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“While I support the Second Amendment, we clearly have a growing citizenry that is incapable of the responsibility necessary to keep and bear arms.” Carl Nelson, president of Transform Minnesota, quoted in Most US evangelical leaders live in a home with a gun – but they also believe in stricter gun control [via]

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  1. After recently walking around a local college campus all day and observing the current crop of twenty-somethings, he does have a point.

    • The children these days scare the shit out of me (and yes, 20-somethings these days are without question, children).

      There are even memes about “adulting”. Like you deserve a medal for doing your fucking laundry or cooking a meal with a stove.

      • I wonder if this is the real conspiracy here. Ruin parenting across this country and destroy the family unit. Replace parenting and family with government in the form of the nanny state. No need for gehttos, camps, trains, dogs, and showers when the cities themselves are the concentration camps, that you can’t leave because you don’t want to, or just don’t know how.

        • NOT TO WORRY, not to worry. This turd is out of MN a bastion of POS (D) the crowd that’s got a strangubation drath grip on the “We’re F’d up, we need to fix you” bs.
          MN is swifty about to eat it’s own a_ _ with the truly sick amount of Ohole imported obamajihadis they have in MN, and THOSE pos MFs are going to facilitate the restoration of that fake preacher’s faith in an armed citizenry. Further that preacher and Christiantoday, drink from the well of communism, and everyone knows comminism is anti-religion and always seeks to destrow from within, so they can STFU, bc no one of any importance asked.

        • You have most of it, except the most important part. Destroy G-d and his laws, and you destroy the family, the rules of morality, (moral relativism anyone) and personal responsibility; leading to societal chaos, and ultimately government tyranny, as planned.

          This is why the communists/ marxists and their latest iteration, the progressives, hate G-d and his son Jesus Christ. The Christ gives us true guidance and love that empowers us and helps us to be free of the lies and manipulations of power hungry mad men like Stalin, Hitler or Mao. (Helps, but the Christ says many will come in his name, but at the time of judgement, their name will not be in the book of Life).

          This is also why atheists are 3 to 1 socialist and big government worshipers. People need something thing to commit to. If it’s not the Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life; they will commit to the lies, manipulations and madness of ego maniacal blood thirsty tyrants ntent on world domination.

        • After recently walking around a local Trump ralley all day and observing the current crop of twenty-somethings, he does have a point.

        • “Shotgun Sam-
          After recently walking around a local Trump ralley all day and observing the current crop of twenty-somethings, he does have a point.”

          You’re just a tad screwed up. Members of the right / conservative are usually conservative with their morals and finances. Believing that they are responsible for providing for their own life instead of depending on the government.

          Contrast this to the left / socialists who want big government to take care of them. They embrace the fringe goofballs of society some of which don’t know which bathroom to use. Very upstanding members of society in this camp that also includes protesting against police often chanting for for the killing of police. Could go on & on about these dregs.

        • It is : why do you think .22LR ammo was so scarce for so long?
          Alienate parents from the ability to teach children about responsible firearm use.

    • YOUR job (emphasis YOUR) is to teach people the advantages and benefits of being a 2A supporter!
      NOT to excuse their behavior, because of your laziness!

      Is there some idiot in your town screaming about gun control?
      Introduce him to the women who stopped rape with a Concealed Carry Permit!

      Got some veteran who got twisted by liberal bullshit?
      Show him how people became self-determined by force of arms!

      Wanna talk numbers? Children dying at 2X speed from doctors compared to guns!

      Never give up guns for “safety”- because the safety they worry about is their own- that, of a politician.

  2. Having a paternalist / maternalist nanny state that keeps the sharp pointy things away from its own citizens is not, in my opinion, the answer … and that’s where this gentleman’s argument eventually leads.

    I support the second amendment. Period, full stop. Are some people too irresponsible for it? Yes. Same is true for free speech, driving cars and being out in public in the first place. This is part of the price one pays for a free citizenry: equal rights means equal rights; and the promise is equal opportunity, not equal outcome.

  3. “Most US evangelical leaders live in a home with a gun – but they also believe in stricter gun control ”
    believe what that it works? How many democrat run cities have proven that wrong?
    “Most US evangelical leaders live in a home with a gun – but they also believe in stricter gun control ” most of them claim to believe in God and that he talks to them.
    So they believe in being armed themselves, but restricting others. What happened to do unto others?

