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Image courtesy Student Of The Gun

Finally, some gun-safety warnings we can all pay attention to! Duracoat did up this low-priced Mossberg Maverick over-under with a custom ‘Fire Extinguisher’ coating for the guys at Student Of The Gun. Make the jump for more incendiary/extinguishing fun…

Image courtesy Student Of The Gun

Why didn’t they Duracoat the flashlight too? Probably because they were saving their last can of orange whoop-ass for the left side of the buttstock, that’s why.

Image courtesy Student Of The Gun

“Double Barrel” Joe Biden never thought we’d have this much fun with his stupid shotgun idea, did he?

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      • Someone trying to hand you a shotgun muzzle first with their hand on the grip is not surrendering. Carl made the right choice.

        • Not second-guessing Carl’s choice so much, but everything about the gesture and the body language said, “take this; I surrender”.

        • Billy that dude was going to try to take that kid hostage when he got close enough. Nobody would see a kid with a gun as a threat, he tried to talk his way into a stronger attack position and the kid saw right through him.

          Some of the folks around here get mad when cops shoot immobile suspects to death before they even start to move towards the officers. I would bet that if a suspect tried to get close to an officer and directly hand them the firearm barrel first with their trigger finger ready it would earn them a lead breakfast from the cops most people would not question. The situation for Carl was no different, except that he wasn’t dealing with some deadbeat banger, he was dealing with a member of a group that was there to exterminate his family.

    • why are the threats hands up right before he shoots him?

      Because the gun was decorated for a SWAT officer and the artist couldn’t draw a dog.

    • Marketing error – this was supposed to be captioned as the anti-zombie model.

      Alternatively it could be indicating that the BG was preparing to lunge at the muzzle of your shotgun.

  1. Wait, this is a real shotgun? I thought it was a fire extinguisher that looked like a gun. Cool idea and I wouldn’t mind buying one for the novelty factor.

    But for actual home defense? No. Hold that thing up in a courtroom before a judge and jury and you’ll look like an ass. Besides, its only got 2 shots.

  2. Man, that’s hysterical! I might have that Duracoat job done to a range toy or a display piece, but for a wall-leaner, probably not.

    Your home protection boom stick should be plain, or maybe have flattering campaign pictures of your local DA and Sheriff engraved on the stock against a background of bald eagles unfurling red, white and blue bunting.

  3. They should make a Biden version, shooting blindly through doors or into the air in your neighborhood with no idea of your target or what is behind it…

  4. Man, that’s just Fugly. I don’t require great looks from my bang sticks, I love Mosins after all, but that crosses too many lines to ignore. Ray Charles could see the Fugly shining off that.

  5. That might actually be the ugliest goddamned firearm I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Is it a Maverick, hecho en Mexico?

    It is beyond bubba, perhaps a sheepdog was licking himself and he was inspired to make this. That is the only explanation I can think of.

    • Think flower powered out Beetle or Cadillac Ranch or car henge. It, like most art cars, ain’t too pretty but it is fun to look at and try to figure out why.

  6. Does it come in a glass front case that reads ” IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS” and has a lil tomahawk hangin on a string attached to the case?

  7. At least he did not shoot someone in the face and have taxpayers pay for it to go away…yep Cheney is worse.

  8. The only reason for a gun to be this color is to denote that it’s a practice/training reproduction, something used to teach people how to shoulder, and how to stand when firing, a shotgun. Lots of Youtube videos document the power of a shotgun in the hands of the uninformed. Hey, at least they didn’t paint it zombie day-glo green.

    • “The only reason…”

      Way to appoint yourself the arbiter of what other people should do with their own firearms.

  9. So, you used this gimmick in a totally legit DGU. The local DA decides to press charges anyway despite all evidence indicating that the DGU was a clean shoot (I know, that could never happen in real life, right?). I wonder how the jury would look at that bit of evidence when the prosecutor presents it to them while trying to paint you, the defendant, as a violent, raving loon gun nut.

    Besides, that’s got to be one of the stupidest and fuggliest things I’ve seen in awhile. Not only that but it’s a red gun, you know, like the inert red guns used for training purposes. This is not a good idea at all.

  10. Is this one for sale? Now to have a custom “fire extinguisher rack” built, so it can be mounting and readily available when needed. Maybe in the kitchen, another in the garage, another in the basement, etc.

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