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“I wouldn’t change the gun laws, it’s as simple as that.” – New Jersey Lt. Governor and  Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kim Guadagno in 2017 N.J. election guide: Where the candidates stand on guns [via]


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  1. I have not won my thousand rounds of IMI 9 mm ammo
    Even though I keep entering over and over and over again!
    Could it be a scam just to give my email address to advertisers?

  2. Well, at least she likely is telling the truth about one thing.
    “Guadagno has stated that she favors allowing residents from other states to carry concealed weapons in New Jersey if they were licensed to do so in their home state.” If you believe this then I have a bridge with scenic view to sell you

    • The only thing a Republican Gov. can do in NJ, is to veto anti-gun bills put forth by the Democrat controlled legislature…just like Christie has been doing for the last eight years.
      The alternative is complete anti-gun, Democrat control.

    • “When the repubs act just like dems everyone loses.”

      In Virgina’s gubernatorial race, Democrat Norton ran a charming little TV ad depicting a Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie supporter in a pickup truck running down 4 ‘people of color’ small children.

      Talk about lousy timing, after 8 were killed yesterday by a Jihadist mowing them down in a truck.

      But, hey, that’s a typical trick of a Leftist POS for you.

      Check it out :

      • Yeah I saw that and it’s sickening even without the bad lib timing. The idea that freedom loving people that want to be left alone are child killers is the ultimate leftist projection.

        • It was reported today that the group running the ad had George Soros as a major fund donor. Why am I not surprised?

    • Nah. The horn is removed during their initiation ceremony. True fact I saw on NatGeo – the rino’s democratic sponsor brings over a poacher from Africa to remove the rino’s horn. The excision doesn’t actually damage the beast, which can go on and have a full life, doing their rino things like spreading rino poop across the landscape and offering condescension to all. Sadly, the horn removal process doesn’t interfere with their ability to reproduce.

    • I get the underlying sentiment, but I wonder whether it might be time to move on from it. We call them RINOs, because we expect them to act differently, to act like conservatives. Except, this is who Republicans are; this is what they believe in.

      We’re the ones to impose this constitutionalist job requirement on them. Well, that and their oath of office. Still, they are going to do what is in their own best professional interest, which is to say political interest.

      • “I get the underlying sentiment” Like her POS (D) clones she obviously hates her constituents and doesn’t trust them.

      • You bring up a point that most people miss:

        We have farmed out every aspect of civic (and I would argue almost all personal) responsibility to other people or groups or agencies to hold people accountable.

        This is akin to having a fox guard the hen house.

        So if the people who we have tasked with holding the politicians accountable are not in fact doing so and the pols are obviously violating their oaths…then what does that say about the American people?

        It seems to me that we have the government we deserve because we simply will not act. And it’s far past the point where voting, or calling your rep or emailing them or doing anything within the “system” could or would do any good.

        It is high time that solutions outside the system be considered.

        • You are 100% correct! We have become a pacifistic group that is sitting on our thumbs while these evil bastards run amuck!
          Our forefathers would have stopped this long ago.

      • You’re absolutely right. We’re just fooling ourselves when we call Republicans RINOs. We’ve allowed Republicans to fool us into thinking they’re our friends, and have kept us voting for them as the lesser of two evils while they continue to whittle away at our freedom.

  3. Regardless of her inclination on gun laws, her opponent Phil Murphy has pledged to sign EVERY piece of anti-gun legislation that Christi vetoed, and EVERY POS anti-gun bill the Democratic legislature comes up with. I’m not big on Guadagno but we all have to vote AGAINST Murphy and make it stick or it’s curtains for gun owners in NJ.

    • I fear the only relief citizens of NJ are going to get will have to come from SCOTUS.

      And that will take precious, irreplaceable *time*…

    • Totally agree Jay. Given the choice, there is no choice. I’m voting for her on the grounds that she won’t make things worse and that’s not just on guns. Murphy wishes to make NJ a “sanctuary state”, raise taxes $1.3 billion and basically give the unions a free hand. No thanks!

  4. Translation: “I won’t stand-up for the people I want to govern and remove the egregious violations of their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected ‘right to keep and bear Arms’ “. Just another Democrat in the Republican Closet. Just another traitor to the American People.