    • “Most US evangelical leaders live in a home with a gun – but they also believe in stricter gun control ”

      “Most US evangelical leaders live in a home with a gun – and they also ignore coomunist fake news outlets with an obvious subversive agenda like Chistiantoday.”

      There fixed it

    • You atheists* are so cute.

      Except when killing 100 million people in the 20th century. You might not want to get on too much of a high horse with respect to pontificating about responsibility.

      * The condescending ones, that is. Y’all doing the live-and-let-live thing, without feeling the need to belittle others for their beliefs? You rock.

      • It’s always fun to ask those “science based” atheists to explain how….

        A) Something started from nothing…
        B) Something has been here from eternity

        Some of the idiots start talking about their idea that “nothing isn’t REALLY nothing”

        Oh really, that “idea” sounds a whole lot like faith.

        Second good question for an atheist…….”Do you hope you’re right about no God?”

        From Dennis Prager =>

        Small clip….
        I respect atheists who answer that they hope they are wrong. It tells me that they understand the terrible consequences of atheism: that all existence is random; that there is no ultimate meaning to life; that there is no objective morality — right and wrong are subjective personal or societal constructs; that when we die, there is nothing but eternal oblivion, meaning, among other things, that one is never reconnected with any loved ones; and there is no ultimate justice in the universe — murderers, torturers and their victims have identical fates: nothing.

        • Well Horacemen, at least you’re willing to acknowledge that atheists are just as gullible and can be and have been led into being useful idiots for the power mad wanting control. (Stalin, Moa etc) As Christians have been in the past.

          But right now, it is the athiests that have the greatest power, and it the atheist/progressive that are being used as “useful idiots” for the mad dreams of power and control by those in government in this time of history and it the true Christian that is currently one of the greatest forces for freedom and liberty.

        • I agree with you. An atheist that doesn’t question what happened at the big bang is one that is replacing one dogma with another just as bad one. Do I know what happened at that time? No Do I absolutely know there is no “god”? As you can’t prove a negative, no & that’s OK. However, I hate what has been done to the human race in the name of “god”. The question why is the most important any of us can ask. Open your mind & think, people.

        • “It’s always fun to ask those “science based” atheists to explain how….

          A) Something started from nothing…”

          OK, doesky2, here goes –

          First off, I am *not* atheist, but am solidly agnostic. Clear on that? I do *not* claim there is no God.

          Alright then, “Something started from nothing…”

          Years back an experiment was done, attempting to replicate Earth’ early atmosphere.

          In a large, sealed clear glass reactor chamber the raw materials suspected of being Earth’s early atmosphere were placed, along with a “Special ingredient”

          The “Special ingredient” was two metal electrodes, placed closely together at the top and periodically zapped with high voltage to simulate Earth’s lightning. The contraption was left a few hours to ‘cook’.

          The result:

          After about a week, over 20 complex organic molecules were produced, including amino acids.

          The building blocks of life:

        • Geoff, I always like citing that one myself. The experiment is still in the car of one of Miller’s students at Scripps IIRC. They have build on the experiment, and have gotten even better results. I don’t have time to argue with those with “faith”, I just ask them to think about what they really have to believe.

          “If you believe in a god, then you must understand the following. Homo Sapiens has been around for 100,000 to 250,00 years. A hundred thousand years, ladies and gentlemen, of our species born—probably dying a lot, evidently dying a lot in childbirth by killing its mother while doing so, but managing to get born—living, life expectancy for the first 15,000 years probably not more than about 20, 25. Dying of microorganisms we didn’t know were there, dying of our teeth, which were suspiciously too near our brain when they rotted or became infected. Terrified by earthquakes, lightning, floods, famines, inexplicable cataclysmic events. Fighting one another for sex, for food, for shelter, for territory, all of that. Any of you can fill in this bit for yourself as trope. Have a rough picture of what it was like; it’s slow and gradual and much backsliding, but a sort of upward progression to where we are approximately now. Think of the wars now, think of the famines, think of the rapes, think of the gods they had, think of the bears they worshipped and made their skulls into totems. Think of the waterfalls they thought magic. Think of the rocks they thought were special. During all this, they weren’t without god. Believe you me, none of them was. But that didn’t count, didn’t count at all, because heaven watched us like that—all that suffering, death, disease, murder, misery, famine—with folded arms and indifference until 98,000 years had gone by. And so now may be time to intervene. And the best place to do it, the best place to conduct this intervention would not be China, where people can read and make gunpowder, but in Bronze Age Palestine. That would be a good place to implant the idea, by a human sacrifice. Of course. We always do that. And then see if the news can spread in pure form by word of mouth.”

