Senator Josh Hawley Missouri
Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., (Greg Nash/Pool via AP)
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Last night, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley tweeted that “Antifa scumbags” had come to his house in Vienna, Virginia. The protesters apparently object to Hawley’s plans to force a debate over Biden’s electors in the Senate this week. Haweley was back home in Missouri last night, but he reports that Antifa types “screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door.” This must be part of that whole unity thing Joseph Robinette Biden keeps yammering on about.

As the Daily Mail reports . . .

Members of ShutDownDC held a ‘Vigil for Democracy’ on Monday night. Video of the vigil showed at least a dozen protesters gathered on the sidewalk outside Hawley’s residence, which is actually in Virginia not DC.

Here’s ShutDownDC’s video of the incident . . .

The video shows three of the protesters leaving the sidewalk and approaching the front door. It isn’t clear what they did there and the video is edited.

If this had been the Biden residence, we know exactly what would have happened. Jill Biden — sorry…DOCTOR Jill Biden — would have fired a couple of shotgun blasts through the door at the protesters. Instead, Erin Hawley appears to have called the police.

It’s not clear if the protesters with the bullhorn were actually Antifa-affiliated. They appeared to be just a small group of loud left wing types out to attract some media attention while harassing Hawley. They couldn’t even manage to get through their brief, unimaginative chants without a crib sheet.

But that doesn’t mean that actual Antifa types might not show up a the Senator’s home some other time. A time that the Senator again isn’t at home and his wife and children will have to deal with a potential threat themselves. Actual black bloc brownshirts won’t be content to chant from the sidewalk and stick a copy of the Constitution on the door.

We don’t know if the Hawleys own firearms, but given how often Senators travel and in the current super-heated political climate, we wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving our family members at home, unprotected, without the means to defend themselves should it come to that. And then there’s always the possibility of run-of-the-mill criminal activity such as burglaries and home invasions which affect everyone. Even in suburban Virginia.

So if the Senator and Mrs. Hawley are looking for some advice on a good home defense firearm, here are a few articles to look over. We’re always here to help.

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    • “…if you want to live you better call before you come by.”

      Verified, the real Deborah. 🙂

      Where’s a drive-shooting when you need one? 🙂

    • Cops say protest outside Sen. Josh Hawley’ Virginia home was peaceful with ‘no issues or arrests’ after the Republican claimed ‘Antifa scumbags’ threatened his wife and newborn

      If they are on your property and asked to leave – and they don’t, that’s called trespassing. You actually don’t have a 1st amendment right to be on private property protesting. Just because you are a pathetic placardtard with nothing better to do, “protesting,” doesn’t mean you get to walk all over people’s private property and look into their windows.

      The cops that called this peaceful were retarded. These people trespassed and then invaded their privacy by looking into her windows.

      Members of ShutDownDC held a ‘Vigil for Democracy’ …

      Vigil? Seriously? A Vigil for democracy? People should organize a shit-in, where they go to these Antifa people’s homes and take a huge whopping shit on their lawn and call it a “Wellness stopover.”

      • Narrative yo!

        If this were a democrat congressman’s family, they would be terrorists. If the democrat was black, then it would basically be a Klan rally.

    • Well, howdy, neighbor, to you too. Probably a pretty lonely existence in “your neck of the woods.” In my neck of the woods, we take it right friendly if neighbors care enough to drop by. We call it….hang on now…..neighborly.

  1. Time to turn on the sprinklers and let the dogs out for a “walk”…
    peaceful protests are one thing…this was NOT…this was disturbing the peace and harassment..

  2. Yeah pol protect yer wife & kid…anywho the big brains in Kenosha decided they WANT riots & looting by not charging a cop for shooting that Blake rapist in the back. Even though he deserved to be ventilated. Fun times with weapons. Free Kyle & lock n load. If the dims win in Georgia we’re screwed.

