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“To me, this is modern-day lynching. This bill would allow open season for vigilante-style behavior and put all of us at risk.” – Missouri State Representative Kimberly Gardner in Missouri Lawmakers Pass Expanded Gun Rights on Final Day [at]


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  1. And this is why you shouldn’t open your mouth unless you know what you’re talking about. Let alone pass law……

    • Trimming the sail for a broad reach here. Not only should she not open her mouth, she has no business being an elective representative. Women know more than men when to be silent and measure their words. While she has the right to be angry, the death and incarceration of 1.5 million black men since the 90’s one would think she would have a better understanding of what the black population needs. The shallow minded belief that guns are responsible for demise of the black community is unconscionable.

      And now a prediction. After the black community’s 50 years support of democrats. Your representatives will abandon this voting block for Latinos.

      • “While she has the right to be angry, the death and incarceration of 1.5 million black men since the 90’s one would think she would have a better understanding of what the black population needs.”

        Perhaps in Missouri the black population is involved in a higher percentage of crimes HOWEVER they comprise only 12% of the entire population. I suppose one can argue they are being singled out – yet the police say “no” ….. they simply commit MORE of the crimes; they are also involved in the MAJORITY of “black -versus- black” confrontations! Their UNEMPLOYMENT is HIGHER and REPEAT OFFENDERS are right at 67.9 percent!

        Kimberly Gardner seems to be WRONG!

        • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think blacks are involved with 100% of black on black crime.

      • And domestic and imported Muslims. Dems running Get out the Vote campaigns at refugee camps and selecting the new Party Base right now.

    • My first question back to these special people is always:

      “That is not happening in any other state that has Constitutional carry. Are you claiming that your constituents are inherently more violent and not worthy of trust or respect?”

  2. Modern day lynching? So she’s pulling the race card and making the most racist statement I’ve heard in years? Her argumentative implication suggests that blacks are going to be the only ones getting shot. Is she admitting something or declaring something or both?

    • She didn’t even mention her worst fears; People will be walking around wearing two-gun cowboy rigs, every day will be the shootout at the OK corral, and rivers of blood will be running in the streets! Trust me! We’ve been hearing about it since 1987!

    • The blacks will get shot if they are commiting a crime. So tell your brothers to quit being stupid.

      • ^This!

        It’s quite simple, if Blacks don’t like residing in taxpayer-financed Section 9 units (as opposed to “Section 8 housing”) they should refrain from committing crime

      • Couldn’t said it better my self. They are worried now because mobs of blacks won’t be able just to jump on white couples just walking down the street without someone getting their head blown off. Missouri is coming trough for her law abiding citizens.

  3. In any state that has Constitutional Carry, when has vigilante-ism ever been an issue?

  4. Gardner’s ignorance and caucasophobia are showing. Lynching was community justice, typically reserved when people couldn’t get justice through the govt in situations of rape, murder, horse/livestock theft. Marxists have tried, but failed, to redefine it as “racism.” Meanwhile, blacks probably murder more of each other, and more whites, every year or two than blacks were lynched in hundreds of years. Blacks also average 20,000 rapes of white women and children per year, yet there have only been two publicized “lynchings” of blacks by whites in my lifetime, including the mysterious church shooting where the press knew everything about the shooter within minutes and none of the facts add up — but it suited the disgraced Obama administration’ s desire to implement gun bans and foment hatred of whites.

    Likewise, as everyone everyone knows, with Democrats/collectivists, the issue is never the issue; the revolution is the issue. They hate Constitutional carry not because it would cause “lynchings” but because the second amendment protects the others, which they also have plans to get rid of once immigration provides them with an ignorant third world electoral majority.

    The mission of those who seek to preserve their freedom and Constitutional rights must be to fight immigration (see numbersusa dot com) and any attempts for Draconian gun restrictions.

    • They hate Constitutional carry not because it would cause “lynchings” but because the second amendment protects the others, which they also have plans to get rid of once immigration provides them with an ignorant third world electoral majority.
      Sounds far fetched today, but maybe not tomorrow.
      Of course the interesting question is can the Liberals control their Frankenstein Monster?

