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MSNBC's Chris Matthews thinks assassinations and mass shootings only happen in America.

“We are a country blanketed by cities, towns and schools best known for killing sprees. Orlando, Fla.; Charleston, S.C.; Virginia Tech; Columbine, Colo. — the list grows, as John Wayne said, ‘as sure as the turning of the earth.’ Is this as good as it gets here? Assassinations by gunfire separate us from the rest of the world — from Lincoln to Garfield to McKinley to attempts on Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt and Truman, the killing of John Kennedy, the near-killing Ronald Reagan, the killing of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy and all these mass shootings. They scream but refuse to be heard: ‘Only in America.’” – Chris Matthews in What Robert Kennedy Knew About Gun Control [via]


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  1. Chris Matthews needs to get his head out of the sand and take a look at world history for the past 100 years and then get back to us.

      • Ralph, again prompting the expulsion of the morning’s coffee via the sinus cavity. Damn you, Ralph 😀

      • I still maintain you’re obviously not too old for the courtroom. Have you considered trying talk radio? The next time RF gets an invite to debate the WaPo it would be sporting if he called in sick and sent you, instead, just for the experience. You might like it? That isn’t a criticism of RF, mind you.

    • The slobbering, spittle-spewing, habitual drunk, Chrissy Tingles, gets a thrill up his leg every time a school/mass shooting occurs. The fact is those rare events (as opposed to random/gang violence prevalent in Democrat controlled areas) give him the perfect opportunity to awkwardly climb atop his cardboard box of beer, teeter about, and pontificate, calling for restricting and/or abolishing the 2nd Amendment and our right to own/use/possess firearms.

      One is left to wonder just when police will find MSNBC’s resident drunkard’s vehicle wrapped around a tree (it’ll probably be tonight now that the NYT & WP admitted Hillary and the DNC paid for the Trump “pee-pee” dossier).

      Flake is out!

      “Gang of Eight” Jeff like Wittle Bob Corker announces he WON’T seek reelection!

      Thank you President Donald J. Trump!

      I’ll NEVER get tired of “Winning”!

    • Go just beyond 100 years and look at a guy named Archduke Ferdinand. That definitely wasnt America.

      Assassination by firearm is nothing new outaide of the United States, and mass kiling by firearm, well, that happens daily outside of the USA’s borders.

  2. “Only in America”? The Final Solution, endless pogroms, the Armenian massacre, the Religious Wars of the 16thcentury, Georgia, Crimea, Kosovo and Chechnya…and those didn’t happen?

    • Not in Matthews mind they didn’t. He lives in a narrow band of ‘reality’, wherein only the things he views on his own echo chamber actually happened. All else is fantasy created by the russians and fox news.
      In short, he is insane.

      • I looked at the details, and 12 of the 22 Indian politicians assassinated since the end of WWII were assassinated using guns…in a country with strict gun control laws. The second largest cause of death seems to be explosives, with “hacked to death” rounding out the top three. In that time, we’ve had two (three if you count MLK Jr.) political assassinations, in a country with half to a quarter of the population. So per capita India has had two to five times the number of assassinations via firearms, and four to ten times the assassinations overall.

        At first I thought Chris Matthews was just one of those people who pretends murders with other weapons don’t count, but I now realize he’s just a lying sack of crap.

  3. Bullshit. Assassinations only happen in America? Only a dumbass prog would say that.

    Mass killings? Balkans. Rwanda. Syria. France. England. The list goes on.

      • And you failed to list Sarajevo, Austria-Hungary where an assassin used a firearm to kill Archduke Ferdinand which started World War I.

        • Gavrillo Princip’s assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand (and his wife, Sophie) had nothing to do with the start of the war other than it’s use as a pretext by the Austro-Hungarian and German empires. Franz was despised by the rest of the royals because he a) married below his station, b) advocated for a greater political role for subjugated peoples and c) just had one of those personalities that rubbed them the wrong way.

          Anyway, I was just adding to the list of countries known for (state sponsored) mass killings.

