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    • both depending on the class

      They are: Stock Service Pistol for DA, DAO, Safe Action users; Enhanced Service Pistol for SA users; Custom Defensive Pistol for custom .45 ACP pistol users; Enhanced Service Revolver for full moon clip revolver users; and Stock Service Revolver for revolvers that don’t use full moon clips.

  1. If I wanted to compete IDPA, do the rules require me to wear a SMFV? Despite their amazing style, I don’t currently own one, and don’t know where to shop for them.

    • I believe you are required to fire from a concealed carry (waist, non-X-draw) and so need appropriate clothing to accomplish that – whatever that may be, shirt, vest, etc… Can any active IDPA peeps confirm this?

      • You got it 100% correct Mr. Wardlaw. I noticed the TTAG community doesn’t seem to have a lot of people who go to competitions. I have to say you all have to try it– it’s a lot of fun!

        To Matt in FL: the “shoot me first” vest isn’t the only type of garment; it’s just one of the most popular ones. Some people use large open front shirts over a tshirt. Others use a regular long-sleeve jacket. Some (not enough unfortunately) actually compete with their concealed carry gear.

  2. Haven’t seen much competition shooting, and certainly haven’t participated (yet), but some of those stages looked pretty damn inventive. Trunk monkey and shooting from a porch stuck out in my mind. Cool stuff.

    • Trunk monkey looks like it might be based on an incident in Florida years ago. Guy put his guns and ammo in the trunk of his car to go to the range. 2 guys car jacked him at a light. Instead of leaving him on the street they stuffed him in the trunk and then drove him to a secluded spot.

      What their plans were at that moment is anybody’s guess. Dude came out of his trunk firing when the popped the lid. It was up close and personal and the bad guys didn’t live to give a statement.

  3. Cool video, but what scenario was that guy doing while laying on the couch?

    Taking an afternoon nap only to discover your whole house has been invaded? O_o

  4. I shoot IDPA but not at a national level. Thanks to the Nationals being right up the road in NC this year, our local match had a much more manageable number of shooters with many of the big hoss’s being gone. Looked like some really cool stages in the video, much more elaborate than ours. Nobody has volunteered their car trunk in a local match yet!

    IDPA is great fun and good training, even though it’s a game. The rules force you to think ahead, move quickly and safely, and the timer & scoring add that touch of adrenaline we all love so much!

  5. At a certain point, in my then young life, I was assured that Fencing was the way to go in martial arts. That scam lasted 3 days, when after skewering several opponents I was reprimanded for Not giving the other guy a chance to skewer me. Idiots.
    Real training, somebody suffers pain, or worse

  6. My brother-in-law has recently gotten involed in IDPA and he loves it. So much so that he has gotten my interest up. I’m still nursing a broken/dislocated thumb that is taking forever to heal up, but when I feel I can pull a trigger without dropping the gun in pain, I’m thinking of training for this and entering a couple of local matches.


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