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The LaPorte Medical School was founded in 1842. The mid-west’s first teaching hospital opened its doors the same year that Dr. Crawford Long invented gas anesthesia—which took years (and another champion) to become accepted medical practice. LaPorte also began instruction a year before America’s bloody Civil War reached its conclusion. So you can bet that LaPorte students heard their fair share of screams, and saw plenty of patients knocking on death’s door. So how is that a town built on courage in the face of death could become so . . . wimpy? “On Dec. 20, La Porte Police twice responded to an apartment on Maple Avenue where Walpole lived with his ex-wife, according to court documents. Initially, Walpole was accused of grabbing the woman’s arm . . . ”

Officers less than an hour later were called back when he allegedly threw shoes and other items at her. According to court documents, Walpole told officers he would resist any attempts to arrest him. He quickly raised his hand and with his index finger pointed at Officer Jason Sponaugle and said, “Bang, bang,” according to police. reports that an unspecified number of police manhandled and Tasered Walpole before they gained control of the Indiana resident. Walpole then made threatening remarks.

While being booked at the La Porte County Jail, he told La Porte Police Officer Robert Greer “You’re on the top of my list,” according to court documents.

Walpole, throughout the proceedings, used a hearing aid to understand Judge Tom Alevizos.

He could have faced an up to three-year sentence.

In exchange for the plea, another count of intimidation was dismissed. La Porte Police Assistant Chief Tom Heath said what Walpole did with his finger is not viewed by law enforcement as a joke given the dangers officers routinely face.

“It’s very inappropriate conduct. I applaud the court for taking the action that it did,” Heath said.

Law enforcement’s response to Walpole’s finger gesture is, however, a joke. If the cops had a hard-on for Walpole, what’s wrong with ye olde resisting arrest? Click here for Indiana statute.

IC 35-45-2-1

Sec. 1. (a) A person who communicates a threat to another person, with the intent:
(1) that the other person engage in conduct against the other person’s will;
(2) that the other person be placed in fear of retaliation for a prior lawful act; or
(3) of causing:
(A) a dwelling, a building, or another structure; or
(B) a vehicle;
to be evacuated;

How vague is that? What is clear: if you say “go fuck yourself” to an Indiana cop, the DA can throw you in jail for a long time. Who’d a thunk that Indiana would help America become a nation of cowards? And bullies.

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  1. These cops are lucky this fool didn’t kill them with invisible bullets from this magic finger. I hope those fools in New York don’t read this story cuz then they will pass a finger ban and we’ll all lose ours fingers.


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