Illinois Governor JB Pritzker
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Last week, the Supreme Court declined to step in and block enforcement of Illinois’ “assault weapons” ban and magazine capacity limits while the full case works its way through the courts. This isn’t the bad news that many gun rights supporters think it is. More likely, a temporary delay of the inevitable. The high court is likely waiting until the case is fully heard on the merits before it weighs in on the subject of gun bans and ammunition restrictions.

Still, anti-gun governor J.B. Pritzker couldn’t help himself, taking a premature victory lap at the news. He issuing the following statement . . .

I hope he enjoys it…for now.

As for Illinois being a “lone island in a sea of states with weak gun laws,” when it comes to firearm-related homicide rates, Missouri is the only bordering state with worse numbers than Illinois. And Missouri is that way due to the crime in two blue cities located nowhere near Chicago.

The focus on Chicago is because of the 1,091 firearm-related homicides in Illinois in 2022, 809 of them happened in Cook County. In other words, the greater Chicago area had 79% of the Land of Lincoln’s homicides even though Cook County makes up only 41% of the state’s population.

If Chicago became its own state, the rest of Illinois would see the homicide rate fall from 8.6 per 100,000 to 3.8 per 100,000.

The Illinois assault weapons law basically punishes the rest of Illinois for the long-running failure of Pritzker’s party to do anything about Chicago’s persistent violent crime problems. And no amount of gun control is going to change that any time soon.


Konstadinos Moros is an Associate Attorney with Michel & Associates, a law firm in Long Beach that regularly represents the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) in its litigation efforts to restore the Second Amendment in California. You can find him on his Twitter handle @MorosKostas. To donate to CRPA or become a member, visit

This post was adapted by TTAG from tweets posted by Konstadinos Moros.


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  1. Just curious……..have the gang bangers started turning theirs in yet?? What’s that Prickser, I can’t hear you!!

      • Truth be told…On the behalf of Gun Control prikzker purposly does not Control Criminals. Clearly by his own rhetoric he used the acts of criminals to go after The Rights of Law Abiding Citizens. If you want your rights IL do not surrender to Gun Control. And thus far non compliance is the message from the citizenry prikzker is not addressing…What you going to do about that you fat bullying self serving Gun Control ratbassturd?

      • What! So the pistols that have the switch in the back to make them go full auto and the thirty round mag isn’t an “assault pistol”?

        • Technically. no. That would be a machine pistol.

          The type of gun has nothing to do with it. We either have a right or not. How you use that gun is the crime. Or not. If you never use your machine pistol in criminal activity.

        • cc…In the hands of a violent criminal a pencil is a weapon used to commit an assault as are fists, feet, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. In the hands of a victim of an assault any functioning firearm is a life saving tool. Therefore it takes one lowlife self serving pos in an ivory tower to dictate in any way what lowly citizens can have to defend themselves, etc.
          BTW…Assault Weapon is a label concocted by a Gun Control zealot for reasons that should be obvious.

  2. Yeah run for presidon’t lardlad. That’d be a hoot. Funnier than Chris Christie cream railing (& failing) against Trump🙄

    • He’s not running. That will be Gaven Newsome. Biden will be out by April/May and Newsome will ride in at the 11th hour to save the party/nation from Dictator in Chief…Trump. On a side note. Trump needs to come out and say that he will pardon Hunter Biden, if elected. Then sit back and watch the liberal/progressive democrats and their media sycophants lose their minds.

      • “Trump needs to come out and say that he will pardon Hunter Biden, if elected. Then sit back and watch the liberal/progressive democrats and their media sycophants lose their minds.”

        Would that he would.

      • Not so sure it’ll be Gavin. Perhaps, but he carries the weight of his complete failure at governing our once-Golden State. Under his “leadership”, public drug use is at an all-time high, public solicitation for prostitution is protected, homeless camps are protected, sexual deviancy is promoted, and the most innocent of human life is extinguished with his full advocacy.

        Oh…and he’s running our budget into the ground.

        • Hairgel Newsom doesn’t see those issues as problems. He sees them as the successes of his Pr0gressive agenda.

          And he will lead the push to reunite with the motherland on the other side of the Pacific.

        • For someone (assumedly) located on the opposite side of the globe, you seem to have a remarkably astute grasp of life here CA. You must be tied in to quality news feeds…

        • I met some Cali transplants today (from San Bernardino County). They seem like great people.

          My former neighbor told me about growing up in a homeless shack in Mexico. I imagine it looked something like the way the streets of Oakland, etc. look now.

        • Orange and San Bernardino Counties lean conservative, even though they’re juxtaposed to Los Angeles. Orange is actually sandwiched between L.A. and San Diego Counties, and is famous here for being much cleaner.

        • It was fun watching the pro-diversity, accepting, and inclusive left wing news media pretend that Tulsi didn’t exist during the last primary season. They don’t believe a word of what they say. They only send out signals to control the sheep.

      • It’s already almost too late, Iowa Caucuses kick off in Jan and Super Tuesday is in March, this is something that will need to be settled at the DNC Convention…

        • The Iowa democrat leadership isn’t having a Caucus. It will be vote by mail in January and the results won’t be released until March. Which leaves plenty of time to manipulate the results, to fit the democrat leaderships narrative.

