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Once again, the has stopped making sense. “Check out the poster for ‘Machine Gun Preacher,’ an upcoming biopic starring Gerard Butler as a drug dealer/gang biker/real live bad person-turned-evangelical Christian named Sam Childers, who upon finding God goes to Sudan to save the Childers. Doesn’t Gerard look effective guarding a machine gun in one hand and a doe-eyed boy with the other? By the looks of that tiny swathe of space between the gun and the boy, this is clearly a man who knows what children need. Great job, ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ team! Nothing says ‘Hope is the greatest weapon of all’ like your tagline.”

[Click here to view the trailer for Machine Gun Preacher]

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  1. Without bothering to follow the link to HuffPo, I’d be willing to bet a steak dinner that not one of their complaints had anything to do with his finger being on the trigger.

  2. I am pretty sure that it is an underfolder in the folded position, not half a rifle. I didn’t follow the link either. Them getting all twisted over a MOVIE POSTER isn’t worth me wasting my time.

    • Some of us have nothing better to do. ;-;

      /unemployed uni. graduate looking for job

      That said I don’t mind if I fail the Foreign Service Exam for a few years. I don’t think I’d like having Clinton as my boss.

  3. I don’t even understand what they’re getting at or what they’re trying to decry. That either says something about me, or something about them. I’m betting the latter.

  4. Had the movie been about a Catholic Preacher, this poster with the little boy and rifle could have gone a whole different way.

  5. I find it funny that Huffington was once a Republican pundit. Married rich, then divorced with a pile of money, switched parties when the wind blew the other direction… and suddenly became a bleeding heart liberal.

    She reminds me of the bat in Aesop’s fable about the the war between the birds and the beasts.

    • Well, to be fair to Arianna, it turned out that Michael Huffington (for whom I once voted, before he sold us out on AWB ’94) also blew the other direction.

  6. So…they’re trying to decry a movie about a guy probably using guns to defend the innocent, but have to do it in veiled remarks because it’s about a topic set not only in real life but in a place where their donors and readership care about.

    I can see why they”re confused. It doesn’t fit the narrative. He should be shooting these kids instead of pushing them behind a wall and defending them.

  7. Hollywood’s ridiculous portrayal of firearms does gun owners no good at all. Where do we think non-gun owners get some of their ideas about guns and violence?

  8. The preacher should be black. That would’ve really had them wetting their pants. If I was young, I would have been very interesting in going to africa and participating in something like this. I would have considered it a wonderful way to die, saving innocent kids. I really can’t understand how with so many macho black gangbangers around, not to mention the disproportional number of black combat vets in this country who have been underfire, none of them have done something like this? I’m white, of german extraction and even if I wasn’t so old, I could no longer help as white mercenaries are verboten.
    Bill frist went to darfur as a surgeon. Too bad he didn’t bring some righteous bad boys along as well. JB

  9. That’s really a scarey poster for liberals; the very sight of an automatic or even semi-automatic weapon with a banana clip makes them crap their pants. It can be embarrassing. HuffPo really is out of the mainstream of American thinking.

    Andrew Breitbart set up Arianna; she took the 300 million and ran. Good for her; too bad for the moribund Newsweek. Pretty amusing actually.

  10. this is clearly a man who knows what children need

    What children need is to not be hacked to death by a machete.

    I see the problem here. The Sudan (like Tibet) is a major source of liberal moral posturing. It just feels so good to tell everybody that “we have to do something about Sudan.” But guns and preachers are icky! They just totally ruin it!


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