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This one isn’t your typical defensive gun use story. As the Daily Mail puts it, “what appeared to start as a home invasion in Texas turned into a bizarre string of events that has even shocked police.”

A Houston man woke up early yesterday morning to the sound of breaking glass and found an armed man in his 13-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

As KTRK reports,

Police said the father confronted the man and wrestled to get the man’s gun away from him.

The father was able to get the man’s gun and shoot him, officials said. After the man was shot, he went downstairs and began stabbing himself, police said.

To be clear, the wounded home invader went downstairs into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and stabbed himself.

The home invader was taken to a hospital, but ultimately assumed room temperature. It isn’t clear yet whether the gunshot(s) or the self-inflicted knife wound(s) was the cause of death, but an autopsy is pending.

Yet another successful defensive gun use, one of hundreds of thousands that occur in this country every single day. If there’s a takeaway here, it’s this: don’t count on wrestling a gun away from an attacker. Have a home defense gun and be prepared to use it.

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  1. A two-fer for the weapon control crowd: person drives two stats – death by gun; death by knife. These two implements make us all unsafe. We can’t let reason and the law keep us from doing what is right….ban people.

      • Now your talking MY language….

        • The Democratic party is just a symptom of the demands of the base. To really fix America you actually have to remove the Democrat voting base.

  2. And I’m sure that the intruder was just about to get his life together. With his failure as a rapist gone, he did the honorable thing: sepukku.

    • Or a special kind of crazy.

      There’s an episode of some ER show where a lady comes in and says she has worms inside her. When asked how she knows this she rolls up her sleeves, opens a festering wound with her fingers a pulls out a live earthworm.

      So they open up a bunch of wounds on her, pull out 27 (IIRC) earthworms which she makes them remove individually, give them their own jar, and label with a name she has assigned each worm. Then they clean everything, stitch her up and Rx some antibiotics.

      In the interview with the attending doc he says she’s a local homeless person with known mental health issues who comes in a few times a year with this same “problem”. Every time they test her for narcotics and a bunch of diseases and she comes back clean. He’s relieved that this time they played along with her and labeled the jars so each worm has a nice “home” because that’s what kept her calm [this time] so that they could get her to agree to get some mental health treatment. But yeah, she has a history of cutting herself open and inserting earthworms that she finds.

      No drugs. Just crazy.

    • That’s the thought that goes through your head when you hear a story like that?????WTF!?? How can a 13 year old be “hot”…. Fuckin pervert…

      • George Washington,

        While the overwhelming majority of 13 year-old girls are simply girls, beware that there are a tiny number of them who have the same proportions as voluptuous 20 year-old women. And some of them are, indeed, beautiful. I saw two such “girls” at one of my child’s middle-school band concerts. Even more shocking, they were only in the 6th grade at that time, which means they were at most 12 years old.

        I feel sorry for men who want to date women because they literally have no idea whether a female is of legal age unless they ask for a birth certificate.

        • Big Bill,

          In commenter George Washington’s defense, 13 year-old girls that looked like 20 year-old women did not exist to any significant degree before the year 2000 or so. Why there are considerably more of them lately, I have no idea.

          Thus, if commenter George Washington went to middle school well before the year 2000, he truly would have no concept of how much younger many females are developing. At some point he probably passed two 13 year-old girls in a shopping mall and never even gave it a second thought that they could possibly be under the age of 18.

        • You and I remember 7th grade in the 60s a lot differently.
          Girls have been hitting puberty earlier than 13 for decades now. It’s true that now, the average age of puberty is 12-13 for girls, but the average isn’t the rule, it’s just the average.
          Back in the early 60s, 13 wasn’t unusual, just a year earlier than most.

  3. Inevitably this will be spun to make the argument that there is no reason for law-abiding citizens to own guns… they can just procure them from criminals when needed for self defense.

    • “…there is no reason for law-abiding citizens to own guns… they can just procure them from criminals…”

      I think the word you seek is “obtain”.

      • The correct word is “transfer,” which would, in some places, make it illegal unless there was an FFL there to do the NICS check.
        Can you imagine?

        • “The correct word is “transfer,” which would, in some places, make it illegal unless there was an FFL there to do the NICS check.”

          The reason for “obtain”, rather than “transfer” is that the guns in the possession of criminals most likely were individual-to-individual transactions (theft), rather than a gun transfer requiring an FFL (gun-theft loophole?).

