How Biden’s Food and Drug Administration Will Justify Getting Involved in Gun Control

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  1. *groan*

    I saw the title in my email, and took it seriously. You’re an evil woman, Grace. It’s not nice to punk your readers like that!

  2. The hoplophobes might try sneaking in with little stuff. Be on the lookout for organic, Vegan, gluten free, zero sugar, sustainably produced, edible CLP.

        • OH NOOOOO… you could have stayed quiet and carried it off. I thought the “hadnicapped” was a stealth way of referring to the old tradition of :kneecapping” when someone dun wrong, but not wrong enough to die for it.

        • Tionico, I am not the “stay quiet type”. When I make a mistake I own up to it. I was referring to our Hoplophobes, like dacian the DUNDERHEAD, MINOR49er, and Prince Albert, the fake Brit RAF “grad”.

          I stand by what I wrote!

          I HAZ, AMEN

    • Walter, my father was handicapped by polio when he was eight years old. It was no more fun watching him struggle with crutches and wheelchairs all his life than it is watching veterans do it today. Why don’t you try to stick your head just a little further up your fourth point of contact?

      • No kidding. The problem with going after someone like Beverly is that he’s an asshole who is void of empathy or compassion.

      • Gaddy, my mom also had polio, she had a withered leg and struggled her entire life. But she worked hard, spent years working as a seamstress for a dress factory and raised 2 fine boys.

        “Hire the hadnicaped, they are fun to watch!“

        Just like Donald Trump, Walt finds humor at others’ expense.

        Only a worthless cad would ridicule the disabled.

        “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?“

        • Started out almost human but went full anti trump bot a breath later. Do you at least charge him rent for that space in your head?

        • MINOR49er, My comment is geared toward Hoplophobes like you. Maybe your mothers affliction is the reason you are mentally challenged?

        • My specialty is speech impediment jokes. I’m order to not bore anyone I like to go straight to the punchline.

          “And have that b-b-b-b-big son of a b-b-b-b-bitch b-b-b-b-beat my ass for m-m-m-m-mocking him?”

    • And best Christmas wishes to you as well!

      May I share the Christmas greetings from our previous First Lady, Melania Trump:

      “I’m working … my ass off on the Christmas stuff, that you know, who gives a fuck about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”

      • MINOR49er, which one of your Leftist propaganda sources did you dig that one up?

        As you do not believe in God, Christ or anything but your Leftist gods, why do you even celebrate Christmas?

  3. Little Sarah was the preacher’s daughter
    She tried to do thise things her father taught her
    Then one day she heard some Texas music
    And started baking cookies to it

  4. They’ve already justified such a thing, it’s just that most people are too dense to see it.

    Why do you think they’ve been blathering for years now about how “gun violence is a public health emergency”? CaUsE dE SoO sTuPiD?

    The thing that soooooo fucking many people miss is that .gov sometimes, er, well OK often, uses terminology that seems odd to normies because the words they choose have specifically defined legal meanings that open doors for them to go after a person or a group or an activity.

    Mike Glover is a living, breathing example of this and, hilariously, knows it because he used to go after the people with “special names” given by .gov and shoot those people in the face.

    The same thing is true with all that J6 bullshit. They constantly use the term “insurrection” because it has a specific legal meaning that allows them to do things, such as targeting people for surveillance, that they couldn’t do if they called it anything else other than “terrorism”.

    Circling back like a redhead on MSNBC, the same thing happened with Covid. There were all these “pandemic preparedness” plans that needed that word “pandemic” to trigger certain public health restrictions on public behavior. They didn’t have a pandemic, technically, and now we know for fucking certain that they knew this because their own wastewater testing finds CoV-2 going back a year prior to 2020 in samples worldwide. Fuck, they even had to redefine the word “pandemic”.

    Why? Because it forms the basis for a legal argument to do what they want to do whether it’s reasonably or logically applicable or not.

  5. New Jersey Sues Pennsylvania Gun Show Promoter for gun shows in Pennsylvania … (basically because NJ residents can decide to travel to Pennsylvania and attend the show.)

  6. “now we know for fucking certain that they knew this because their own wastewater testing finds CoV-2 going back a year prior to 2020 in samples worldwide“

    Worldwide? So the ‘Wi flu’ didn’t start in China as a biological warfare weapon, it’s actually “worldwide”, good to see you admit that.

    Yeah, no, you’re just full of shit and don’t know what you’re talking about because you consume nothing but bullshit right wing fearporn.

    “CORRECTION: The title of this article has been edited to clarify that the sample has been “potentially found” and it is not a stated fact. A positive result of the test does not guarantee that the virus was present as there could have been a contamination of the test sample or a false positive“

    • Churches were closed. Beaches were closed. But titty bars and liqour stores were open. I don’t know the truth of where ‘covid’ came from. But I know the response to it was bogus.

    • MINOR49er, Nice try. The fact is that the Red Chinese were trying to make a biological weapon and this has been proven multiple times. You Commie apologists will go to any length to defense your Communist brethren.
      Your link is like you, propagandist driven.

    • LOL.

      From the same article:

      “Some experts suggest that the virus could have been around for much longer than was initially believed. It is possible that people who caught the illness could have been misdiagnosed with the flu for the past year. In fact, even before the coronavirus was identified, health officials were warning about an especially bad flu season. It is very possible that it took everyone a while to fully understand what was taking place.”

      Oh fuckin’ my. It’s almost like you haven’t actually provided a counterpoint at all and are just trying to muddy the waters because that’s all you’re smart enough to do on any topic.

