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Ted Cruz, R-Texas (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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Blue Dog Democrats — if that’s still a thing — often say they are strong supporters of the Second Amendment. They always say the same thing: they aren’t looking to ban or confiscate our firearms. They simply want “common sense” restrictions (which are nothing more than infringements on our God-given right to keep and bear arms).

It’s why these allegedly moderate Democrats generally favor legislation that would create registries that would ultimately lead to confiscation. Just look at their latest fixation on “ghost guns.”

Before the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on David Chipman’s nomination to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives this morning, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) challenged his Democrat colleagues to put their money where their mouths are.

I think Mr. Chipman is a nominee who is far out of the mainstream. If his position is what he told this committee, that he thinks we should go much further than Sen. Feinstein’s legislation, which commanded only 40 votes in a Democratic majority Senate, that does not reflect where the American people are.

This nomination is a chance for Senate Democrats to decide. I assume, the membership of this committee, that every Democrat in this committee is going to vote for Mr. Chipman. This tends to be a committee on both sides of the aisle that attracts some of the members who are more comfortable with taking more clear positions. But there are at least some Democrats in the conference who, when they go home to their home states, they tell their constituents they support the Second Amendment.

In some ways, I’m grateful to President Biden for making this nomination because it’s a clarifying moment. Every one of those Democrats who goes home and tells their constituents, ‘No, no, I believe in the Second Amendment. No, no, I don’t believe in confiscation. No, no, I won’t ban guns. No, no, we shouldn’t do that,’ well, we got a nominee who supports confiscation, who wants to ban guns, who wants a registry, and who was appointed to carry out Joe Biden’s promise – ‘Bingo! We’re coming after your guns.’ So now it’s a change for each of the 50 Democrats to decide: where do you stand?

Cruz’s comments were clearly directed to Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who has repeatedly said he supports the right to keep and bear arms and represents a solidly red state (Trump +40). In October, Manchin said, “Second Amendment rights are not in jeopardy whatsoever.” Earlier this year he indicated he’s not a fan of the House’s attempt to create universal background checks despite authoring his own failed background check bill in 2013.

Chipman’s confirmation vote is precisely as Sen. Cruz described it. Americans will have the opportunity to see just how pro-gun these moderate Democrats really are. Or aren’t. This vote is one that could deliver a major blow to someone like Manchin should he vote to confirm Chipman.

The Judiciary Committee vote ended up being an 11-11 party line tie. This is microcosm of what’s likely to take place when the full Senate votes where there’s a 50-50 split along party lines. If a tie were to take place, with no Democrats defecting, Vice President Kamala Harris will break the tie and make Chipman the new ATF director.

The only way Chipman’s confirmation will not go through is if Republicans hold the line and at least one Democrat votes no. All eyes are on Manchin and Sen. Krysten Sinema (D-AZ). Both represent states that are heavily pro-gun. Both will face a backlash regardless of how they vote. If they vote in favor of Chipman, their constituents will be angry. If they vote against Chipman, their party and the media will move to punish them.

Chipman’s confirmation vote is about more than just the Second Amendment at this point. It’s about whether or not senators have their own constituents’ best interest at heart.

Will any of them put the Constitution above party politics? Stay tuned.

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  1. That’s my Senator hitting them with the TRUTH. It’s time to put up or shut up for these double speaking Demonrats.

    • Hitting is one thing. Ground and Pound is Another…

      If Senator Cruz and any of the Republicans really wanted to clear the air they would give those who are quick to hang the race card around the neck of The Party if Lincoln a Gun Control history lesson. A history lesson that confirms there is no difference between Gun Control, a noose and a slave shack. And not only in America but in Nazi Germany, etc.

      In other words by the blood of the innocent history confirms anyone who supports Gun Control in any shape or form is a GD pos.

      • You are correct. The problem in the “gun community” is that they live in a fantasy world. They believe that racist gun control does not exist in the 21st century. And they are uncomfortable with using every tool available to them, to defeat the enemies of Liberty.

        They would prefer to lose using the “Marquess of Queensberry Rules”. Instead of fighting as dirty as necessary, to keep from losing even more freedoms, than the ones we have already lost.

