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That’s the obvious implication, anyway, from the governor’s latest pronouncement that he’d consider sending state assets into Chicago to try to tamp down Murder City’s out-of-control violence problem. “Speaking about this week’s mass shooting in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, Quinn says he’s open to talking with Mayor Emanuel or Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy about supplementing Chicago law enforcement with state police or the Illinois National Guard.” Translation: ‘If you two numbnuts can’t get this under control and off the front pages, I’ll have to.’ Must have been smiles all around at city hall when they heard that one . . .

Quinn said potential solutions to crime include community efforts to minimize the impact of gangs and early education.

He says he also remains committed to doing something about assault rifles – one is suspected of being used in Thursday’s shooting – and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

Ah yes, black rifles. Gotta get a Weapons of War™ talking point in there, too, no matter how few of the Windy City’s 500 murders last year had anything to do with them. Lewis Machine and Tool‘s apparently heard just about enough of that happy crappy, no?

And all the while, through all the bloodshed, the state and city continue to make it as difficult as possible for law abiding Land of Lincolnoids to exercise their right – as affirmed by their own supreme court – to armed self defense. Even outside the home.

Not to worry, though, Chicagoans. As Mayor Rahm said, “The perpetrators of this crime will be brought to justice and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” The rest of Chiraq’s 2.7 million targets citizens must feel wonderfully secure in the knowledge that if they’re gunned down, too, city hall will be there to hose down the street and try to figure out who the hell did it.

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  1. sooo……….combating the problem of “military grade assault rifles” with the national guard? and the natinoal guard is armed with REAL military grade assault rifles. citizens still unarmed.

    that place gets stupider by the day. for F#cks sake.

    • I just saw on the Sat evening news that certain drug dealers in Chicago have been moving to AR’s and other long guns in an effort to increase their firepower, despite their lack of concealability. Handguns have heretofore been preferred BECAUSE of their concealability and ease of quick deployment.

      My guess is that we can thank the grabbers, especially those the likes of MAIG, Obama, Bloomberg, Coumo, Feinstein, and all the rest of the anti-gun fanatics, especially those squealing and screaming about banning so called “military style assault weapons”, and “machine guns”(thank you DiFi) for the current up tic in Chicago bad guys moving to the more accurate long guns and carbines to improve their firepower and aiming capability.

      If these anti’s, and the mainstream media who have been parroting everything the anti’s incessantly say, demonizing Armalite Rifles and their spin offs as such effective, deadly smoke ’em pieces of hardware, the drug distributors and gangsters wouldn’t be investing in and switching to the heavier hardware as they are now.

      So thanks to all you grabbers and anti’s for loudly, repeatedly getting the word out to the bad guys that they need to rethink their strategy and arm up, like the Mexican bad guys, so they can REALLY own the streets of Chicago, and elsewhere.

      And no doubt, as more of the bad guys take the grabbers que and move to heavier hardware, the more the MAIGs, Obamas, Bloombergs, and Feinsteins of this world are going to push to illogically and unjustly disarm ALL of us for the sake of “the children” and their delusional view of “common sense”.

      • That’s pretty bad if they’re becoming less concerned about being able to conceal weapons, that can only mean they’re going to be even more brazen.

        • What it means is that they know they have nothing to fear from the public and now they feel like they have nothing to fear from the police. If the criminal charge is the same, pistol or long gun, and the cops are afraid to come into your neighborhood and the people in the neighborhood are afraid to testify against you, why not carry the rifle?

  2. I suggest a bunch of residents get their FOID card and shoot back at the gangs indiscriminately shooting bystanders. IL is a SYG state, after all.

  3. How long before Quinn ends up in prison with 3 or 4 of his predecessors? They keep talking about a suspected “military grade assault rifle” yet they don’t even know if it was one yet. Therefore, how do they know it was military grade which would imply it has select fire meaning it came from a military armory or police locker.

      • Well, if they know it is select-fire, i.e. fully auto, it originally came from a military armory or police locker. It is unlikely to be an NFA registered item.

