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I’m looking forward to this movie. It’s good to know that hunting speaks for itself in matters of conservation . . . ‘Trophy’ Filmmakers Explain How The Film Became More Than an Anti-Trophy-Hunting Exposé

When filmmakers Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau first set out to make their stunning documentary “Trophy,” about the complex industry of big-game hunting and conservation in Africa and the U.S., they thought it would be an exposé.

“We really wanted to shame the industry,” Clusiau said in a Q&A after a screening of the film at the International Documentary Association’s annual documentary screening series. “And then we realized it’s not so black and white.”

When they met South African rhino farmer John Hume, who argues that the legal trade of rhino horn will prevent poaching and keep the species alive, Zimbabwean anti-poaching wildlife officer Chris Moore, who works to keep communities safe from predators in part by working with big game hunters, and many others featured in the film, their opinion changed.

Wow, what a star-studded right-wing event. I wonder if PETA was outside protesting. Biggest surprise of the evening: Mark Wahlberg . . . Bass Pro, Wonders of Wildlife Roll Out Red Carpet

t was a big day for Bass Pro owner Johnny Morris as he welcomed celebrities and conservationists to the new Wonders of Wildlife Museum.

It was an afternoon of surprises at WOW which turned into a star-studded evening.

We saw some celebrities like Mark Wahlberg who said he really appreciates the vision of Johnny Morris. He said it’s a great thing for Missouri as he can’t wait to bring his family back.

Wahlberg even treated everyone to a dive in one of the tanks.

Wednesday night’s event featured a gala with former President Bush, former President Carter, Interior secretary Zinke as well. Missouri Governor Eric Greitens and Congressman Billy Long(R) also made the trip to Springfield.

The Late night featured performances from John Anderson, Luke Bryan, and Dierks Bentley.
Kevin Costner also spoke Wednesday night,”Somehow Johnny has managed to touch us all. Your friendship is legendary. But it’s your attention to detail and love of the land that,” said Costner.

Secretary of the Interior and former Navy seal, Ryan Zinke dove into a tank of sharks.  Later in the evening, Zinke signed a proclamation making October National Hunting and Fishing month.

Ouch, a shotgun blast to the foot will ruin your whole day . . . Liberty teen shot on hunting trip

An early morning duck hunting trip Saturday by four teens ended in the accidental shooting of 17-year-old Zackary Thompson of Liberty.

According to Liberty County Sheriff’s lead Patrol Investigator Deputy Danielle Barry, a 911 call came in to the dispatcher Saturday morning at approximately 6:18 a.m. reporting the shooting. An ambulance was immediately dispatched to the wooded area just off FM 770 north where the teens went to hunt.

 The witnesses, ranging in ages 15 to 18 years of age, said that one of the young men inadvertently sat on a 12-gauge shotgun, which caused the shotgun to discharge, striking Thompson in his right foot. Thompson was transported to Herman Hospital in Houston by ground ambulance with what was considered to be a non-life threatening injury to his foot.

Not the fun kind of hunt . . . Cops search 218 acres of north Ga. hunting land for missing DeKalb mom

Chamblee police won’t divulge why they chose 218 acres of hunting land in north Georgia to search for Cecilia Bustamante — “yet.”

Capt. Ernesto Ford also said there were no updates “yet” in the missing person’s case from October (2016), when she left home mysteriously. The search in Hart County on Monday turned up no evidence, Ford said.

The 42-year-old woman left her credit and debit cards, ID, passport and her 7-year-old son, though police weren’t notified she was gone until Dec. 2. That was after relatives in Maryland grew concerned after she missed Thanksgiving.

The search of the land shows such fears persist.

In the Outlander episode The Gathering, Claire reveals that hunting game helped her to plan her escape; she used bits of her handkerchief and ribbons to mark possible routes. A good plan that would have been made made better by a Beretta . . . The A300 Outlander Synthetic gives shotgun hunters and shooters the possibility to trade up to a Beretta semiauto.

A fantastic value for the money, the A300 offers all the features that have made the Beretta 300 line a favorite of millions of sportsmen around the world–with its legendary pointability, ease of use and maintenance, as well as absolute reliability. A versatile shotgun for upland birds, ducks, turkey (the receiver is grooved to accept optics) and sporting clays, the A300 is designed to outperform semiauto shotguns costing several times as much.

One of the things you’ll appreciate about the A300 Outlander is the fact that you can easily adapt it to your measurements and shooting style. This shotgun gives you the possibility to customize the drop and cast of the stock by means of spacers that you can insert between the action and the pistol-grip. Also, the safety is reversible, making it a snap to adapt the A300 for a left-handed shooter.

NPR’s Scott Simon is not happy that Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke installed a Big Buck Hunter Pro video game in his department’s cafeteria. It’s not realistic enough! . . . Arcade Hunting: No Tribute To The Great Outdoors

Hunters don’t just aim, fire and fell deer like bowling pins.

I’m not as upset to see zombies, space invaders and super villains burst into flame when they’re zapped on screens, and maybe that’s all the animated deer are to anyone who fires away at them on Big Buck Hunter. But it’s Secretary Zinke who suggests this arcade game is some kind of tribute to hunters and conservation. You can also show respect for wildlife and wilderness by going into the woods and walking, looking and listening.

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  1. Seriously? Marky freakin’ Mark?!? The extremely untalented “actor” who wants to ban the AR15? America’s GUN°…do your homework.

    • {Mark Wahlberg}

      “Marky freakin’ Mark?!? The extremely untalented “actor”…”


      Did you see the *very* last scene in that 1997 period piece movie ‘Boogie Nights’?

      (Clue – It’s why TTAG’s Dirk Diggler chose that handle to use here in TTAG… 😉 )

    • Isn’t he also a convicted felon and lost the right to own a gun? Which is ironic being that he’s supposedly a “big” action movie “hero”.

  2. Is Outlander anything like Highlander? Because it would be a super-cool show if it was.

    Highlander is the greatest movie ever made, after all. The series wasn’t too bad, neither.

  3. I think it’s fair to say that Ryan Zinke can be put in Trumps “win” column.
    T hasn’t given the People of the Gun a whole lot to be happy about… yet… but Zinke is a good start.

  4. We all agree that nobody gives a flying F what bs comes out of NPR. It’s your Federal tax dollars hard st work attempting to sell and distribute communism, and it needs and deserves to go away (violently, but we’ll settle for dissolution under bankruptcy if they all promise to go home quietly and forever stfu after that).

    • NPR, exactly what America needs. Subsidized entertainment for rich white liberals. (Cue for people who don’t understand sarcasm)?

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