  5. Can somebody take a look at what she is reading, I don’t think she has the same version as the rest of us. I can’t find anywhere in my copy where it allows vigilantism in any way.

  6. Yes, once all those rednecks get Constitutional Carry; they will all join the KKK and immediately start lynching everybody and anybody. The burning crosses will be everywhere!
    I mean look at all those states that have Constitutional Carry and how they are just full of Klan Members lynching people!
    I suppose she is playing the “My Ancestors Were Black Slaves” Victim Card, but I do not think this thing has enough intelligence to even pick cotton.
    I can see why they had all those Irish Soldiers Of The State to get stuff done.
    On the other hand, I would not trust Carolyn Maloney to take out the trash.

    • But Maynard, we CAN’T form a lynch mob! Why it would be illegal to carry our guns. We’ll have to wait until everyone gets a permit!

      Dammit, that won’t work, Jed’s got a record!

      Shoot, I guess we can’t go killing anyone we don’t like now. Only thing left to do now is to check our white privilege, dye our hair blue and teach others about intersectional oppression.

      Taken from the transcript of a klan meeting. Honest.

  7. Paranoia will destroy ya!
    Lynching only requires rope, a tall object and a mob?
    Wtf is this woman talking about?
    Can we have a measure to require psychological testing for law makers so we know beyond a doubt that only sane people are allowed to be involved in the legal process?

    Does anyone know the last mob lynching in this state?

  8. So let me see if I have this right……. Constitutional Carry= racist white people lynching black people. Black People attack a white teenager who is alone= kids being kids. Ok cool got it.

    • Or on a bus, a commuter train, in the street, whatever. You have to read the newspaper to find out what happened, because ‘group of blacks attack random white guy for no reason’ isn’t in the PCTV wheelhouse. I guess if you get your news from WorldStar, you’ll see the vid…

      I think that’s what the Rep is really afraid of – losing a few of her constituents.

  9. She is simply representing the interests of her constituents. Being that she represents an urban district in St. Louis, constituents mean criminals, welfare vermin and hipsters. Two of the three having a higher probability of getting shot doing stupid things.

  10. Interesting, as this law started out as “police use of force” reform required after the Ferguson debacle. Unintended consequences; The Show Me state gets Constitutional Carry.

    With the margins in both their State Senate and House, if Governor Nixon(D) vetoes this bill, it will likely still get passed.

  11. This not only passed but did so with veto proof majorities. Salenate was 24-8 and the House was 114-36. Not sure how the MO legislature works for veto overides after the legislative session ends though.

    • Each house must vote to over ride a veto by 2/3. Veto sessions are held in September for an vetoed legislation. We have a “conservative” Democrat lame duck governor who is looking for his next job. Gov. Jay Nixon will do what ever he thinks will help him get his next job. At least he is not a pretender like Nathan “Dirty” Deal of Georgia.

    • There’s an override session scheduled every September. Overridden vetoes create a law that goes into effect fairly soon thereafter. I am going to assume Jay will veto this one and will get overridden in Sept (I hope).

  12. Racists gotta project their racism onto others…

    How can you call somebody racist for making it easier for low income black people to arm themselves without paying for licenses?

  13. You know, my white half has been contemplating a good lynching since OC was passed in Texas. I reckon, Con Carry would send that half over the edge.

    My Latino half wants to put my last name in big, Old English font on the back window of my truck and just keeps looking for an excuse to mow my lawn.

    Clearly, I’m having race identity issues; maybe Target will give me my own section between the white linens and lawn and garden.

    • You’re a white hispanic. Does that help? Here’s hoping you got better smarts than the only other white hispanic I know of. 🙂

      • Thankfully, I inherited endowments from the more favorable end of the Bell Curve… Sadly, I cannot say that is so for all my mocha colored brothers and sisters ?