    • “Well, her husband is attempting to stop a coup,…”

      There fixed it for you, you red wolf progressive communist!

    • Using constitutional means to challenge a state’s electors in Congress is not a coup. Democrats have done it themselves more than once in recent history. Unless there’s broad unity to sustain the challenge, it’s a symbolic act that goes nowhere — and that’s exactly where this one is going too, despite the appearance of massive fraud in key states.

      But go ahead, encourage people to harass and intimidate people in their homes. I’m sure your side is going to love it when our side starts doing the same to your people.

      • Ready when you are. The more dead commies the better.

        I’m all for protesting these politicians, but it’s ANTIFA, so fuck em. Also, I can’t find a single thing I dislike about this politician aside from the fact that he’s a politician. He “supports” the 2nd, or at least opposed an assault weapon ban. He hates ANTIFA. And he knows the election was rigged and is fighting it. Good enough for me.

        When you have an active protest going on in front of the house and people walk on your property, they are not just “knocking on your door”, they are trespassing. Kill them. Don’t think twice about it. More of that needs to happen.

        • I hope that is hyperbole.
          The legal principle in all the states is that you are safe on your side of the door.
          Even if they are pounding on the door, holding knives and threatening murder, you cannot shoot thru the door.
          They have to breach the door before you can legally shoot

        • Yea, because the law is there to help us, right?

          You can fight the law after the fact. If they were told to stay off your property, then it’s trespassing. “I heard one of them say ‘smoke em out’ so I stopped the threat to my family”.

          There are ways. Even still, fuck that. Kill commies with zero remorse and this country will adapt to changing the law that communism is a threat eventually, and groups that advocate it are terrorists. Do nothing, and nothing changes. More people need to be offensive instead of waiting for them to approach their door.

          Someone’s gotta be the first…

      • The United States Supreme Court has already said the election challenges should be filed in state courts.

        Trump and his allies have filed more than five dozen lawsuits in state, federal district, federal appeals and United States Supreme Court, and have not prevailed with their unsupported claims of election fraud.

        The Constitution sets forth the Judiciary branch as the arbiter of law, giving citizens right to petition the government for a redress of grievances through the court system.

        Where Trump and his allies have been smacked down with judicial objectivity, as recently as today:

        “A federal judge in Atlanta on Tuesday denied a last-minute effort by President Trump to decertify Georgia’s election results, handing the president yet another courtroom loss just one day before Congress is scheduled to bring the presidential race to an official end.
        The ruling from the bench by Judge Mark H. Cohen denying the emergency petition brought the number of legal defeats that Mr. Trump and his allies have suffered since Election Day to more than 60. The challenges have spanned eight states and dozens of courts, and have become more desperate as the vote in Congress on Wednesday to formally certify the victory of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has drawn closer.
        In a complaint filed just hours before the start of the new year, Mr. Trump and his lawyers asked Judge Cohen to toss the verified results of Georgia’s presidential race, citing a litany of previously debunked fraud allegations. They claimed that officials in Georgia allowed dead people to vote, as well as unregistered voters, convicted felons still serving their sentences, and people who had registered to vote at post office boxes.
        Mr. Trump raised many of these false accusations on Saturday in an hourlong phone call in which he pressured Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, to help him “find” just enough votes in Georgia to win the election. On Monday, another Georgia state official, Gabriel Sterling, held a news conference rebutting nearly all of Mr. Trump’s false claims.

        Judge Cohen denied the president’s emergency request at a brief hearing on Tuesday morning that journalists were blocked from covering remotely. While reporters have covered most of the hearings related to election challenges from Mr. Trump and his allies by either phone or video, Mr. Trump’s lawyers did not consent to allowing public access to the remote livestream of the hearing on Tuesday.“

  3. Eh, fuck ’em. He’s just another shitbag swamp creature responsible for this whole mess in the first place. PERIOD.

    • They should have ALL (except Trump) been swinging from lampposts on Pennsylvania Ave a long time ago. A message needs to be sent but, oh no… America’s “too nice” for that. We’re not a banana republic. Yeah, about that… That bullshit is EXACTLY how we get elections fucked beyond belief because there are NO consequences when caught, so cheat your asses off because there’s zero risk. In other countries, these traitors would be executed for treason or exiled from the country with their families forever. But, not here because we’re “too nice”. Fuckin’ please…

    • What mess?

