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Dateline: July 4, Ikea, College Park, Maryland. “Takoma Park Police Chief Alan Goldberg had stopped in with his daughter. Goldberg was in uniform because he had worked that morning at the city’s July 4 parade,” reports, “and would be back on duty that night for fireworks. In between, he stopped at Ikea to shop for furniture for his daughter’s new apartment. And that’s when a loss-prevention officer at the store approached him . . .

“He says we have a no firearms policy, and you’re either going to have to leave or you can lock your gun in the car,” Goldberg said.

The store has signs posted on the front door that read “Weapons Free Environment.”

Neither of those options seemed a good one to the officer. “It isn’t the most prudent thing to do to walk around the store in uniform with an empty holster,” he said. “And I am not going to lock my gun in a commercial parking lot, with people watching me put it in there. That’s just ludicrous.”

While I appreciate the “cop as target” issue – especially after the Las Vegas LEO assassination – what’s so different about Chief Goldberg’s dilemma than that of any other armed American who wants to shop at IKEA whilst exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms?

Uniform or no, nothing. Not a damn thing. A cop carve-out is just ludicrous.

Needless to say, IKEA backpedalled furiously after the story hit the wires. “We regret that there was a misunderstanding of our weapon policy in our College Park Store. Our weapon policy does not apply to law enforcement officers. We are taking steps to ensure that this is clear for all our co-workers.”

And now it’s clear for all the rest of us, too, who have options when it comes to buying furniture while mentally noting the old adage — concealed means concealed. [h/t FP]

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  1. I have met my fair share of loss prevention folks over the years.
    This is the first time Ive heard about a LEO in full uniform being asked to remove his weapon. Leave it in his marked car no less unattended or leave the store!!
    I hope for this persons job security he was given at the least a good talking to by higher ups in the loss prevention chain.
    Ive never read of this kind of stupidity in any stores book of loss prevention rules.
    Posted with signage or not.
    The LEO in question being in full uniform no less???
    I know where I wont be buying my furniture in the future.

      • THIS! They get no pass or deserve no exception that is not afforded to your average law-abiding citizen. Last I checked we pay his bills and not the other way around.

      • Yes and the criminal who decides to shoot up the store that day, he’s going to be really disappointed when he sees that sign and the store tells him he isn’t allowed to bring his guns in….

        Banning concealed carry by licensed gun owners lacks all common sense, banning a cop from carrying his gun in a store is absolutely ridiculous!

        The anti gun crowd lacks the understanding that a criminal, isn’t going to abide by the sign that say “gun free zone”…those are the places they target because they are able to carry out their mass murder knowing that it is unlikely they will be stopped before they are done. I will not shop anywhere that bans guns legally, I’ll take my money elsewhere..and I hope that cop did too.

    • The loss prevention officer was simply trying to do his job. The store’s rules need to be applied equally to ALL CUSTOMERS regardless of their chosen job. Allowing LEOs to carry openly in an area designated as a ‘weapon free environment’ only undermines the ban. If it were up to me, all LEOs would be required to abide by ALL rules and regulations regarding firearm ownage, possession, and use in effect for private citizens AT ALL TIMES. No exceptions for uniformed officers or while on duty.

      • “Sorry officer, i realize there is an armed robbery in progress but you will have to leave your weapon in the car or wait for the subject to leave the property.”

      • Have you heard the term, “Crack kills”? I think it’s killed too many of your brain cells. A cop in uniform, without a weapon? Why don’t you just paint him up with salmon blood and throw him in the grizzly cage?

      • You are an idiot. There are actually both federal and state laws that state that a uniformed law enforcement officer SHALL carry his weapon.

        I bet you would be the first person crying for help if a situation arised in that store.

        • I agree with what happened, and no, I wouldn’t “be the first one crying for help”.

          I’m FAR from anti police, but you can’t depend on police to defend you from aggression. You might as well hope for superman.

          I’m not saying that police won’t help, or that they aren’t trained and capable of helping. I’m just saying that unless you can fit an officer in your pocket, your better off not even considering police in you self defense thoughts.

          So, no. I wouldn’t be the first one crying for help. I’d be the one trying to take care of myself, because that is all you can count on.

    • I ate at Ikea just yesterday. Of course I had my 9mm concealed on me. I have always noticed the sign and I wondered how serious they were about it. Now I know. Probably not going to spend a whole lot of time in there anymore.

