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Disarmament poster (courtesy StuckInCT)
TTAG reader StuckInCT writes:

“Here’s a picture taken in my daughter’s school in Ridgefield, CT. I think this is the most blatantly hypocritical and uninformed anti-gun advertisement I have seen in a while. They don’t even hide behind the words ‘Gun Safety’. They just come out and say ‘disarmament’ like in the old Soviet propaganda posters, but softer . . . for the children. Today’s vocabulary word is ‘DISARMAMENT’.”

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    • This is what needs to be done.
      StuckInCT, you need to think about leaving that state (Go to AZ or TX; AZ is better in most respects 🙂 )

      When enough of us leave, it will be the antis and the criminals left; and I cant and wont say I’m sorry for them. They’ve brought this upon themselves.

      • “When enough of us leave, it will be the antis and the criminals left”

        Bad plan. It sounds like what happened in NY city and Chicago where many of the ludicrous laws we see today are from. They infect the minds and garner support from the weak and unintelligent while spreading their half-truths and bold faced lies to other areas of the country.

        If left untreated a disease can still spread.

        • Old military axiom. If you give the enemy a place or time to call his own, they will expand it until it covers the whole clock and the whole map. The gun banning hoplophobes, statists, and Liberal Intelligentsia are hoping you do this. This tactic has worked for them before, it’s how they won Vietnam.

          Hunt them into their holes and corners, give them not a moment’s peace or an inch of ground. Fight them in the cities and the Media, fight them in the courtroom and the courts of public opinion. Take back the things that these whey blooded weak willed soggy minded embarrassments to freedom and the rule of law have taken from us. And Never, ever ever give up.

        • Chicago has come a long way! We have a statewide shall issue CCW, statewide hand gun pre-emption, weapon transport pre-emption as well (you can drive through chiraq with your AR). NY, well, lived there once and will never ever move back. I’ve turned down three different 6-figure jobs because of the gun laws there.

        • Oh, found a variation of the poster. It says “Women for Nuclear Disarmament” but nobody will notice.

      • Yea, I recognized the poster straight off. It’s from the old days when the lefties were obsessed with nukes.

        They were wrong on that topic, as well. The nuclear weapons stand-off has kept Europe (especially western Europe) war-free for longer than it has been in centuries. And the thanks we Americans get for this?

        More incessant twaddle from the people who enjoy peace on the US taxpayers’ dimes.

      • …and that makes it acceptable?

        Civil firearms disarmament; nuclear disarmament – both are socialist propaganda that have no place in a public school.

        I suggest replacing it with a print of the Bill of Rights.

        • “Civil firearms disarmament; nuclear disarmament – both are socialist propaganda that have no place in a public school.”

          Er, that’s what they call ‘Social Studies”

          Except when I had that, the Socialist, Marxist, Progressive propaganda had yet to infect the public school system.

          But be of good cheer. The youth today are not complete leftists, Libertarian values are very much popular. The vast number of young gamers see firearms as tools, not evil.

          And they see quite clearly the economic wreckage the left are capable of inflicting on them.

        • “[B]oth are socialist propaganda that have no place in a public school.”

          Chip, what is it that you think they *do* there, exactly?

        • Have they?

          Disarming a person makes them vulnerable, removing said person’s ability to defend against an armed aggressor. Disarming a nation makes it vulnerable, removing said nation’s ability to defend against an armed aggressor.

          Of course, I would argue that it might be wise to disarm aggressive nations such as Iran. Or IS. But I don’t see my personal motives for such action as aggressive; rather, it is defensive motivation, and I would support that conviction by referring to the blatantly murderous rhetoric coming out of both nations’ leaders. Just like we take guns away from felons.

          So, no matter how myopic I may be, I think the poster was made to support a terribly flawed world view that can be equally applied to a nation (nuclear disarmament) and a populace (ban guns).

          Have I opened a can of worms?

      • Yes, I vote for a poster contest. The last one was a lot of fun.

        I showed the winning poster to my family, and we all got such a kick out of it that not a day goes by in my house without someone saying LOOK AT THIS BABY!

    • I’d love to see them forced to display an ANTI-disarmament poster next to it…. It’s only fair to educate BOTH sides of an issue right?

