Gun Tweet of the Day: Somebody STOP Him! Edition

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Tomorrow morning, comedian Jim Carrey will release a song called “Cold Dead Hand.” In anticipation of that epic moment in pop music history, Mr. Carrey Tweeted a big FU to said gun owners. Two points. First, the above Tweet is not complete. The entire last sentence says “Sorry if you’re offended by the word safety!” Not “heartless” or “motherf%cker.” Second, Mr. Carrey is Canadian. Make of that what you will.


  1. avatar JKP says:

    Wait…he’s a comedian?

    You mean, all this time, his movies were supposed to be FUNNY?

    1. avatar Taurus609 says:

      Oh JKP, RF said Canadian, not comedian! And other than Ace Ventura Pet Detective and Liar Liar, he’s NOT funny!

    2. avatar 16V says:

      C’mon now. Fire Marshal Bill, Grandpa Jack, Vera deMilo, let alone him dancing around as Vanilla Ice?

  2. avatar LyleJames in ChicCom IL says:

    His Role in Kick Ass 2, only adds to the hypocrisy.

  3. avatar Lance says:

    He is Hollywood’s biggest Horses backside.

  4. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    Wasn’t he the one pushing that vaccinations cause autism meme that turned out to be total bunk. If he cares so much for the children, why does he want them to get measles?

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      If vaccinations DON’T cause autism, you need to talk to TENS OF THOUSANDS of heartbroken parents whose kids had SEIZURES DIRECTLY AFTER being vaccinated, and were autistic thereafter.

      Come to think of it, YOU NEED TO TELL ME. “Governor”.

      1. avatar John says:

        Vaccines don’t cause autism. Why don’t you ask the parents of hundreds of millions of kids that have received them? And YELLING does not make an argument. It means you don’t have one.

        1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

          There’s a statistical likelihood that the vaccinated kids of vaccinated parents are far more likely to be autistic, but noone really knows.

          It’s a damned tough nut to crack, that one.

      2. avatar Bob says:

        There’s this thing called wikipedia. Have you heard of it? Maybe you should use it from time to time.

        1. avatar Buuurr says:

          You do know that Wiki is just a general smattering of loose thoughts created by the same users that read it, right? You do realize that very, very few institutions of education use it because it is so loosely worded and often just straight on wrong, right?

          While it does contain a lot of useful general information it is usually just the ranting and opinions of the ‘page editors’ contributions to the web. Without site sources and indexes on many of its articles it is basically a blog for those that sign up and donate.

        2. avatar Ropingdown says:

          The highly respected British science journal Nature did a study of the accuracy of science articles in Wikipedia verus Encyclopedia Britannica. Wikipedia came out slightly ahead. So where do you suggest we look?

      3. avatar Sasquatch says:

        Yes, ask the victims of polio and small pox how they feel about vaccinations. And yellow fever. Measles. Etc.

        1. avatar 16V says:

          Ever if there were a causal link between vaccination and autism, we’re better off with vaccines.

      4. avatar Joe says:

        Umm.. I talk to roughly 5,000 parents a year, some of who have autistic children, I respect the decision that some make to not vaccinate based on the belief they are doing what they feel is right for their children…. I vaccinate my children, autism runs in my family…. So as a pediatrician, a father, and a member of a family with autism… I still vaccinate my children…. Can you make a similar statement William? There is no causative correlation between vaccines and autism, get over it!

      5. avatar WLCE says:

        where’s the evidence?

        if vaccines cause autism, provide the links.

        in the meantime, i prefer vaccines. we dont need new hepatitis and pertussis outbreaks.

    2. avatar C says:

      There is absolutely no evidence of a link between vaccines and autism. Carrey is wholly immune to logic

    3. avatar DaveL says:

      It’s safe to say that Jim Carrey, by his anti-vaccine advocacy, has had more to do with the deaths of more children than any NRA spokesperson.

  5. Jenny McCarthy was smart in dumping your Arse

  6. avatar Ash says:

    He used to talk out of his ass on Ace Ventura…glad to see he’s still doing it, even if his films are steadily getting worse and worse.

  7. avatar Matt in FL says:

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a Jim Carrey movie. I just looked up his filmography on IMDB to figure out the last thing of his that I saw. Apparently he was on 30 Rock last year, and I watch(ed) that series, but don’t remember seeing him. Prior to that, the last thing I saw that he was in was Bruce Almighty, in 2003.

    Not that his opinion would be any more relevant to me if I’d seen three of his movies in the last week, but yeah, it’s been a long time.

  8. avatar Chuck Pelto says:

    I can ‘kill’ Jim Carrey much easier than he can me.

    All I need to do is destroy the three lousy DVD’s I have of him: Earth Girls are Easy, The Mask and Yes Man.

    He’s ‘history’.

    And never to be heard from again.

  9. avatar Devin says:

    Why are we worried about what people who are not Americans say about our rights. If you don’t like the way we do things go back to your beloved Canada.

    1. avatar Dave says:

      His beloved Canada abolished its long gun registry, and some folks in Quebec, where the government wants to keep the registry, are even swapping their guns to confuse the records. He will have to move to England.