      • We like the meatballs, too. There’s only one IKEA in Houston, but it’s nearby and basically on the way to anyplace you’d be going, anyway, so it’s convenient to visit. They have the silly, non-binding ghostbusters style sign stenciled on the front door, which we ignore.

        • Unfortunately, in Ohio those silly ghostbusters-style signs do have the force of law. Guess there’s no IKEA for me in the future.

        • Re: Ohio – no, the “no smoking”/”Ghostbusters” signs are not legally binding, because they do not conform to the statutory requirements of ORC 2923.1212 (, which requires that signage must be posted in a conspicuous location, and must be “substantially in the following form”:

          “Unless otherwise authorized by law, pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code, no person shall knowingly possess, have under the person’s control, convey, or attempt to convey a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance onto these premises.”

          If those words aren’t present substantially in that form, symbol or no symbol, the sign doesn’t meet statutory requirements in Ohio.

    • I’d be willing to bet that the loss prevention officer was a failed wanna-be cop who had sour grapes and was trying to out cop the cops.

      • Maybe he was just a law abiding citizen sick and tired of second class citizen status that subordinates him to arrogant, entitled cops with regard to firearms laws and company policies. So he wanted to use what aspect of the system was available to him to stick it to the Man and hoist that cop on his own petard. Send that little piggie wee wee wee wee all the way to his car. Not unlike some of those commenting here.

    • We have a Walmart here that’s made it clear that we’re not allowed in their store, in uniform, unless they’ve called us. Kind of odd being that it’s a 24×7 store and one of the only places open after midnight. But such is the case. I go no where near that walmart or its parking lot while I’m on duty. A lot of things have become “civil matters” when we get a call from that store.

      • Really, a Walmart? I worked at a Walmart once, and they had special parking spaces up front for police officers, and there were officers in the store all the time.

        • It’s just this one store and just our department. And yes, it’s a heavy traffic response time.

      • Always reassuring to see that “serve and protect the community” really means “serve and protect if I like you, and you don’t piss me off.” Does being born the right color or on the correct side of town enter into your thinking at all?

        • Right, because it’s pretty much the same thing as letting people get murdered because they’re black. OR it’s a normal response to someone not wanting you there.

          I think it would be great if people could choose to live in (non-rural) designated areas without police protection as an experiment.

        • see what people forget is that police officers are people too and if you treat them with disrespect or cause them grief they will respond badly on occasion

      • Wow, that’s a new definition for the lexicon. Previously, a “civil matter” has just been code for either “I’ve already picked who I want to win this criminal matter and it’s not you, so I’m going to thwart your right to justice, declare it a civil matter and let the bad guy get away with what he’s doing”, or “I don’t care about either one of you, but my shift is about over and I just want to be done with this call. So I’ll call it a civil matter and walk away.”

        To those classics now we can add “As an entitled member of the ruling class, I’m offended that I’m held to the same standard as the peasantry. So I’m holding a personal grudge against this business. I’m going to violate my oath and shirk my duty by declaring things a civil matter, and not serve and protect like the phony motto on the cruiser reads.”

        This why you need to arm yourselves and take responsibilty for the safety and security of yourselves and your family, ladies and gentlemen. The truth about guns is that they’re only useful when they can be used. Depending on the government and its agents to use them swiftly and judiciously is a serious misapplication of your trust.

      • Can’t say that I blame you.

        I avoid places that try to ban me from being who I am as well.

        However, I must ask…. Why would you need to go into a walmart on duty for non “official police business” reasons. Not trying to be a smart ass, I’m genuinely curious.

    • I got one better for you: Buffalo Wild Wings in Jackson, TN, asked a full team of on-duty(admittedly, on lunch), in-uniform SWAT personnel to take their guns off and put them in their vehicles. Their response was to leave. One of them was my instructor for my Handgun Safety Class.

      • To be clear, if I ever ran a restaurant, I wouldn’t have the slightest problem with people legally carrying…

        However one must know that SWAT doesn’t have a great image in this country right now, with every wrong house and dead ankle biter that image gets worse.

