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Please send your “I Am a Gun Owner” statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.

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  1. Hurrah for mortgage free homes. I built my love nest for my hot little bride with cash on hand and little borrowed from dad.

    Back then, everybody was on my case for building so small. Even dad. Nowadays, everybody thinks I’m a wizened sage, which is a heavy burden for being so young, tall, dark, and handsome. (But still humble, mind you.)

    Small House Society

    P.S. Room for only 1 gun safe is sufficient. My wife told me so.

  2. Dan, Robert, and crew: are these pictures going out on Twitter? It’s one thing to post them here where the chorus can see them. It’s another to have them spreading “in the wild” where anti-gunners and people on the fence can be exposed to them.

    I assumed they were because the first ones had a #truthaboutguns hashtag on them, but I actually don’t know that they are.

  3. Triple nine society? let me guess….glock 17, beretta 92 and cz75.

    they must have put me in the triple six society by mistake. 🙂

  4. Sorry, was I the only one who read “I am a Nuclear Control System Engineer” followed by “I am a cancer survivor” and thought, “Well now we know how you ended up with cancer….” ?

  5. Finally, another OFWG. Proud to meet you. Seems we’re not as common amongst the AI as the propag… msm would have us think. Or at least according to the photo evidence from the I Am A Gun Owner series on TTAG.

  6. Now this brings up another compelling reason for armed citizens: citizens who work on sensitive infrastructure. Anyone involved in nuclear and chemical plants, as well as natural gas, electricity, and telecommunications infrastructure could be prime targets for evil people. Alternatively, those plants and infrastructure could be direct targets and on-site personnel might be the only people capable of stopping serious damage.

    The applications are endless.

  7. Well, Carl, that makes 2 of us at the Triple Nine Society, so it is safe to say that we are statistically over-represented there when compared to the ratio of potential 999 members to society as a whole.

  8. New York City has the Sullivan Act where only the bad guys can carry guns and now they have several more laws that do the same thing as the laws that were written before. What a nice warm blanket of protection to defend the lady and her son when the the bad guys come to do what ever they want to because, the cops don’t have to protect her, just enforce the law for the common good of the state. I live in a real world that knows that Police Officers can not be every where. I have a carry permit, firearms safely keep in my home, I have trained the people in home how to react when I am not there, to respect and not mess with guns without adult supervision,treat every gun as if were loaded, and if they see another kid with a gun run as fast as they can away from them, find an adult to take care of the situation. Guns are like many many other tools, devices or what label we put on them that when misused kill and injure people. The article said that the lady did not want her child to know about the tragedy at Sandy Hook, to keep her child shielded from reality is and injustice to the child. How are they going to deal with reality when it hits them in the face? I am a parent and would be more than willing to sacrifice my life to save a child’s, being the person that my father raised me to be I would much rather defend both our lives with the means I have at hand, a gun, as tragic as it would be for both of us we would survive.

  9. Its not just good guys versus bad guys with guns. We have 33,000 gun deaths in this country every year. Ten times the rate of any other western country-yet our other rates of criminal violence are nearly the same as these other western countries. Spousal murder, relationship murder, suicide, accidental death by adults and children are rampant. The reason for this tragic state of affairs is simple-the more guns,the more DEADLY those guns and the more easily accessible those guns are the more gun deaths will result. Guns need to be regulated as a public health issue-just like automobiles, tobacco and alcohol-no one is advocating the prohibition of gun ownership. That would be insanity.
    Why can’t guns be reasonably regulated? Unfortunately,the NRA is a superb propaganda machine that has motivated its members by the use of constant fear tactics to vote solely on the single issue of guns. In this manner the NRA has been able to bully our elected officials from passing reasonable gun control legislation that a majority of voters want.
    A few years ago annual motor vehicle deaths were in excess of 55,000 per year. Somehow we have managed to reduce that number significantly to 34,000 even while the number of vehicles and miles driven have increased significantly. How? By government mandates making cars safer and laws that control problem drivers. We did not do this by taking the right to own a vehicle away. Reasonable and sensible regulations of guns and the people who are allowed to buy and possess them could have a significant reduction in the number of gun deaths. What other product is sold to the general public in this country that causes such wholesale slaughter of people and is not regulated? You have a right to have a gun for your own self defense if you think that is what you need. You do not have a right to own nor the need for a military assault weapon. If you buy a gun then it should be manufactured and delivered with enough safety devices to prevent an unauthorized use or an accidental death.


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