        • LOL….good stuff…..I’m half white half redneck and having a racial identity crisis myself. Often find myself crossways between high tea and the buffet at Golden Corral. Living here in Missouri all my life and have yet to ever consider a lynching. If I did I can promise that my long necked victim would have far more to do with politics than with race. Just sayin’

    • I’m pretty sure you will be allowed to use the bathroom of the race you currently identify with.

      Thanx for the chuckle.

      • Do you have to find a store with the “correct” color silhouettes on the bathroom door? Some stores have white silhouettes some have black silhouettes. Seldom find a mix of sign colors at the same store. Do you have to find the “correct” color bathroom fixtures (most are white color)?

        • That’s why I always keep a white paint marker with me.

          Never know when Nature is a gonna call. 😉

  14. Who wants to bet that prohibited persons or their families are a significant portion of her constituency? Any resistance to the Mike Browns of this world is “lynching” in her eyes. Same goes for the Democrat’s new imported voter base. Goodbye America, hello Brazil!

  15. “This bill would allow open season for vigilante-style behavior and put all of us at risk.”

    I would think the only ones at risk would be the urban youts and other miscreants and ne’er-do-wells who wish harm on others. Be nice to others, and they’ll usually be nice to you. Don’t be nice to others and risk the consequences of your actions.

  16. She is just another fear mongering piece of garbage. I guarantee that privately she had told (lied to) the less informed black community leaders telling them that poor urban people won’t be allowed to own guns legally.

  17. Try to lynch me when I’m carrying a piece. Go ahead. Give it a try. See how easy it is to resolve the lynching issue.

  18. She’s an idiot with a slave mentality.

    The history of gun control in North America is the history of violent White supremacism and the efforts of its proponents to achieve for themselves a “safe working environment”.

    Jim Crow laws didn’t for guns into the hands of Black people. They snatched them away.

    No doubt, she thinks that Black people don’t need guns because cops like Justin Volpe will “protect” us…

    • Yep, that seems to be it. And many in the inner cities live in terror of gangs, and will never help clean up their neighborhoods because they (rightfully) don’t trust the police to protect them. I’m sure many cops would love to protect those who come forward, but the sad fact is after the cops go home it’s just the whistle blower and the gangs left. So, let honest citizens protect themselves so they can help clean up their neighborhoods.

      Of course, to really make progress, they will also need to vote out the crooks who run the school boards, the city council members, and their reps in state and federal government. The gang bangers are far lesser crooks than people like Charles Rangel.

  19. Sometimes republican vermin do this to look good, knowing it will be vetoed and no override will take place.

    • You are confused. Expansions of gun rights are frequently put up by demtards looking for reelection points but knowing it won’t get thru both houses or will be vetoed by a governor.

      • I am not confused, it happens all the time. Democrats are honest, they just plain love tyranny and hate freedom and are proud of it.

  20. Is there something in the bill that allows citizens to carry out vigilante justice? Geeze. You just want the right to carry a gun without a license, you don’t need to be deputized.

  21. In other words, “can’t a po’ n***a mug a guy without gettin’ a cap in his a**?”

    God forbid we create a hostile work environment for criminals. Letting only the criminals carry guns just makes so much more sense. smh.

  22. Another thought …… and I am ALWAYS right …… just ask my kids ……. is that IF I CARRY CONCEALED — which I did WITH a permit and will do when this law is etched in stone …. the CRIMINALS do not know if YOU are carrying a firearm and they are much more likely to LEAVE YOU THE HELL ALONE!

    IF I suspect someone is carrying a firearm I am going to be VERY ALERT as to their every move! I will NOT be aggressive or accuse them of planning an illegal move or confront them for ANY REASON. Yet, if they DO approach me I am set to DEFEND with enough force to neutralize the criminal!


  23. Seems to me if you’re a danger to someone and you get shot, you got what you were lookin’ for… color ain’t the issue. Or age. Or gender. The threat you posed got you killed. Your decision got you killed. That’s on YOU.

  24. Somebody in her district please mail that idiot the Congress of Racial Equality’s amici brief from Heller. It’s a great summary of the racist history/basis for gun control in the US.

    • My guess is that she knows all that. But these days, I assume politicians are evil until they clearly prove that they are just ignorant.