        • On a broader note of pre-WW1 Serbian assassinations: the Black Hand was assassinating lesser Austrian diplomates, regals, and VIP’s for years leading up to 1914. The Serbians (Black Hand/military intelligence) even killed their own king and queen and any other Serb who wasn’t a hard line nationalist. When normal people read of an other assassination in the Balkans they ignored it because it was so common, which is why the outbreak of WW1 cought everyone off guard.

        • If there was an assassination that was actually ‘responsible’ for WWI it was the assassination of King Alexander I of Serbia and his lovely and talented wife Queen Draga (who was not actually a drag queen). Shot 30 and 18 times respectively, stabbed repeatedly and thrown from out the palace window. King Alexander had friendly relations with the Austo-Hungarian Empire, his replacement Peter I was much more friendly toward the Russian Empire and had empirical ambitions of his own. This was a serious threat to Germany. Germany had been building a world class navy for a couple decades but it was no match for the British navy. Britain could easily blockade Germany in the event of war. So Germany and Austro-Hungary established a close relationship with the Ottoman Empire and built a railroad that could supply Germany via ports in the middle-east. The only problem was the railroad had to run through the Balkans. A Yugoslavia closely tied to Russia constituted and existential threat to the railroad and therefor to German national security.

          This and the expansion of it’s colonial empire was why Germany started the war.

    • Anwar Sadat and the mass killings of Christians that followed the overthrow of Mubarak. The almost daily Taliban bombings in Aghanistan that kill hundreds, and bombings all over Pakistan by a variety of anti-government groups. Somalia and Al Shebab, the most recent attack with twin car bombs killing nearly 400. The Stalin purges and progroms. Breivik. Any day in Rio or any other major city in Brazil. Any day in Argentina. Almost everyday in Mexico. (These places cannot be given a pass because they are “third world nations.”)

    • “Tolstoy and Korolenko ‘shed tears of
      indignation’ that from 1876 to 1904, the tsars executed 486 people and then, from
      1905 to 1908, another 2,200! But from 1917 to 1953, the Soviets on average doubled
      that total every week.”

      And leading up to the October revolution, there was this: note the ratio…

      “Terror reached an amazing scale. Beginning with the manifesto creating the Duma
      in 1905, some ten thousand people were killed, twice as many by the terrorists as by
      the police hunting them.” —quoted from Gary Saul Morson’s “Sozhenityn’s Cathedrals.”

  4. Because we all know that political assassinations and mass murders never happen in other parts of the world. Good lord.

    The biggest difference is that in the rest of the world, mass murders are committed by governments and well-organized terrorist groups, rather than individuals.

    Go ahead and cherry pick anecdotes all day, Chris. Whatever fits your narrative. Ignore history if you want.

    • Precisely – If guns were banned in North Korea, Kim Jong Un wouldn’t be able to throw a tantrum every few weeks and line up half of his remaining pool of advisers in front of an anti-aircraft gun for ballistic removal from office.

    • Chris carries on about the freak (and actually very rare) killings of multiple people in one incident. And yet he fails to highlight, ever, the fact that in the list of the world’s most murder-ravaged cities, the US offers (see TTAG, Jan 30, 2016) St. Louis at #15, Baltimore at #19, Detroit at #28, and New Orleans at #32.

      It is the murder rate per capita in the ghetto cores of those four cities which is the American murder story, with Chicago added for the shear number of murders, and added on a per capita basis if you add in the murders in the counties just to its south and west. The “mass shootings” are but a speck compared to the pool of blood in those five cities, not a drop in the pool being added by white guys with ARs. And he knows it.

      He is, in recent years, just a hypocritical false-narrative bearer for the Progressives.

  5. It’s alarming how a person can put blinders on to what has happened and is happening in the rest of the world. Even more alarming is the audience he reaches; a group of people who have the same blinders on and yearn to be lied to.

