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Conventional wisdom holds that country and western singers are all red state, God fearin’, gun-lovin’ good ol’ boys (and girls). But as George and Ira Gershwin would have told you, it ain’t necessarily so. Remember the Dixie Chicks? Now comes Oklahoma boy and former oilfield worker Toby Keith. A newly opened Woodbridge, Virginia restaurant that sports his name is drawing all kinds of attention for it’s prominently-posted no firearms policy. And, as you can see above, Moms Demanding Illegal Mayoral Action are all over it like a hobo on a ham sandwich . . .

After Keith’s fans directed a withering shower of opprobrium toward the disarmed-customers-only policy, the restaurant posted this message on its Facebook page:

While we understand and respect every person’s right to own and bear arms, we at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill, with guidance from the State of Virginia and based on insurance regulations, have adopted a no weapons policy. It is our desire to provided a safe, enjoyable and entertaining experience for our patrons and staff.

According to, Keith doesn’t even have an ownership interest in the greasy spoon. He just sold the operators his name. So there’s no way to know what his stance on guns is. He could be the gun-friendliest guy in Nashville for all we know. But given the blowback he’s getting from the people who buy his records and concert tickets, we’d guess he’ll be asking his business managers to do a little more due diligence in future transactions.

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    • I saw that too, but somewhere else.

      I’d love to know what “guidance” they got and from whom. Oh, they threw their insurer under the bus too. Sissies…

      • And insurance “regulations”…?

        Since when can insurance companies issue “regulations”; the State Insurance Commissioner can do so, but not individual companies. More rhetoric from antis to make it sound like it is state law and regulations that are prompting the no guns policy.

    • Hm clearly the state of virginia does not give this guidance out frequently since I can think of only one restaurant around where I live that has that sign on the door.

      Don’t use my state as a scapegoat

    • The sign does not carry the weight of law. The only thing they can do is ask you to leave. Of course if you are drinking you can not carry, that is state law. Someone also said there is a 45% rule, so if more sales from from booze than food, no guns, which is also state law. Of course by the sounds of their response this was not the case. If they had stated as much it would be end of story.
      Toby really needs to make a statement as this is hurting him, even though he has nothing to do with it, it is his name. He should refund them the money and take the name back, done..

      • Not sure what the 45% rule would be. There are no true bars in VA, they all have to serve food. Used to be you could not carry concealed in a place that served alcohol (i.e. almost any sit down restaurant) so you had to open carry. That was repealed recently so it is possible to carry concealed in places that serve alcohol.

        • The percentages are concerned with ABC liquor law, not the firearms laws. If x percentage of their sales are not comprised of food, ABC yanks their liquor license. As someone stated above, there are no true bars in VA

      • Daniel, I bet you are right that it was probably more driven by the fact that it derives a large percentage of their income from the sale of alcohol products more so than food, and the state probably dictates that they are not allowed to carry inside due to the possibility of some hothead getting drunk and ending up in a fight there. Like others I will be betting Toby Keith will be rethinking if he wants his name associated with this controversy with his standing in Nashville, and the gun toting people who buy his records.

    • The guidance was probabaly just asking if they legally could do that because in theory I could see how in some states you can post a sign all you want but people can bring them anyway.

  1. I could get a toddler to hold a sign that says “rape is great” with a big grin on her face if I wanted to…

    I see a lil girl raised to be overly dependent on others and unable to protect herself or loves ones… Very sad.

  2. I want to ask a MDA member if they actually think those words on that door make them any safer in the restaurant. if they say yes then they are insane

  3. Can anyone find an email for their corporate headquarters? I want to write them. I went onto the website and it says they only accept emails for their Oklahoma locations and I am not allow access to the contacts page.

    • This isn’t far removed from Cracker Barrel yanking Duck Dynasty chazerai from their stores – and then putting it all back when the fecal matter hit the air handling equipment.

      Who do these companies think their customers are? It apparently didn’t occur to either firm that the people who’ll be dropping dollars to eat in their restaurants are, by and large, going to be Robertson and gun rights supporters, respectively.

      If this had been the Alec Baldwin Bistro with a ‘no guns’ sign on the door, not a single soul would have taken notice. But the clueless clods who own this joint are trying to attract country F-ing music fans for Chrissakes.