  25. EVERYTHING racism to these morons, except for that White Privilege BS.

    No, Ms. Gardner, we don’t dislike you because you’re black. We don’t care about your color. We dislike you because you’re a left-wing, finger-pointing, whining, dumb-as-a-box-of-hair skank.

  26. Never seen anyone lynched with a gun, never heard of it either.

    If there is a need for a carrier to shoot someone, they will still have to answer to the law for their actions. That is far from a change. The criminals aren’t going to wait for a police officer or jury decision if they’re that bent on wreaking havoc.

  27. The entire Democrat business model depends on locking 90-95% of the black vote….every…single…election. To do that, to secure that kind of monolithic, lockstep support, you must relentlessly, resourcefully, remorselessly repeat the same mantra and whip people into a frenzy on their most basic unifying trait: race.

    This is perpetual revolution on the Dems’ part. There is never a finish line. There is no end, no winning, not even peaceful co-existing. Keep your eyes on the prize all you want, the Dems will just snatch it from you at the last moment like Lucy with the football. The proof? Even with blacks having ascended to the highest heights of science, industry, the arts, government, and pop culture, so-called black leaders still hustle the same stale rhetoric about chains, slavery, lynchings, unearned privilege, and unfair rules.

    Gun control and constitutional carry are prime examples. Gun control harms blacks the most as they are in greatest immediate need of self-defense. Gun control, with its racist roots in the 19th century, continues today to disarm, disable and effectively disown blacks. Black lives matter? Not to other blacks: they’re primarily the ones killing blacks in the first place. Black lives matter? Not to black leaders: they’re the ones leaving their brethren defenseless in the face of violent crime.

    To whom do black lives matter then? Well, that’s an assortment of odd bedfellows, but plopped down right in the middle of it all, donating the money, organizing the efforts, writing the letters, casting the votes, arguing the court cases, and marching the marches are a bunch of old fat white guys. That’s who. The same people who believe in freedom for all and action now for advancing your rights are the one to whom black lives matter.

    The ones who safely ensconce themselves in media jobs, academic positions, government sinecures, or as professional agitators, are the ones for whom every actual victory for blacks is a defeat for themselves. It’s a another day closer to that day when blacks will think for themselves and no longer be led around by the nose by their liberal masters for their own wretched enrichment.

      • LBJ stated it loud and clear. Some people in the Black community are starting to wake up, too. As long as the dirty politicians (black and white) and their cronies keep getting richer while those in the inner cities keep getting poorer…well, you can only fool people for so long.

  28. Ms. Gardner’s entire life is viewed through a racial filter that distorts the truth and reality. Her life mission is to advance a black agenda. She obviously has a deep seated resentment of white America, and no regard for the constitution or the unalienable rights that it guarantees to all citizens regardless of their race or ethnicity. In a saner age her comments would have been instantly condemned as racist and un-American. Unfortunately, we no longer live in that age.

    • We both know it, but she’ll use that to whine that some ‘massa’ raped her great-great-whatever grandmother, so she’s still a victim…

  29. Anything that actually levels the playing field for law abiding white people is “raysis”.

  30. If liberals–black or white–didn’t have “racism” to squawk about, they would invent it. Which, come to think of it, they already frequently do…

  31. Lady, there is real racism in the world that still needs to be dealt with. This is not that.

  32. For me the felony for public transportation in missouri is realy rastistic and classwar !!

  33. Act like a civilized human being and treat others with the reasonable amount of respect you expect to be treated with regardless of race and you won’t have any problems. Don’t act that way and yeah, constitutional carry is going to cramp your style.

  34. Kimberly seems so nice and well spoken. 3 weeks after her last paycheck she’d be a murdering cannibal like all the rest of her friends and think-alikes.

  35. “To me, this is modern-day lynching. This bill would allow open season for vigilante-style behavior and put all of us at risk.”

    Well, I, for one, would like to see less restrictions on possession of guns by responsible, peaceful citizens of whatever color, especially black. The iconic, racial lynchings of unarmed blacks by groups of armed whites were enabled in part by … well, by one group having guns and the other not. Why are we repeating that?

