Because you can bet the investigators did, if they found it on a hard drive. They said, “Hey, check this out,” and then printed and assembled it and stuck it on a workboard somewhere. Guaranteed.

  16. A random question after reading the whole report.

    1) Why would the “DEEP” – CT’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection be among the armed first responders? Why would they be armed?

    But the one thing I came away with is… EDC, no days off.

  17. There is nothing fool proof, but 30 years ago when I was in grade school, the entry doors and side lites of glass were reinforced with steel wire. Makes it awfully hard to shoot it out and gain entry. Why don’t schools go the extra mile and at least install some of the simple things. If they’re not going to do the right thing and arm some or all of their staff, they could surely do some very simple beefing-up of the windows. Seems like low-hanging fruit to me.

  18. If classrooms could be barred from the inside so that bullets could not be used to gain entry, then classrooms could be used as shelter-in-place if there was an emergency. Of course, if everything is on one floor and accessible from the outside, then you have issues with windows being used to gain entry.


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