    • By the looks of him, Pritzker could use a few more victory laps. Around the track at the field.

      • Since Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe said he would not pardon his son hunter Trump should promise he would of course Trump should not state When.

      • I’m pretty sure his initials stand for JumBo Prickster. Just another in the Illy tradition of slimy sleezballs in guvmnt.

  3. The district court refused en banc review so this exhausts the stalling tactics.
    This may work in our favor, instead of delaying this case from SCOTUS review it may accelerate it. The court that gave us the Bruen decision might get it before the Democrats pack it with liberal judges.

  4. The idiot media was taking the same victory lap, failing to report that the denial of review was from a refusal to enter a preliminary injunction pending trial, not a denial resulting in a final ruling upholding the law. It has done the same on several other cases in the same legal posture.

  5. If governor J.B. Pritzker did take a “victory lap” around the running track, he would have a fatal coronary. He might make it if he was enticed with a doughnut.

  6. Well here we go again, depending on SCOTUS.
    If your governor is banning something and the majority do not like it vote them out.
    Hah hah hah, I just said vote them out.
    Vote LOUDER

  7. Make no mistake – the question isn’t whether or not semi-automatic weapons are protected by the second amendment – we know they are.

    The question is how do the courts define a constitutional difference between semi-automatic weapons and automatic weapons.

  8. It is interesting that so many people think they have to live in fear. The fact that there are guns isn’t something that should ever create fear. The thing to be afraid of is the lunatic that has no sense of right and wrong that wouldn’t think twice at taking someones life. Guns have nothing to do with it. But politicians have far too many within the general population convinced that it’s ALL about guns when in reality it isn’t. The only part that firearms play in this is in getting rid of any opposition.

  9. Keep your eye on Pritzker, if not in ’24, then maybe in ’28 he’ll try to buy the Presidency. He’s a lot richer than he is fat.

    Yes, he and his minions are going easy on criminals, and trying to go hard on the law-abiding citizens. It’s the Cloward-Piven strategy leading to anarcho-tyranny: create disorder so citizens will give up their rights to the government in exchange for safety.

  10. So ther wrs approximately TWICW asmany deaths by gun crime in CJIGAGO than the totalnumber of homicides in the UK in 2022 ] The Uk had 602 Homicides from all causes in 2022 which id NINETY SEVEN down on 2021 in a population of around 70 milliion The article speqaks as if ONLY 3.6 homiceds by firearms is something to be proud of.
    I cannot for mthe life of me see the reasoning beind the opposition to the general possession of SEMI=Auto Riflers which have but one logical purp[oise and that’s tp KILL PEOPLE – that;s why they are used by the Armed and Security Services

    • semiautomatic weapons exist because of progress. Seems like progressives are not really progressive after all.

    • Albert “Incomprehensible” Hall, thank you for explaining to us why Chicago is worse than the U.K. Not that you should be bragging about that. As for not seeing the “reasoning” for semi-auto rifles (or anything else), well, that is perfectly understandable when you are subject to one or all of the following: drugs/mental illness/propaganda/senility…

    • Prine Albert, the fake RAF wannabe, So frickin’ what? You are trying to equate a lawless city with all of the UK?

      I also see your spelling has gone to hell again.

  11. A new study published in Journal of the American Medical Association’s Surgery found that firearm deaths are more likely in small rural towns than in major urban cities, adding to research that contradicts common belief that Democratic blue areas have higher incidences of gun-related deaths than do Republican red districts. ff

      • Deaths includes suicides, which are more than half. Most people who use a gun to commit suicide are legal gun owners, thus it’s much more common in red, rural areas.

        • “Most people who use a gun to commit suicide are legal gun owners”

          Somehow, I would expect the majority of gun related suicides to be illegal gun owners, or anti-gunners.

        • Suicide is a non issue. Ask the Japanese. If a person has decided to kill themselves they will do it. Period.

          Podunk, Arkansas has a population of 100. One person kills himself and another is murdered. 2 people out of a hundred skews the stats.

          Chicago has millions. A thousand murders and suicides there hardly moves the needle. These studies are bogus and skewed to make it look like the folks that paid for the study want it to look.

        • Funny you mention vets, yes we skew the stats heavily and often serve as there are few meaningful jobs otherwise in our regions. Again fuckall to do with firearm ownership as there are a lot of methods that are just as easy if not easier.

    • per capita gets wonky where a 1/1000 event in a small town counts the same as 1000 times in a year for a population of 1 million population 1 million especially when we look at where most of the jobs we outsourced tended to be located. But yes the problem is totally guns.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. So what if the hoplophobe Journal says that people are more likely to die in a rural area due to a gun shot than in a big city? Unfortuantely, that is true for most ailments as well. For that point, as small rural communities don’t have big city trama centers, should that be a surprise? Seems the Journal’s reasoning is like yours. Hoplophobic.

  12. Democrats don’t care about anything but keeping their claim on charge. destroying the country is part of the process.California in it’s current condition or worse, is the desire for the entire country. Most of the Left is blind to the destiny of the usefull idiots after they have used up their usefulness.

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