      The mind boggles.

      • They are pandering to their peers, not to their customers. Just like Guns and Ammo and A&E. Luckily its a self correcting problem, once they realize what demographic signs their checks.

  4. If they really wanted their customers to be safe, they wouldn’t post a sign that reads ‘Easy Targets Within.’

  5. Insurance?????/ I talked to an Insurance Agent two years ago who serves mainly business. I ask about Insurance costs for those who post and don’t post their business. This Agency serves Ohio and West Virginia. I was told it made no difference. I was also told by them that they had never seen anything in the Insurance Business that would lower rates or liability it they posted or didn’t post their business.

    There has to be some insurance agents out there. Can any of you state that it will lower your liability or premium if they post a business?

    • Toby who? Isn’t he someone who supports the anti-gun establishment and has a restaurant in his name?

  6. I suspect that since MDA and Shannon are enjoying their gloating, well, come the end of the holidays, Mr. Keith’s licensing crew is gonna have a sit-down with the operators here and point to some provisions in the contract that licensed his name for this particular restaurant. CCW is permitted in restaurants as long as the carrier does not enjoy a drink. Are we gonna take bets that come end of January, the policy quietly but suddenly changes? An additional bet that MDA won’t post an update either .

    • I suspect they will change as well. Of course you need to realize that it will not be quiet if they do. They want their customers. Doing it without fanfare does not help them. I am sure they will trod out a full court press to let folks know of the change.

    • i care!

      that poor girl will be raised to think guns are death machines that have no practical purpose. if someone hates guns because it is their desire, then ok. if someone is brainwash to be pro or anti anything, that is just sad.

      • But, Mommy or Daddy said it was true. Like on the internet just because it (or they) say it is true, IT MUST BE!

    • I do. And you probably should care.

      This is the culture war. If you lose the culture war, you will lose your rights. If the upcoming generation thinks firearms are only carried by the military, law enforcement and rent-a-cops then they will see nothing wrong with cranking down the restrictions on your firearms. It won’t affect them, so why should they care?

      Even if you don’t push back on stuff like this, they will continue to push unto you.

      • Yep and conceal carry is where the minds will be shifted right now. I had Illinois relatives in town asking about the conceal carry application process.

      • My grandad was god fearing, my father an anti-gun atheist, I’m centre-right pro-gun.
        Parents really need to be careful when they try to brainwash their offspring.

  7. I like when they clearly post that they don’t want my business. Makes me not have to dig through as much paperwork to fact check stances.

  8. Virginia has nothing to say about guns in restaurants. Silent on open carry, legal concealed with a privilege card.

      • I believe it just means they can ask you to leave for violating store policy and you could possibly be charged for trespassing if you refused… However IANAL and this is just a moderately informed opinion.

      • You can be asked to leave if you are carrying and they see it. If you are carrying concealed, consumption of alcohol is a violation of state law.

  9. “Have adopted a no weapons policy”

    No steak knife to cut my ribeye?

    As so many have pointed out before me. If it’s concealed, who knows?

  10. “No guns allowed” signs are funny. Like everybody in town here isnt carrying when they check post office boxes.

    I wonder if when looking down the barrel of some robbers gun the cashier will be thinking “but, the sign. The sign!!!”


  11. To be clear, in Virginia:
    “No guns” signs do NOT carry force of law, unless it’s a place listed in statute
    Open carry is legal without a permit
    Concealed carry requires a permit
    Carry into bars (and restaurants that serve alcohol) is permitted whether open or concealed, however
    Alcohol consumption while carrying concealed is prohibited

    So in short, this sign effectively prohibits open carry, because they can ask you to leave when they see it. It has no effect on concealed carry, but if you drink you’ll be in violation of state law (assuming you’re caught).

    • Toby Keith aside, ain’t that law great? You can’t drink while carrying concealed. Ok, switch to open carry and drink away! Bottoms up!

      • Yeah, it’s kinda crazy. It seems like it would harken back to an older, simpler time. “Don’t mess with that boy, he’s got a load on and he’s packin’!”

        • I’ve never been in a state that didn’t have something wack in their likker laws. In NM, it was the “no gettin’ a head start on church goin’ folks” law: no sales until noon Sundays.