  6. “Only in America”

    Have to agree with those above, its amazing how few of these shitbag communists have a fucking clue about history(we’ll make it easy for them and say just in the past 100ish years), let alone the history of the twisted ass ideology they continue to pimp out to the masses. Something about useful idiots I guess haha

    Guess we’re just new school Kulaks,

  7. This dipshit never heard of Archduke Ferdinand? Only the most notable assassination of the 20th century.

  8. What Robert Kennedy Knew About Gun Control [via]

    On June 5, 1968, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was fatally shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles by Sirhan Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian/Jordanian immigrant.

  9. Sir, I say, sir, the Austro-Hungarian Empire would like to talk to you about our “missing” crown prince.

  10. “Only in America”? One would expect a “journalist” to perform basic research on firearms homicides across the world before making such a statement.

    1. Honduras
    2. Venezuela
    3. El Salvador

      • Funny. Never had any problems while I was there. And I wasn’t in “Gringolandia” either.

        Don’t drink the kool-aid. Mexico is a big country. There are parts that are dangerous.

        Solution? Ending the “war on drugs” would be a great start…

        • Most people have no problems here in the USA either…if you stay out of inner cities.
          Homicide rate in Mexico is 3X what it is here in the USA.

    • Well, they are technically in America if we’re referring to the continents of North and South America. 😛

  11. I think the jews, the french, the russians, the iraqis, the kurds, the syrians, the mexicans, the venezuelans, the chinese and most of africa would like to have a word with you chris.
    They would like to let you know how many things are wrong with that statement.
    You push your narrative that this only happens in America. But the history that you and the rest of the progtards are trying to destroy proves otherwise.

  12. 80 people murdered by drug cartels EVERY DAY of the year in Mexico would disagree with this idiot.

    • That’s because to Mathews and the rest of the progressive “elite”, brown people don’t count.

  13. Because a few famous people were killed in the 1960s, we “needed” the Gun Control Act.

    With a relative dearth of political assassinations in the last 50 years, we now “need” more gun control, because Kennedy, Kennedy, King, Oswald, and Mr X were killed before the Gun Control Act passed.

    Not even Chris “tingly legs” Matthews is that stupid. But he thinks his viewers are.

    • Do you honestly believe the Gun Control Act had anything to do with the drop in political assassinations? I think a lot more of it has to do with just how moderate US politics are after the mid 70s compared the then.

      • No, I’m saying that was their excuse for passing the GCA. (that, and the Deacons for Defense and Black Panthers had them scared shitless over the idea of blacks carrying guns)
        They don’t get to come back and use the same crimes as an excuse for more laws 50 years later.

        If the anti-gun racists want to say “I didn’t like the Black Panthers in 1968, and I don’t like the New Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter today, and we need to do something more to disarm the n****rs”, well, then at least they’d be honest and logical for a change.

  14. And you have to add near-killings to double your presidential assassination figures? Man the libs love to rework the numbers.

    Near-drowning = swimming
    Near-miss = not hit
    Near-killing = living
    Near-thinking = Chris Mathews

    PS: I predict more near-killings to appear in the anti’s stats and numbers from now on.

  15. I’ve come to the conclusion that the biggest problem with this country is that we’ve been way too tolerant of imbeciles over the last 4 or 5 decades. We’ve let them run our educational systems, our entertainment industry, our news media, put them in congress, etc. We need the mentally handicapped for wiping the trays at McDonald’s, but listening to their opinions or letting them run things is taking this tolerance thing too far.

    • I disagree with your selection of imbecile to describe those in charge. I don’t believe they are imbeciles, I believe they are well indoctrinated communists.

      I think a more accurate label would be traitor, as in someone who is trying to overthrow the government. Even though the overthrow is occurring by means of subverting the education system the intent is still to destroy America.

  16. Perhaps the views Chris Matthews expresses are the result of pathetic ignorance rather than rank stupidity! The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand led to the deaths of more than ten million people. The Beslin School attack resulted in the deaths of 385 mostly children. I suppose it is just possible Mr. Matthews is so ignorant of geography that he doesn’t understand that Beslan and Sarajevo aren’t somewhere in flyover country.