        However. One thing must be made clear… While I am pro gun in the extreme… I think it is only fair that if a place of business bans guns for me, they should also ban them for off duty police. If those cops weren’t there on police business , then they we just like the rest of us. A civilian getting some food. If that is the case they should follow the same rules as the rest of us.

        Sorry if any of that seems antagonistic… it just seems rational to me.

        • sounds reasonable to me.

          if citizens can’t concealed carry, why can off-duty cops?

          furthermore, if citizens are limited to 10 round magazines (or whatever restrictions some states impose), then off-duty cops should have the same restrictions.

          Finally, off duty cops have NO BUSINESS wearing their uniforms into IKEA or any place else.

    • For those not “in the know”, Maryland is probably in the TOP 5 most restrictive states and territories for firearm ownership. Basically, only LEOs can concealed carry in this “may issue” state. The IKEA store was in College Park section in Prince George’s county. This county is, um…not really a “shining star” are far as safe neighborhoods go, except Southeast D.C., of course.

  2. That loss prevention officer deserves a huge raise and all private businesses that prohibit weapons possession needs to apply that ban equally to law enforcement and private citizens.

    • Damn straight! No exceptions for badges. Period. Love how they make the little aside of “he worked in the morning & was working that night so he didn’t change out of uniform because it’s too hard…” You’re off duty. The rules apply to you & they should apply even when you’ve got your tin badge to hide behind. That loss-prevention guy is a shining example to all.

  3. Good to know. IKEA makes absolute garbage anyway. And that poor baby cop was upset( open carrying oh my!). Buy your kid better furniture.

  4. Thing of it is, here in Washington State the actions by ikea was unlawful. Signs and will of owners play no part. The only places not allowed by civilians to carry firearms are government buildings, and areas where large groups of people are meant to gather. I.E. Stadiums. So I could open carry as a private person into Ikea and they could do nothing legally about it. So thus Ikea was in the wrong.

    • In a perfect world this should be a no issue deal.
      Here in Florida since part of getting “Shall Issue” back in 87.
      We had to give up open carry and are 1 of 6 states that are in this predicament.
      When I lived in NY I had a full carry permit and have no memory of a property owner having any such rights of posting signage of any type on any business open to the general public.
      To this day I don’t pay attention to such signage here.
      As here it carries no weight of law.
      Concealed is concealed.
      The worst that you can be charged with is trespassing should you refuse to go.
      If you refuse to leave anything that happens after that …..well you deserve what happens.

    • You’re wrong (yes, specifically in Washington State). Yes, a sign does not have any special meaning, and neither does a warning – in a sense that there’s no specific law that will make carrying illegal after such a request, like some other states do.

      However, if they ask you to leave because you’re carrying, and you refuse, then at that point you’re trespassing, and they are totally within their right to call the cops, and the cops will arrest you and charge you with it. And yes, they do have a right to make such requests – it’s private property, they set the rules on who may be there. (There are some exceptions, like protected classes – they can’t discriminate based on race, religion, gender etc – but those are explicitly enumerated in law, and carrying a gun is not one of them.)

    • I’m afraid you’re wrong there. It is private property. Even if it is “open to the public”

      If the people who own or manage that private property decide they don’t want you having a gun, then it is their RIGHT to tell you to leave. The gun itself would not be illegal, but you would be a trespasser if you didn’t comply.

  5. It’s Takoma Park for gosh sakes (can’t say hod because that will cause an atheist Hippy there to die from heart issues)! If they could get rid of the police in that bastion of East coast hippy dom that wants to emulate all that is the San Francisco/Oakland experience. The place was a nice place to live till it got so eccentric that it went stalinist with its rules.

    • Now you could well be talking about The People’s Republic of Takoma Park in the Formerly Free State of Maryland. That’s the only self-declared Nuclear Free Zone that I know of in the Northeast (I’m sure they never considered the local hospital’s X Ray lab when they declared themselves that, but hypocrisy and emotion overrules logic there every time.) So something like that incident would fit like a glove there.

  6. Only a few acceptable things from Sweden: Meatballs, Tempurpedic pillows, “I am Curious (Yellow)”, a certain Muppet chef, and Elke Sommer (yeah, I’m that old). It must be that same Lib-Swede mentality and thought process used in hiring LPOs that goes into assembly furniture.

  7. I am sure we will have more cop bashers coming out. My opinion is that the Police should honor IKEA’s wishes and good luck to them when some one robs them.

