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“Brandon James was in for quite a shock Tuesday night,” reports. “He says he went to bring in the garbage bins when he realized his daughter’s car, just recently driven in from Colorado for Thanksgiving, had been stolen – right out of their Ridgewood Street driveway on Detroit’s west side. Inside the 2013 Nissan Ultima was one thousand rounds of exploding ammunition.” Holy gang bangers go BANG Batman! Exploding ammo! “Police treated this incident as a high priority; the massive amounts of explosive ammunition is said to be armor piercing.” Armor piercing exploding ammo? Now that IS a serious sitch. “In a matter of hours police located the vehicle only three blocks away, but it was up on blocks. The wheels and rims were gone – and so was all of the ammunition.” The po-po absolved Mr. James’ daughter of responsibility but the Bat Signal is up. As in BS. [h/t Knuckles]

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  1. Loose lips sink ships.

    I’ll bet someone bragged about the cars contents, and Lil Ray Ray called his boyz for a score.The rest is history, as is that box of ammo.

  2. Read the article…


    The airforce has exploding ammo? And they let their employees/service peoples take it home to have target practice?

    The picture in the article is of a Hollow Point so I’m thinking just a retarded reporter, which is nothing new, but still, this is just so bad its funny. (The reporting, not the increase in gang bangers shooting people)

    • So I’m not the only one wondering how someone would get a permit to haul around honest to god explosive ammo.

      As for “Armor piercing,” depending on what you consider to be “armor” and how reliably it has to “pierce,” you can pretty much call any round designed to be fired from a rifle “armor piercing.”

      • Explosive ammo wouldn’t be regulated under the NFA if it has less than a quarter ounce of explosive in it. Of course, maybe an explosives materials license would be involved? Not sure.

  3. If you read the comments…I am the first person that commented. On the sheer stupidity and horrible journalism of this story. The broadcast version was no better.

    • Went through the thread, 4th comment down tells us all that it IS exploding ammo, links and everything. Problem is his links are to an ammo seller adverting tracers, and to a wiki page about sabotaging ammo so it explodes in the weapon injuring or killing the shooter. He then goes on to compound this stupidity by linking articles about anti-aircraft weapons in Syria exploding when it hits aircraft. I asked him if he had a pistol that fires 20mm, 37mm or 40mm. I’ll let y’all know if he answers.

      • I actually gave up looking. The sheer stupidity was amazing. A car got stolen, and some ammo too. That is it. And the news story made it seem as if nuclear weapons were missing.

        • I could not watch all of the video. Oh. My. Gawd. these are supposed to be college educated “journalists” and that is the best they can do. Sad, very, very sad.

  4. The lede was buried:

    ““In a matter of hours police located the vehicle only three blocks away,”

    Quite the bit of detective work, to discover a car on blocks within a half mile of the house. And to have it only take a matter of ‘hours’, too. What industry and effort.

    • It probably took a few hours for a car to be available. DPD are usually a several dozen to more than a hundred runs behind. A stolen car is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY down the list of priorities. On Wed night there were many, many domestic violence calls to be answered with so many people home for the holidays.

  5. This dumbshit reporter is talking completely out of his or her ass.

    Not that so-called “journalists” talk from any place else to begin with, which they don’t because otherwise they would be out of the job for insufficient ratings.

    HE munitions are very rare in small-arms, and the only new stuff being manufactured for the U.S. inventory is in .50 BMG, a la the NAMMO Raufoss Mk.211 (HEIAP). It’s also very rarely issued to anybody. What’s worse is that newly manufactured I, AP, and API is strictly verboten for civilians per the BATFE (unless you’re a foreign “rebel” or drug cartel of course). Otherwise, it must be surplus or re-manufactured.

    Hollow-points do not fucking explode! They expand and fragment, which is not the same fucking thing, either!

    I would ask if these so-called “journalists” were retarded, but I think we all know the answer is unequivocally yes.

