If New York wants to protect New Yorkers, the answer is more guns.
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“If New York City politicians are serious about stopping terrorist attacks, they should take a page from Israel and the vast majority of the U.S. and let citizens defend themselves. Unlike a huge increase in policing, it would come at no expense to taxpayers. And yet, it would likely be more effective. “See something, say something” is useful, but sometimes it simply isn’t fast enough. It’s time that New York politicians actually trust New Yorkers.” – John Lott, Jr. in The best way for New York to enhance public safety? More guns [via thehill.com]


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  1. It’s not that politicians like DeBlasio and Cuomo don’t trust New York City residents, it’s that they view them as subjects instead of citizens and view increasing dependence on government as a good thing. When a person is forced to rely on the government to protect them, it gives that government and it’s politicians complete control.

  2. Actually, Israel is much more restrictive regarding private gun ownership & carrying than many people realize.

    It is much easier for people out of the cities / in settlements to be allowed to carry a gun.

    What people see is active duty military, reserve military, and people just out of their active service period guarding youth trips (a popular summer job, so I’m told). There are security guards for hotels, etc.who carry because of their job.

    On my last trip there (in April) I saw only one person in Jerusalem with a sidearm.

    Make no mistake, I’m still with Dr. Lott on more “good guys” carrying. I just don’t believe Israel is a good example of this.

    • In a city with laws designed by Big Timmy Sullivan to protect his fellow mobsters and the cops they owned by insuring that the mobsters and the mobster-cops would be the only ones allowed to bear arms, LET would be a big step forward.

    • In context, especially since it’s John Lott, I think it’s pretty clear that “let” means “not prevent” instead of “grant permission”.

  3. The problem is twofold: one, by allowing people to carry and defend themselves they become less dependent, and two they like hiring more cops and spending more money because that increases their power. Damn few Democrats are going to support even licensed carry.

  4. Is it too much to ask of the government to keep foreign terrorists out of this country? Of course, the feds have a lot on their plate, telling states how to manage their public restrooms and all, but they ought to be able to make some space for keeping enemies of Americans out.

  5. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/11/03/millennials-think-socialism-would-create-great-safe-space-study-finds.html

    How about we just let NYC, LA, Chiraq, and all the other big socialist cities rot? They’re a lost cause anyway, you can tell the truth to them all you want, you can debate them till you’re blue in the face, and they still will not change their minds. Why? Well because they’ve been taught all their life that they should be ashamed of being American, told over and over that we are not as cultured as say the English or the French. Taught to feel guilty that we are the most prosperous nation in the world and that we should hug everyone and give those less fortunate all our money because they are less fortunate and therefore more deserving of it than ourselves.

    Edit: I typed this like 5 times and it was much MUCH longer but all that extra stuff is cut because it got to be way too long winded and kinda depressing. It basically boils down to please start teaching kids without political bias and try to encourage them to try those skilled trade jobs that we so sorely lack rather than pursuing that degree that will get them that “prestigious” job title like “Administrative Paper Disposal Associate Managing Supervisor Technician: Level 3” It looks great on a resume or on a business card to that hottie across the bar or that idiot Flanders next door but really dude you’re just a paper shredder and nothing you do will change the fact that any trained monkey could do your job.

    • Bull. Start to AGAIN teach them that America is a historically unique and superior experiment and “the light on the hill”

      • I think that will come with the removal of the political bias. Right now they’re taught that they should feel guilty be cause the world says you cannot be that prosperous, you have to provide this and that, and that everyone should have the same results. In reality yes we can, no we don’t, and we have the same opportunity to expect the same results for everyone we have to make everyone lose. There is no feasible way to make everyone winners without moving the goal post for winning to such a low level that it becomes meaningless. For example I could make everyone billionaires but that would mean the money is pretty much worthless, I could make everyone doctors in whatever field they want but then that too would lose it’s prestige (not like it hasn’t already with all these phd holding idiots ramming whatever they’re paid to say down our throats like Harvey Weinstein at a New Year’s Eve party full of roofied young starlets begging for that hot new role.), and I could make everyone a king of their own domain but that would really cut down on the powers that come with that title as I don’t think one king can tell another king to obey them.

        I could be wrong in all this of course and going socialism could just be a new phase for college kids like being bi or goth is for high school girls with daddy issues.

  6. “the answer isn’t LESS guns, no, the answer is MORE guns! get more guns and give em to THE RIGHT FUCKIN PEOPLE!”

    Dennis Leary

  7. When only the State has firearms, the People are completely at the State’s whim and mercy (also that of criminals and terrorists). We have already stupidly allowed the State(s) to infringe our right to keep and bear Arms and rendered ourselves vulnerable to advancing tyranny. The State is not our friend or protector at the local, State or Federal level. We, the People, are our own best first responders and immediate defenders. Anyone who says differently is not our friend, either, but an ally of the tyrants who shackle and deny our Liberty. Until and unless we refuse to tolerate these political tyrants and their sycophants any longer, the American Experiment in human freedom is doomed to ultimate failure.

  8. New York City doesn’t have a police force, it has an army. And it still can’t protect the people.

  9. It seems to me that Bloomie, DeBobo, Proconsul Cuomo-the-Yonger, and their ilk are concerned about guns because they think everybody will bullet-hose at random.

    It isn’t “the people” or “the police” who should or shouldn’t be armed, but the boneheads in uniform or not shouldn’t be armed (or, really, permitted out in polite company), while the rest of us are a net gain to the world, the more capable the better for everyone else.

    I suspect these overlordlings’ odd ideas about other people come from the company they keep. Too bad they weren’t at that Wally-world the other day … like they’d be caught dead (alive, actually) among the proles

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