        • If there are AR type type weapon(s) involved it could possibly even be of “fast ‘n furious” origin that found it’s way back from Mexico via a cartel member. If that WERE to be the case, and a recovery was made, you can be assured that that information would be locked down in every way possible by this Administration just like all the other current Administration scandals are being suppressed as damage control efforts are applied to keep evidence and players under wraps and away from truth seekers.

    • Wasn’t it reported that the rounds were 7.62? If that’s true they are probably thinking it’s an AK-47 or an SKS. Haven’t heard anything about 5.56 do it’s probably not an AR.

    • Pretty sure that if an “assault rifle” was used in that shooting, more of the victims would have been killed, rather than wounded.

  4. Shitcago is lost.
    Again i urge the rest of the state and leave Cook County on their own,
    The good people of IL don’t need them,


  5. “Quinn said potential solutions to crime include community efforts to minimize the impact of gangs and early education.”

    …Yes, because that’s been so much the solution everywhere and anytime it’s been tried! My mind would be boggled, if it were any more capable of being boggled.

    What’s a good gun-averse governor to do, send in National Guard troops? FOREVER? Door-to-door gun confiscation? Not in the projects and gang ‘hoods, betcha.

    Just keep talking your game until election day, Gov. I’m sure that’ll do the trick.

    • “Quinn said potential solutions to crime include community efforts to minimize the impact of …early education.”

      What??? Sure, Potato Head, let’s do away with early education. Right…

  6. That is the same a$$hat that when talking about the unfunded pensions, had to throw in, “it’s for the children.” I asked how many children are getting pensions from the state of Illinois, and got blank stares back.

  7. It’s fun to watch, as Quinn and Emanuel don’t really care for each other anyway. McCarthy is just an alcoholic waste who needs to go back to shooting out streetlights.

    • The obvious solution to “demographic problems” is to appoint more blue-ribbon study groups to study demographic problems, and issue reports that don’t mention demographic problems.

        • I was there for a few years. I left and I’m happy I did. So are my shootin’ irons since they don’t have to hide any more.

        • The weapons used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were strategic, not tactical, even though their low output (compared to modern standards) would put them in today’s tactical range. Tactical nukes were designed for specific applications on specific military targets, while strategic nuclear weapons were designed for broad application on cities and to destroy infrastructure generally, not specifically, and for a large general deterrence effect.

        • How about a neutron bomb? It would at least preserve the decaying infrastructure so the roaches and rats would have some place to live.

        • Ok Matt how bout tanks lots and lots of tanks old Shermans should do the trick if not then the t72s we gave err umm the terrorists stole that we impounded should send a message.

        • Or just let all the Chicago druggies, gangsta’s, and wanna be’s keep shooting all “the children”; then there won’t be any future gangsta’s and wanna be’s coming up to take the place of the current crews as they die off from gunfire and overdoses.

        • Your “solution” is monstrous, and will kill more innocent people than the bad. God help us if you ever get to make these decisions.

          Your view of reality is badly skewed, and you are as bad as the people you would destroy. I personally think
          the world would be better without you.

      • That’ easy; until the demographic problem; (those that choose a “gangsta” life) decide to stop being a predator; carry a weapon with plenty of extra ammo; and if you live in a place where you can’t exercise your G-d given right to keep and bear arms; move to a place that you can.

  8. Nothing to bring warring factions together like a common enemy. Replace a reactionary force with a punitive force and what are the odds of the whole gang dynamic changing?

      • We have evidence that the Chiraq gangs are not above working together to get the people they want elected (can’t find the link, but news story as recent as yesterday out of Chicago). The gangs could and probably would cooperate with each if their entire culture, or their overall power was threatened. Would be a pretty powerful insurgency.

        That’s sort of the problem in places where gang culture reaches some critical threshold of power and influence, then it becomes much harder to take any one of them down (to cut off one of Hydra’s heads) as they would likely all resist the potential impact on their overall power. There is absolutely nothing the National Guard can do to prevent gang violence. They might delay it, but then they leave and the streets still belong to the gangs.

        • This is what happened in Mexico, when the PAN reversed the PRI’s policy, and cracked down on the gangs. It seems that Mr Emanuel, taking over from the Daley dynasty, has lost control of the civic government’s gang associates.