      1. avatar Gabriel Martin says:

        I live in quebec and the gun laws here are retarded, crap all over my rights and need a complete rewrite. Laws made to manufacture criminals out of decent folks are discusting.

        1. avatar Dave says:

          I don’t doubt that, but at least Canada has a gun lobby of some sort. In England gun owners tended to accept whatever came their way and got screwed even more. An interesting history of British gun legislation is here –

        2. I’m reading the document on the progression of English gun laws referenced by Dave. While this is a little bit of a time commitment, it is real eye opener and I suggest folks take the time to read it.

          Thanks for posting that link!

    2. avatar Buuurr says:

      “Devin says:

      March 24, 2013 at 18:06

      Why are we worried about what people who are not Americans say about our rights. If you don’t like the way we do things go back to your beloved Canada”

      Because some of those Canadians have left Canada for the love of America and its free ways that Canada has long lost.

    3. avatar PNG says:

      Because Carrey is still a “celebrity” and has the biggest and loudest platforms to spew his ignorance, case in point the phony vaccine/autism claim.

  10. avatar Patrick says:

    “u” and “2” but not “ur”?

  11. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    Canadians commenting on American values-Do not matter

    Celebrities who speak on issues without knowledge-Matter Less

    Ted Nugent=Gun Guy

    Chuck Norris=Gun Guy

    Jim Carrey=Joke

  12. avatar Jesse Nelson says:

    All I can say is ‘Go back to CANADA. Looser.’

  13. avatar pk in AZ says:



  14. avatar Mediocrates says:

    Mr. Carrey has no idea how far I am willing to go to “protect” the children. Unfortunately, gun grabbers are the same bed wetters protecting the “rights” of murderers and criminals.

  15. avatar In Memphis says:

    I used to like Jim Carrey, then I grew up and became an adult.

    1. avatar C says:

      One day, we all must realize that stupid voices do not humor make.

  16. avatar Dark Alley Dan says:

    As a Canadian who’s been a lifelong shooter, owns a bunch of guns, and plans on buying an AR, I’d appreciate it if folks ’round these parts abstained from painting us all as anti-gun and anti-American. Jim Carey speaks for me in the same way that Joan Baez speaks for you.

    And to be frank, we don’t want the spastic schmuck back. Maybe we can put him and Celine Dion on an island in the St. Lawrence or something.

    1. avatar Larry2 says:


    2. avatar Buuurr says:

      I second that.

    3. avatar Ropingdown says:

      I starting to get it. We’ve become a dumping ground for unwanted Brits and Canadians. What the heck is the State Department doing these days? Nothing.

      1. avatar Buuurr says:

        haha, this country has always been a dumping ground.

        1. avatar Ropingdown says:

          It varied. Many of us, our families, came eagerly with skills, to flee religious tyranny (my family). Is flight dumping? On the other hand those who came here due to an offer they couldn’t refuse may have been dumped. My complaint, though, arises from the transhipment of creatures like Piers Morgan. Dump some labor on us. Dump some good scientists. Just stop dumping hideous socialists who come here for opportunity but never bothered to think about why that opportunity exists here, not where they came from.

      2. avatar C says:

        What ever happened to Britain dumping it’s trash in Australia?

        1. avatar WLCE says:


          LOL 😉

        2. avatar Buuurr says:

          AH… wouldn’t that have been great. They have much better weather down there. If the desert would stop growing it would be awesome.

  17. avatar Larry2 says:

    Yes, another talentless actor who’s movies will never find their way into my home.

  18. avatar Anmut says:

    Who gives a sh*t to what this hype, or any moron from hollywood thinks.

  19. avatar LSUTigersFan says:

    So, he’s trying to be relevant again by falling back on one of his classic quotes…”You wanna hear something really annoying…”

    1. avatar Lucas D. says:

      I thought he was being much more clever when his Most Annoying Sound in the World was just a high-pitched yell. His new one is a lot more sanctimonious and idiotic.

      Hey Carrey, check this out: I’m not watching Kick-Ass 2 now just because you’re in it. I’m not watching anything else you appear in. If you’re offended, then go eat a d!ck.

  20. avatar PNG says:

    I hate it when celebs make political opinions; nearly all of them have neither the education nor the intellectual development to make them, yet have the biggest and loudest platforms to spew them from.

    The pro-gun ones, OTOH, do seem to know what they’re talking about, though, so they (sometimes) get a pass.

  21. avatar DisThunder says:

    So….is THIS what the gun control lobby is down to?
    Well, in case it needs to be reiterated-
    If you happen to be a comedian, washed-up actor, or billionaire mayor whom have taken it upon yourself to make a statement about how you want to “save the kids”, I kindly ass that you please partake in this fresh, piping hot fresh out the oven bowl of dicks.

    I’m getting really sick of this shit. If I wanted to hear Jim Carrey’s opinion on anything, I’d fart.