      He opposes the mess. The democratic lies and deceit.

      Fuck around and find out commie. You and your red shirted buddies can get buried in mass graves together walking on the wrong persons property.

  4. Well according to the freedom of speech freaks. They have every right to do this. Knock on your door at 3 a.m. Play loud music do whatever they want according to the freedom of speech freaks of the ACLU.

    An organization that says the Second Amendment is only for the civilian police and Military.

    But apparently the first amendment is not for Christian anti-abortion protesters. But the first amendment is for people that want to protest a military recruiting center.

    And according to some in the “gun Community” the first amendment is not for gun owners who want to open carry their firearms, along with any political sign that they might carry.

    • This was 7pm

      police said the ‘protesters’ left when asked to do so.

      the senator is a massive snowflake. God forbid a representative of the people should have them come… knock on his door.

        • BAHAHAHA we already know the answer to that… and it involves several ounces of urine flowing down to the floor.

          • it involves several ounces of urine flowing down to the floor.

            You have to get past its mommy first….

  5. All that talk of watering the tree of liberty and fighting tyranny sure seems to have gone out the window awful fast. Hawley is trying to overturn the will of the people and you’re cheering him on.

    • Tremendousazzhat…What is obvious Election Fraud was done under the cover of night in key states simultaneously. That is not the will of the people.
      Perhaps you were one who voted only for Jim Crow Gun Control joe and left all other fields blank? Who does sht like that in the hundreds of thousands? Please explain or gfy.

    • One of the biggest issues here is that no one actually knows what the will of the people is. We absolutely know what the will of the Washington left is.

    • Never mind that challenging a state’s electors in Congress is constitutionally allowed and has been done several times before on both sides of the aisle, or that it has never yet changed the outcome of an election.

      Every Democrat in Congress, plus the entire legacy media and the tech-giant oligopoly, spent the last four years trying to overturn the will of the people who elected Trump. Why shouldn’t both sides have their turn?

    • Hawley is trying to overturn the will of the people and you’re cheering him on.

      Actually he is only trying to overturn the will of the “voting” DEAD, the thousands of illegals counted in mail in ballots and the excess votes turned in by people who either voted in more than one state, or voted multiple times….. In fact “to be fair” Anyone who honestly believes that Creepy Uncle Joe got more than 80,000,000 LEGITIMATE votes while campaigning from his basement and doing “NEWS” conferences from a teleprompter is an absolutely irrefutable fucking MORON just like Creepy “The Big Guy” Joe and Kammaltoe “The Plagiarizer/LIAR” Harris…

    • The will of the people?

      Commies are not people. They are germs. We need to sanitize our country. Come here, lemme disinfect you.

  6. Trespassing at night in Texas is a sure way to a dirt nap…. Protest all you want on the street, trespass and threaten, well I hope you have 6 friends willing to be pallbearers.

    • They chose their target carefully.

      It was in Leftist territory…

  7. Meanwhile, Trump (who is still president) get getting death threats that no one seem to want to talk about. Not to mention the threats to his family over the last four years.

      • It has always been an issue. The reason I say something about it is that so many seem to be ignoring it. It’s hard to sympathize when people that should be putting attention to it are themselves whining about being threatened. This is a real concern that the American people should be taking more seriously. But people are so very tired of dealing with childishness from EVERY elected leader in Washington.

        • Bend over, boy, and you can wadda wadda all you like. Bubba, your prison cell mate, says you have some sweet, sweet wadda!