        • So what we have to do is take away the most fundamental origin of power and energy for them…dismantle the welfare state. With no money coming in to “help” people, everyone is forced to get serious about life. If you do drugs, you can’t work. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. Those that don’t eat die out, or change.

          Sure some people work and manage a habit, but too few to run the gangs at full strength like they are now. Taking away (or severely curtailing) “free” money would help the poor demographics, increase the prosperity of the city, and put more pressure on gangs and their accompanying social rot than any other single action.

  9. Remember that “deck of cards” for Iraq’s most wanted? How about Illinois just publishes a “bounty” book with mugshots and last known addresses of verified gang bangers…. Then instate an open season (sort of like nutria in Louisiana) and give a gift card for each verified kill. Let the population clean up their own streets since the local government doesn’t know how. Oh wait, that would mean giving law abiding citizens access to firearms…Nevermind.

    • I agree completely. Rand Paul just had an interview where he blamed the War on Drugs for disenfranchising drug users, via felony convictions that robbed them of their right to vote. And he correctly pointed out that the vast majority of the disenfranchised were the primary target of the War on Drugs: Black Americans.

      If the War on Drugs were ended tomorrow, most street violence would be gone by Monday night.

      • I agree completely that the vast majority of street violence is the war on drugs, but if it were ended tomorrow it would still take 5-7 years to see the murder rate go down. People still gotta get their drugs somehow, and until legal production and distribution takes over, the gangs will still fight. After prohibition, it took 5 years for the murder rate to revert to pre-1918 levels. CO and WA are not exactly hotbeds of gang violence, but the states that adopt decriminalization first should see a decline first. That’ll be a good experiment.

        • Your point is a good one; ending the Drug War must be accompanied by a new supply system. But it needn’t take as long as it did after Prohibition, should it?

        • what’s the fastest growing company you can think of? To go from one store to a statewide or national chain in five years is pretty aggressive.

        • In the case of pot being legalized as a crop i don’t think it’d take long as many farmers especially in places that grow tobacco need a new cash crop

        • There can be no doubt that the current tobacco crops in North America could be turned around to growing weed very quickly. Within 9 months or so.

          Cigarettes are deadly, because they are packed with deadly additives; formaldehyde, for one.

          Cigar crops come from Central America and the Dominican Republic. Cigars have no lethal history, as long as they haven’t been inhaled. Many cigar growers can smoke up to 17 cigars a day, for decades, with no history of adverse medical effects.

          READ THE DATA.

        • “Cigarettes are deadly, because they are packed with deadly additives; formaldehyde, for one.”

          Ah. I see you’re parroting the dogma of the Church of Antismokerism.

          And so what if “cigarettes are deadly?”: How is that any skin off your nose? Is my second-hand smoke seeking you out, pushing your windows open and attacking your children in their sleep?

        • Use either hand to get that panty bunch out of your ass crack, Rich. I simply explained why they were deadly, as opposed to unadulterated tobacco, like cigars. Of which I’m smoking one right now, a Curivari Buenaventura BV560, to be exact.

          It was a fact, not an objective critique. Sometimes I worry about your interpretive skill set. Not much, though, or for very long. Most people here can read with better comprehension than you can.

        • Well, it’s still a stupid assertion, primarily because it’s false. It was proven false, but the facts got buried by the agenda of the Antismokerists. I’ve seen the documents that prove that, but they got buried too.
          But by all means, continue to live in your little cloud of credulity; It’s the Land of the Free after all.

        • Well, it’s certainly not the certain death that you make it out to be. I guess nobody’s immune to all-or-nothing thinking in their favorite crusade.

        • It’s neither “all-or-nothing thinking”, or a “crusade”. You’re free to say it, but it won’t make it so.

        • Another “benefit” of legitimizing the drug trade would be the emergence of new “royal” families like the Kennedys. Honey Fitz made a bunch of his money bootlegging.

        • “made a bunch of his money bootlegging.”

          Exactly. Is anybody making money bootlegging today?

          Can you connect the dots?

    • I agree that we need a sane policy on drugs. But in the case of Chicago what do the bangers do if drugs are legalized? Do they just go and get regular jobs? They’re a militia force that’s suddenly unemployed. I wouldn’t want to be in Chicago when that fact sunk in.