  1. There’s some Montesori School here in Austin that has bumper stickers that say (if memory serves correct) “Indoctrinating kids before they realize it” or something as equally stupid. I cringe when I think about what that “doctrine” entails.

  2. Much strife is caused by speech.

    Ban printed communication and mandate silence for a safer world.

  3. Kind of a mindless poster. In fairness, I see it as possibly relating to military-type disarmament (I did say “mindless”, right?), or nuclear disarmament. Out in ordinary-person-land, “disarmament” is not usually taken to refer to the same thing as “gun control” in my experience. Or–is it perhaps related to that UN small-arms treaty (hence the “world” reference)? At any rate–it’s mindless enough to rate a complaint, for whatever good that will do. I’m still glad we home-schooled…

    • I agree, this looks like a military disarmament poster, not an anti gun poster. Not that military disarmament is any brighter.

    • Yeah. I kind of have to side with you there. I’m pretty sure they mean nuclear weapons.

      As a guy who grew up in a time when nuclear was was a very real possibility I’m all for disarming completely when it comes to nuclear weapons.

      • I’m not. Until some geniuses decide to get out of the middle ages and join us in the rational 3rd Millennium, I’m all for keeping the “turn ’em to a sea of glass” option as a deterrent.

        Because that genie isn’t out of the bottle now is it?

        See Frank Herbert’s Dune for a treatise of “outlawed” Atomics in the far future – Fiction, but a kernel of truth. 🙂

      • “As a guy who grew up in a time when nuclear was was a very real possibility I’m all for disarming completely when it comes to nuclear weapons.”

        The only problem with that mindset is that only the honest countries will give up their nukes.

    • Agreed. There was no specific reference to guns, so I figured it was about nukes and other WMD’s.

    • + 1. I immediately thought hippies and nuclear freezes, not gun control, when I saw that. I’ve never heard a gun controller refer to what they want as “disarmament” — too many negative connotations.

      I’d still pull my kid out of the school, though. Disarmament is utopian fantasy.

      • The threat of nuclear war is at it’s lowest since the end of the Cold War, so why keep this poster around? Unless you factor in any possible terrorist attack using WMDs, but I doubt they or any host nation is interested in the “for the children” approach.

  4. It’s a Lance Hidy from 1985. Given the year probably nuclear related. Though I’m sure every fickle ideal and shallow mind in a CT school that sees it associates it with any small arm not held by the state.

    As an aside, children ask very little. Food, to be held, dry underpants. That’s about it. Certainly not “the world” or whatever abstraction the artist attributes to such a thing.

    • Even so, it’s easy to make the jump to ALL disarmament given the anti gun dogma that is so prelevant in many schools, particularly in schools in Connecticut and similar battleground states. An intentional double meaning wouldn’t be a surprise at all.

  5. Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya…

    All the good people of the world, lay down your arms. The bad people of the world are sure to follow suit.

    I’m sure this poster was also printed in Russian, though I doubt it sold worth a sh**.

  6. Those who beat their weapons into plows and tools will labor for those who don’t. To those who say for us to disarm I say, you first.

  7. The worst part about this is that the design is a direct rip-off of an Earth Day poster by a famous designer named McRay Magleby. An excellent poster actually. But I wonder if he gave these clowns permission to use his copyrighted design…?

  8. You’ve got to be taught
    To hate and fear,
    You’ve got to be taught
    From year to year,
    It’s got to be drummed
    In your dear little ear
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

    — Oscar Hammerstein II

  9. This may be a jump for the average reader, but the first thing I noticed was the moon and star.

    Students of religious history may notice that whenever violent religious groups gain political power, symbols of the sun, moon and stars start appearing in their art, banners, hieroglyphs, etc. This can be traced back as far as ancient Assyria. It seems to be a uniform trend. It is also present in the ancient Central American cults (Myan, Aztec, Olmec, etc.). Also a uniform trend is that when these religious groups gain enough political leverage, a distinct class system emerges, and the power class begins to despoticly control the under-classes.

    Since I have been aware of this for many years, I now recognize it immediately. It was no surprise to scroll down and see the warm-fuzzy disarmament slogan.

