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I wouldn’t recommend a speargun for self-defense; a jury might consider it a bit . . . cruel. Then again, gun laws deny millions of law=abiding citizens their natural, civil and (in America) Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear firearms. If that’s the way you roll, for whatever reason, needless to say, Herr Sprave’s +p++ and two-shot version offers improved penetration. It’s a clever innovation for those of you who think you might have to recreate Thunderball on land. Just remember to laugh maniacally.

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  1. I keep thinking this guy was born too late. He would have been the John M. Browning of the neolithic or bronze age.

  2. Lookin’ a bit peaked there in the preview image… dude might need to catch a few zzzzs.

    • Well, they may be having problems with ‘immigrant’ crime in Herr Sprave’s neighborhood and he may have been up all night on watch…

  3. It would be hella bad to get shot with a spear gun. It sucks to get shot with anything for that matter. It is just a spear gun or an arrow guarantees that you are going to be well aware of the fact you have been hit and just how bad it really is. I suppose if the goal is to stop the threat the spear gun may be a valid choice. I don’t know too many people with the grit to keep going with a metal rod hanging out of their belly. Look at the upside for the shooter. You don’t have to worry about the perp running off you can always tie them up to something while waiting on the police to show up in an hour and a half.

  4. He also does a video where he attacks some surplus police body armor with his weapons. Unfortunately he uses a section of tree as the body inside the armor so I suspect that made his results less similar to what would have happen with a human in the armor. I think only his throwing knife projector penetrated though. He seems like he’d be an excellent neighbor.
    A spear gun was the best weapon I had on my boat when I lived and sailed in Mexico. We’ll maybe the super soaker filled with gasoline was good for repelling boarders before they boarded too.

    • “He seems like he’d be an excellent neighbor.”

      If you don’t mind things occasionally whizzing by overhead at odd hours.

      You might want to reconsider having outdoor cats…

  5. I used to own a hand held cross bow with carbon tipped, aluminum arrows…

    I’d rather be shot, than be on the business end of that thing.

  6. remember to take off the retaining line as this has a rubber shock line and the spear CAN return to you. A US marine was killed in this manner in 1974.

  7. I’ve always wanted to fix bayonets and pin some poor hapless burglar to my wall.

  8. Ah, just yesterday I was wondering what Mr. Sprave has been doing. I enjoyed seeing his latest contraption.

    Even more interesting, I have been thinking about making my own spear gun for archery hunting. If it produces enough velocity and accuracy, it could be an extremely useful archery device for short range hunting. It could also be an invaluable survival tool. A device that is basically the dimension of a 1 inch PVC tube with a pistol grip is extremely handy for a survival backpack … versus the awkward bulkiness of a compound bow or crossbow, or even a recurve bow.

    • That pneumatic speargun has some impressive power over the surgical tubing powered ones.

      I might have to pick one up and mount one of my fishing reels on it, for easy spear retrieval…

  9. I think a compound longbow with a handful of hunting arrows would be a better choice. After hurricane Sandy, I saw a photograph of a New Yorker with one while he watched for looters.

  10. The problem with the spear gun is that there are places where even this is not legal if you turn it against an attacker in your own home.

    When my parents owned a house in the Caribbean my dad did A LOT of research on this including talking to numerous local lawyers. The conclusion he came to was that anything you have in your house that you don’t “make regular use of” for it’s intended purpose but use as a weapon will be considered under certain laws (most notably French and Dutch laws which is what he was concerned with) to have been purchased as a weapon and therefore illegal.

    At the time I suggested a spear gun but my dad not being a big spear fisherman decided this was likely a legal problem. Instead, being big into deep sea fishing he opted for a combination of an 10″ fillet knife and a “fish bat” with a sliding lead weight that was meant to club a Marlin or shark to death.

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