      • True. The national infrastructure is in terrible need of repair. Why not spend all our money the NSA is spending spying on us to pay them to do the work? Plus all our money spent in destabilizing Afghanistan, Iran, and an ongoing list of manufactured “enemies”? It won’t be easy, but nobody said it would.

      • It will just change the dynamics. Anyone think that gangs will stop fighting over drug turf and become legitimate drug dealers, real businessmen? If there’s still poverty, there will still be drug use and crime. Where there is no education or any sense of maturity and morality, there will still be crime. The fact that drug dealing is so competitive and demand is so high makes that business so vicious. The drug adled are an unproductive bunch. They steal, burglarize and mug people to pay for their habits. Legalizing drugs won’t change that either.

        • Joe: there are druggies that, on the surface, lead productive, employed lives. You are ignorant of the totality of the drug subculture,

      • Nevertheless, ending the “War on Drugs” would remove a major source of income for gangs. Just like the end of Prohibition removed a major source of income for Al Capone and other such characters.

        Many gangbangers are true sociopaths who will probably not stop their crimes until they are dead or in prison. They’re a lost cause. But if you remove a big chunk of financial opportunity from the criminal world, the law-abiding lifestyle might look like a better option to a young man growing up in the projects who is trying to choose his path in life.

        • I certainly agree that they won’t stop willingly. But what if legal drugs undercut their profits to zero, or nearly so? Won’t they be forced to seek their income elsewhere?

          I’m not suggesting a total cure, but what do urban (or otherwise) drug sellers, who are basically relying on a black market that is lucrative, going to do? Legal drugs have totally undercut their livelihood, so what will they do instead?

          They will turn to other crimes, most of them, and they can be removed from society…

      • ending the drug war only means we stop creating new gangsters as kids drop out to go into the neighborhood business. Existing gangsters will do what they do now, but over time they get killed or jailed. Maybe a few will turn legit. Regardless, so long as we manufacture fewer new gangsters, the situation improves.

        • Precisely what I said above. We force them into other markets, or they become more mainstream in their income methods. Either way, society eventually removes the perilous black market, and things begin to get better.

      • “Exactly. Is anybody making money bootlegging today?”

        Yes, Rich. Yes, they are. Why don’t you take a minute and look up the term “moonshiner”?

        In fact, I had a couple sips of some ‘shine at a party last night.

        • ““Exactly. Is anybody making money bootlegging today?”;
          Yes, Rich. Yes, they are. Why don’t you take a minute and look up the term “moonshiner”?”

          Well, I know what a “moonshiner” is, but I haven’t been in Mayberry for decades.

          I wonder what will happen when the moonshiners figure out that those ethanol trucks are full of pure grain alcohol, aka moonshine?

          My point is that it’s a lot cheaper and easier for me to walk to the corner store than bother to find a flaggin’ moonshiner. You’re exhibiting the exact same symptoms as a hoplophobe, just with a different boogeyman.

          In little words, cigarettes cause death and drugs cause gangs the same way that guns cause murder.

          NOW do you see my point?

        • Well, again you’re ill-informed. Moonshiners don’t live in “Mayberry” (your societal prejudices are work against your better nature there); they’re all over the place. Run across their products in urban AND rural VA, NC, TN, even NM.

          Y’see, Rich, some people don’t take a liking to paying taxes on their liquor; they highly resent it, as a matter of fact. Rural people don’t feel the benefit of those taxes. In fact, it more likely goes to fund inner-city social programs that do them no good. Whether it’s true or not is beside the fact.

          Urban people like it also, because it’s “forbidden fruit”.

          HELL, Rich, you might even LIKE it, and I’ve never heard of anyone being busted for drinking it.

          And if you think cigarettes don’t kill people, you’re a freaking idiot. Which I already suspected.

        • @Rich Grise,

          The “moon shiners” never really sold their Possum Hollar Koolaide in tankers. They sold it in fruit jars and jugs. There was a recent movie about shiners on the KY/Va border during the Prohibition era. It is called “Lawless.” That said, it was all about “tax” even after prohibition was over. My grandfather and stepdad made “white lightening into the 1970s. “Boot legging” is simply moving labeled hooch without proper taxes or selling it in a “dry” county.