          • I think they repealed that law in Florida, but there are still some grocery stores that subscribe to it.

        • Open carry is unlicensed and, therefore, exercising a right. The State apparently felt more confident in restricting the licensed privilege of concealed carry than risking a challenge to infringment upon the right. Eventually, all states will get around to infringing on the right as well. Ohio has some similar quirks. The licensed act is fair game and the law remains mute on the right pertaining to certain subjects (like concealed carry prohibition in county buildings).

    • >“No guns” signs do NOT carry force of law, unless it’s a place listed in statute

      I see this repeated a lot, or I’ll see people claim it’s at worst a trespassing charge if they ask you to leave and you don’t, but I do not believe this is the case. I’m not a lawyer, but according to part C of §18.2-308.01. “Carrying a concealed handgun with a permit.” …

      “The granting of a concealed handgun permit pursuant to this article shall not thereby authorize the possession of any handgun or other weapon on property or in places where such possession is otherwise prohibited by law or is prohibited by the owner of private property.”

      I read this as posted signs having the force of law, since right there you can read that CC is not permitted on private property where prohibited by the owner. That’s not a trespassing charge either; it sounds squarely like unauthorized CC. I’m not clear on what the penalties are for that but it definitely doesn’t sound like it jives with the “no force of law” interpretations I see so often regarding VA CCW laws.

      • You are welcome to find something to prove your side, and I’ll happily join in if you do, but to my knowledge, that language is simply saying “concealed carry rights do not trump private property rights.” When the signs carry the force of law, you will usually find specific language to that effect, and specifically listed penalties for disobeying them. In this case, I can’t find the specific statutory language, but references 18.2-308.01 and says “Private property when prohibited by the owner of the property, or where posted as prohibited. Violation is a trespass charge and not a firearms violation.” (Emphasis mine.)

  12. No smoking!
    No guns!
    No shirt, No shoes, No service!

    …only money is allowed! – Or MDA members without money.

  13. It is their right. I am happy to patronize safer establishments, meaning places the ones that allow citizens and not just criminals to carry.

  14. A safe, enjoyable and entertaining experience for our patrons and staff? Do they expect ccw holders to come in their restaurant and start and bunch of ruckus?! I see that these guys also go on fear and emotion.

  15. Oh, and it’s worth noting that Woodbridge is squarely in NOVA, so this should come as no great surprise.

    • Hey… We resemble that remark! Well kinda, we have a large amount of Marines here due to it’s proximity to Quantico, so it is not nearly as bad as the rest of NOVA (not that it too hard to be better).

      • A large amount of those marines likely don’t vote in Virginia either. May not feel as bad living there, but just wait till the election results for the area come in.

        • When I served I had WV as my state of residence. My ballots were all mail ins from whereever I was stationed at the time.

        • I didn’t say it was a picnic, Prince William county, (where Woodbridge is located) is a reliably blue county. It just doesn’t have the full stupid progressive mentality of other NOVA counties, like Fairfax.

    • Woodbridge is NoVA light. Arlington, Fairfax and Alexandria are the worst. Still enough libtarb mentality to ruin it for the rest though, Marines or not.

    • They fired Jerry a couple years ago, when he discovered they were overlooking, eh, cures in the pursuit of more TREATMENT.

      • Uh, Jerry died a few years ago, which may be why he’s not available for the telethon any more. Unlike Methuselah Bert Parks…

  16. After reading this article I went to and did some after Chrismas – Christmas shopping. They are selling stripped lowers for 49.99 each. I was thinking of getting the 10 pack (registered) and then selling them (unregistered). Gotta keep those “let freedom ring” untraceables in our hands.

  17. Toby should have used better business sense than to have lost a percentage of fans that used to buy his CDs and pay big prices for his tickets to his concerts, because I am one of these that will no longer give my money to him. He did a good thing years ago by giving a tribute to Charleton Heston at an NRA convention, but then he turned his back on us when he said that Obama was a Great man to be president, seems like he speaks out of both sides of his mouth, no respect for him now. Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

  18. And the kid’s hair is crooked. Mom even has trouble with something as simple as a pony tail, it seems.

  19. “Insurance reasons” by removing my right to carry, the restaurant assumes the liability of my safety. Should I be harmed in any way while within their establishment, I’d sue the shit out of them.

