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You may remember the story of a Georgia gun owner openly carrying a firearm who demanded that another Georgia gun owner openly carrying a firearm show his permit. Gun owner number one drew his gun. He was arrested. TTAG awarded Ronald Williams our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day award. The antis seized on the story, using it to argue that gun owners are all idiots and that Georgia’s new gun laws would unleash lethal, lawless behavior. Over at Gawker, Adam Weinstein put the boot in with Good Guys Celebrate New Georgia Gun Law By Almost Shooting Each Other. As usual, the site’s commentators went to town. Crazy town . . .




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  1. I hope the antigun loons keep it up. They make Joe Biden look sane. Well, somewhat sane. Okay, less insane. In any case, it’s delightful.

    Ya see, they have to fantasize about mayhem because there isn’t any. Any sane person would have already figured it out, but they haven’t.

    • …or they fantasize about mayhem among law-abiding gun owners because they are, to a fault, left liberals. This means that they can’t focus on the actual mayhem in the urban ghettos because that would require coming to terms with the fact that most “gun-involved mayhem” occurs due to the perpetuation of a truly awful cultural paradigm that includes “don’t rat,” drug dealing as primary occupation, and the notion that a perceived insult is properly answered with a drive-by homicide.

      The left can’t look at the evil of that culture head on. It makes them nervous. They fear they might be called racist…might actually be racist…because that’s the dominant “narrative,” more important than any reality, on the left today. You are forbidden to condemn the culture that leads to most violent mayhem….but saying “hey, non-urban non-liberal non-minority guys with guns! Must be ’bout to shoot people!” That way of thinking, though patently having no legitimacy in statistical reality, is approved by the dominant narrative. Even when some non-minority does go postal, it is almost always a liberal who disapproves of some part of reality as he perceives it. But that fact, too, has not made it into the dominant left liberal narrative, because it doesn’t fit the goals of the narrative’s writers and publishers.

      Sixty years ago the upholders of the dominant left democrat narrative would be hustling anti-black blue-collar race fear to generate votes, and wouldn’t even distinguish men by their culture rather than the color of their skin. Ironic just doesn’t say it.

      • It’s even simpler than that: Gang-bangers don’t give a damn what the the community thinks, and the *sure* don’t give a damn what sheltered liberals think.

        What’s truly amazing is that such a tiny percentage of minority communities (3%!) has such a disproportionate impact on everyone else. If nothing else, it shows the power of violence.

        End the drug war and these thugs could be kept in their designated cells, full stop.

  2. What we have is the anti-gun crowd projecting their lack of self-control and desire for wanton violence onto the rest of the population, and onto gun owners in particular.

    I am glad that most of the anti-gun crowd choose not to own guns. Who knows how many accidents they would have.

    • This seems to be a recurring theme with the antis; “We don’t trust ourselves with firearms, therefore no one can be trusted”

      It is a big responsibility. No, it isn’t for everyone. But that does not mean you strip those rights from others

      • No, that’s EXACTLY what it means.

        If these super-smart, highly-tolerant, way better than the rest of us, top-level-humans (no, really! Just ask them!) can’t even trust themselves, then how can they POSSIBLY trust the street-level peons like you or I? If THEY can’t handle it, then NO ONE CAN! They’re really trying to HELP us! It’s for our own good, after all (and the children; I almost forgot THE CHILDRENS)!

        Bingo! #therootoftheproblem

    • In the Chicago ghettos over the 4th of July weekend 82 people were shot and 16 of them ended up cold morgue meat. But the left calls for gun confiscation, not culture change, because you’re not allowed to call for culture change among minorities. You’re only allowed to agitate for the change of the majority culture that, surprise, had been working quite well.

      If the ghettos of Chicago (and Detroit and New Orleans) had blood running in the streets year after year from machete attacks, the statist left liberals would be calling for machete bans, not a change in the culture. They can’t perceive that holding the culture of the gang bangers responsible is not racism. It’s common sense. “Take the guns off the street and you’ll still have a crime problem. Take the criminals (and their culture) off the street…and you can’t have a gun problem.” -paraphrasing Cooper

      • “They can’t perceive that holding the culture of the gang bangers responsible is not racism. It’s common sense.”

        Thank you. Gang culture needs to be targeted from the ground-up. Arresting them after they are “in the life” is just clean-up.

  3. They do it because it makes them feel better, of course. And that would be all right if that’s all it were. Human nature, you see. But what frustrates me the most is that they just can’t comprehend the simple fact that gun owners just want to be left alone. Hell, I had a broad tell ME to go away, right after I asked her to do the same first. Mad dogs is the only thing I can think of to say.