        • Thank you so much for your comments, they are so informative with regards to your internal dialogue.

          I find it mildly interesting how often Homo-erotic sex is mentioned on this forum, it seems to be a subject that is top of mind for most who comment here.

          Not that there’s anything wrong with that, whatever floats your boat.

          But I do have my concerns that some of this gay banter may conceal hidden self-hate that is often externalized as gay bashing.

  8. Creepy joe said that all you need is a shotgun and a balcony.

    Seriously, any female being alone with small children better be able to respond to danger with a gun.

    Make the odds equal when two thugs kick the door open. Mama wolf needs to go on the attack at that point.

    No one is coming to help…at least for awhile.

  9. Somebody at my door will not know that I own/carry a gun until they successfully pennetrate my house. I think it is smart that he did not make a comment about blasting away protesters- even if they reach a point that they deserve it. He is playing his cards close to the chest, speaking softly and (hopefully) carrying a boom stick.

    • Hopefully they show up tonight and stay there, although I am sure the family is already out of there. Either way, protect the goods ones. This guy is definitely a good one, and that’s why he’s on ANTIFAS radar.

  10. Once again…If we lose GA you can thank wimpy RINOS who did nothing about election fraud and the stick in the mud mitch mcconnell who blocked $2000.00 Stimulas Checks for months. The POTUS was ready and willing to sign and now Joe Biden has taken the ball and ran with it to GA where he promised checks if democRats win.

    Voters were disenfranchised and thrown scraps left from the pork. Those are not ingredients to win without a miracle but win or lose the RINO wing belongs in the crapper.

  11. If the Dems get the Senate and the Presidency, this type of mob rule will be the new model: disband the police and have “citizens” enforce the Dem’s manifesto.

    I, along with a posse of 5, will be in DC tomorrow to support the President and those fighting for him. Secret Service has estimated the crowd will be between 2 to 4 million. That is 2-4 times the population of Montana.

    Gonna be fun.

    • If it is going to be 2 million, they better amend their permit filing, there seems to be some discrepancy between what you report and what the organizers of the rally are forecasting.

      “The National Park Service has received three separate applications for pro-Trump protests on Tuesday or Wednesday, with estimated maximum attendance at around 15,000 people, said Park Service spokesman Mike Litterst. On Monday, a stage was being assembled for one of the protests on The Ellipse, just south of the White House.

      Organizers plan to rally on Tuesday evening at Freedom Plaza and again all day Wednesday on the Ellipse, including a 1 p.m. Wednesday march to the Capitol. Expected attendees include high-level Trump supporters like Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Republican strategist Roger Stone, a longtime Trump devotee whose three-year prison sentence was commuted by Trump. Stone was convicted of repeatedly lying to Congress during the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.“

  12. Threatening or a seated US Senator while Congress is convened = BIG FEDERAL FELONY!
    Organization doing it = RICO.
    DCPD or DOJ fails to act, Trump can temporarily declare DC under Federal protection and fully federalize the PD and National Guard, since DC’s Mayor saw fit to bring them in.

    Pretty sure DCPD is as fed up with Defund Democrats as every other Police Agency.

  13. And here we are at hypocrisy central!

    Roger J says:
    January 2, 2021 at 08:02
    Glad to see he is afraid of those who he is intentionally pissing off.

    avatarMontana Actual says:
    January 2, 2021 at 09:09
    This. America needs more of this.


  14. This is it boys. If we dont fight the communists here and now, our future as a constitutional republic is grim. Our future as freemen is grimmer. To hell with the Washington cowards on both sides. They brought us to the trigger point. And if we fail to fight this communist takeover now, with aggression and force, its all over. Resist. Never surrender. Hot lead or cold steel. Muck up the works. Never Surrender. The French Underground were quite effective. So can an American one.

    • Where have I heard this before?