    • No, they do not assume liability for your safety. I don’t know where people get this silly idea; it is no more than a wet dream of the carry crowd, but it is not a statement of legal doctrine. Stop spreading FUD.

    • Their food is not that great. But their breaded calf fries were decent. Nothing like biting into hot juicy crunchy calf fries.

  20. Toby Keith was an Obama supporter in 2008, FWIW. I think he flip flopped in 2012 to avoid major damage with his fan base.

    I went to a Justin Moore concert this past fall while he was on a tour associated with the NRA. If you’re going to spend any money on the music industry give it to this guy…he’s the real deal. His pro 2A comments would’ve made MSNBC watchers wet the bed.

    • Until Toby Keith explains himself publicly, I will not attend another concert or buy another album. I’ve seen Toby Keith in concert twice, and I have seen Justin Moore three times. Toby’s concerts are fun, but Justin Moore is truly connected to the audience. Shenandoah is right: Justin Moore is the real deal. I fear that Toby Keith has become a corporate trademark who will probably end up moving to the Hamptons to sip tea and eat crumpets with the Bloomberg’s. Toby, if you are listening, do you care to explain yourself?

      • It’s a franchise, Bobby. Toby’s not running the grill. Cool your jets.

        [I have no idea why my phone autocorrected Bob to Bobby. But it’s too late to fix it, as doing so would deprive those below of their righteous indignation, and I don’t want to take that away from them. The error is noted.]

        • You know, Mattie, this is why I often avoid blogs. Apparently, I offended you, and I am sorry. It is my personal decision not to attend another concert or buy another album until Toby chimes in on this matter regardless if this restaurant is a franchise, chain, independent restaurant or whatever. As should be expected, I always stand by my convictions especially when challenged by someone that uses the derogatory and demeaning derivative of my name (“Bobby”) in their response. Enough said.

          • And if he says it’s a franchise, and there’s legally nothing he can do, are you going to write him off? Or is he expected to yank their franchise agreement, and incur whatever legal penalties for doing so that he has to just to satisfy the righteous anger of you and others?

            For the record, my autocorrect turned Bob into Bobby, for reasons I can’t fathom. I can go back and edit it if you’d like, but that would render the indignation in your comment moot.

        • Hey Matt in Fla….perhaps you need to get a freakin’ clue. The REASON Keith’s tarnished name is on that restaurant’s facade is because his name is an ENDORSEMENT for the eatery.

          So while you denigrate Bob5 by calling him “Bobby”, you yourself appear to me, to be no more than an apologizing, excuse-laden weasel making excuses for the anti-Freedom, anti-2A group of American leftists.

          • Yep, you got me. I’m a weasel.

            I need jwm to weigh in here. Does weasel rank above or below schmuck?

            Guess I should have just gone back and edited my autocorrect fail. Seems to get people pretty upset.

        • Matt, in my completely unprofessional opinion weasel and schmuck are near identicle with a slight nod towards weasel being worse. Schmuck can indicate someone who’s clueless, stupid or ignorant. Weasel can indicate a sinister side to you that’s plotting or planning ill. Neither are highly flattering.

          What you now do with my judgement is up to you. I do say, “Weapons Free” is probably not an over reaction. However, you can be the bigger man here and just let it go. Your choice. I’m supportive either way.

          Course, that whole supporting the anti 2a and leftist crap is really uncalled for and deserving of a retaliation. But you just asked me about schmuck and weasel.

          • Thanks, dude. Your opinion dovetails quite nicely with mine. As far as “weapons free” goes, nah… not worth it. Low-hanging fruit and all that. Although if you scroll down a bit, I did graduate from “weasel” to “spokesweasel for the anti-2A, Amerikan left-wing permeating FUSA today.” I guess that’s an achievement of sorts. Not sure what FUSA is.

        • Saw that, Matt. What’s next? He gonna tell us RF, you, the NRA, SAF and anyone else that doesn’t agree with his opinion is anti 2a and that he and he alone knows the true way? Haven’t we gone thru this before?

          I’ll let you puzzle over it. I’m going to bed. Nite.