  5. Something everyone seems to miss in these stories. See most of these type stories come from Liberal Utopias. Now in these utopias (see also festering sewage pits) the political spectrum has shifted so that anyone not proposing an immediate turn to total communism is seen as a right wing nut job. No real Republican would stand a chance in these districts as any mention of personal responsibility and freedom from the state’s constant care would be met with considerable opposition and poor polls for the poor fool that would dare run on such a platform in Jersey (or Cali, Maryland, New York, or DC). Knowing this, we really shouldn’t be surprised when candidates from these states turn out to be not so much Republicans and more Democrat Lite ( A lighter tasting option with all that Democrat flavor you’ve come to love but with slightly less socialism.) or Democrat Ultra (all the flavor of liberal democrats but only 95% of the Socialism of Democrat Lite).

  6. “Voting for the lesser of two evils”.
    There is not such thing as a utopia. You vote for the person who will harm you the least.

  7. “I wouldn’t change the gun laws, it’s as simple as that.”

    Decoded to people speak:
    I’ll sign the bills everyone else thinks up….
    I’ll remove all pro-gun laws…
    I’m not saying I will help pro-gun people. Period.
    Look a giraffe!

  8. She either says that or she has no chance of winning in a state like New Jersey. There are simply not enough die-hard 2A supporters in NJ. If there were, they wouldn’t have the laws they have currently. It’s as simple as that.

  9. So, the Republican candidate for next week’s NJ governor’s race is a RINO on guns, wants to keep New Jersey’s 2nd-stupidest gun laws in the nation (after NY state)!
    That settles it, I’ll vote for the Democrat for NJ governor, rather than voting for Chris Christie’s deputy governor, Kim Guadagno. At least the other candidate won’t shut down the busiest bridge in the nation just to spite a mayor who wouldn’t endorse him, like Kim Guadagno and Chris Christie did!

    • Hey Dave, Do us all a favor and stick that derringer in your mouth and pull the trigger before you vote for Murphy….ASSHOLE

      • Usually I only get threats from liberals hiding behind fake identities, like the cowards they are.
        Congratulations for being the first conservative to send me a death threat me while cowardly hiding behind a fake identity.

  10. Derringer Dave, Have you looked into Phil Murphy? He is going to turn us into an unarmed sanctuary state with double or triple tax bills. Guadagno is the only one who stands a chance of beating him IF we all go out and vote against HIM. If you vote for Murphy because of gun issues, you’re a moron.

  11. Since all the proposed changes to NJ’s gun laws are hideous, committing to NOT changing the gun laws is actually a good thing. Especially when we consider that Guadagno is not just a New Jerseyite, but a woman to boot.

  12. Surprised not one GOP politician, trying to appeal to a gun-control crossover audience while still doing right by 2A loving conservatives, hasn’t run on the premise that NJ’s law acts as a de facto *ban* on the sale and thus the development/improvement of “smart gun” technology, nationwide.

  13. Granted that I’m not in New Jersey; but from my West Coast perspective, the GOP candidate seems to be saying that she wouldn’t sign any new gun-control laws — as signing new gun-control laws would constitute “changing” the gun laws.
    Additionally, her statement that she would support allowing out-of-staters who have valid carry permits from other states to carry in New Jersey seems like a great long-term strategy, in this sense: Let the people get used to the idea that out-of-staters are coming into NJ and — BEHOLD! — the streets aren’t running red with blood. Once the voters get used to that idea, they might become more amenable to voting for having the ability to carry for themselves.

    • That’s sounds “logical” and kind of makes sense, but unfortunately, as well all know, logic, common sense, and politics are mutually exclusive.
      I left NJ 12 years ago for NC, and I’m the better for it; you could not pay me enough to move back there.
      In NJ you get taxed to death, everything is more expensive, and you have to live by the draconian laws that these socialist want you to live under. No thank you.
      Nowhere is “perfect” but NC is good enough for me.

  14. Tactically, even if she was a guns right supporter, this would be the smartest position. It’s NJ, folks.

    Latest poll has her down 15%. Too much Trump/Christie headwinds. No one likes either candidate, so the final result will probably be closer, but I dont think she stands a chance this year.

    Guess I’ll be in the market for 10 round mags….

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