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Quite why an image of such inescapable beauty would be derided by a commentator I have no idea. Oh wait. I do. The image is in a gallery of gun photos published in The Land of Hope and Glory, a country so hoplophobic they call their fastest trains “high speed rail service” (instead of bullet trains). “Obviously only for balance I think it would be also informative to see in detail the beauty of the results of these bullets in any motion you like on the previously living targets,” toywithwords opines, his comment dripping with sarcasm. Hello? This is the U.K.’s right wing newspaper. Sigh. Click here to view the ab fab gun gallery.

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  1. There is a company in the UK named Triggertrap. They have a device they have developed called the Triggertrap Ada. It is being specifically designed for this type of photography and as part of the launch next month they will have photos featuring Firearm stop action.

    As armature photographer and gun enthusiast I am mesmerized by some of the photos.

    Yale can have an “abortion art” exhibit and it is called edgy and the artist called cutting edge and imaginative, but use a gun and it is all down hill.

    Per topic, is there any “right wing” left in the UK? The entire country seems to be happy to go down the nanny state hole with very little complaint.

    • Does he include a picture of the woman who used a .22 pistol to giver herself an abortion? (Yeah, it really happened.) I suspect he is VERY conflicted on that one.

  2. If it wasn’t for Americans with guns, that idiot would be writing or speaking his nonsense in German.

  3. Just remember, no matter where you go, what you do or what you write. There will always be an awhile around.

  4. Gun “nut” and NRA / SAF / GOA /FPC / CalGuns / NSSF member here. If anything, those photos show the transient beauty of a shot fired in slow motion. Breathtaking. Also beautiful is the freedom that firearms defend.

  5. Beauty is one of the things I love about guns. There’s beauty in the mechanics and how they work, just like cars.

  6. Keep in mind that this was a comment from one random person in the comments section, so it can’t really be said to represent the views of the paper.

  7. I would point out that strictly for balance he could observe the beauty of the freedom these bullets secured for those who unlike him were not content to live under tyranny. But that would make me a gun nut who murders children with his thoughts.

  8. What we Americans view as rightwing or leftwing does not really exist in Europe. Everyone is a committed statist there; the only real difference is to what degree they hate capitalism. In other words, a rightwing newspaper there might be considered centrist Democrat here (if such people exist anymore).

    • *facepalm*

      We have what is called a multi-party system. Imagine you agree with some Democrat policies and some Republican policies. Latewr you find out many othe rpeople think like that and found a political party and gather those people.

      That way you avoid the American clusterfuck of somebody voting Democrat/Republican because they agreed more with one party than the other. I find it really stupid that in America if I am pro-abortion and pro-gun I will always be vilified by both parties.

    • From the outside looking in, 21st century European politics reminds me of a Henry Ford quote I’ll paraphrase: “You can have any government you’d like, so long as it’s socialist”.

  9. But when those “previously living targets” are the perpetrators of “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evince[ing] a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism,”
    [Line break inserted for effect]
    “it is their (the People’s) right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

  10. Neat!

    Oh wait, were there some words I was supposed to be paying attention to?

    Anyway I thought the revolver shots with all the other cylinders lit up was fascinating. Really illustrates why you’re supposed to cover the cylinder openings with grease (for ball’n’powder shooters).

  11. Gotta love the caption for that photo.

    “Here a specially adapted .44 Magnum ( with shortened muzzle for extra flame) is fired in the studio.”

    Is that what snubbies are for? “Extra flame”? Who knew….

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