  17. Chris Matthews can’t talk about that “tingle in his leg” Obama used to give him any longer. Now he has to gin up something to say by raking together a collection of events from old and recent history and spuriously spit-gluing them together to fear monger for the quarter wits who watch his show. God forbid he would ever decry the ordinary people killed by the hundreds each year in Chicago and other Democrat-ruled hellholes because they are not able to acquire and carry firearms to defend themselves and because the Democrat-controlled Governments and Courts use revolving-door Justice systems that do not keep killers incarcerated. God forbid he would decry the tens of thousands of defenseless babies murdered in Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics each year. God forbid he would condemn Big Pharma for addicting and killing hundreds each year with opioids so as to make obscene amounts of money. God forbid he would ever lament the plight of our Veterans coming home wounded, maimed and PTSD-afflicted and not getting the help they need and honorably earned by their Service.

    No, Chris Matthews can only fabricate propaganda because he wouldn’t know a real and important News story if it bit him in his “Obama tingling leg”.

    • “Chris Matthews can’t talk about that “tingle in his leg” Obama used to give him any longer.”

      And he was as giddy as an eight-year-old school girl when he said it :

      • I saw a clip of him talking about it. He was giddy like a schoolgirl as you say. Thought I was going to vomit. I believed the guy was seriously twisted before but once I saw that clip I knew it for certain. I’d bet he does terrible things to small animals and gets “tingles” elsewhere at entirely inappropriate times and places.

  18. Hey Chris Matthews: You are ignorant as shit and need to get off your high-horse before that massive head of yours topples you off it.

  19. Chris Matthews knows he can get away with things like this with his audience.

    The left wing adults know and agree with what he is doing.

    Most all young people were not taught history in school so they don’t know any difference. They will believe his BS and it reaffirms that America is a horrible place.

  20. Not sure what’s more amazing:
    1) That he actually believes this bullshit since it ignores facts of recent world history that anyone with 2 brain cells could find on the internet
    2) He actually thinks people believe him.

    Idiots like this shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. Our gene pool needs more bleach.

  21. It must now be very clear that the tingle Matthews feels running down his leg is actually a leak in his Depends.

  22. I guess when governments are doing all of the killing, it’s okay. Because he forgot to mention Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler, etc., etc. I guess it’s also okay when masses of ordinary citizens are killed, but when a few notable figures are killed, it’s a bigger deal, somehow.

    I think more people have died at the hands of their own government through the course of history than by any other means. Of course, most of them were disarmed first.

  23. Shootings abroad since 1980
    1982 South Korea ( 57 killed / 38 injured )
    1987 Britain ( 16 killed / 11 injured )
    1989 France ( 14 killed )
    1989 Canada ( 14 killed )
    1990 new Zealand ( 11 killed )
    1995 France ( 16 killed )
    1996 Britain ( 16 children killed )
    1996 Australia ( 35 killed )
    2001 Nepal ( 10 killed )
    2002 Germany ( 16 killed )
    2008 Finland ( 10 killed )
    2009 Germany ( 13 killed )
    2010 Britain ( 12 killed / 11 injured )
    2011 Norway ( 77 killed / 319 injured )
    2015 France ( 138 killed / 350 injured )

  24. Chris Matthews? Pffft! That ‘tingle up his leg’ destroyed any credibility he may have ever had.

  25. Chris Matthews: Douche bag or colostomy bag. Which is more appropriate ?

    There is probably more information in the comments from this post than has ever gone through his head regarding shootings world wide.

    He simply chooses not to know what he does not want to believe.

    • “Chris Matthews: Douche bag or colostomy bag. Which is more appropriate?”

      I vote for the very unsanitary colostomy douche.

    • Being a happy , well adjusted , gun owning , gun toting , gun loving , professional ,owner of two productive businesses , loving husband with a beautiful wife , father of no less than five , with five grand children and one great grand child and happy wearer of a Colostomy pouch , since 1989 , which literally means I have a very clean and stinkless ass , I would be inclined to go with Douchebag , but this is actually a devise for cleaning / rinsing / flushing an otherwise contaminated vagina , so neither reference works . A spelling of ‘ Douch bag ‘ without the ‘E’ , I believe is the proper spelling of the urban slang for the Chris Matthews’ of this world but a more proper description of Chris would be a Simpleton Communist sympathizer .