        Most in the gun community think it’s unfair to use the race card against a really democrat racist. For example they will support a gay but racist democrat. Or a black democrat who supports attacking Trump supporters. Both of these anti-civil right democrats should have ads running in their districts supporting the Black Panthers use of the 2A to fight tyranny.

        These folks are the libertarian liberal and leftist freedom of speech freaks. They were against the open carry of Guns by the Panthers or anyone else. But they openly supported the Klu Klux Klan marching in black neighborhoods. While the klan carried guns. And they call that their First Amendment right.

        There should be at least ten different ads, showcasing the use of guns by disabled law abiding citizens.


    • I don’t think Cruz would have made an effective President, but he sure is doing a bang-up job as a Senator!

      Everyone has their part to play in the cogworks. Find your place and be the best you can be at it.

      • The “gun community” has a serious problem with only wanting “acceptable” 2A representatives. Marjorie Taylor Green is a fighter. And it seems there are many in “the community” who don’t like her or Dana Loesch. Women gun fighters can be VERY effective. The Libertarian, Liberal, and left wing parts of the gun community are uncomfortable with a female gun fighter.

        • Really? Libertarians are uncomfortable with female gun fighters? Can you show evidence of this?

        • to Sho Rembo
          Do you gladly support Marjorie Taylor Green and Dana Loesch? Since you’re not using your real name. I will assume you do not support them. You would be disinvited from your next sexually liberated orgy, if it was known you supported Taylor or Loesch.

        • fyi to anyone
          You just might have to find new friends if you come out of the closet and support Marjorie Taylor Green, a real supporter of the 2A.

      • He would have been one helluva President. I am thankful that Trump won. I am thankful Cruz is one of the good guys, and a damn effective one.

  2. I was watching that live this AM (thanks Jared for live-streaming it on YouTube) basically this is the end of Chipman’s nomination. Uncle Sniffy will tell Homer Simpson Kelly sorry and Susan Rice or Jill Biden will have to dig up someone else almost as bad and we will go through this all over again. Sniffy himself won’t because he can’t, hell he gets lost on the way to the bathroom late at night.

    • At least it is only awaiting moderation and not auto deleted this time….this does need fixing!

  3. Dan, you really need to fix this moderated and deleted posts thing…I am done commenting for a while and am not sure I will be back at all
    And now it all shows up when I post from a different browser….

    • ? I am not popular here but I’ve had no posts deleted or moderated. sure it’s moderation/deletion?

      • It’s happened numerous times to many of us. Spend enough time here and the gremlins will come for you, too.

        • It’s happened to me a few times and if you look at my posts I have only used the word F***k ONCE. It happens and usually a comment that gets held for “moderation” will eventually appear.

          That being said I think Ted Cruz is a hoot. Call these people out Ted. They made HUGE deal when you were on your way to Cancun and Texas was hit by a freak ice storm. Now it’s your turn, this isn’t put some wood in the fireplace and boil your water thing.

          Call Manchin and Sinema out and see if they do the right thing. If not hopefully they get voted out of office. OTOH everyone is counting on Mitt “mittens” Romney to vote along party lines and that’s not a given.

          Chipman is a disaster waiting happen.
          This is what happens when you fix an election in Georgia.

      • Of course you don’t get moderated, ant – you’re a reliable Leftist. Dan & Co only moderate people who say “icky” things – like Dianne Feinstein is an authoritarian fascist, and Joe Biden is a drooling moron, who was a drooling moron BEFORE he became senile.

        Heaven forbid that they “trigger” a snowflake like you by saying something like that, or that Trump, for ALL his faults, was actually a pretty effective POTUS.

        For a “pro-2A” site, the writers/editors/moderators around here display a distinct deficiency of testosterone. Just sayin’, is all.

        • BlasPHEMER!
          Trump had no faults. He will win a third term, unless the boogaloo starts (fingers crossed).

        • Since your comment is here for all to see, it seems your tinfoil must be a little tight today.

  4. “Chipman’s confirmation vote is about more than just the Second Amendment at this point.”

    It sure is. It’s also about whether American Patriots state they’ve had enough anti constitution legislation and may stand up and start the much needed 2nd American Revolution. Which can come from one or more of The Four Boxes of Liberty.