          P.S. Anything that starts with FU can’t be good. IMHO.

        • Maybe Toby needs to be more careful how his name is used. He want’s the big bucks lending his name gives him, but he shouldn’t be held to any accountability for the actions of the restaurant chain? BS
          A bad business decision doesn’t excuse the celebrity.

          • I don’t disagree, necessarily. I just get tired of people reading stories like this and then immediately jumping to the point of “That pinko commie-loving Obama-fellating statist gun-control piece of shit is dead to me!”

            Meanwhile, since the story only broke in the last 36 hours, Toby, being a busy guy and a businessman is still somewhere between “Wait, what happened now?” and “Talk to the lawyers and see what, if anything, we can do about this.”

            People are burning his CDs and calling for boycotts before he’s done hearing about it.

            But hey, get the pitchforks, right?

        • Sure, people still like vinyl. But I use the term album when I’m talking about an artist’s latest release, because I like it better than “record” and saying “latest CD” somehow seems more dated than saying album. I dunno.

  21. Went there once, just to say I did, it wasn’t worth going back. MDA can strut all they want about this, I’m unaffected by it.

    But, I will do some strutting of my own, I just had some hot chocolate at the local Starbucks after a day of shopping with family. I was packing heat and wearing my fav ambiguous gun shirt which has “5.56 x 45mm” written across it.

    The store didn’t have proper signage that holds the weight of law in the state of Texas, so, I was go to go, how you liking that gunsense?

      • I’m saying that I’m generally unaffected by MDA and their “victories” involving no firearms suggestion signs that don’t hold the weight of law.

  22. Toby Keith does not own the bars that use his song title and name…… tonight we ate at Red Robin, that is not owned by a bird either despite its name.

    For the record I was carrying a SW Shield and Microtec LCC.

  23. You’ve got to hand it to Moms Demand Attention and the anti-gunners: They never pass up an opportunity to exploit children, living or dead.

  24. Screw them and screw the restaurant ,gun free zones are where killers go and ALL gun owners should Ban any places that That MDA assholes support.Let’s see who has more financial resources.Let these businesses go out of business and we’ll see how much support business give Mom’s Demand to be Victims.

    • I remember Lubby’s, but I can’t seem to recall any other restaurants being robbed or shot up–the BGs usually wait for the owner to exit after closing with the day’s receipts. Care to cite a few examples that demonstrate this grave risk of lead poisoning while eating? And bars don’t count, just restaurants.

      • Yah a restaurant in Texas where a guy with a bullet proof vest and two handguns walked in and locked the door and began executing people about 20 if memory serves me.A lady who had just got her CCW left it in the car cause the door was posted ” no firearms” she went to meet her parents for lunch,they both died,she survived.
        Carson City Nv,International House of Pancakes,2011 ,Three service men, two Civilians killed at breakfast when a gunman walked in ,shot at point blank range with a full auto AK-47 ,Posted ; No Firearms”
        How many example would you like cause I could go on and on and on,but be my guest,Don’t carry!

        • Cubby 123….you want to cite the source for your claim that the Kalashnikov used in your cited crime, was a Class III automatic weapon ?

          Citations please Cubby.

    • As long as alleged gun owners like Matt in Fla continue to patronize businesses that attack cc, no boycott will ever work.

      BTW….your local Walmart prohibits concealed carry in their stores. Dollars to donuts I’d wager you shop there. But that is okay. Correct ?

      • Alleged gun owner? Well, I guess you could make that case, as I’ve not provided you with purchase documentation for the guns I own. Don’t hold your breath on that, by the way. In the meantime, you think my commenting here for over two years and writing near-daily posts is some kind of elaborate ruse by an anti-gunner in sheep’s clothing?

        Does my local Walmart prohibit concealed carry? If you know they do, you know more than me. But then, I live in Florida, so I’m not in the habit of looking for the signs, because what they stick on their doors has no control over my behavior.

        For the record, I do shop at Walmart, but as infrequently as humanly possible.

        • Hey Matt in Fla, why is it that you frequent posters to a blog believe that gives you some sanctimonious credibility ? Of course I hit the nail on the head….you’re just a spokesweasel for the anti-2A, Amerikan left-wing permeating FUSA today.