  26. This does not happen in Europe, Canada, Japan or Australia on a daily basis.

    These countries have excellent healthcare, education, social safety nets, low homelessness, excellent food safety, good economies and a population that treats itself as family, superb freedoms.

    Meanwhile this country has High murders, Higher suicide rates, Higher obesity rates, Most Americans suffer from health problems like heart-disease and type-2 diabetes, piss-poor education, High rates of violent crimes. Laws that disenfranchise minority communities (Thanks Gun Reich supporters), Rising incidents of terrorism caused by doomsday prepper nuts and right-wing militia fanatics and the rise of fascism in the country and you people continue to support it.

    Strange that will never happen here since you russian puppets voted for an even bigger russian stooge.

    These places continue to do fine without NRA nuts going postal.

    Please keeping living your delusions that the civilized world is hitler-land 2.0, I’ve been to these countries many times to know you toothless pseudo-intellectual hicks and your fascist Klan-master Robert farrago are full of shit.

    • If you like Europe so much why don’t you haul your sorry libtard ass over there and revoke your US citizenship. I’m sure France would love to have a nice compliant little boot licker like you.

    • There was a recent hubbub in England over a decision to deny surgeries to the obese and smokers until they lost weight, quit smoking, or simply died. Delays and denials of medical treatment due to an overburdened and underfunded system are legion. Germany recently passed a revision to its libel law that allows prosecutions as “hate speech” anything that could be labeled “offensive” (usually to Muslims) even if the material is true. A journalist was sentenced to six months in jail because he posted a picture of an Imam shaking hands with a Third Reich official in the 1940s under this law, as the picture might be deemed offensive to Muslim immigrants. A man was arrested on the steps of the Parliament for “offensive speech”; he was reading a speech by Winston Churchill. Unemployment of immigrants is near fifty percent in Paris, and probably the rest of France. Remember the riots from a couple of years ago? And the beat goes on. Go ahead and live in your fairy tale world, but don’t for a minute think that anyone here thinks that it is true.

      • Fun fact in Canada their Human Rights Commission was empowered to impose lifetime publishing bans on individuals until recently. They still do in Australia I believe.

    • Smaller populations…less descendants of slaves…smaller countries (most)
      As you said…better health and education programs…
      Japan has a higher suicide rate than the USA, BTW…go check.
      We lose way more to abortions each year than to guns…2,000+ per day on average.
      I am pro2A and pro-choice. Not a hypocrite like many.
      Bans like prohibition and the drug war do not work…never get all the guns out there..unless you give up more rights regarding search and seizure….and so easy to sneak them in.
      We can’t stop illegal aliens, forget illegal guns/ammo.
      Wait for widespread 3D printing, too.
      Perhaps Nancy Reagan’s drug/sex message would work:Just Say No…abstinence
      Chance the BoR…but while you are at it get rid of birthright citizenship…and add females to any future military draft

    • Buck up anti-2nd POS it’ll ALL be over soon, real soon. Join your black-clad, hammer swinging, Molotov cocktail throwing AntiFa pals on Nov 4th and participate in their planned nationwide riots and I’m sure you will see the largest “mass shooting” in U.S. history as law-abiding Americans across the country stand beside law enforcement and help them “take out the trash”.

      #MAGA purchase a case of ammo for each firearm and prepare to defend yourself and loved ones from violent Democrats on Nov 4th.



    • “This does not happen in Europe, Canada, Japan or Australia…” “These countries have…”
      Europe is not a country. I guess it’s that “…piss-poor education…” we have in the U.S., or you lack the mental capacity to read a map.

      “Laws that disenfranchise minority communities” You mean like when Bill Clinton told the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development to try and find ways around the Bill of Rights for people living in Federal housing projects?

      “Strange that will never happen here since you russian puppets voted for an even bigger russian stooge.” Yes and who as Secretary of State signed off on a deal to give Russia hundreds of tons of uranium mined in the U.S.?