  4. Look, they would be smearing minorities if that was still allowed but the only open season left is MC gun owners and being they are such poor shots they are restricted to target rich environs. Just be glad that Clowns are a protected class, you don’t want to read what they have to say about Clowns

    • Oh no, they still get after minorities. They just only do it publicly to those who stray from the plantation.

  5. I say let em do this.
    It alienates people on the fence, and for good reason. Wishing death on someone for their political beliefs is ridiculous.

    • It alienates people everywhere, not just fence sitters. Like breaking wind in church. In a way that’s a good thing.

  6. I think we should be very careful about helping others in a time of need. Afterall if they were pro-gun they wouldn’t need help from someone who is. At the very least before you step up when someone is being robbed, beaten, abducted or brutalized start a dialogue first. Just ask them how they feel about gun rights. If at that moment they do not support them then carry on as you were.

  7. Does anyone know if any of the anti groups are registered as 501c 3 or other non-profit status? As such there financials are subject to public disclosure. Would be interesting reading to see where funds are coming from & disbursed too.
    Really think a lot are either paid in cash or cigs. Obviously not going towards the much needed mental health meds. Good thing they are good christians, blogging before they go out to protest our rights by praying for our deaths.

  8. Ah yes… when the Left unveils its true bloodthirsty, psychopathic side…. They can never keep it bottled up for too long.

  9. Really though, can you blame them after reading that Georgia story? If roles were reversed we’d be frolicking in joy too.

    • I think its more their hypocritical embrace they have with wishing death on all of us. They are the ones who claim to love peace and stand against guns and hate violence, yet here they are praising it, in an extreme way. They truly do post much more threatening and bloodthirsty posts than I ever read on TTAG.

    • As has been said before (multiple times), if even a small fraction of law-abiding gun owners were 1% as violent as they CLAIM we ALL are, every anti-gun/anti-gun-rights person would be dead.

      Every. Single. One.

      And yet, they’re not.


      • If that were indeed the case that gun owners were as violent as the antis claim then the US would be vastly underpopulated

        • Or perhaps at just about the right population density.

          Human beings are the only animals who overcrowd themselves by choice, as far as I know.

          Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to be said for cities – centers of art, culture, music, science, et cetera – but I’m quite happy I no longer have to live in a major metropolitan area. People are just nicer to each other when there are fewer of them per square foot.

    • No, these people are always wishing harm, violence and death on anyone who doesn’t completely agree with them.

  10. Yes, with the new Georgia gun laws, murder and mayhem will occur on a biblical scale. I do have to admit the 2 Georgia gun owners were and are good candidates for a future Darwin award.

    • I take it you didn’t have a chance to read the story.
      One crazy guy in the store was playing police and asked the other guy who just walked in to buy something to show his concealed carry license. Guy #2 refuses for the obvious reason, guy #1 draws his handgun. Stupidity ensues, but the second guy did nothing wrong when you put the situation in context.

  11. Of course they are entertaining, they are cartoon characters living in a cartoon world. Their simplistic, childish reasoning starts with their own moral superiority and concludes with the evil nature of anyone who disagrees with them. The never ending visions of slaughter that go on in their heads is how they conceive justice. Laughing and joking about death and destruction in a public forum is how they demonstrate their wit and their courage.

  12. Gawker is the literal, yes literal, asshole of the internet.

    Id rather read bloombergs latest press release 10 more times than gawker.

  13. I find it hilarious that the group who calls themselves tolerant and that guns should be removed for peace are also the ones that live on a steady diet of hate and uncontrollable emotions.

    • This is actually a pretty classic narcissistic Californian-style worldview.

      Start with a rock-solid belief in the correctness of their own opinions. Add in a self-image of tolerance and moderation. Then stir in a handful of FUD-induced revulsion at anything that might cause them to question their own beliefs, let alone contradictory evidence.

      Bake in overcrowded bubble chambers (we all agree about this, right? Because we’re all good people, and good people believe this, right?) for a couple of decades, and …


  14. If you want a picture of leftist tolerance one only needs to look at the Russian “Revolution’ and what followed. People who did not wholly support the state were purged, those too popular were purged. The purge is coming, once power is absolute and the internet media has been silenced great horrors will follow.


    oh wait. that never happens. Hell, even in this case, nothing bad happened. no one got hurt. move along.