          -Christopher Hitchens

        • Well 16V, the question still comes down to the proof is in the pudding. Has there been the ability of scientists to take those basic building blocks of life and actually create new life in a test tube? Of course not.

          The other proof is when those that deny the existence of the creator, try to create a society that denies the existence of that higher power, and only depends on the mind of man to guide it, they create what we would very rightly say is hell on Earth. These oh so “enlightened” humans that are so sophisticated that they do not believe in a G-d, can no more create a human and sane society, than they can create life in a test tube.

          Where as those G-dly people, guided by the creator of the universe in the inspired how to manual called the Bible, has created the greatest and freest and most prosperous society in all of history.

          Yep, the proof is in the pudding, for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

        • In a large, sealed clear glass reactor chamber the raw materials suspected of being Earth’s early atmosphere were placed, along with a “Special ingredient”

          In other words you made something from something.
          Big whip.
          Where did the something come from?

          You mistake my faith in God with somebody who doesn’t accept scientific fact.
          They are not mutually exclusive
          There are billions of people who believe in science and believe in God including just about every founding father of this country.

          The bible isn’t a science book. It’s a values book.

        • The ability to create SOME of the building blocks for life in a laboratory is a far cry from proof that God does not exist. First, the assumption is that the earth’s atmosphere MUST have been thus because if it wasn’t there wouldn’t be the crude ingredients – i.e., the assumption that God does not exist is cooked right into the recipe. Second, there’s a huge difference between a handful of amino acids and just a single protein. It’s like the difference between a piston ring and a brand new Lamborghini. Third, there’s a much bigger difference between a single protein and a living cell. And third, even if they discovered all of conditions required to create a living organism, it would still not be proof that it happened by accident. There would still be no proof that there wasn’t a creator behind it. If anything, this attempt at disproving God only increases the probability that it couldn’t have happened without an intelligent force behind it.

        • “Second, there’s a huge difference between a handful of amino acids and just a single protein.”

          Yup, 100 percent correct.

          That experiment ‘cooked’ a few days-weeks.

          One million years is a long time. One million years, FOUR THOUSAND TIMES in a row is a mind-boggling stretch of time.

          Earth has been running that experiment for that length of time. Nearly 4 billion years.

          I find it highly plausible it *could* have happened in that length of time…

        • “In other words you made something from something.
          Big whip.”

          doesky2, *YOU* were the one who asked, and I *directly* quote:

          “It’s always fun to ask those “science based” atheists to explain how….

          A) Something started from nothing…”

          You were the one who asked how ” Something started from nothing”, and I showed you how exactly how that can happen.

          And your response is “Big whip.” ?

          Sheesh, conversing with a brick wall would yield better results…

        • Geoff, ThomasR thinks the FFs were “guided” by the bible, not being classically educated thinkers. Sad, pathetic commentary on what passes for education these days.

          You can’t help people who are so weak-willed and gullible, it’s what they are.

        • 16V, I don’t deny anyone’s faith. I don’t deny the possible existence of a higher deity. I’m agnostic, *not* atheist.

          (Side note, I am amused by atheists who flatly reject the existence of a higher deity, while being welded to the religion of man-caused climate change.)

          Getting back to the point, doesky2 asked “how something can be created from nothing”. I make *zero* claim on how matter came into existence in the first place. Way above my pay scale.

          My response was how life *could* have came into being on Earth given the raw materials at hand when our planet formed nearly 4 thousand *million* years ago.

          And *if* can happen here, given the vast scale of the cosmos as we currently understand it to be, we just may one day really regret having discovered electromagnetic communications…

          EDIT – Mark my words, Sept 24, 2017, will be recognized as the day the NFL as a Sunday institution *DIED*…

        • Geoff, I don’t deny anyone their delusions, as long as it doesn’t negatively impact my life.

