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Toronto Sun columnist Lorne Gunter )courtesy

“’Progressives have the subtlety of mind to distinguish between the radical Islamists who fly planes into skyscrapers and the innocent halal butcher from the suburban strip mall who just wants to get on with his life and worship in peace. Yet, they can’t tell the difference between the worst mass murderer in U.S. history and the duck hunter, rancher, gun collector or sport shooter who lives down the block.” – Lorne Gunter in The ‘don’t paint everyone with the same brush’ rule must apply to gun owners too [via]


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  1. Is this… a Canadian? Supporting US gun owners?! But surely such a person can’t exist! Where would all the liberals move after they lose another election?

    • They’ll all come up here anyways. The big secret to Canada is lots of people don’t agree with the party line, and the Party’s response is to ignore us. As bad as the US is for ideological conformity in media, Canada is worse when it comes to shutting down alternative positions.

      • Don’t you know those lifetime publishing bans the human rights commission used to hand out we’re for your own good. /sarc

  2. Nice try, Lorne. B-

    Progressives know that the average duck hunter or sport shooter stands in the way of their political agenda (unlike the halal butcher). They consider those on the right or center right to be domestic enemies. Don’t believe me? Ask Joe Lieberman how it went after he broke from party orthodoxy on one issue. Review what HRC said about the enemies of which she is most proud (note: “enemies”). The problem isn’t subtlety. The problem is an absolutist, authoritarian vision of domestic politics.

  3. But, but, but, we gun owners are _this_ close to a breakdown and acting out, don’t cha know.

    • Well, duh!
      Anyone who owns a gun is a potential mass murder. But most Muslims believe in a religion of peace and could never become terrorists.

      • Anyone who owns a gun is a potential mass murder.

        Unless they work for the government. Because everyone knows that power makes you a better person, and absolute power makes you the best person possible.

        • DaveL,

          “Unless they work for government …”

          Those government employees are incapable of committing mass murder because Progressives regard government as their Almighty God which, by definition, cannot possible do wrong, including mass murder.

          In other words, if the Almighty Government commits mass murder, there must have been a “valid” reason for it as far as Progressives are concerned and such an atrocity is therefore “legal” and “justified”.

        • Yes, when governments decide to commit mass murder we call them “wars” and they are not things that we are to shrink back from in horrid disgust. Instead we celebrate the murderers and thank them for “protecting our freedoms” and doing us all a valuable service.

          And if you don’t worship the state sanctioned violence, well then, you’re a worthless heathen. See also: The NFL, the national anthem and pledge of allegiance.

  4. Actually- Koran control would be way more appropriate than gun control, because Islam literally does pose an existential threat to not only our country, the “West”, but civilization in general.

  5. “If American Gun Owners and NRA Members actually fit the Liberals’ stereotype, the problem with Liberalism would have been solved a long time ago…” ( -some guy in a bar)

  6. They’re setting us up for a mag ban and/or a semiauto ban. The mass shootings will continue whether they are conspiracies for gun control or not. Engage your congressmen.

    • I think they are going for both. Revolvers might escape it. I see them doing a rate of fire law that will ban most firearms. Even the benelli shotguns.

  7. “The ‘don’t paint everyone with the same brush’ rule must apply to gun owners too.”

    Progressives do not apply that rule to gun owners because integrity, honor, and timeless standards of right-and-wrong are not important to Progressives.

    Remember, Progressives operate on altruism, fantasy, and emotion. As a result, they will say whatever they think “resonates” with others, even if that means contradicting themselves, denying facts, ignoring sound reason, and applying double standards. All that matters is getting their way, and everything is permissible for Progressives if it gets them closer to their utopia.

    • “The ‘don’t paint everyone with the same brush’ rule must apply to gun owners too.”

      No, it doesn’t have to apply. They use the same double standard in lots of places. For instance, all penis owners are about to snap and rape 15 college girls. You know, because just like having guns makes you a violent murderer . . . ownership of a penis makes you a sexual predator. It’s just a matter of when.

      • Exactly, uncommon_sense. If you don’t think progressives blame all men for the actions of a few rapists and sexual harassers, then I dare you to try going on Twitter and reply to a discussion on sexual harassment using the hashtag #NotAllMen.
        Use that hashtag even once, and you’ll get harassed and bullied by so many feminists that you’ll want to quit Twitter permanently!
        Or check out the Twitter hashtags #NiceGuys or #NiceGuy and you’ll find that feminists consider “nice guys” a synonym for “rapists and sexual harassers who just haven’t gotten caught yet!”

      • Several years ago, a woman tried to use that line of reasoning on her TV show, that every man is a potential rapist. The man being interviewed listened politely for awhile, then he said, “Then you must be a prostitute.” The woman was shocked by that, and asked him why he would say such a terrible thing. He replied, “Well, you’ve got all the equipment for it.”

        One more liberal got shut down by the application of a little truth.

  8. Hmmmm, Funny…Anyone notice how silent everything is again…I guess, “Events in Las Vegas….Stay Secret in Las Vegas….

  9. If you’re a socialist or, Heaven forbid, a communist then you’re every bit as guilty as every communist dictator that has engaged in democide. To the tune of 162 million people in the 20th century alone.

    And that’s still not counting war deaths, either.

    See how that works?

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