    • Why is asking cops to respect property rights and follow the same rules as the people who pay their salaries “bashing”?

      • Well fair enough but then don’t cry when the police “respect” your wishes and don’t show when a crime has been commited on your property. This is not a matter of law since police are allowed to carry virtually anywhere.

        Despite the common view expressed here the Police are not just like private citizens. They are authorized to enforce the law and use force to do it. The private citizen has not such right beyond self defense.

        • So we should ignore, bend, or break the rules for those that enforce the rules else they will stop enforcing the rules? Sounds like a pseudo-warrior class and that never works out for the peasant-class. At least permit-holders should be treated equally to police in that regard, although lets not let facts get in the way of perfectly good fears.

    • “Police should honor IKEA’s wishes and good luck to them when some one robs them.”

      Good luck for what exactly? You expect the cops to actually be around when a crime occurs? Cops don’t show up until long after things are over with whether you’ve called them on their bullshit or not. But I guess you live somewhere that everyone’s got a cop tagging along 24/7 as their personal shadow…

  8. I think the dateline needs to be edited. From the flag on the wall behind the police officer, this was Takoma Park, Maryland, not Seattle, Washington. The Ikea store is in College Park, MD, adjacent to the Washington Beltway.


    • OOOOOOOH, Maryland. Now I it all makes sense. Well not really but at least I can process it. Maryland being the state that randomly pulls over cars with plates from Florida and Georgia to shake them down for illegal weapons.

    • Oh, hell! “Maryland” is all you had to say… I just became simultaneously unsurprised and uninterested. No… uninterested it is.

  9. Most of IKEAs products are made in China.
    Many signs, or company weapon policies say only LEO while on official business can carry weapons.
    I visited once, never again.

  10. we are getting a new IKEA store in north St. Louis, right in the middle of the ghetto, and this policy sure will encourage customers to come from the outside areas to shop, knowing how safe we will be since it is obvious the store is furnishing security and preventing those nasty guns from being brought into the stores.
    averaging two to three shootings a week in our gun/crime free areas.
    not quite as bad as chicago, but still impressive.

  11. Another good reason to not shop at IKEA.

    IKEA is Swedish for “particleboard”. And then you have to assemble it yourself.

      • Good one Bill,
        I’ve made a lot of stuff out of wood, and the only thing I can see that particle board is good for is” prototyping, mock up, templates, and anything you don’t expect to last more than a short time.

      • are Ikea’s “meat”balls assembled in the same Chinese particle-board factories as their flat-pack crap furniture?

  12. You know what would have been a real hoot? If the real cop had handcuffed the mall cop and arrested him for felony stupid. Yeah, I would have paid to see that.

    • The only “felony stupid” here is IKEA’s “no guns” policy. The guy at the store was just enforcing his employer’s dumb rule. No guns means no guns, no matter what costume you’re dressed up in.

      If police had to abide by the same rules that apply to the rest of us, I bet we’d have a whole lot fewer idiotic laws…

      • Police do have to abide by the same laws. With a few exceptions like speeding to an emergency w/lights & siren. If the politicians most are lawyers would make good laws that are constitutional then no problem. A lot where you think LE gets away is generally a few bad backed by the union rep & a good lawyer not wanting bad publicity. Look @ San Antonio PD w/a number of rape complaints. Suspended permanently means 2 things either not enough evidence or cops that became politicians allowing the conduct (usually to appease the union @ bargaining time). Personally know 4 officers not cops guys with a badge that were allowed to resign to make Mayors & elected or running for office politicians save face & get votes.

        • I was referring more to firearms laws. Like California, for instance, where all the handgun roster and bullet-button bullshit doesn’t apply to current or retired LEOs. Almost every state or municipality that has restrictive gun laws makes sure to include a carve-out for cops. This isn’t “a few bad apples”, this is specific exemptions written into laws that all other civilians are expected to obey.

    • You can bet that’s what would have happened if he was there on official business… I’m still not sure if the security guard has a chip on his shoulder about cops or is so dumb he actually thought that would be a good idea.

  13. “We regret that there was a misunderstanding of our weapon policy in our College Park Store. Our weapon policy does not apply to law enforcement officers. We are taking steps to ensure that this is clear for all our co-workers.”

    “Only ones” mentality?