        • ““Boot legging” is simply moving labeled hooch without proper taxes or selling it in a “dry” county.”

          True. Or buying taxed hooch and selling it at a profit during hours the liquor stores are closed, as was the case with an elderly woman I once lived across the street from. Bought her product a couple times. Sometimes they sell to minors, also. I don’t think the authorities care as much about the after-hours stuff as they do about the underage stuff.

          I would have explained it, but I think this stuff is out of Rich’s league.

    • It absolutely is about drug prohibition. It’s the worst of all the failed social experiments ever. A new, legal and streamlined distribution network with legally imported drugs would destroy the gangs in a day. The lower cost alone would result in all the bangers being out of work immediately.

      As for the fears of what all these criminal types would then do one has to remember that there is a powerful incentive (money) to do what they do. When the cash dries up the risks wont be much worth it and the motive for violence will be missing (protecting their distribution network). Get regular jobs? Not likely, most aren’t qualified to do much of anything. However while the crime rate may not go down the violence rate surely would. It would take a generation to overcome the problems created by our drug policy but the initial improvements could be felt in weeks.

        • Ideally they get jobs and rejoin society, more likely they turn to the sorts of crime that gets them stopped by armed citizens or jailed long term. Most would probably end up on public assistance and bother no one anymore than all the trash in rural areas who soak up benefits quietly and with a touch of humility.

          The bottom line is that when the profit motive of drug trafficking is gone so too will be most of the violence.

        • Home burglaries?
          Home invasions?
          Armed robberies?
          Mafia like shakedowns of local business?

          Although I agree that the “war on Drigs” is an ever increasing bottomless waste of money, the belief that crime is going to magically disappear is just a bunch of rainbow colored unicorn thinking.

          I wonder if it’s constitutional to ship our criminals to a 3rd world nation to incarcerate? I’m sure there are loads of countries that would charge 1/10 the cost or less.

        • doesky2 says:

          “Home burglaries?
          Home invasions?
          Armed robberies?”

          Yeah, they don’t have any of those in nice Jolly Olde gun-controlled England do they?

          “Although I agree that the “war on Drugs” is an ever increasing bottomless waste of money, the belief that crime is going to magically disappear is just a bunch of rainbow colored unicorn thinking. ”

          TRANSLATION: We’re spending gobs of money and accomplishing nothing but death and destruction, but don’t see any point in stopping.

          Unfortunately,your accusation that the observable facts are “just a bunch of rainbow colored unicorn thinking” just shows how obtuse people like you really are.

          I. e., Every decriminalization of a drug anywhere in the world has been followed by a reduction in crime.

          Every. Single. Time.

          But, just like in the churches of Antismokerism and Global Warmingism, your faith in your own dogma trumps the facts.

          Oh, I’ve just proofed this, and you’re talking about the actual thugs! Sorry. Well, just enforce the laws that we DO have against those crimes, rather than wasting cops’ time and the taxpayers’ money chasing after kids who just want to get high and the guys who are simply providing what they want, neither of whom does anyone any harm to anyone except, arguably, the end user, and nobody’s forcing him to do anything.

          “But the costs when they OD” – no, those costs should be borne by the idiot who took the OD, not the taxpayers. IOW, the problem there is socialized medicine.

  10. So what Quinn is saying is that Chitown needs more goods guys with guns on the street? Could it be that the violence in their gun free haven has reached the point where they are learning practical lessons?

  11. Rahm and McCarthy are incompetent and are being told so by Quinn. Who, in his ignorant statement about assualt rifles proves he’s no better than they.

    At this point I think the village idiot would be a step up in leadership for that place.

  12. If Pat Quinn thinks this can be solved by doing away with 30 round mags he is dumber than a Christmas turkey. This is about culture and a society permitting a gang culture that lauds thuggery above education, personal responsibility and initiative.

  13. Not that a lot of rural areas of ‘Murica don’t have some major issues, but a few large urban areas are just crap, a drain on state and federal resources and a blight upon the nation. Chicago takes first place, but others are making their marks.