          It’s entirely possible this is The Sims, created by some higher ascendant beings, who converted their conscious thought to energy long ago – far more likely a scenario than any of the nonsensical creations of man in the last 5000 years anyway.

          I am always bemused when they try to lay claim to morality though. Because before “their” religion and/or deity came along, people didn’t know murder was wrong, they raped and killed at will, stealing was ok and all the rest.

        • Might want to reconsider the Miller-Urey experiments…they didn’t really prove anything.

          Lots of a priori assumptions and a lot of question marks. You can easily google it and get lots of info on the problems with the experiment. But of course the high priests of philosophical naturalism like Carl Sagan announced that it concurred with dogma so it has matriculated as “settled science” and touted around as “proof”.

      • There’s a difference between an atheist and an evangelical atheist. A normal atheist is simply someone who’s doesn’t believe. An evangelical atheist is one who demands you don’t believe, through force. They’re effectively acting in the exact manner of the “oppressive Catholic Church of 900 years ago” they rail against.

        • And, of course, through out history there have been christians who demanded belief and were willing to kill to compell compliance. In certain periods of history the cross always preceded the gun.

        • Sorry Hank, but according to polling, 3 out 4 atheists are socialists and/or vote Democrat. Atheists, as a super majority, are proving themselves as enemies of freedom, gun rights, personal freedom and ultimately leading to blood, mass death and tyranny.

        • Major pProblem facing the civilized Western world today is that the “evangelical atheists” are allied with the”evangelical Mohammadans”

        • neiowa, Don’t know which is funnier, you , or ThomasR. I know hundreds of atheists, they’re all conservative. And I’ve never met an atheist (or even a thinking person) who doesn’t understand the dangers of Islam.

        • Ummm 16V, personal anecdotes do not a proof make. Just because you personally know other athiests that are conservative, does not a trend make. You know this as well as I do. So you are lying by omission and redirection, because you know I am right.

          What you don’t want to acknowledge is what you and I know to be true. Athiests and agnostics are a majority socialist and or vote democrat, and they are the greatest threat to our freedoms, not Christians.

          It’s Ok V16. I understand your fear of accepting that your fellow travelers of G-d deniers are the greatest threat to all of our freedoms. It sucks that once most people reject an allegiance and worship to the unseen creator, they give that same allegiance and worship to man and government. And once man cuts loose of any stabilizing guidance like G-d’s laws, they go completely insane and create hell on Earth with massive blood and death like they did in Russian snd China under Stalin and Mao…

          This is what you will create in the US if you and your fellow G-d deniers succeed in completely replacing G-d’s laws with Man’s laws. It is the nature of the evil beast in man that dominates without the moderating influence of G-d’s unconditional and all knowing love..

        • “What you don’t want to acknowledge is what you and I know to be true. Athiests and agnostics are a majority socialist and or vote democrat, and they are the greatest threat to our freedoms, not Christians.”

          I’m gonna have to agree with 16V’s observation on conservatives and agnostics.

          You’ve been reading my comments here in TTAG for a few years now, ThomasR. Do you have any question on where I stand politically? A good number of my right-leaning friends who show up on Sunday in church do so to keep the peace at home, not because of belief in a higher authority…

        • GeoffPR. Again, personal anecdote does not make for a statistical trend. And of course you will self select as to be with like minded ijdividuals. Google Pew research., It is only one example. There are multiple statistics from multiple sources that show these percentages of athiests and agnostics that are a super majority as being socialist or voting Democrat.

        • GeoffPR. Again, personal anecdote does not make for a statistical trend. And of course you will self select as to be with like minded individuals. Google Pew research., It is only one example. There are multiple statistics from multiple sources that show these percentages of athiests and agnostics that are a super majority as being socialist or voting Democrat.

        • So Geoff PR. Stephan Molyneux, a militant athiest, and Canadian Blogger, acknowledges this fact of how many athiests are left leaning. He has a good post on this subject on his site at Go check it out. His “Truth about” series is also really good.

      • Atheism relies on faith, every bit as much as religion. There is no way to concretely prove or disprove the existence of a higher power. Atheists have utter faith in the lack of a higher power, just as the religious have faith in the existence of one.

    • J, Do you have something better to believe, that than in spite of our depravity God has made a way for us to be saved from our sins, and more than that, actually enjoy eternal life?
      And this grace is free, to all who believe, apart from us having to earn it.
      And that this God, who we were the enemies of, loved us so much to send His son to die for us?

