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Mikhail Kalashnikov turned 90 years old not too long ago, and to commemorate that moment Arsenal produced a limited number of commemorative presentation grade AK-74 rifles. Now, K-Var will be importing a select number of those rifles for sale in the United States. The guns come with a pair of white gloves (as your hands aren’t worthy to mar the finish of this gun) and are offered in either a silver or gold model (that being the color of the bolt carrier). As for price, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

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  1. Bummer they chose to go in presentation grade plastic. I don’t always act a snob, but when I do I prefer hardwoods.

  2. The reason I don’t buy commemorative anything is because I know that within a year I’ll get sick of seeing the engravings on my gun every time I take it out of the safe and wonder “Why did I pay so much for this?”. I would much rather pay the all ready expensive price for an arsenal ak, and then try to find some original Soviet wood to put on it.

  3. Shiny? Pretty? Did hell just freeze over? Are you trying to upset the natural order of things? Talk about trying to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.

  4. While it’s for sure cool for the collector, it’s a bit ironic model seeing as AKs are known for the abuse they can take and keep on working.

    Definitely wouldn’t want to throw that AK in the mud.

  5. im sure i could chrome plate my ak and its still better looking than this one. my opinion on”collectors edition” is the amound of rounds it has eaten, not sitting pretty in a display case

  6. Mommy! Buy me that commie!!!

    Some folks just can’t see the value in an indestructible tool that will never let you down. I, on the other hand…

  7. Yes, all you imperialist dogs, behold the magnificance of the mighty AK(& now improved with chrome plating). pierce migraine would drop over if he saw this, Randy

  8. AKs are meant to be shot, abused, thrown, dirtied and actually used. Just another dumb idea to grab more money from a few of us.

  9. If you were to give me one, I would take it to the range and run it.
    I have several guns that I purchased brand new, I was running them within the week. I do not own a gun that I have not run at least 100 rounds through it. The same would be true for this one!


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