  14. Um, Chicago is out of control now? … buuuut it wasn’t out of control last month or last year? Right.

    Time for the citizen militia to restore order … which is exactly why we have provisions for a citizen militia!

  15. Maintaining law and order is a fundamental responsibility of government. Civil society cannot exist without it. Law and order have collapsed in many areas of the City and the local authorities are incapable of dealing with it. At this point it is up to the next highest level of government, i.e., the State of Illinois to step in. It is fully within the authority of the Governor to call up the organized state Militia to deal with this disorder. The attitudes toward this idea confirms to me that those of you who call themselves Libertarians reject the fundamental principles of republican government. Whether you understand it or not you are anarchists. The law abiding citizens of the city do have a role to play and having their right to bear arms in self defense is an essential element in restoring order to the city but it is in a supporting role not as the primary actor. Success requires a combination of citizen participation and surge in law enforcement to restore order. Think Anbar Province in 2007-2008.

    As a native Chicagoan I can tell those of you who believe that gang violence in the City is all about drugs that you don’t know what you are talking about. Chicago has had this kind of gang problem long before the “war on drugs” was declared. It had this kind of gang problem when Sam Giancana was mob boss and the organization had lock on the drug trade, gambling and vice. In the 1960s and 70s neither the Black P-Stone nation, the Gaylords or any other gang fought over drug territories because the mob told them what they could sell, how much and where they could sell it. If anyone objected they were summarily dealt with. During this time there was just as much gang violence in the city as there is today. Drugs became an issue because organized crime in Chicago lost control because of success prosecutions by the Feds. According to the local press and law enforcement the gangs now make more money on untaxed cigarettes and tobacco products than they do on drugs.

    Chicago’s problems are a result of the collapse of civil society in the inner cities caused by multi-generational welfare dependence. While there are gang issues in the Hispanic community the level of violence is far lower than in the black community because there is a lower level of welfare dependency and more or less intact normal family structure. Also Hispanic gangs are more like the Irish, Italian and Jewish mob that proceeded them than the tribal organization found in the black community.

        • Not exactly. Go check the Article II Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment and show me where the Militia is supporting the Army when activated by a Governor of the State. When activated by the POTUS, they become part of the Army like the current National Guard Units in Afghanistan and recently Iraq as well as Vietnam and WWII. There are additional Miltias at the state level as well beyond the current National Guard.

        • According to Article II, Section 2, “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States;…”
          Is the only place in the Constituiton that the Army is even mentioned . And to me it sounds like the Army, Navy, and all of the state Militiae[sic] are equal, each reporting directly to him, not necessarily one supporting the other.

          And since it’s necessary for the people who comprise the militia (namely, us, the People) to be well-trained (“regulated”) in order to maintain a condition (“state”) of Freedom, the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed.

          Not “the right of the militia.”

        • In both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 the militia supported the regular armies, none too successfully I might add. The last time the militia was called to Federal service was the Blackhawk War in 1836. The militia was none too successful there either. Until WWI the militia was replaced by US Volunteers with State militias being tertiary forces. The 1903 militia act established a two tiered militia system. There is the organized militia (The National Guard), which really establishes a permanent force of US Volunteers under the control of the States and the unorganized militia (us) which is called up via the draft. Virtually all the National Guard combat units from states that participated in the Civil War trace their origins to famous Union and Confederate volunteer regiments. The way the US military is organized is that the National Guard is first called to support the regular Army and then if necessary the unorganized militia is called via the draft. That’s how the militia system worked from the Revolution through 1836 and how it works today. Both the organized and unorganized militia supports the regular Army.

        • @ Rich Grise. I wasn’t debating the meaning of the 2nd Amendment but the fact that if Quinn calls out the National Guard, it will be under state control and not the President. The National Guard is in fact part of the Army when deployed for war and is a joint activity of the United States Department of Defense. It was that way in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, and the current Afghan and Iraq wars. The formal state militia got organized into the national guard and was established as a federally funded reserve component of the nation’s armed forces on January 21, 1903 with the Militia Act of 1903. At the Federal level, there is still an unorganized militia under federal code. There is also state militias formal and unorganized depending on the state. There is even one in Florida under law.