      Have you ever had anyone love you enough to sacrifice his son to save you?

      What if you are wrong in your atheism? What if you die, go to eternity, and then have to answer God as to why you scorned His love and the gift of his son? Is that a conversation you are ready to have?

      • Fuck god, fuck religion & fuck you if you try to ram yours down my throat. I don’t demand others believe what I do. I expect the same in return.

        Your brainwashing through fear is so pathetic.

        Let’s say you are right. Am I ready to look at “god” and be judged. You damn right I am. Whatever I’ve done in my life was done by ME. I’ll own up to it. If I’m wrong, fuck it I’m wrong. I’d rather be wrong in the end than live in fear like you do.

        • Ummm, I think you do protest too much there Racenuts. In the end, G-d is love and what I read coming from you is hate and fear and anger. What are you so scared of?

          I do believe it might be time to reexamine to what you look to for your souls sustenance.

    • You don’t believe in an ‘invisible skydaddy’ but I bet you believe in the invisible sky shield that protects us from the dangerous invisible ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun called the ‘ozone layer’. And you probably believe in the invisible magnetic field that protects the sky shield from the dangerous ‘cosmic rays’. If you’re going to disbelieve in things because they’re invisible perhaps you should try jumping off a tall building since there probably isn’t any such invisible force as ‘gravity’. There’s nothing quite so pathetic as someone so ignorant trying their hand at snark.

        • So nothing exists until we have the scientific capability to measure it? Did gravity not exist until Isaac Newton invented it?

      • Where is the conclusive proof of the existence of your invisible deity? How is he more real than allah, vishnu, tengri, thor, crom, ect……..i find the fact that you equate the existence of something you can quantify (ozone layer) with something you cannot (“god”) amusing…….the butthurt “christians” display when they find out you dont share their delusions is hilarious as well…

        • Where is the conclusive proof of the non existence of a creator? It’s not your failure to ‘accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior’ that rubs me the wrong way, but the incredible amount of ignorance and arrogance you display – assuming that you’re so much smarter than people of faith (any faith), when in the grand scheme of things you’re as ignorant as a field mouse. From a scientific point of view the existence of a creator is at least just as plausible as the possibility of us just being one big happy random accident. We know that we have no idea what 70% of the universe is made up of so we label it ‘dark matter’ and then we have to invent ‘dark energy’ to make it all work out mathematically. How you can dismiss the possibility of a form of life that is not carbon based and not realize how idiotic that position is is beyond me. I bet you came to this opinion without even reading the four gospels to see for yourself what all the hub-bub was about.

          As to the other versions of the Creator and his prophets, the adherence to a different prophet than I do is far less foreign that the denial of the Creator. I have much more in common with a Buddhist monk or an Islamic imam than I do with you.

        • You know what I find interesting about the Jesus guy, is despite the miracles, fighting with temple elders, crowds of thousands (not to mention feeding them!), nobody writes a word about the cat until 70+ years after his death.
          Was it such a common occurrence at that point, that nobody figured to record it, or was it just that Jesus picked the most primitive uneducated people pretty much on earth at the time.

          Romans have no records for this terrorist troublemaker, (other than the Tacticus insertion, which was also about 100 years after his supposed death).

          Of course, the Israeli archaeologists and historians will explain in great detail there is not a shred of evidence the Jews were ever slaves in Egypt, let alone the complete nonsense of Jews building the pyramids.

          But what do they know? They just do science, that requires proof and testing. What’s ‘that’, opposed to faith?

        • Lol. Sorry 16V, are you suggesting that the Christ never existed? That view really is fringe and no serious historian considers that as a valid theory. Even the Jews that deny the Christ is the risen son of G-d don’t deny his existence. Many just deny that he rose from the dead, that instead his body was stolen by his disciples.

        • Once again Gov, all that “excitement” in a dirt poor, barely-literate s-hole-backwards part of the world and nobody of any import scribbles it down? Right. There’s a ton of history for far less “important” figures, but the Jeebus character doesn’t warrant ink until (let’s just take your number as correct, despite the historical evidence) 35 years after the guy has died?

          That’s the majority view, by the way ThomasR. Was when I was in Catholic school back in the 80s – they acknowledged that at best there was some crazy Jew of the day, that later guys decided to build a mythology off of him.