        • Oh, HELL yes, Bill! I hadn’t thought of that, there are states right now, where he could be arrested and charged for obtaining a firearm without a NICS check. If you brought that up in a discussion today, your answer would be “nobody would ever do that!”, just like the answer 100 years ago if you suggested a white man could be prosecuted for carrying a concealed handgun. Things which “could” get you arrested today, probably “will”, tomorrow.

        • Sam: “The reason for “obtain”, rather than “transfer” is that the guns in the possession of criminals most likely were individual-to-individual transactions (theft), rather than a gun transfer requiring an FFL (gun-theft loophole?).”

          Legally, the word is “transfer.”
          Other words are used to say the same thing, but usually by those who want to obfuscate. They choose their words carefully to confuse the hoople-heads.

        • Yeah, “transfer” works better. Let’s call reported thefts of guns from homes, individual-to-individual transfers not requiring background checks. That should make liberal heads explode.

    • Yes they will say shooting him was not needed since he was going to stab himself anyway. And also that you don’t need a gun to protect you against an armed attacker , just take his away.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if this person was sober but rather that running his DNA through assorted databases turns up a lot of incidents involving children that would make him a lifer with people he’d rather not spend the rest of his short, painful life with. I suspect he thought the knife was a less painful option.

    • Who FKN CARES what was going through the mind of that POS???? WHAT’S IMPORTANT IS THAT HE’S A DEAD MFKR AND THE CHILD IS SAFE…. Dems can try to spin this any way they want, still doesn’t change the fact that a filthy criminal is dead, thankfully, and this PROVES EVERYONE SHOULD BE REQUIRED BY LAW TO OWN A GUN…. AND ONLY AMERICANS, NOT ILLEGAL ALIENS…. THEY AREN’T CITIZENS THEREFORE HAVE NO RIGHTS IN THIS COUNTRY…JS

      • A friendly comment. I agree with you.
        However, it’s important for you to remember that Some of the statements here from us stem from an investigative background, law enforcement, etc. So please don’t misinterpret some of the analogy being discussed about the crime. No one is condoning anything this this person did, but from an investigative perspective, some of us are automatically trained to pick up on details on which we were trained to do, because of no stone of left unturned, a lot of these creeps that get caught during a crime use self injury and others things to try and get out of heavier charges, etc. Plus, certain criminal behaviors indicate things involved or assisted in the crime, so it’s good to discuss these things for a better case and a better understanding of what lead this criminal to act out. This actually helps combat future crimes or identify them with less evidence to work with, believe it or not. Like a good mechanic listening to an engine run and pin pointing possible issues or misleading ones, etc. Hope this helps?
        It’s been a long day for me, so I’m tired.

      • He actually wasn’t a p.o.s. as you say I happened to know him well.This story is also way outside of what actually happened..


      • Son, while I might agree on some points with you, you really should try reason and not so much hyperbolic rantings. People are likely to see you as a raving far right winger and dismiss pretty much anything you have to say.

        • George Washington doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor. Must be the wooden teeth.

  5. If Dad gained control of the handgun how did the suspect manage to exit the room? Kidding. I wasn’t there and no second guessing. Bad guy is worm food. Good guys standing on top of the dirt. Happy days!

    • I have to agree. I only had sons, but can pretty much guarantee if I’d found an armed man who broke into my 13-year-old daughter’s room, when the cops arrived I would probably still be searching through his pockets looking for a spare mag, as he cooled, so I could shoot him some more.

  6. “Psh. You call that a fatal injury, ya Nancy? Here, I’m gonna head downstairs right now and show you how it’s done!”

    • Dear TTAG: Your continued lack of an edit button has been noted, and it’s still annoying as shit.

        • I believe it depends on what platform you’re using to comment.
          While I manage (finally) to get an edit function, I’m using a desktop and Firefox.
          If I were using a tablet or phone, I’m not sure I’d have an edit function.

          You would think a functioning comment section would be a foregone conclusion, but this one has been f*cked up for years, while other blogs have managed to have functioning comment sections.
          I still do not get email notifications of replies to my comments, with, apparently, no fix available (and I check the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” button each and every time I make a comment here).

        • Below the box where you type your comment, there are 3 boxes. One of them says “Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.”

          Check that box before you click “Post comment”.

          90 percent of the time, that cures it…

  7. “Home Invader Stabs Himself After Being Shot by Homeowner in Daughter’s Bedroom”

    He just counldn’t live with the angst of being shot with his own gun…

  8. “…home invader was taken to a hospital, but ultimately assumed room temperature…”

    God bless America!