          As far as the 2nd A goes, I understand the prefatory clause and the operative clause and understand what the meaning of “The People” means in The Constitution and it means the citizens.

        • @Tviindan. You need to review your history. The Militia under General Smith stopped the southern advance of The British at the Battle of Baltimore after the regular army got Routed and D.C. burned. Furthermore, Andy Jackson left his regulars at Mobile because he thought that the most likely place Lord Pakenham’s Black Watch. He went on to New Orleans with his irregular militia made up of Tennessee volunteers and Ky frontiersman and free blacks and La militia.

          There was plenty of other activity with militia in later wars until the National Guard was established as a federally funded reserve component of the nation’s armed forces on January 21, 1903 with the Militia Act of 1903. That was done because of the eclectic mix of weapons used by various volunteer units during the Spanish American war including old single shot .45-70 rifles and carbines.

    • While bordering on racist your spot on. The Irish, Italian, Armenian, and many other mobs have assimilated, parleyed their illicit proceeds into legitimate businesses and moved on. It seems that only the African American community constantly and generationally persist in organized crime without the segue into legitimate business. I’d love to see a study that identifies the factors involved but I know of no such study. (If anyone knows of one please let me know.)

      There is a crisis in American cities Re crime that isn’t likely to be solved by any easy solution, however, until we end the war on drugs it can only become worse. The war on drugs is lost, utterly. To continue it is to throw money down a hole while at the same time embracing an increasing level of violence among certain elements of the population.

      • ” I’d love to see a study that identifies the factors involved but I know of no such study. (If anyone knows of one please let me know.) ”

        Duh. It’s the racist war on drugs. That was originally a war on the black jazz musicians who were coming up the river on the paddleboats to rape and impregnate their daughters.

        • Rich, you draw a somewhat exaggerated picture of the situation, which I do think qualifies as a “conspiracy”, but your message is basically intact.

        • Well, I’ll cop to “simplistic,” and instead of “exaggerated,” I’d prefer the literary term “hyperbole.” 😉

    • That pretty much sums up the situation on the ground. You can even trace the gang influence to the days of Capone. Or even earlier to the time of Hinky Dink Kenna and Bath House John Coughlin.

      The more things change, the more they stay the same…

  16. I am watching with sad interest the disintegration of Chicago, Kinda reminds me of what has happened in Canadian cities, like Toronto and Edmonton, again largely due to those ‘demographic factors’ that nobody wants to talk about. (Up here, it’s Jamaican and Somali gangbangers brought in by the planeload.) Chicago is also a special case, as the Daley dynasty was essentially a mafia government that legitimized organized crime activity on a scale cities up here like Montreal haven’t seen. More like Mexico under PRI rule, really. Eventually, the gangsters drop their facade of legitimacy, just act like gangsters and start shooting everything that moves. This is Da Mare’s mobocracy’s chickens coming home to roost. But I doubt your President and his Attorney General will do anything about it, since they are products of that political machine, as is Mayor Emanuel. Remember that Mr Holder has thrown cases against his criminal associates before:

    Drug legalization is a good idea, but not a panacea. Gangs will simply move to more lucrative endeavours: racketeering, extortion, contract-rigging, mortgage and real estate fraud, identity theft, human trafficking, etc. The only solutions are to fix the ‘demographic factors’ with gentrification of communities, as well as extirpating the Daley mafia syndicate that runs the city, and all of their underbosses and associates.

    • “Drug legalization is a good idea, but not a panacea. Gangs will simply move to more lucrative endeavours: racketeering, extortion, contract-rigging, mortgage and real estate fraud, identity theft, human trafficking, etc.”

      Ah. So in other words, they’ll adopt the white man’s crimes! I get it!

  17. Now “Officially out of control”? Chicago has been out of control since they first outlawed alcohol almost 100 years ago.

  18. It’s all by design. The statists think they finally have Chicago psyched for a police state. It’s happened in NYC too – can’t detain and search people at will ? Well, there will be blood in the streets, you’ll be afraid, you won’t be safe so let us do what we want to these minority kids.

