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Kenneth, a 29-year-old mechanic from Everett, WA sends his very first everyday carry combo, entitled “In the Beginning.”  Courtesy of Everyday Carry, of course.

So, what does a young mechanic carry, aside from a GLOCK 19 like me?  Well, also like me, he has a True Utility FIXR on his keyring.

Add in a nice wallet by Fjallraven (Ovik).  And I like the Bertucci Men’s 12028 A-2T Vintage Durable Titanium Field Watch too.  Kenneth has good tastes.

The only thing missing is a light, although I’ve seen people using a Bic for improvised lighting in the past.  It usually doesn’t go very well for them, but to each their own.




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  1. I have lights in my vehicles, house and boonie rigs. I don’t see the need for a light to go for my daily walks.

    • I can see that. I use my light more than I use my knife most days.

      But I’m out and about in my job. Everybody has different needs.

      • I always carried a light before I retired. And some form of multi tool. But since I retired I decide what activity I’m going to engage in this day. Haven’t needed a light except power failures and boonie trips. And I got that covered.

        • I always carry in the dark nowadays, primarily because my eyes are no where near as good today as when I was a teenager…

    • jwm, you never need anything until you do. Used a light 1/4 to 1/3 in daylight as often as at night. On and off duty. Holster and spare mag.

      • Really? I used a light all the time on-duty but very rarely off-duty in the day. For the rare occasions one is needed, my phone’s flashlight function is perfectly fine.

        • Hannibal, not long ago my mom called to say she run a errand and her van was hard to steer and was making a funny noise. When I got to her house it was midday. Garage door was open. Turned on the lights. Still couldn’t see the power steering reservoir well enough. Out came the Surefire. Problem solved. I also find myself in movie theaters during the day. Phone? I find them awkward. Especially with a weapon in hand. You don’t want to carry a flashlight? Don’t.

  2. I know this isn’t TTAW, but does anyone have experience with Bertucci watches? I am thinking about buying one. Thanks

    • They’re alright if you avoid the lower end.

      I have a couple and the “more expensive” ($100+, especially their Ti) ones are pretty nice (the pictured one is like $170-$190). The lower end one I got as a beater analog with an easy to read face lasted about a year before the watch took a decent shock and the minute hand started making contact with the inner face hard enough to slowly scrape off the paint. Then the second hand fell off and jammed up the whole thing. That watch was like $30.

      Of course, that’s just my anecdotal experience. I never replaced that watch with a similar so it could have just been a lemon.

      Their Zulu style watch bands, in and of themselves, are pretty bombproof and the most expensive is under $35.

      • Strych – What size battery does it use?

        I’m sick and tired of buying watches with small batteries in them that die in 1-2 years.

        My 10-dollar drug store special Timex had a coin cell in it that ran for over 6 years before crapping out. I want at least that for my next watch…

        • Agreed! I hate having to get the battery changed. It seems like the water-resistant-ness is never as good after it’s been opened. Plus they always seem to die at the most inconvenient times.

          That’s why I’m also considering a Citizen Eco Drive or Seiko Solar. They both use solar panels to charge their batteries, so hopefully 10+ years wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect.

          I don’t mean to get us too much off-topic, but thanks for the replies.

        • I wear a Timex. I get 3-5 years out of the battery and then I just toss the watch and buy another. Timex is like Bic lighters. They do the job reasonably well and they’re disposable.

      • For the one that got damaged, I dunno I threw it out before it ran out of batteries.

        I think the A2T runs on a SR621 but I honestly haven’t looked in a long time and I don’t wear it much so I’m not honestly sure where it is. I’m pretty sure that’s right though… either that or I have a largish stash of useless batteries…. or those are for another watch… but I’m pretty sure they’re for the Burtucci because I don’t think I ever bought batteries for the other watch I have that runs on batteries…

        Nice thing if you can find one though is that Bertucci stamps on the case back what type of battery the watch takes, so if you can get your mitts on one you can just flip it over to find out what it runs on. Or you can just call the dealer and have them look. No need to run through the manual or open the case.

        If you hate batteries but don’t want to go the Rolex movement style route then go with something like an EcoDrive from Citizen. Most of my watches these days run on light and some are 15 years old without a replacement or a service. Which is also why I can actually find them because they’re out soaking up light so that they don’t die.

        • Fck batteries, I use a solar watch. Yes it’s a little hard telling time in the night however when the carriage turns back into a pumpkin I know it’s midnight

  3. He’s not a mechanic that fixes cars, he’s a mechanic that does “tune ups”. At last an EDC that’s on the other side of the law. But a Glock, I’d have thought Baretta or Tanglio Giuseppe, you know what I mean.

  4. The PHONE IS THE LIGHT, or hasn’t anyone searched for a “phone light app” around here?

    The better “flashlight” apps will give you a compass along with the flashlight function, and some even have a map option so you can quickly figure out roughly where you are _and_ which way you are facing, plus a handy light which might have been all you really wanted in the first place. As long as the flashlight function is fast & easy to activate the extra stuff is all just bonus.

    I am just kind of surprised how the phone is so clearly shown and yet nobody “sees the light”, so to speak. 🙂

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