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TTAG gave you the heads-up on Archie’s shooting death many moons ago. It’s helpful to know that Archie died protecting a gay politician from an assassin’s bullet. With his body. As we said in July, it should have been a defensive gun use, by either the freckle-faced ginger or, even better, the gay pol. Oh well. Here’s the denouement. I could say something inappropriate about the ladies mourning behind Archie, but I’m already in hot water with for suggesting that FPSRussia’s manager’s assassination had a negative effect on the faux Ruskie’s creativity. So I’ll just say this: getting shot sucks. Don’t let this be you.

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  1. Waiting for Shannon Watts and the Demanding Moms to start proclaiming that only Beetle Bailey and Dick Tracy should have guns.

  2. Of course it was a gay politician getting shot. Happens all the time. Why I remember it happened to Barney Frank every week.

    Oh, wait. No it didn’t.

    • So gay politicians don’t get shot frequently, but gay people still get targeted for plenty of bullshit. If anyone needs a gun, it’s definitely gay people (and trans and bi people). -a VERY pro gun anti government libertarian.

      • Harvey Milk (an openly gay City Supervisor) was gunned down by Dan White at City Hall in SF. White then passed DiFi in the hall on his way to bump off Mayor Moscone. Mayor Moscone’s death lead to DiFi becoming Mayor. The rest is history. Just look at where the death of a gay politician got for California.

        • that story is a myth, because SanFran has strict gun control, therefore it is impossible for a gun crime to have occured.

      • Gays, blacks, Mexicans, non-Christians… Pretty much anyone that would be considered a target of the stereotyped white conservative gun owner.

      • Oh, please – gays get targeted.

        I’m pretty sure if you look at a gay person the wrong ways in the happy, happy, joy, joy progtard utopia we currently inhabit they call it a hate crime and drag you away to room 101.

        But, wait! Wait ,you say – what about St. Matthew Shepard! teh hate killed him? The pure white, conservative, chipolte ninja, male hate – you know the kind of hate that Killed St. Trayvon and St. Swisher. You know the kind of hate I’m talking about. Oh, wait ….

        So I wonder what group most needs to be armed and against whom? Ok – let’s check the FBI crime stats. and see. Oh, wait, sorry…Crimestop!

        Gotta go and light a candle for the martyrs of America v 2.0 – St. Trayvon and St. Shepard; I will pray for the end of white male privilege.

        • The difference is, in the PC world if you get in trouble for offending the sensibilities or hurting the feelings of a gay person at work, you may get fired or fined etc. It’s a PITA but you recover.

          If you’re a gay guy or anyone different who is happened upon by some good ol’ boys, you may lose your life.

          I hesitated before even responding to such a well written post by someone who is obviously very well educated, but I wanted to make these facts clear.

          I am not a fan of our ultra PC and uber litigious society, but unlike trans or gay people I’ve known, the average dude doesn’t have to worry about a random group of strangers deciding on an impulse to drag him behind a truck.

        • Sigh – people have been getting beat up in bars for all sorts of reasons since time immemorial and it is called assault and will get ya arrested; I am not sure why it become double plus bad when the belligerent drunk beats you up because you are gay or thinks you looked at his girl funny.

          Also – there is not – and I repeat – there is not some nascent pogrom of gays in Hicksville, USA., nor has there ever been.

          The idea that rednecks are driving in pick-up trucks, flying the Confederate flag, and looking for gays to beat up is just another bit of propaganda by the progressive left to shut down any debate regarding its destructive agenda, pure and simple.

        • Once again, the way people write as much as what they write says a lot about them, but I digress.

          I will say that you’re 100% wrong. When I lived in West Virginia, as a white guy, I felt in danger a number of times.

          Why? Because I wore clean clothes and used correct diction. Apparently that was (and I quote from my experience), “fer faggots ’round these parts.”

          If I had not had the build or self confidence that I do, I am sure I’d have had to use the the glock I was CCing.