  9. Either he just *really* didn’t want to go back to jail, or this father is just *really* good at getting people to believe that he stabbed himself repeatedly.

    I’m cool with the outcome either way. One less predator in a kid’s bedroom.

    • Hah this is what I was thinking. Mighty fine police work there boys.

      But I guess it is possible the dude was that high/crazy. I’d totally try that defense. “Yes your honor, he just up and stabbed himself!”

  10. I’m going to revise my home defense plans. Just inside the front and back doors to my place I’m going to place tables with lights and a block of kitchen knives. There will be a sign on both tables.

    ‘Warning. You tripped a sensor by entering here. You have about 60 seconds until a fishbelly white, naked fat dude with a strong resemblance to a demonic santa clause shows up with a shotgun and a smile on his face. Your only hope to escape a fate too horrible to contemplate is to quickly take your own life. You’ve been warned.’

    • “You have about 60 seconds until a fishbelly white, naked fat dude with a strong resemblance to a demonic santa clause shows up with a shotgun and a smile on his face.”

      Oh, great. That’s just great.

      That’s a mental image I can’t ever un-see, now…

      *sobbing pitifully*

        • That got a bit of a laugh out of me. Which causes the fish belly white to jiggle in all the wrong places.

  11. Even more mysterious, most of the stab wounds were in the back! Police declared it a suicide without much further investigation.

    • “At first we were like ‘that doesn’t make any sense’ and were gonna ask some questions, but…whatever”

      • Police: “How did he stab himself in the back” Dad: “FM” Police: FM? Dad: Yeah, Fu–ing Magic
        Police: Good enough, Good night sir.

        • “Police: “How did he stab himself in the back” Dad: “FM” Police: FM? Dad: Yeah, Fu–ing Magic
          Police: Good enough, Good night sir.”

          Judge Roy Bean (The Law west of the Pecos) would be proud.

  12. Dad shot perp in genitals. Instant castration. Perp couldn’t take having his manhood removed so killed himself.

  13. To be clear, the wounded home invader went downstairs into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and stabbed himself.

    “You’ll never take me alive!”

    “Um..okay. That works for me.”

  14. Not sure what is more odd: the intruder that was shot and then went and stab himself or that George Washington has went bats$&t crazy on the comment board. I am going to go with the home invader for now…..but if we find out old George is making these comments wearing nothing but a tricorne hat and screaming at a cat named Martha he could still take the lead.

    • Good point Dave.
      I chimed in to hopefully help GW, further up the thread. Will keep my eyes open, thanks.

  15. This was my brother joshua ames. He went to circle k that evening and said I’ll be right back. I’m going to get chewing Tabaco and he had his bible with him.. my brother never owned a gun in his life.. he was invited to this persons home is what I think happened which is next door to the store he went to.. my brother Joshhas 5 beautiful daughters of his own and would never in a million years hurt a child.. he did not break into this persons home.. that is total bs and my brother has never owned a gun.. my brother was really cool this evening and walked to the store.. these people are lying about the gun and the whole damn thing.. my brother jus thy got done driving 3500 miles to see me cause we hadn’t seen each other in 5 years… he didnt drive 3500 miles to go randomly break into someone’s home with a gun hes never owned to be killed by some stranger and than stab himself with a knife????? You people got to be stupid if that’s what you think… these people brought my brother to there place cause I’m pretty sure they met at circle k and he was invited by the man that murdered him cause he is a supposed pastor or something and my brother was carrying his bible… that’s what I think.. and they lied about everything.. that’s why the police are shocked cause this story is bullshit.. I think that my brother was screaming I dont want to die as they murdered him… plus how is it that him being shot numerous times make his way to there kitchen down the stairs knowing where there kn I’llves are grabbing a knife after being shot a bunch of times than stabbing himself to death… you got to be stupid if you believe this shit… these oriental people that killed my brother are full of shit… moreover I went and met the man yesterday that murdered my brother and he lied and said he didnt kill my brother his neighbor did and than I went to talk to the neighbor and he said he didnt kill my brother that his neighbor did.. so they both lied about who killed my brother.. if they had nothing to be ashamed of or were in the rights they should been honest.. neighbors blaming each other is insane … and the lying is proof these people are full of shit and the gun my brother never owned seals the deal.. I want to see this bs evidence.. I want answers.. cause this was murder…

  16. Yes I also know josh.He was a father of 5 from salem oregon..I was very close to him.This is not my friends actions! He was not a drug addict,he was a good man and he was framed..He was God fearing and he loved the Lord ..I had just talked to him and he was in a good state of mind!


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