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Danger! Will Roberts! The fully caffeinated Cirque de Soleil gun slinger forgot to tell aspiring gun spinners to safety check their weapon before launching a revolution. Please do so. And while it took Billy Bob six minutes to get to the point, and we didn’t really learn much of anything even then, I think we can all agree—now—that gun spinning is both more and less than it seems. Still, I’m in.


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  1. At least he mentioned the fact that the guns are single action. That’s not an insignificant detail. Maybe emphasizing that they really should be uncaulked (intentional misspelling to avoid the spam filter) would be great as well.

    On a side note, could this site possibly whitelist the gun term that’s a homophone of caulk (at least it is in West Coast accents). I’ve had comments hung up in the past because of it, but seriously, we’re all adults here and it really is a legitimate term in firearms discussions.

  2. Unless its Robocop or Julie Benz, I dont much care for “spinning.” I grew up with Robo, my all time favorate movie. Boondock Saints II sucked but Julie was smoking hot, especially in that cowboy scene.

  3. Isnt this sort of a bad thing to do? Doesnt it put a lot of stress on the quarter/half kock ledge of a SAA’s hammer?

  4. The only gun flip I ever perfected was the one used by Jose Wales in that remote trading post.
    “Pull them pistols out, butt first, so you kint git ahold o them.” Two dead prairie scum later, “You say those horses belong to them two pilgrims?” Unless you make a living spinning guns, don’t.
    Save the spinning for your bike workout, you’ll live longer.

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