    The Four Boxes of Liberty
    There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap box, the ballot box,the jury box, and the ammo box.
    Please use in that order.

  5. “Second Amendment rights are not in jeopardy whatsoever”

    and he’s absolutely correct. second amendment rights are absolutely sancrosanct.

    of course what he doesn’t make clear is that by “rights” he means his and his owners’ rights – in their eyes the rest of us don’t have rights and need to be dehorned and declawed so they’ll be safe from us.

    • From the same guy who wants permits to carry. Exactly how will this keep criminals from carrying a gun?

      GTF out of here, you are worse than a Fudd and take Haz with you.

      • “GTF out of here”

        if the blog owner asks, I’ll stop posting here. but some readers will miss my valuable input (grin).

        • ant, we would be heartbroken to lose one of our favorite three brainless pinatas – you, MinorIQ and enuf. What would we do for entertainment, if we couldn’t b****-slap you three around???

        • ANDDDD,

          My point is proven. Comment posted above showed up with the ever-present “Your comment is awaiting moderation” message. Thanks, Dan & co, for proving my point.

  6. The atf isnt pro gun and what difference does it make if he heads it up or not? Government is gonna do what Government is gonna do.

    • It could make all the difference in the world. I don’t think you’ll enjoy finding out how much worse things could get with an ATF director that hates gun owners and has a bee in his bonnet AND has political support.

    • ATF goes whichever way the political winds blow…it’s an agency in a perpetual need for funding….

  7. Thanks Ted! Chit or get off the pot. Oh Rusty I’ve been “moderated” for the most inane guano. While vile trolls remain…

  8. “…If they vote in favor of Chipman, their constituents will be angry. If they vote against Chipman, their party and the media will move to punish them…”

    This says it all right here. The only thing these two are doing is calculating their chances of reelection. The vote that is their own self interest is the one they make. The 2A doesn’t mean squat to either of them.

  9. “The only thing these two are doing is calculating their chances of reelection”

    should an elected official calculate anything else but how many of his constituents will vote for and against him?

    • Should they? Absolutely yes. Can they be expected to? Of course not. They’re only human after all…and not the best either.

  10. If they piss off the people at home, they certainly won’t be re elected, the party might like them, but they will be done in their home state. They can piss off the party, it might make it hard for them to go any higher in the party, but what does that matter, when they are replaced by a republican(or better yet, a 3rd party) That helps break up the stranglehold on any single party.
    It is called bi-partisanship, that is how politics used to work before politicians were bought out to do NWO’s bidding.

  11. I’m betting there is already a known and done-deal 50-50 tie, with Manchin voting NAY and Romney YAY, just to get even with us. Sinema might also vote to deny Chipman and Burr will vote with the bedwetters, again, revenge going out the door. Still 50-50. Biden and Schumer need at least one R to be able to claim “Bi-Partisan Support” and would allow a defector or 2 for this claim if the vote can still come out as a tie..

    The desired photo op is Kommie Harris breaking the tie. She needs something “big” to toss to the anarchists who love her and will try to put her into the 24 POTUS nomination, an “accomplishment” to show “courage” and strong will in the face of all those mean republicrats.

  12. I wouldn’t call Arizona a pro-gun state. Sinema’s re-election doesn’t hinge on this vote. Arizona just elected as a Senator the guy who runs the gun control group that employs Chipman. This leads me to believe that they don’t care much about guns, or they’re incredibly uninformed/stupid. In either case, it seems a pretty clear signal that she won’t get much blowback for voting to confirm him.

    • And no one’s bringing up how unethical it is for Sen. Kelly to be voting on the nomination of his employee. That’s a very egregious Ethics Violation. It needs to be shouted from the Rooftops.

  13. Chipman is an extremist jerk…putting him in charge of the ATF may actually do more harm to the agency in the long run…

    • It may finally force ” We the People” to stop pissing and moaning on the interweb and actually Take Back Their Constitutional Rights from Overreaching Governments at both the State and Federal Level. By whatever means necessary. ” It is not because things are difficult, that We do not Dare…It is because We do not Dare, That they are difficult”. Seneca

  14. Democrats do what Democrats do. To ask or expect anything else is akin to asking or expecting a lion to go vegan. Ain’t gonna happen.

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