Long-Term Test Update: Duracoat Easy-Way ACU Camo Kit

Duracoat has figured out how to package their polymeric guns coatings in a single aerosol can. This will make it much simpler to apply, but it’s time to revisit how Dura-ble that Dura-coat really is. Luckily TTAG has a long-term Duracoat test in process: I gave this parts-kit AK-74 a Duracoat ACU camo job almost […]

Gear Review: Duracoat EasyWay ACU Camo Kit

I blame Nutnfancy. Or maybe Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. Either way, I’ve had a jones to pimp out a rifle with a Duracoat camo job for a while now, and my Century AK-74 seemed like a the perfect volunteer for my experiment. It’s a cheap rifle with a plain-jane black finish, and if I […]