          Ignorant assholes exist everywhere. Whether it’s the ignorant assholes in the hood who will stop cars and beat people up for going through their neighborhood or the ignorant asshole rednecks who like to go gay bashing in between banging their sister, ignorant assholes definitely exist.

          And more often than not they also like to type bigoted things on message boards using terrible spelling and grammar.

        • First – I’m sorry people were mean to you; however, people get picked on for all sorts of reasons: the way the look, the way they dress, the way they carry themselves or their weight. It happens. Why? People suck. That’s life and does not make it a hate crime.

          However, oftentimes we take one or two experiences and sort of assume the whole world is that way. For instance, I may know 9 red heads and if you tell me that, say, 2% of the population was red headed I would denounce you as a liar! So, yes, you may have been pushed around a bit, but who hasn’t from time to time – there are lot of sharp corners in this world.

          Stop buying into the myth that homosexuals are a numinous victim class; OK, they’re not. They have been transformed into one by the media, which doesn’t tell the Truth About Guns and metric ton of other things.

          Also – take a look around you: complicated speech codes right out of 1984 could land you on the Ministry of Love’s, sorry I mean the Justice Department’s radar. So who is the bully now?

          There is *no* reason to work yourself into self righteous lather denouncing some guy who had the temerity to make a somewhat amusing, if puerile, gay joke, especially when if that same person made a joke about of, say, a non-designated victim class, straight white males, would have generally gone unremarked upon. The fact that you do indicates that you still have to loose the victim mindset which is part and parcel of the whole progressive agenda.

        • ^ You don’t like gay people. Just own it. It’s ok.

          I have not liked around 85% of the gay people I’ve met. I’ll own it. However, that is due to personality style, not lifestyle choices.

          As such, I refuse to bury my head in the sand and pretend that bigotry does not exist… because it does. This does not mean that I think any subset of any group anywhere should get special treatment. I believe in full equality. That means nobody getting a free ride anywhere and everyone having to adhere to the same standards.

          Because I believe in this fairness across the board, I am willing to acknowledge that there are ignorant assholes out there who obviously target certain groups. My original response and indeed many of my posts are simply to support a fact: Anyone in any group anywhere who may be targeted for violence due to their race/sex/sexual orientation/religion etc is better off carrying.

          I am not sure how this whole thing devolved into what it did, but the above was the point I was trying to get across before you came along saying, “la la la – gay people are never targeted for violence by anyone” (which is ridiculous by the way).

          I am not trying to white knight gay people. They have enough very loud, very connected activists to do that for them. All I am doing is trying to be logical and unbiased – as I always do.

          ’nuff said.

        • First of all – the internet is just a series of 0’s and 1’s full of sound a fury, signifying nothing. No need to get worked up over it.

          So, do I hate the gays? Nah, not really. But I notice stuff, and, as intimated, most gays, at the the end of the day, are profoundly unhappy dudes and not gay at all, really. Isn’t it ironic? Dont’ya think? Moreover – compared to the crap that say, my people, e.g. drunken Micks, had to deal with – they have nothing to complain about.

          So, the issue I have is this, you can get all worked over a few dumb asses who gave you a hard time because you didn’t dress like a hick, so, ergo, the real enemy is southern white, straight, conservative dudes, but if that was the real world we would be inundated with 24/7 coverage of the bonfire of teh gays. You are conflating one bad experience you had with world as it actually is.

          And what is that world? Well, if you are going to get curb stomped, who will be doing the stomping? On average, it will be a vibrant American – one of Obama’s children. In the alternative, some MRAP driving, door kicking, dog shooting, operator wanna be.

          And, If you defend yourself, well, you be racist. That is America V 2.0 – which is a pretty gay place.

        • @Such a big, big, gun

          In a simple-minded, dismissive and embarrassingly self-absorbed way, you’re right. No one should be intimidated by bigots sending a message any more than they should be intimidated by any other street criminal. They’re *all* downrange.

        • Yeah I don’t have anything else to add now either. I too will concede a point but with the same exception as the post above.

  3. What a queer cover, they’ll probably milk this storyline for a while and then he’ll be reserected by some fairies or what not.