        • 16, like I pointed out to J, I couldn’t care less whether or not you ‘accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior’. Personally I don’t actually believe in a fiery hell, but for all I care you can burn for all eternity, the fate of your soul doesn’t concern me one whit. That probably makes me a bad Christian, but am what I am. Problem is, you’re trying to convince me that Jesus wasn’t real or something, a topic of which you’re woefully ignorant of, and you’re failing miserably. I can understand why some Christians are so concerned with your soul as to try and proselytize your sorry ass, but it’s beyond me why it’s so important to you that I abandon my faith and wallow in your mire with you. I’m OK with your faith, why can’t you be OK with mine? I can only assume that my faith threatens yours, but yours doesn’t threaten mine.

        • ‘…in a dirt poor, barely-literate s-hole-backwards part of the world and nobody of any import scribbles it down?’

          BTW, perhaps the answer lies within the question.

          Alright, if you’re that obtuse, you believe the people were ‘barely literate’ yet you wonder why nobody ‘scribbles it down’. Um…. Duh! – They didn’t scribble it down because they were illiterate!

  4. “Most US evangelical leaders live in a home with a gun – but they also believe in stricter gun control ”

    Sounds about right. People think gun control applies to “them” the bad guys, never “me.” They don’t live in a place like New Jersey or Maryland where gun control applies to everyone, except the criminals. And where the politicians pose for pictures with the criminals. Who is really in charge in Baltimore? And why does the political class push gun control so hard?

    • It’s not safe to single out a small group in MN. They have a burgeoning amount of f’d up there. It’s like a boil we’re trying to reduce with astringent before it’s lanced.

      I know where the “good people” of MN are, and I could evacuate them all with a mini-van.

    • If Carl Nelson is an “evangelical leader”, then I’m the pope. I’ve never heard of this guy, or his organization. But at first glance on his website, it looks like another “Christian” group that’s mixing secular humanism, social justice, and Christianity.

      You either believe that the world’s filled with bad people, and Jesus can save them — or that the world’s filled with good people in bad circumstances, and *you* can save them. These things are mutually exclusive.

      • I stupid in Mn is nothing new dates back at least to the Farm Grange BS of the late 1880s. Actually a outgrowth of the Scanderhovian immigrants bringing their marxism with them when the arrived in the US. See also the Dakotas and Northern Iowa

  5. I don’t get the whole religious anti gun thing. I’ve experienced these people. It’s like they never read the Old Testament. That thing is full of nothing but war.

    • I’m guessing these anti-gun preachers and priests don’t really teach a whole lot from the Old Testament. Rather, they prefer the sunshine and unicorn farts they cherry pick from various areas of the Bible. The whole Jesus loves everyone and hate the sin but not the sinner type stuff.

    • Don’t slide / fall into the fake news trap. Just because it’s been shat iut by fake news media, it don’t make a FV<K.
      We're railing against the preacher WHO MAY HAVE EVEN BEEN PURPOSEFULLY MISQUOTED.

  6. Let us now speak of how responsible organized religion has been through ages. Responsible for a greatest portion of the atrocities committed against humanity. Remember the truth is a sharp weapon.

    • Get out more often Martha Slept thru gov’t history class?. – Mao, Lenin/Stalin, PolPot, Castro, endless list prove you WRONG

  7. “… we clearly have a growing citizenry that is incapable of the responsibility necessary to keep and bear arms.””

    In your opinion maybe.

    I didn’t follow the link to read the rest of his stupidity but I will bet a dollar that he considered himself to be one of the responsible ones AND that he considered himself better enough than everyone else so much so that he should be put on the committee that is in charge of all the other people.

    He is nothing more than a petty little tyrant if you ask me.

  8. Speak for YOURSELF so-called Eva ngelical. 1st BAPTIST,Hammond,IN is easily the most evangelical soul-winning church maybe in America. The pastor talks about guns(not sure he packs) but lots DO. Even openly. Shove your leftwing crap revrunt…no debate with you heathen either. The FOOL has said in his heart “there is no God”…

    • Yep. Calvary Church in Albuquerque completely supports their members in carrying a firearm while in church.
      These “evangelicals” are just another example of how many churches now adays have been infiltrated by communists/marxists/progressives. But the Christ warned many would come in his name, but he would not recognise them.