      “This is it boys. If we dont fight the communists here and now, our future as a constitutional republic is grim. Our future as freemen is grimmer. To hell with the Washington cowards on both sides. They brought us to the trigger point. And if we fail to fight this communist takeover now, with aggression and force, its all over.”

      Oh yeah, the domino theory in Vietnam.

    • Already being referred to as a “Democratic Republic” by RINOS.
      It’s been lost. I’m not a defeatist, but any single action taken is chalked up as terrorism or the likes and there are just simply not enough conservatives taking an offensive stance. If we showed up in DC armed and ready, it at least would be the offensive motivator for the rest of the country. But that would mean actually fighting. Never gonna happen in modern society. The best we have is half ass goofball orgs like the proud boys, and they are just a response to ANTIFA and BLM… Not gonna cut it. Stand back and stand by? Words to choke on.

  15. Sorry to say this but Hawley and Chicken Little have much in common.

    The local police department said no property damage was reported and the group of about 15 protesters left without incident when police arrived. They were cited for writing chalk messages on the street, chanting in violation of local noise limits, and protesting outside a private home, which is illegal in Virginia. “It was a minor event,” a police spokesman said.

    If this got his panties in a knot could you imagine his reaction in a real situation.

  16. Hawley’s an idiot. The election is over and Biden won. (Trump spent four years playing the fool and pissed away his reelection.) Nevertheless, attacking or just harassing a public figure’s family is off limits no matter who does it. This time it was Antifa but conservatives haven’t been completely innocent, either.

    • It was’nt antifa, it was just a group of dumb ass cancel culture wannbes. They stood around chanting dumb slogans, decided to skip playing hopscotch and instead wrote some stupid crap on the sidewalk and were cited and told to move on by the police.

      Meanwhile chicken little had the sky falling as antifa in black Ninja uniforms storm the house and threatened his wife with crude ( chalk drawings? )

      Wish the cops had charge him with making a false report. But some animals are more equal than others so we can’t be doing that.

    • Ken and Ken, you are ruining the narrative.

      You know there are several dozen Tacticool operators, who are just looking for an opportunity to cosplay with their lethal weapons and this event was shaping up to be a stellar opportunity for them to parade in their military drag and convince one another they are bad ass operators.

      Just imagine how disappointing this fella is going to be when he finds out that the protesters didn’t burn anything or kill anyone, he’s all dressed up with no one to blow… up.

      “Montana Actual says:
      January 5, 2021 at 16:45
      Ready when you are. The more dead commies the better.

      I’m all for protesting these politicians, but it’s ANTIFA, so fuck em. Also, I can’t find a single thing I dislike about this politician aside from the fact that he’s a politician. He “supports” the 2nd, or at least opposed an assault weapon ban. He hates ANTIFA. And he knows the election was rigged and is fighting it. Good enough for me.

      When you have an active protest going on in front of the house and people walk on your property, they are not just “knocking on your door”, they are trespassing. Kill them. Don’t think twice about it. More of that needs to happen.


      What would should the readers of TTAG do?

      “Kill them. Don’t think twice about it. More of that needs to happen.”

      Yeah there’s a fella that knows how to persuade ordinary Americans to support gun rights, he seems like a real responsible gun owner.

    • Is it off limits? When it was done years ago, lawmakers lived in fear from the people. Now they live consequence free. Regardless, doesn’t change standing your ground on your property, especially your home, with uninvited guests that have a history of violent action. They should have been warned when not on the property, and then disposed of when on the property for neglecting the warning. Both sides could learn lessons from both stances taken here, yet we do nothing and take the red coats word that “peaceful” should be determined after the fact.

      • Montana, the problem is when you take the side of a chicken little when a real even happens folks are going to ignore it. That guy is pretend bootlicking, watch for his announcement of a run in 2024. He is hoping the Trumpites remember and reward him when the time comes.