    In that case, bite me.

  14. Yes but they give you all the food on seperate plates and you have to assemble it yourself. IE burger on one plate bun on the other, lettuce on another and tomato on another Etc…

    • This is about a private business enforcing rules about who and what they are willing to allow on their own property. It has nothing to do with the Second Amendment.

  15. Looked up Swedish gun laws for eu country fairly liberal. Not as good as the Swiss but better than CA or MD. if the dems get control or my own lovely senator Graham gets more liberal (@ least Tim Scotts office will answer the phone & return calls). My $$ will go further seriously thinking of pulling a Charlie Chaplin & leaving America when it becomes Amerika. Time for 1861 to repeat if that is what it takes. My maternal great-great-great grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War our side. Paternal in 1812 both left Ireland because of opression, taxation & hunger. All things as a U.S. citizen I have today.

  16. Some animals are created more equal than others. I just wonder what gun laws would look like if cop carve outs were illegal.

    • Actually, that could be a great way to restore reasonable rights for civilians in states like california. A lot of states wouldn’t have much change though.

  17. This is just stupid and silly. All I’m seeing is a lot of anti-cop bullshit. And you all sound… well, jealous.

  18. The real measure of success for a man is having a very high MTBIV score. MTBIV = mean time between Ikea visits.

  19. I’m just surprised that the Takoma Park City Politburo even let him have a gun in the first place. I wonder if he can have bullets?

  20. not sure who this policy would even ban BESIDES police. since when does Maryland approve of non-cop residents carrying guns?

  21. As my German friends tell me , IKEA stands for Idioten Kaufen Einfach Alles . Idiots will buy anything .

  22. I have only 2 reasons to go to MD; Diner outside of Baltimore serves blueberry pie the wife makes me stop for & I-95 is closer to the Poconos when we visit the 2 oldest kids. My Brother hated what T-Park & MD turned into he refused to be buried in the state, & he was on the border of socialism after 2 tours in Vietnam. Living there made him into a Reagan supporter.

  23. I for one am getting really tired of carveouts for law enforcement. They’re no more capable, responsible, or deserving of the ability to project force for the purpose of self-defense than the rest of us.

  24. I try to walk around IKEA armed at least once a month. Not to buy anything, just to enjoy their hospitality.


  25. Odd… I really thought the sign would have had special properties… Like a “Dispel Firearm” effect causing the officer’s firearm to cease to be by the end of his turn…

      • Indeed, because everyone know guns are actually wands of Magic Missile and people are just 1 hit die mobs. You can’t stop the carnage once they go off, but hopefully you can fool the bearer into thinking he doesn’t need the thing and leaving it at the inn.

  26. “‘weapon free environment” Is not worth lizard spit in Texas. Have to have State dictated sign, other wise it’s a request not a legally binding rule. Similar to Starbuck’s & Target’s policy. Therefore I enjoy the occasional over priced Latte with very yummy mini cupcakes with my Ruger .38 LCR snuggled in a holster
    in my front pocket w/reloader in another designated pocket. I carry every day, everywhere, where legal.
    Even when open carry of handguns becomes legal, probably will not open carry in gun “sensative” retail stores. Don’t want to spook the sheep.

  27. So … police are willing to leave long guns, shotguns, etc., in marked patrol cars, but not easily concealable pistols?


    • As a chief likely does not have a long gun in his car. Also does not say if he was in a patrol car or not just he did not want to leave it where anyone could see him disarming, assume loose in trunk. Long arms are usually secured with electric locks w/time delay.

  28. Soldiers have ten times the amount of weapons training as the average cop. So, why don’t the exemptions apply to them?

    • They do have exemptions; who else gets to carry a honest-to-god machinegun at work? And I, for one, don’t get to play with mortars on the clock 🙁

  29. What truly cheeses me off is that LEO’s think they should have special privileges. Every one of us faces that sort of dilemma every time we walk into an enforceable “Gun-Free Zone”.

    Every day at work, I have to leave my carry weapon out in my car in the parking lot. Every time I go to the post office, license bureau, the Verizon store or Joann Fabrics, I have to leave both myself and my handgun vulnerable. It’s ludicrous from a crime-prevention standpoint, as well as insulting and degrading.

    It’s not that I don’t think police should be able to be armed in stores; it’s that I think the rest of us shouldn’t have to deal with these crap policies, either.

