The trailer for the Hollywood biopic Machine Gun Preacher has dropped. The gun grabbers at The Huffington Post will be pleased with the opening, wherein our hero does “things he’s not proud of” with a shotgun. Yay! Guns are bad. Of course, the entire point of the movie—well the title anyway—is that Sam Childers wields a machine gun on behalf of Somali children. And yet the trailer refrains from Rambo-izing Childers, save a subliminal flash of Sam holding an AK in a truck (2:03), ye olde “that’s it I’m opening the gun case” scene and Sam shooting an RPG at attackers (rabbi with an RPG?). Wimp-out! Still, to quote Babe (now that I’ve stolen a joke from TTAG commentator Brucio), that’ll do pig. That’ll do. Over to you HuffPo.


  1. What idiot would risk their lives for the Third World hordes? The MSM will eat this up like Gran Torino. White man kills self for non-Whites.


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