  16. Yeah we got us some real fools here. Good for a laugh!

    But I have to caution everyone: Just because we found a couple of anti-gun fools doesn’t mean all anti-gunners have these violent desires. I certainly wouldn’t want to walk up to some random activist and accuse them of having these wishes.

  17. Folks you do realize that there is a really serious downside. ALL the geniuses that bought the CCW Badges to play pretend are out of luck. I bought 1 as a joke for a friend in IL told him they came with the class. He sold his business & moved from Morton Grove when he found it was legal to ccw, own a suppresor & you didn’t have to wait 6 months & give up your firstborn to purchase an AR. He could actually legally have all the things he could only dream of in the state that had it’s dead resurrected every election.

  18. As I’ve said elsewhere on this site:

    Unrealistic lefty loons like these here seem to think that if they just pretend violence will go away, it will. When confronted with the fact that it won’t, the cognitive dissonance they experience often takes their pendulum all the way to the other side of the spectrum.
    They embrace, even covet, violence- whether by their own hands or those of their proxies (i.e. the gubment)- and direct it against those who’ve challenged their silly worldview.

    Of course this is still part of their “it will just go away” mentality: They sincerely hope that if we’re gotten rid of, real threats will disappear as well.

    Total detachment from reality.

  19. So, if I were to refer to a bunch of women’s rights groups, abortion activists, feminists, etc. as a bunch of “sluts” (or a worse name that I won’t write out) and that I hope that they all get sexually harassed, would I be able to avoid getting into trouble if I “clarified” that I only want this harassment to be of the verbal form?

    I’m willing to say with certainty that the answer is “no” (and I would not disagree with any negative reaction to such an idiotic statement). These guys, however, are allowed to wish harm upon people who haven’t done anything wrong, and virtually without consequence. Pathetic.

  20. I read up on that story. Sooo….these antis are enthralled and amuse themselves by entertaining the prospect of both a law abiding citizen and a mentally unstable criminal potentially shooting each other?

    I don’t get it. Somewhere between the set-up and their punch lines, the jokes are missing something. Humor?

  21. Reading is fundamental… But don’t tell the crazies. They have more in common with that gas station nut-job than they’ll ever know.

    Meanwhile, the guy he harassed represents you and I. I just hope we continue to outnumber them, and that it always ends that well.

  22. The most ridiculous part about this is only one of the gun owners acted in an irresponsible manner – the other one handled the situation better than most people could. The offender was arrested.

    I don’t understand how that’s not a success story.

  23. Much of what has been said above applies, but there is another level that goes deeper into our human experience. It can be summed up as tribalism. Since the dawn of history tribalism has ruled our thinking. We have been taught our tribe is right and that all other tribes are wrong, but not only that, allowing wrong tribes to exist in your midst is cause for damnation and destruction. We have been conditioned for thousands of years across all cultures and boundaries to be drawn toward like people and hate different people to the point of killing them. That is why punishments were often death or exile in years ending with BC, simply having a blasphemer in your ranks would bring destruction on everyone.

    Some of us have been able to distance ourselves from that conditioning or give it a second thought, others are more controlled by that compulsion, as we see here. Tribalism is one extremely strong pull that is one source of intolerance, or more accurately explains the choice to be intolerant. It nags at them constantly, saying “those that are not like you will cause your destruction and there’s nothing you can do about it besides convert them, exile them completely, or kill them”. They can’t do any of those things, but they wish they could as we can tell from failed legislation and as we have seen in comments like “go to Texas with all the other gun nuts (exile)”, or the wishes we would kill each other (since they can’t take responsibility for what they want themselves).

  24. Yup, people who are against gun-ownership are not violent aaaat all, it’s the respectful gun owners who never advocate violence that you need to worry about, of course.

    Gun owners are just regular Americans, like them…. so, you’re really just advocating the shooting of regular Americans – way to go, people!!!! You are a class-act!

    BTW. as I mentioned to TTAG in a previous article: please like the address to the person or comment. It’s unlikely they will ever see this article and it doesn’t help if no on calls them out on it.

  25. How hypocritical, I see a half dozen comments exactly like that on just about every political post on this site. It’s just people joking around

    • Hypocritical?! Do you even know what that means? It means when someone tells you not to do something, then does it themselves. Do you see anyone on this site making death threats or advocating violence against people who don’t own or are against guns??? I don’t! GET REAL!

  26. We’re eight days into a sultry July, and there is still no blood in the streets, wild west gunfights or drunken bar shootouts. It’s all rather anti-climatic.


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