        The Donald has done some good, heck lowing the price of insulin to $35 a month means my cost dropped from over $800 a month to $70. he has done a number of other things too that help the average person and has done a good job of reducing regulations. But when he spends large amounts of his time helping fellow fat cats it dilutes the good he does. How many people are aware of the good compared to all the helping of fellow fat cats. And say what you want, what he is trying to do now is a power grab. He lost, fellow republicans for the most part did not and in Congress even gained a few seat. As well as held onto and gained state and local seats all over the country. So its not Republicans who were hated and fired, Trump was. He or rather his ego can’t handle that so he is trying any trick he can to stay in power. And if he does it will be a coup.

        • Miner, I voted for the Prez. While I am not thrilled that Biden won I accept it. I hope he knows or someone who has his ear knows that if he goes full left 2022 will be a bloodbath for democrats. Sure New York and other solid blue areas are safe but do you think ol Joe in West Virginia and others can survive the guilt by association? If he and those in Congress and maybe the Senate who also might have a slim majority of Democrats work to help America and not pass WOKE crap they have a chance to unite Americans. If they instead go full leftard I’m hopefully in one of the states or areas that will be part of whatever alliance forms that is not part of team blue.

          In other words I do not think this country could survive an Squad style government.

  17. They can buy guns n votes but they can’t buy heart n courage. If they didn’t have THAT already it’s too late.

  18. I mean, I think he’s a craven partisan toadie who is desperate to appeal to the outgoing president’s base (as are most of the congressmembers voting against certifying state electoral votes). Privately, none of the GOP reps have seriously alleged widespread election fraud; this is a litmus test for blind loyalty to Trump that will be used in coming years to decide who to primary.

    All that shadiness being acknowledged, nothing justifies threats against non-elected, apolitical family members. At the same time I believe that Hawley should have had a MUCH better plan in place, like maybe not leaving one’s wife and young child alone in a vulnerable publicly known location the night before you plan to trigger deeply controversial, politically motivated procedural votes that are doomed not to pass.
    We would criticize the hell out of a non-elected citizen for fuckups like that…

    • I’m not loyal to trump.

      There is voting fraud.

      Stop the steal.

      I’m loyal to liberty. Not a person. Trump just happens to be the one in the seat that has given the movement the balls to scare the deep state enough to commit such acts as we have seen in 2020. It’s not a pro trump thing, it’s an anti RINO pro liberty thing.

      Stop believing the headlines, but tbh, you sound like a RINO already.

      But I do agree about his family, although I know my family would have taken the correct steps to thwart such a threat, and police would have never been needed – as it should be.

  19. Stop complaining about the Antifa @ssh0les. If they’re really frightening you, shoot the b@tards. If you don’t, then they really weren’t placing you in fear of your life.

  20. A Missouri senator that lives in Virginia, what? Missouri must not be good enough for the people that represent it. Does anyone see the problem?

  21. Perhaps if Hawley was not so afraid of the Constitution there would not have been a problem. Instead he is trying to overthrow it. Sorry his wife was bothered.

    apparently there are people who understand what a fair election process is, and used their First Amendment rights to express that. Shame a “anti-constitutional scumbag” like Josh Hawley does not respect the rights of Americans.

  22. How come none of these fine protestors of the election have protested against any of the Republicans who won office in these SAME elections?

    What is Hawley REALLY after? He has provided not one shred of credible evidence that anything wrong happened.

  23. In Washington DC? If Hawley’s wife displayed a gun, she would be jailed — not the rabble outside her home. TTAG reports this morning that the DC cops are after Congresswoman Lauren Boebert who carries.


    Looks like Lyin’ Josh Hawley is at it again. Par for the course – another panty-wetting Trump supporter who sees antifa around every corner.

    “However, “a local police spokesman says they have no reports of property damage in Hawley’s Virginia neighborhood,” reports Bryan Lowry, a correspondent for the Kansas City Star. “The police spokesman told me this was such a minor event that they’re not even putting out a press release,” Lowry added.”

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