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Back when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives claimed that an “iron river” of guns flowed from Bob’s Gun Store to the Mexican drug cartels, a claim that justified both their Fast and Furious “botched sting” and the imposition of a long gun registry on all U.S. border states, TTAG called bullshit. In the main, the cartels use weapons that “migrated” from official U.S. and foreign sales to the Mexican (and other Latin American) military and police. We would have taken the feds’ disinformation to pieces—if the Mexican government hadn’t stopped reporting all the serial numbers of all the guns confiscated at crime scenes. For some reason, that info ceased around the time F&F began. All we have now is anecdotal evidence. So check out the picture above and the photo and list below from‘s report on the Piedras Negra’s attack (for which arrests were recently made) and draw your own conclusions . . .

1. AK-47, 7.62 X 39mm, fixed stock.
2. Grenade launcher, 40mm, rifle mount (mount configuration unknown).
3. Assorted Ammunition, Rifle, .30 caliber or greater, type unknown.
4. Grenade launcher, 40mm, M-79, standard format.
5. Grenade launcher, 40mm, Multiple, 6-round capacity, mfg. unknown.
6. Grenade launcher, 40mm, HK 69A1 “Granatpistole,” retractable butt-stock (Heckler & Koch).
7. (7) 40mm Spin-stabilized Grenades, HE // HEDP:  (2) types present: (4) Bearing strong resemblance to the U.S. M433 HEDP (Fragmentation / Shaped-charge). (3) Bearing strong resemblance to the S. Korean K200 HE (Fragmentation / High Explosive).
8. Ammunition, Rifle, .30 caliber or greater, type unknown.
9. AK-47, 7.62 x 39mm, unknown origin, folding stock.
10. AK-47, 7.62 x 39mm, military issue, fixed stock.
11. Model 1919A4.30 cal. Browning Machine Gun, belt-fed, (U.S. produced or exact foreign copy).
12. PG-7 Booster charge – for RPG-7 munitions.
13. RPG round – PG-7VM (Romanian) HEAT with a modified fuze or an improvised fuze safety cover; heavily carried.
14. RPG round – PG-7V Anti-tank; consistent with RFAS or Bulgarian mfg.
15. RPG round – PG-7V Anti-tank; consistent with RFAS or Bulgarian mfg.
16. RPG round – PG-7VM (Romanian) HEAT.
17. RPG-7 Launcher, 40mm Russian (RFAS) or Eastern Bloc, heavily carried and recently fired.
18. RPG-7 Launcher, 40mm Russian (RFAS) or Eastern Bloc, heavily carried.
19. M-60 machine gun, 7.62 x 51mm, U.S. issue, produced sometime between 1996 and 1999.
20. Ammunition, Military Ball, linked, 7.62 x 51mm (for the M-60).
21. AK-47, Weapon origin uncertain, however, the folding stock that it is equipped indicates that it is Romanian, Polish, or post 1985 East German.
22. Weapon not identifiable from view angle, but may be a semi-auto shotgun, box magazine fed.
23. AK-47, 7.62 x 39mm, fixed stock.
24. This firearm appears to be a pump-action rifle, .30 cal. or above, model / origin unknown.
25. Limited item view prevents positive identification.
26. Magazines, 7.62 x 39mm, 30-round capacity, loaded.  Magazine count:  108 // Total rounds:  3,240 rnds.
27. (2) Hand-held Transceivers (appear to be VHF).
28. Magazine, Drum, 7.62 x 39mm, AKM, 75-round capacity.
29. Hand Grenades, delay fragmentation, M-26A1 design, country of origin not identifiable; possibly:  South African, South Korean, or U.S.
30. Hand Grenade, appears to be an RFAS RDG-5 with UZRGM Fuze.
31. Unknown container, possibly Deta-sheet (flexible explosive) rolled, or similar foreign compound.
32. Packing container containing at least one PG-7 booster charge – for the PG-7 rounds.
33. Canister, PG-7 booster charge.
34. Canister, PG-7 booster charge.
35. Tactical Vest, hand grenade configuration.
36. Body armor, military.
37. Tactical gear pouches.
38. Tactical duty belt.
39. Tactical Rifle sling, padded.
40. Body Armor, tactical, threat level (Bullet resistance) unknown.
41. This appears to be a ceramic plate/s for body armor shown (Item No. 40).


HK69A1 40mm Grenade launcher (“Granatpistole”) [Item No. 6; is a very high quality 40mm launcher that is produced in Germany and is in service with a number of military and police forces, all of which are overseas.  There is a high likelihood that this weapon was hijacked or interdicted during a shipment of legitimate arms, possibly destined for delivery to the Mexican government.  Another probable example of a hijacked weapon in this group would be Item No. 19, the M-60 Machine gun of U.S. mfg.

RPG-7 Presence:  The presence of two RPG-7s’ (Item Nos. 17 & 18) in this cache may have significance based upon their origin.  Components of the Mexican army appear to have fielded small numbers of RPG-7s within the past several years from sources currently unknown.  The RPG-7 has seen very limited use on the southern continent, with the exception of the El Salvador conflict that occurred in Central America in the mid 1980’s.  While the dates of manufacture of these weapons are not readily apparent, they appear far too new to be from the El Salvador conflict.  They do however, appear, to be of European (RFAS or former Eastern Bloc) or Middle Eastern origin.

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  1. “Two rocket launchers
    Three grenade launchers
    HK machine gun with ammunition
    machine gun MDD
    long gun (shotgun)
    A 22-caliber rifle
    A 33 caliber rifle”

    Seriously, how long would it take to get the actual names of the items used. I know it’s not all that relevant to the story, but c’mon. They’re not even trying. They might as well have just said “Over 60 assault weapons including grenade launchers, machine guns, and sniper rifles.”

    • They had all of these pictures at my trial, and it did not make sense to me and the court. All it takes for the public,grand jury and a judge to see these pictures and come to a moronic decision to indict someone of wrong doing. I had two stupid judges ( Timothy Ryan ) and ( Gary donahoe ) to credid for to issue a indictment in my case ( X -Caliber Guns ). The federal agent NOT the fed’s and the state tried to sell the same crap to the public as if anyone can go and buy this crap any of the gun shops in the U.S. I have never seen so much cruption in any agency in my life where they keep trying to sell the story to the public with the media’s help and get away with with no one having the correct questions asked to them because the courts don’t have the knowledge of the GUN LAWS. It takes a attorney that knows the gun law to explain to the courts and he better be good at it. Most attorneys say they have knowledge to take the case and then the plea you out and people think you are guilty of some wrong doing. It’s a shame for this country to stoop down this low to take away someone’s life for their moving up in command and position in their line of work.

  2. All commonly available at Walmart or Dicks for sale to teenagers all day long. That’s the narrative we are told.

  3. Glad to see that Bob’s Gun Store finally has M-60s, RPGs and HK grenade lauchers back in stock. They were all out for a while. Guess its time to break in the credit card.

  4. Five AK-47s,
    Four grenade launchers, three rocket launchers, two hand grenades
    And a partridge in a pear tree.

    This looks like my Christmas list.

  5. You mean you guys can’t get RPG, belt fed machine guns and grenades at your local hunting/fishing store? That’s all they stock on the shelves in my neck of the woods (ROTFLAMFAO)

  6. OMG, see what happens when there are loose gun laws in america (sarcasm)!?!?

    jesus, the news media and statists are actually fucking stupid enough to blame mexico’s problems on US gun owners though.


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