  6. *sigh* If I had a nickle for every time someone called an Altima an “Ultima” I’d be able to afford an entry-level pistol by now…

  7. Keep in mind the abysmal ignorance of most reporters in re firearms and ammunition. That and their need to sensationalize every story, especially about guns, to get ratings. I’m frankly surprised they no longer call hollow points “dum-dums”.

    To a reporter ALL ammunition is explosive, that’s what makes it go BANG! And they may be just aware enough to have heard and remembered that any military rifle ammunition will defeat standard soft armor.

    Perhaps the (bare) facts are right, the context and seriousness are certainly over-blown.

  8. What’s the grammatically proper usage of “amounts” vs. “amount”? “Massive amounts” sounds bigger and scarier, but isn’t this just one “massive amount” we are talking about?

    Also, judging by their repeated word choices, I would wager that if we were to ask most members of the media to describe what 1,000 rounds looks like, they would probably guess that it would fill the bed of a pickup truck. I don’t think they would ever accept that a 1,000 rounds could fit in a lunch pail.

    • I’m usually pretty good at grammar, and I’m going to say that this instance should have been “amount” as it was all of one caliber. I would reserve “amounts” for large quantities of multiple items. For instance, if you were describing an ammo warehouse, you would have massive amounts, several different calibers, all in large quantities.

  9. So, piercing ammo goes through, but “explosive” goes boom or fragments or turns to pixie dust or whatever. How does one do both? Steel core hollow points? Seriously, WTF?

    • Depleted Uranium shells might come close…. though they don’t so much explode as much as ignite…

      Regardless, not a great idea to keep that much ammunition in your car when you’re in the kind of place where someone can strip it down on the street without anyone noticing.

  10. AP exploding tip ammo? How does a lolly civilian get their hands on that kind of ammo? Seriously I want some.

    • If it is a 50bmg, then it isn’t really too hard. But, if it is a 50bmg, where the hell are they getting all the money to have 1000 rounds as they just go rolling around in their “ultima”?!

  11. 1000 rounds is massive amounts? Thats two range days for two people.
    Exploding ammunition – yup, thats what gun powder does- well, burn actually, but it sounds like an explosion. Armor piercing? That looks like personal defense 9mm.

    I realise Detroit is probably not the A-team for beginning journalists, but this is pretty sad, as it shows either ignorance or buffoonish over-reach by the producer.

    • Yeah, a powder charge burns (deflagrates rather than detonates) but guess what? The powder charge does explode.

      Hell, a pop bottle full of vinegar and baking soda will explode, with no ” burning” at all.

      “Explode” refers to violent expansion producing a shockwave, which certainly applies to the powder charge in a firearm.

      If’n yer gonna get on a technical highhorse, you’d best saddle it first.

  12. 1. At some point in her life someone thought “I’ll get that bitch a floppy hat. Bitches love floppy hats.” and they. were. right!

    2. She is hammered.

    3. Usually I *tsk tsk* at how quick some of you are to jump on the media, but I’ll be damned if she didn’t just really call hollow points “exploding bullets” with a straight(ish) face.

    4. And no one stopped her.

    5. This was on (a) Fox (news affiliate). Where is your God now?

  13. Never heard of an “Ultima,” but if it has both wheels and rims, it ust be loads better’n a plain ol’ Altima.

    Exploding, armor piercing LASER-guided ammunition, most likely.

    At least they figured out how to get the police to give a sh¡t about a property crime…

  14. The ammo will probably be abandoned when the sideways pistol clutching gangsters realize its too big for the “clip”. Yeah, I said clip.

  15. “Both his daughter and her husband work for Air Force military police, and told police they drove in the boxes of ammo to do some training while they were in town.”

    I bet driving in those boxes all the way from Colorado to Detroit was uncomfortable. I bet having wheels on there rims made it rough as well. On a serious not, “the ATF is now involved in that investigation looking for all that ammo” . . . wtf.

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