    It might as well say, “hold still so I can hit you better!” To be sure, this is a trend that spans history and culture, but it’s existence is conspicuous. It’s a visual cue that something here might not be good.

    • “Also a uniform trend is that when these religious groups gain enough political leverage, a distinct class system emerges, and the power class begins to despoticly control the under-classes.”

      Can you name three examples where there isn’t a class system? And where the upper class doesn’t control the lower? Class systems are as commonplace as the ability to see the sun, the moon and the stars.

      • The only two religious systems that do not create a pyramid class system that I can recall are Judaism and Christianity… but then, only if they are practiced as prescribed in their Holy texts.

        Judaism has an equalizing tradition called the Year of Jubilee, which removes social/financial barriers every 7 years. This is not followed as prescribed, though.

        Christianity has a tradition of giving to those in need; a new testament assurance that believers are all part of the priesthood, and many other assurances that essentially prohibit a classless structure… but it is rarely practiced that way. Protestant churches observe a top-down structure of authority with a distinct separation between clergy and laity… this is a tradition that followed Luther right out of the Catholic church. Furthermore, if you look at all the priestly artifacts and art the Catholic church has, you will notice the conspicuous presence of Suns, Moons, and Stars, all borrowed from Roman paganism, leftovers from Constantine’s conversion to Christianity in … 312 AD? I think?

        Outside of these two religious systems, I cannot recall any that intentionally discourage the formation of classes leading to despotism. I would apply that to political systems as well. Unless they are based on Judeo-Christian principals, political systems lean hard toward despotism. So do Judeo-Christian politics if they are allowed to relax/erode.

        So, I agree, its is everywhere. It is, however, more saturated in some parts of life than in others, and the heavier the saturation, the more likely it is you will find something akin to despotism, which is my point.

        I feel I may have stepped on a lot of people’s toes with this post. Not my intention to offend. These have simply been my observations over about 25 years.

  10. StuckInCT: “Here’s a picture taken in my daughter’s school in Ridgefield, CT. …”

    So, you’re asking the State to educate your daughter — and your neighbors to pay for it — why?

    “THE GOVERNMENT WILL NEVER TAKE MY GUNS! But my kids are all yours … ”

    If gun owners took the responsibility to educate their own children as seriously as they take their gun rights …

  11. You’re right, they’re not even hiding behind euphemisms anymore. What’s next? March the little tykes out onto the playground, singing in unison, “All we are saaaayyying…… give victimhood a chaaaance. All we are saaaayyying…….”


  12. OMFG Robert, are you serious with this post? Are you that hard up to find anti gun material that you felt you needed to post this? Disarmament doesn’t necessarily mean disarming citizens of their firearms. More than likely this was a poster about disarming nuclear weapons and armies(you know those damn standing armies that the founders were against?!) in an attempt to promote world peace. Not everything is directed at our personal firearms. The fact that you even posted this makes me question if you yourself aren’t just as paranoid and irrational as MDA. How about posting some things that actually matter along with some intelligent conversation. Instead of picking on some elementary school kids who want world peace. Truly pitiful Robert, truly. And anyone else who thinks this is worthy is pitiful as well.

  13. I’m sure every one who eats up and rages about anything without thinking about it jumped on this as well. Think and reason before you blow your damn lids people. You want to be like MDA, fight your cognitive dissonance, and rage about things that likely aren’t directed at you? Go right ahead. As for me I will stick with the reasonable and intelligent gun owners. And by reasonable, dont for a second think I mean giving in to any type of gun control. I mean thinking before you create a post about little kids who created a poster directed towards the standing armies of the world. Jesus people.

  14. Jeez, I feel all guilty now for reading the post, and the comments. I guess I am a Bumpkin after all. At least I remember to take my meds. Maybe you should do the same, 2maik7.

  15. Imagine there’s no Lennon. It’s EZ if you try…yeah I’m old and recognize this stupid s##t. Let’s get rid of weapons and get high. +1 Ralph. Oh yeah home school people…

  16. “In the average century, Government kill tens if not hundreds of millions of innocent people. More than half of these are women and children.

    Increase arms ownership for a safer world.”


    “In an average month, 48 women are killed by former bf, husbands, etc.
    If more of these women had been armed, it would have been the men getting killed.”

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