      Japan has a lower suicide rate? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! I guess the government of Japan and the World Health Organization have been lying about those numbers for decades.

      “Rising incidents of terrorism caused by doomsday prepper nuts and right-wing militia fanatics” Where?

      The 3rd and 4th paragraphs of your rant read like a giant double negative. I can only assume you got them reversed. Hint, proofread your comment before you post it.

    • Right on Queue !
      I’ve been around the block a few times ( RAPAPGAH ) and the one thing Americans hold the Ace of Spades on , no matter where you want to compare us to , is a sense of INDIVUDALISM , that comes with our GOD granted rights being enumerated into our founding charter and penned into the LAW OF THE LAND . This individualism can be a chain for some and a liberator for others , it can bring profound fear , anxiety and sadness for some and absolute happiness to others , no matter what the economics or politics . Individualism was cast upon humanity by Christ and the message of Christ is thus , ‘ You pick up my ( your ) cross and follow me ‘. These freedoms were laid on our shoulders when HE rejected Satan and ‘ The State ‘ at the beginning of his ministry and set the burden of each and every human to carry the message of free will upon our backs . Our choices can not be mixed with those choices of the community or the state , we are not held accountable as a whole , we are not redeemed as a group , we are not Babel . A short read into Dostoyevsky’s ‘ The Grand Inquisitor ‘ may help enlighten your path . The time to beat or swords into plows does not come under the rule of MAN .

  27. When it comes to pimping for the legacy of the Kennedys, Chris Matthews has few equals. Gee, wasn’t one of the other Kennedy saints responsible for a young woman’s death on Martha’s Vineyard way back when? And how about the young Prince Kennedy who killed himself and his wife in a plane he shouldn’t have been flying.? The Kennedys are America’s Car Wreck. Watching Matthews is like being in an Irish neighborhood bar and he’s the know-it-all bartender who’s got an opinion on everything. All this son of a bitch needs is the white apron and rolled up sleeves on his white shirt. Sometimes its fun watching this blowhard and the two 12-year-old boys (Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes) try to Out-Liberal-Democrat each other. And let’s not forget that other Liberal Pimp Machine, The New York Times, which gave Matthews’ forthcoming book free publicity by labeling it an “op-ed”. Matthews likes to reminisce about the 60s, and his service in the Peace Corps whenever Vietnam come up. Fuck you, buddy. Serving in the Peace Corps is no comparison to getting sent to ‘Nam.

    • Tingles is from Beantown, I’ll bet he jacked off to photos of Syphilitic JFK and Rat-Faced Bobby as a teen.

  28. Tons of cities and towns would be known for great stuff if they’d just report it.

    Folks like “tingles” won’t because they can’t stand the idea of competence out in the world. Or success. Others doing well makes them smaller — kinda where’ you’re left when you don’t have much of anything. That and tingles running up your leg about some guy’s pants crease.

  29. “…best known for…”

    That’s what happens when ideologues in the media push a narrative.

  30. Mexico has many great places that are safe. Just as in the US, there are places where old fat white guys do not hang around. As a matter of fact, people of the same race as the people in those places wouldn’t want to be there either.

    A little awareness is needed here. If you are not familiar with an area ask someone about it. You can feel the tension in some of these places. As an acquaintance once told me, riding the bus through L A’s South Central from the airport, he was surprised how nice everything looked – he came from Philadelphia and thought tha homes newer than 200 years were nice areas

  31. My tree hugging. bleeding heart, liberal wife listens to this idiot every night. The horror, the horror.

  32. At the current US annual murder rate, it will take approximately 1,000 years to reach the total murdered by Stalin during his reign.

    I’ll take gun rights over tyranny any day.

    Note also that the US is the second SAFEST country in the western hemisphere and yet has the least gun control (to my knowledge).

    Not only is the US the 2nd safest country in the Western hemisphere, the US is the SAFEST afro-latin country in the entire world. We have more latin residents and citizens than many latin countries, and we have more African-Americans than some African countries have citizens.

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