          • Shrug. I don’t know about sanctimonious credibility. I don’t figure my words on the internet are really worth any more than anyone else’s. My only point was that while you seem to be a relatively new arrival, I’ve been commenting around here for over two years, and been writing near-daily posts (you may have seen them, they’re called the Daily Digest) for about four months. Seeing as how that’s true, if I was a “spokesweasel” as you so eloquently put it, doesn’t that seem like a long con that strains the bounds of credulity? Does it really seem likely that someone would proffer themselves as a gun-owning, staunch 2A advocate for over two years, only to eventually reveal themselves as a card-carrying antigunner, and then… what, exactly? What’s the endgame?

            But you’re right. You got me. Guilty as charged. I’m a spokesweasel for anti-2A crowd. Me and Mikey Bloomberg have twice-monthly meetings to strategize how I’m going to undermine the entire pro-gun movement from my little soapbox here. And he even picks up the check!

            In all seriousness, this was fun for a bit, but it’s lost its luster. As such, I bid you good day. I’ll give you the final word.

        • Hey Matt in Fla, a weasel is one who puts on an aura of credibility when he/she is not credible whatsoever. For instance, your several times citing your “autocorrect” function is to blame for your denigrating use of “Bobby”. Then you want to state your local Walmart doesn’t appear to have a “No Guns” sign. Well Skippy, that “No Guns” sign is corporate policy. It’s on the entrance of every Walmart in the FUSA. So much for your observation skills, eh ? Then again, Toby Keith just puts his name on a restaurant because he’s a whore, correct ? So just ignore the 2A attack by Keith and Walmart and patronize said businesses, correct Mattie (oh gee, my autocorrect is acting up, oh well).

          Hypocrisy reigns with you alleged 2A freedom fighters.

          • I never said my Walmart “doesn’t appear to have a ‘No Guns’ sign.” I said that if it did, I never noticed. That’s not from lack of observation, it’s from lack of give a shit. If I need to go to Walmart, I’m going to go to Walmart. About the only time I do is when it’s one in the morning and it’s my only option, and I don’t care about whatever sticker they put on the door, because there’s no force of law to it, and they can bite me.

        • Hey Mattie….nice to see you’re now managing to “moderate” my comments. How freedom-loving of you. Typical.

          Guess I’ll never get that “last word” you offered me. My, how gracious of you.

          • You got moderated because of the word “whore,” not because of anything I did. It’s on the list, and it’s automatic.

            I cleared it from moderation and posted it, even though I’m pretty sure it goes well beyond the bounds of what we normally let fly around here with regard to personal attacks. As a matter of fact, now that I go back and look, you really haven’t said anything in this post that wasn’t a personal attack. But that’s ok, it and the others can stand. I can take it.

        • Who’s this “Dannie the 3rd” guy? or is the III some obscure % reference pointing out that he’s a better American than others?

        • Not sure why I can’t reply directly to DAN III’s post, but anyway…

          “Well Skippy, that “No Guns” sign is corporate policy.”

          Do you have a cite for that, or any other official Walmart cite? I’m pretty sure their policy is to adhere to the laws of the state in which the store is located.

          “It’s on the entrance of every Walmart in the FUSA.”

          No, it’s not. It’s definitely *NOT* posted on my local store, where I *always* OC

          “So much for your observation skills, eh ?”

          Indeed, for some definition of “your”…

      • I’d like to see you cite sources Re: Wal Mart prohibiting CC. Not that I travel over much but I’ve never seen a Wal Mart that was posted no CCW. On the other hand I’ve seen many pics of shoppers in their stores openly carrying or failing at CC, and have personally carried in at least half a dozen Wal Marts.

        I’ll save my rebuttal to the comments directed at Matt for another post further down.

      • The new manager of a wal mart in my father’s neck of the woods, rural KY, banned guns in his store. Business crashed so bad that he was replaced and an apology and invite to gun folk was printed in the paper.

        Dan 3 sounds like a leonard embody fanboi trying to get back at Matt.

        • Yeah, Dan is apparently a troll. Matt in FL as a ‘spokes-weasel’… ‘alleged gun owner’… and all Walmarts post… really?!?! That’s some comedy right there. ROTFLMAO Those were ridiculous posts; simply had to be a troll.