    • Well, let’s at least be grateful that it’s happening only one city at a time, rather than en masse. The rest of us can see where we’re headed if we don’t turn this ship of state around, and I think more and more people are cluing up. a quick google of “the liberty movement” returns “About 3,880,000 results (0.26 seconds)” With the quotes! 😉

  19. What they have there in Chicago is nothing new: a segment of the population where individuals have lost all personal aspirations to better themselves in a morally sound manner. They might be in the minority but they use guns as force multipliers to keep the larger segment of the population in check. This larger segment on the other hand has been brainwashed into abandoning all sense of responsibility to provide for their own individual safety.

    It is the age old Perfect Storm of liberalism…

    • Get the majority of the crime out of it by decriminilizing the mcguffin here. No criminilization => no crime. And I’d bet real money that you would be at least pleasantly surprised, if not astonished or even downright flabbergasted, at the transformation that would, apparently miraculously, ensue.

      And I’m by no means the first person to have said so.

  20. Here’s a solution: Treat the situation like what it really is, an insurgency. Put up T-walls that surround the south side of Chicago. Institute martial law, all points of entry/exit to be manned by heavily armed guards and snipers. All vehicles and persons entering and exiting will be searched for contraband and weapons. Institute a curfew enforced by armed patrols. It’s a drastic solution, but quite effective I think.

  21. Gov. Quinn knows that that to solve Chicago’s homicide problem they must ban “assault rifles” because rifles and shotguns account for a whole 2% of the homicides in the city.

  22. I have heard too many times about the “tough” guns laws the Chicago has. Well if that is the case why are they reported to have the most gun related deaths of any city in the US? When the crooks run the city this is what you get. Hasn’t Chicago always been run by crooks and gangsters? Please don’t talk about controlling the gun deaths by tougher gun laws until you come up with one that works. Guess we need a hell of a lot more Charles Bronson’s around to protect us.

  23. “I wonder if it’s constitutional to ship our criminals to a 3rd world nation to incarcerate?”

    Better to not bring them in from the third world, in the first place. Like other American cities, Chicago has a big Latin gang problem, largely the result of impotent immigration and border control policies, and emasculated law enforcement that is unable to turn illegals over to immigration authorities (Chicago is a sanctuary city). Here in Canada, we have decades of post-Trudeau and Mulroney immigration policy at work, that has also filled our cities with entire crime syndicates from places like Jamaica, Haiti, China, India, Vietnam and East Africa. The business elites love this, because they want cheap labour and housing demand. Here, in Canada, we had a great controversy over gun control, after crime waves in cities like Toronto. Here is a piece from Mark Steyn on the issue, from a few years ago:

  24. Ran across this article on Hotair about Rahm’s Chicago:

    I will quote from the article an off the record statement by a Chicago police officer:

    “I asked a respected veteran cop what he’d do about the gang wars. He said this:

    Increase hiring, bring back the citywide units, like the mobile strike force, to overwhelm the gangs. And demand that judges and prosecutors lock up the thugs, and demand that the state prisons don’t release the thugs early.

    The mantra of Emanuel and McCarthy has been to criticize the people in the neighborhoods for not cooperating with the cops. But the people know the truth of things. The bad guys get out early. And when they’re lectured by politicians, they become even more resentful.

    They want to feel safe on their streets and in their parks. They don’t need promises of a gourmet food store. And they don’t much care how the mayor does on Letterman or how great he’ll do in the Robert Redford documentary about how hard he works.”

  25. “CHICAGO — A gunman involved in a shooting that wounded 13 people at a South Side park on Thursday night was armed with an assault-style rifle equipped with a high-capacity magazine, the police said on Friday.”

    *so the news is confirming that there was ONE active shooter?!?!?!?!

    “A military-grade weapon on the streets of Chicago is simply unacceptable,” Garry McCarthy, the Chicago police superintendent, said at a news conference, where he issued another of his frequent calls for tighter state and federal gun laws. ”

    *so mccarthy is 100% positive that this was the weapon used ?!?!?!?!

    “The police said that no arrests had been made and that investigators were uncertain about the intended target, the motive, or even the number of people who fired weapons. There may have been only one gunman, Mr. McCarthy said, or as many as three.”

    *so they just admit they dont know anything else other than the type of weapon that was used ?!?!?!

    * none of this propaganda makes sense


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