  22. avatar Ropingdown says:

    I have a clear memory of running into Jim Carey at the top of a lift at Deer Valley, Utah in 2000. He was a fairly novice skier. He was accompanied by four Deer Valley Security and an instructor. Sure, we’re paranoid. He’s fine. A safer place than Deer Valley doesn’t exist.

    1. avatar Buuurr says:

      Well, this offers up a question. Were you carrying that day?

      1. avatar Ropingdown says:

        No. It was a few years before our CCW (LCF) permit rules became law. I may have been loaded though…

      2. avatar Ropingdown says:

        Carrey’ing, did you mean? I haven’t got the rubber face for that. I do remember that even in ordinary speech the whole face, eyes, jaw, did normally what they do in the films. The only other guy I’ve got that impression from was Rowan Atkinson, who got stuck next to me for lunch in a crowded marina restaurant. These guys are f’g born with the faces.

  23. avatar Ken says:

    Nope, NOT Canadian anymore. U.S. citizen now. And you can keep him.
    Er, slight correction, dual citizen, but please keep him down there. Ok?

  24. avatar Chas says:

    Only twits use twitter….

  25. avatar Buuurr says:

    @Ropingdown says:

    March 24, 2013 at 23:14

    “The highly respected British science journal Nature did a study of the accuracy of science articles in Wikipedia verus Encyclopedia Britannica. Wikipedia came out slightly ahead. So where do you suggest we look?”

    Look wherever you please. Fact is that Wiki is publically contributed information that has to be fact checked and is often left unverified in many, many of its sources due to it being a site that has not a lot of funds for payment to those who specialize in each topic. That is why most universities and learning institutes will not allow its use.

    For example: If you have an IP address, in other words, if you are on the Internet with any computer you can edit an article. You can sign up and have your login purged or blocked if you mess with articles, sure. But if you don’t mind having your IP address come up to the general public you can say what you want. Seems like not many people would want to reveal their IP addresses (for archaic reasoning) but then there are many hotspots, libraries, universities, colleges, coffee shops, airports, city-wide hotspots, etc. that you could anonymously post from without fear – if you had any fear for no good reason in the first place. I once posted that the RCMP of Canada used war beavers to break up protestors in Quebec during the 80’s. It stayed that way for about six days. I was in college and we decided to have fun with the newly introduced Wikipedia. Many of my friends changed other information as well. All you need is an imagination and a loosely topic fitting ISBN to cite with. BOOM! You just made a wiki fact!

    I do not argue the value of wiki. I love it and use it everyday. I have even given money to it. BUT it is not a site on which many base much clout. It would be great to have that change but it isn’t right now.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      “It stayed that way for about six days.”

      I think I would reverse your point and say, “It only stayed up for about 6 days.” I don’t know what article you posted your change to, but that means that someone either cared enough about that particular article to check on it, or someone was doing a survey of changes made and thought it didn’t look right. In either case, I think it’s pretty awesome.

      Wikipedia is an amazing single-site resource for getting at least basic comprehension of a subject, and sometimes it’s surprisingly in-depth. As far as the accuracy of its articles, nobody (who isn’t a middle-schooler or an idiot) actually cites Wikipedia as their source when it matters. Most people have learned to check the footnotes, and verify the original sources before putting it in their term paper or whatever.

      1. avatar Buuurr says:

        “Wikipedia is an amazing single-site resource for getting at least basic comprehension of a subject, and sometimes it’s surprisingly in-depth. As far as the accuracy of its articles, nobody (who isn’t a middle-schooler or an idiot) actually cites Wikipedia as their source when it matters. Most people have learned to check the footnotes, and verify the original sources before putting it in their term paper or whatever.”

        I agree. Though I whole heartily disagree with the “nobody (who isn’t a middle-schooler or an idiot) actually cites Wikipedia” part. I think you would be surprised to see the amount of kids that do so.

        1. avatar Matt in FL says:

          Well, I don’t mean they never do it, but they generally only do it once or twice before they learn better.

  26. avatar Elroboto says:

    Autism was the ‘affliction of the day’ as promoted by tort lawyers and the Dem politicians that they contribute millions to. Before that it was asthma. Before that it was vaccines. Before that it was second hand smoke. And now it’s gunning down kids. The sham starts out with expanding the definition and symptoms of the affliction, so that it appears like there’s a growing epidemic. And every time Libs run around screaming with their arms waving that we HAVE to do SOMETHING, so they can feel good about themselves. After the companies involved have been tapped out or put out of business by phony lawsuits and gullible juries, amazingly the bad ‘research’ is exposed and the problem goes away. To be replaced by the next panic. We cannot make everything in society 100% safe. Considering that vaccines save hundreds of thousands and the only thing that will protect children is having an armed guard at every school, Carrie is doing more to harm children than the Second Amendment ever did. What matters to Dems and their useful Hollywood idiots is never about debating the facts or doing something effective. It’s about victim lawsuits, ‘caring’, and demonizing opponents. Carrey hasn’t been funny since about 2006. He’s another Hollywood idiot I’ll be happy to ignore. Though, DUMB AND DUMBERER TO is coming out soon. Guess, I’ll just have to make the sacrifice.

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