    • It’s worse than that – they don’t just believe that they should have special rights, they think that they are actually superior and “super-human”.

      Here’s some screenshots (names redacted) of my cop brother-in-law and his wife ranting on Facebook on the 4th of July (oh the irony…) that police are superior to non-police and that the police shouldn’t have to obey the law.

      • WOW! You have my sympathies. Does he keep his cape in the car, or does he just wear it all the time? (Sorry, that was the image his posts created in my head)

        • How did he get a LE job. I think his department needs better background checks. I still help a couple of depts. do backgrounds, interviews when hiring as they are now. After chatting with 3 so far they have no in big red letters. 1 did not pass basic pysch ??. Just be glad he’s in-law not blood.

        • See, I’ve worked with more than one (LARGE) police department as well as having several relatives (and their friends that I see at family functions) that a cops… when people insist that “cops aren’t like that”, I don’t believe them and get called names. The truth is, as much of a jackass as he was being, he’s still one of the BETTER cops I’ve met in my life. Every single one I’ve met thinks like this and worse. This is also the….3rd? 4th? department he’s worked for. So, while you may be a former LEO, the current ones that I’ve met (of various departments, cities / states, and age ranges) all have had this type of attitude. Hence my general disdain for LEO’s and a desire to see them massively knocked back in line by the populace.

  30. Cop should have said “suppose I go in and do my shopping anyway. Who you gonna call? More armed cops?”

  31. As always, there is an exemption to allow the least trained and most dangerous of American citizens to carry guns anywhere they want and commit any crime they want with impunity.

  32. Is it even possible to return to the parking lot without walking through the entire IKEA? That place is a one-way rat maze.

  33. Now that IKEA has made the official statement that it only applies to law-abiding citizens, not law-enforcement officers who also have their guns for THEIR OWN protection, NOT the store or customers, I think it’s time for people to express their OUTRAGE over IKEA’s HYPOCRISY!


    “while mentally noting the old adage — concealed means concealed. “

    I think maybe people should start wearing shirts in the store that read ” May Be Carrying Concealed Weapon)”


    See example:

    If anyone wants the files you can get them here:

    Both files are PNG images with transparency, so you can apply them to any color shirt (I wouldn’t recommend white since the image is white) and use them on any custom t-shirt website (I used Zazzle for the example, but you might find a cheaper site).

    • PS. if anyone asks you if you have a weapon on you, all you need to say is “I’m not at liberty/I don’t need to answer that, and you don’t have the right to question me. Have a good day.” 😉

  34. That sign just means that ikea doesn’t have any weapons, other than the kitchen knives they sell of course. My person however is not a weapons free zone, in ikea or otherwise, they have no sign actually saying anything resembling that’s forbidden in their store. They took their ridiculous furniture assembly ‘simplified’ directions and are trying to apply it to policy, that’s just flat out dumb. Sorry, but you can’t streamline wording, cause of that whole ‘interpretation’ thing.

    As for the LEO, I agree, they’re civilians too, but seriously, it’s just silly to ask a uniformed cop to remove his weapon. That same person will be the first to go running and crying to that same cop if he was in trouble, because he’s obviously a helpless human being.

    FWIW I conceal carry in ikea all the time. Their sign is meaningless.

  35. the police uniform is a symbol of civil authority to enforce laws and employ force on behalf of whatever government the agency belongs to.

    Police officers have no business wearing their uniform off duty, into IKEA or anyplace else. They have no business moonlighting in uniform, either. it’s somewhat obscene to wear a uniform that that empowers a person to employ force against citizens when off duty. it is completely obscene for cops to be able to work as private security in their uniforms when off duty, as is the case in some places.

    Furthermore, if state and local laws prohibit concealed carry or limit magazine capacity, then off-duty cops should be bound by that just like everyone else.

  36. The IKEA in Round Rock, TX has a legit 30.06 sign on all of the doors, in English and Spanish, with the proper size lettering. I noticed it this weekend and had to take a trip back to the car to put my .38 in the glove box, hoping some little miscreant wasn’t watching. I got lucky, but I won’t be back anytime soon.

  37. Waiting for the day we hear the place is either held up or shot up. Hope it never happens but their policy is just begging for trouble. These libtards in libtard states will never learn.


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