      But, this can’t be the case because we all know you’re a fuckin’ genius. So, I’m sure that NIH has data that PROVES that Covid wasn’t circulating before it was officially recognized, right? Clearly, they do, they must. Otherwise someone as astute and erudite as yourself wouldn’t be saying this.

      And clearly you understand it because you’re so fuckin’ smart that you don’t need any training or fancy book learnin’ shit. You got a PhD in molecular biology with a focus on virology in your fuckin’ sleep right before you did the same things for vaccinology and epidemiology, amirite?

      So, let’s find that data that PROVES that 2020 is the year things went buck-fuckin’ wild because CoV-2 spreads so fast and, of course, we know when it shows up because it’s sooooooooo dangerous that it’s nearly as obvious as an Ebola outbreak. Hard to miss, you know? That’s how we KNOW that the first case in North or South America was the 21st January 2020 because NIH and CDC said so and they don’t traffic in anything but fact, right?

      “Our findings demonstrate that SARS-CoV-2 was likely circulating undetected in the community in Brazil since November 2019, earlier than the first reported case in the Americas”

      Oops. Guess NIH didn’t get that memo. You should probably tell them about this, we can’t have NIH publishing “bullshit right wing fearporn” can we? They’ll take your call with glee, right? They’ll be honored to take the world’s smartest guy’s call, like, for sure?

      Strange how we can find similar stuff in various places that are on different continents, hence my saying “going back a year prior to 2020 in samples worldwide”.

      Notice, if you will (and I’m sure you already have since you’re so goddamned smart that we mere mortals stand in awe of your raw intelligence) that I said “going back a year”, referencing a continuum of findings starting approximately a year prior and then moving towards 2020.

      It’s almost as if CoV-2 was actually pretty mild IRL, easily treatable, and then totally overblown for political reasons which resulted in mistreatment that killed people and then those deaths were used for yet more political hay-making.

      But yo, let’s get back to the here-and-now, eh? Let’s take something you said apart a bit.

      “So the ‘Wi flu’ didn’t start in China as a biological warfare weapon, it’s actually “worldwide”, good to see you admit that.”

      First off, what the fuck is Wi flu? Is it a new router from Huawei?

      Second, I’ve never said it was a biological weapon because I have always had extreme doubts about that and there are several explanations that make more sense but result in similar behavior because those alternatives are exactly why you run gain-of-function experiments on viruses. You’d know about this if you ever took a synthetic bio course.

      Third, even if I had said it was a Chinese bio weapon, how is that mutually exclusive from it going world-wide? It’s not. In fact, were that the case that would mean it was actually a pretty *good* bioweapon in some regards since they picked a virus. Logically speaking, the reason you’d pick that is because you want it to spread and with air travel it would spread pretty far and wide. If you’re smart enough to do the work then you probably know how aircraft work, at least in the general sense.

      Forth, if something spreads world-wide how does that mean it didn’t start *somewhere specific*? West-Nile was discovered in the White-Nile (That’s the Western Nile river btw, the Blue Nile is the one to the East. They come together around Khartoum and form The Nile most people know of as being a big river in Egypt.) region of Uganda and probably evolved in that region. Now it’s worldwide. Even found in Pennsylvania. That’s what some diseases do, they spread rather widely. Some spread globally. You might have heard of influenza?

      Fifth, just so that we’re clear, what am I admitting to exactly? That shit I’ve said is more correct than not and that I’ve never said the shit you claim I have?

      You know what? I’ll just put it on the table. I admit it, Miner. I’ll swallow my pride and just lay it out. Here goes, ready?

      I admit that you’re a complete idiot and an oxygen thief who consistently tries to accuse me of saying things that I haven’t said because you’re such a fuckin’ drunk that you can’t keep straight what’s been said by whom and therefore you read shit on other sites and attribute it to me because, deep down, you’re fixated on me due to strange psychological perturbations that even you don’t understand.

      On the one hand, that’s cool. It’s kinda complementary that you can’t stop thinking about me to the point that you see me everywhere. OTOH, it’s kinda creepy and the feeling is not mutual. So, kindly attempt to stop obsessing over me? OK? Thanks.

      Back to the topic at hand: At this point I’m just completely confused as to how someone of your intellectual magnitude can incorporate this many fuckups into a single post. I mean, shit, you’ve got four (five if I’m a stickler) in a single sentence.

      Perhaps you need to take a break and try to separate your keen intellect from the emotional rollercoaster I seem to cause you because it’s clearly affecting your judgement and has been for years.

  7. I think someone has way too much time on their hands. Anyway, last time at the range I was out of gun oil, but I had been grocery shopping and had a spray can of “PAM” cooking oil/grease or whatever it is. Now, yes, I agree it is weird to go to the range directly after the grocery store, but both are about 6 miles away. I used the cooking spray to lube my 9 and AR and found that it worked quite well. I now keep a can in my shop for lubricating all kinds of things, garage door, hinges, tools etc. It’s much cheaper then WD-40.

  8. Our LGS was selling cigarette lighters shaped like guns, also useful for lighting the kitchen stove if the electric sparker doesn’t work.
    They had one shaped like a musket, one shaped like a bolt-action rifle, and one shaped like an AR-15. They’re only about six inches long, but still, I said, “I’d better not get the lighter shaped like an AR-15, because here in New Jersey, people are so ignorant of guns, they’ll see that six-inch-long lighter, think it’s an illegal ‘assault weapon,’ and call police!”
    Instead, I bought the one shaped like an 18th century musket, as it looks “less threatening” to hoplophobes. Not that I’m planning on carrying the lighter around in my pocket, but if I’m camping or if someone peeped in my window and saw me using it to light the kitchen stove, they wouldn’t freak out like they would with one shaped like the “evil black rifle.”
    Sad times, or rather, I live in a sad state.

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