          (This post should’ve been in reply to jwm… oops.)

      • Wal-Mart, based in the redneck paradise of NW Arkansas, knows better than to make a blanket gun policy for a 50 state issue. My local store has no such policy. They leave it up to state law and try really hard not to rock that boat.

        • Walmart has no problem with conceal carry unless it is on Indian Land ,Indians have a problem with open carry and They… not have to post anything but can still arrest.

      • The class III was an illegally built and was used .The shooter killed himself after the event( as all these aholes do when their off or on their meds) I work at a Full Auto Gun Range and the owner was brought into the case as he is a ballistics expert.,The official police report reveals that a, key word here,iLLEGAL class III weapon was used.The Reno Gazette Journal also mentions that fact.

  25. Funny, on October 16th, 1991, guns weren’t allowed in the Luby’s in Killeen Texas. That didn’t work out too well either.

  26. Honestly, as someone who lives a few miles from that bar… I could care less. I plan on walking in once and having a beer just to check it out, but probably won’t be back.

    This whole situation is a little disappointing to me however, you wouldn’t think that a bar associated with a country singer (whether he owns it or not) would put up a sign banning firearms. You’d think they realize that a good amount of their target audience is probably at least OK with firearms? It’ll be interesting to see if Toby weighs in on this at all.

    And on top of that, no guns signs aren’t all that common in this area. Although I don’t go out to eat all that often I can think of only ONE other bar/restaurant in this area that has an obvious no guns sign (Buffalo Wild Wings). So it’s not like they’re following the pack mentality on this one, they’re making a choice to stand out IMHO.

    • You’d think so, but I’m not so sure. As others have pointed out in this thread, Woodbridge is NOVA light. It’s infested with a lot of Democrats & Obama voters who work downtown. It’s the hairy edge of Washington DC’s influence. As you get farther away from the gaping maw of suck that is downtown, you start seeing more gun-friendly people.

      It’s entirely possible the owner of this franchise installation has decided that his business will be just fine catering to the overlap of 1) gun-fearing Democrats and 2) Toby Keith fans.

  27. By the way ,if you didn’t know,movie theaters are typically “gun free zones” schools,Malls,Navy yards,Gee,Hmmm,where have we had
    all these mass shootings,ah ,I forgot restaurants posted No Firearms.
    Why would killers go there Mr. Liberal ,I hate Guns and don’t know anything about them but will step on the Rights of everybody else so they can be unarmed,get killed and just be happy about that?

  28. “I lOVE THIS BAR” is one of my favorite songs….as are many other TK songs. If he really and truly is an anti-gun guy….OK…that’s his stance. I can appreciate it. He’ll never EVER get a dime of my ca$h ever again. Just like Bruce Springsteen. Loved the guy and his spoke to me. But once he came out as a flaming Lib….dead. G’bye.

    • +1 Being from NJ, I loved Springsteen in the ’70’s and 80’s…saw him in small clubs before he hit it big. He married a Calif. girl and turned into an A-hole…dead to me too.

  29. Don’t think The Nuge would have done anything like this at all , matter of fact he would probably be carrying his own weapon . From what I have seen on other sites too , a lot of folks are now former fans of Toby ! He can’t have things both ways to his liking , either you stand up for what you try to convey , or you sit down and don’t lie about what will make you money , because when you screw someone over it does come back to bite you in the ass ! Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

  30. “…based on insurance regulations…” The stealth form of regulation that can and is applied to anything requiring licensing.

  31. That sign basically advertises that this is a victim zone and the chance of a bad person being met with force is significantly reduced.
    Fortunately there are other places to get a beer and burger.

  32. On a totally unrelated note, I enjoy the kind of similes we get here often.

    I wonder if we should start collecting them: The Official TTAG Simile Handbook

    In this story, Dan favors us with:

    “all over it like a hobo on a ham sandwich . . .”

    In another post, I think it was Nick, who said:

    “All over it like a fat kid on a chocolate cake”


  33. One thing I am curious about, but it was said about how the First Amendment doesn’t protect speech censorship from a private employer, only from the government. Therefore, wouldn’t the Second Amendment only protect your right to keep and bear arms when walking into a government establishment, but not when walking into a private establishment? How does that work?

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