      • Impressive. I think there is a job for you in Records office of the Ministry of Truth; gotta keep an eye out for all that hate speech and thought crime, comrade!

        • The point is that intelligent, educated people don’t talk or write like idiots regardless of what they believe.

          The mating cry of the ignorant is pejoratives and short hand.

          Example: “lol u faggots r so stupid come tell me 2 my face lol”

  4. Superman, Batman, Mary Worth and now Archie. I’ve seen a lot of them die but the only one who stayed dead was Pogo. The rest come back like a bad case of the clap.

  5. The most shocking thing is that this comic was still being made. I thought it was stupid when I was five, more than 35 years ago.

      • Yeah – I know, teh gays. Remember the old days when we used to keep them on the plantation? Even after the Civil War, though, they were subject to so many legal disabilities – the poll taxes, separate but equal facilities, discrimination in Hollywood and the Arts, and worst of all was the extra judicial hangings that Billy Holiday sang about in “Strange Fruit.”

        Shame, shame on you, Kalifornistanian! Report to the Ministry of Love for interrogation!

  6. Wait… People still read this comic? Isnt it from the 40’s or 50’s? I’m just saying Its probably not going to change the minds of anyone who was born in the last 20 some odd years.

  7. After reading up on how he behaved in the Little Archie comics, I’d chalk this up to long overdue karmic retribution for the evil ginger bastard and then move on to more pressing matters… Like how to convince Batman to rethink his policy on guns.

    • That’s the reason I dislike Batman. His unwillingnes to kill the Joker has killed a bunch of people. Everytime the Joker escapes and kills somebody, Batman could have stopped that by simply killing instead of capturing the Joker.

      • Ah, but then they’d have to be creative and come up with new villains, and considering superhero comics are the only medium left other than soap operas to consistently use worn-out clichés like tap-on-the-head amnesia and convenient resurrections via long-lost twins or cloning (He’s dead, but don’t worry, dear readers; we have a spare!), I’d say the creativity font went dry a very long time ago. We’re talking about an industry that thought installing a vagina on Thor is how you write a strong new female character, for crap’s sake.

        • That’s the reason I don’t read comics much. I only read Donald Duck/Uncle Scrooge and The Punisher (the MAX stuff). Both have good stories, both are interesting, both aren’t stupid. Sure, Uncle Scrooge didn’t kill the Beagle Boys but they didn’t kill anybody either.

          Donald Duck is pretty popular in Europe, especially in Scandinava. That’s how I learned the Norwegian language. We moved into a new house and somebody forgot this big book (hardcover) with a collection of stories by Don Rosa. Have read through that thing so many times. Sorry for going all nostalgic, it just reminds me of a better time.

  8. If the assassin didn’t shoot him then the fashion police surely would have. For starters, white shoes with a red tie? A red tie with a blue suit? Tennis/sports shoes instead of proper leather shoes?

    I wouldn’t want to be caught dead dressed like that.

    • But far be it from me to be the PC Police. Perception is everything and I’d hate for Shannon to misread that post. 😉

  9. So some lefties with an axe to grind made their point in a boring comic that nobody reads.

    There are probably more pro-2A peeps paying attention to this event than anyone else.

  10. I see another problem here, picking apart this scene. I haven’t seen the preceeding panels, but that looks like a gut wound, and I don’t see any sign that anyone–including his lifetime buds–tried to save him (no packing, no blood on their hands, no sign of CPR). It looks like they just went into instant mourning. Absolutely not the response I’d want if I or someone I cared about was shot and bleeding out. This tells me not only do folks with this mentality lack the skills and the stones to defend themselves or others, but they also lack the skills and the stones to try to save a life, and that’s really pathetic. (Yes, I know it’s fiction, but you can tell a lot about the writer’s/publisher’s mentality by what they present.)

  11. @The Bear Logan or Mingp county.?
    A glock, really WV is Smith&Wesson country you should be ashamed.
    I thought newspapers stopped printing comics when some of the characters came out as conservatives.


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