  9. If this was the year 1776, this guy would be a supporter of the British crown and saying “The colonists aren’t Responsible enough to keep arms in their homes, and how much power do they need to shoot a couple of deer each year?”

  10. Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: Psalm 144:1
    He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” Luke 22:36

    Hmm somebody must not’ve been paying attention that day in class…

  11. Well hell, that statement COULD be true enough. This trash bag didn’t take it far enough. Many “citizens” are not responsible enough to be citizens. Many “parents” are not responsible enough to be parents. Shit, many clergy are not responsible enough to be such. The list is endless. So, who decides? What government hack decides? YOU?

  12. This Hypocrite is a power hungry person that wants to take away a persons right because He says so, He Thinks so, he knows so and hes an asshole then he wonders why infringement of his right too say so is protected speech

  13. I believe religious leaders should put their money where their is, and not have a gun. Period. “God” will protect them, afterall. That goes especially true for Father Gun Control, the subject of this article.

  14. “Random citizen gives opinion as if it really matters.” That’s just it, everyone has an opinion, and no ones opinion is any more valuable than another. Keep your “feelings” to yourself, no one really care what you have to say.

  15. It has always been the case that a large portion of the population are morons. The lease capable also seem to gravitate to reproduction as a pass time and path to fulfillment for females so it may be getting worse. The is the one area where my libertarian-ism falters. I posit that it is not ethical to let this continue. Children of idiots not only become idiots themselves, they suffer and make others suffer. I don’t think it is politically possible to do even the slightest thing about it though. They are in charge and we are screwed.

    • While I agree that ” we clearly have a growing citizenry that is incapable of the responsibility necessary to” reproduce, the last thing I want is the government deciding how to fix that situation.

  16. Funny to see the left embrace a message that is basically “churchy guy says you’re all idiots” if it supports one of their causes.

    If “churchy guy says gays are going hell” was the message oh lordy lord they’d be in a tizzy.

  17. I’d like to look him dead in the eye and say

    “While I fully support the First Amendment, it has become clear to me that there are large sections of our society who are not responsible enough to freely practice their religion. Even worse, some of these people become religious leaders! Since everybody knows that organized religion is one of the most powerful forces in human history, and can easily be used to motivate large groups of people to do terrible things, we must immediately regulate it to ensure our own safety. I propose a mandatory licensing, registration and background check system for any person who wishes to participate in any act of worship.”

    • ^This^

      If Half-Righteous Nelson doesn’t get it at that point, or maybe even if he does, next:

      “The Bill of Rights names things outside the scope of government action. Since you’ve declared the people too defective to bear arms and you support the 2A, you gotta mean we need better humans.

      Cool. Maybe the people chartered to grow better humans — ministers, say, or people looking to “transform Minnesota” — should get on that. What’s your plan?”

    • Oh pincushion, don’t lose sight of the basic truth, any belief system can be used to rally the “useful idiots” to support a tyrant to impose their bloody will upon others. Religion as a belief system in general, has been used for this purpose in the past and currently with Islam.

      But the most bloodiest and with the highest body count in the hundred of millions in the last hundred years is communism with the belief in no god.

      The tools used by the powerful changes, but the useful idiot stays the same.

      • I think the point isn’t that religion is bad, but that this guy doesn’t understand rights and would lose it if you attacked the right he uses most often.

        In other words, this guy is a hypocrite.

  18. Carl Nelson is a typical “but boy” — as in, “I believe in the Second Amendment, but . . . .”

    Only in Carl’s case, I think there’s a second “t” at the end of “but.”

  19. So if I’m too incompetent to handle my temporal salvation, how does he figure I’m competent enough to made good decisions about my eternal salvation ?

  20. Karl Marx said religion is the opium of the masses.
    It’s ironic, then, that the infection of so many religions and their denominations with liberation theology and leftist ideology have given us calls for disarmament from the pulpit….

  21. I can have mine but you can’t have yours.

    Why am I not surprised as this is one of the main corruptions of the christian religion. Leaders live in opulence while the poor send all their money to them so they will have a place in an imaginary afterlife. It’s disgusting.

  22. Whenever I see a story that creates an intersection between religion and guns I think “Jesus Tap Dancing Christ, here we go again”.

    Ironic, eh?


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