    I think it’s time for a federal Title IX lawsuit against any locale with gun control laws and disproportionate levels of minority deaths and violence.

    /Thinking This Through…
    Right now, in urban, predominantly-black communities (and elsewhere) one group with guns is predating & worse another group who are unarmed. Because gun ownership is illegal there, the armed folks are mostly criminals, while the unprotected victims are mostly lawful citizens. That seems backwards to me. I’d rather see the peaceful folks armed. They’re not gonna shoot unless driven to it, while criminals, thugs, terrorists and crazies will choose to as just another way of doing business.

    These non-thug victims are unarmed except for the occasional reasonable, peaceful citizen who decides the risks and penalties of possessing an illegal gun for defense are less bad than getting threatened, extorted, robbed, or killed. It is shameful to put this horrible choice on anyone, including people in urban black communities. Why the law keeps burdening them so seems a lot like … Jim Crow, really. Local laws keeping guns out of the hands of Black citizens.

    Our federal government has been quite aggressive of late in imposing local change, especially via Title IX of the civil rights’ act. You can’t discriminate on race. (Duh. Did we not include an equal protection clause in the US Constitution about 100 years prior? What the heck does than mean, if not exactly this. Also, Duh on that. Do we really have to explain that everyone one of “the people” is governed the same. Apparently so. Twice. And it still didn’t take.)

    Our federal government has been similarly aggressive at pursuing suits & regulatory enforcements based on “disparate impact.” If a policy statistically disparately impacts a minority – particularly Black people in this administration’s enforcement actions – it’s Title IX illegal. This reasoning has been applied to schools, athletic programs, urban development, mortgage lending, housing support payments, voting procedures and recently gender allocation of bathrooms.

    I think it’s time for a Title IX lawsuit addressing the blatantly disparate, therefore discriminatory, impact of gun ownership restrictions on Black Citizens. Black people have the same rights as everyone else. Even, especially, indirect, stealth discrimination in law or its application is not to be tolerated.

    One more time. Constitutional rights are for everyone, regardless of color. Duh.

    • All sounds perfectly sensible except for white people and guns. You racist, you.

      I am fully aware that makes no sense whatsoever, but that’s what we are dealing with.


  36. The worst part of the article was a quote from Gov Nixon: “This is a significant shift from the framework we’ve used in this area to give people the lawful right to carry.”

    Governor, neither you, nor anyone in any government GIVE rights. Government is, at least was designed in this country, to PROTECT rights.
    Silly statist.

  37. This appears to be an extension of the incredible notion that using deadly force in defense of self or others should be illegal because it deprives the poor attacker of a fair trial! Where’s the barf smiley when you really need it?

  38. Uh. Excuse me Ms. Gardner. But this means that black folks, most often the victim of racially based arbitrary denials in the firearms licensing process, will be able to carry too.

    Effing idiot.

  39. I guess because she’s black she must sell drugs…

    I would do my best to avoid making those hon, especially if I were in public office.

  40. I don’t like a thing, better say something to get people riled up. Let’s see, I got:
    Race card
    Sex Card
    Class Card

    Oh race card. That’ll work.

  41. Ahhh there it is, thetypical liberal diatribe of the inevitable “if you run out of facts and cannot use the truth, accuse the opponent as being racist” moce straight out of the liberal democrat playbook.

    She fails to realize her playing the race card bullshit like that worka against equality and has done far more to hurtrace relations domestically than any ferguson police officer, or any politician who is not obama or an Obama appointed bureaucrat.

  42. Just because Clinton Democrats are anti gun does not mean all dems feel that way. It is all about control over the masses and many Reps are anti gun(or maybe just certain guns). This comes down racism(or classism), expensive trap shotguns are good, expensive rifles are good, expensive firearms for thier own security are good. Firearms in the hands of anyone who does not support what the right winger does is wrong.
    This is the same view for left wing Clintonites. The middle class in the US( All Americans that work as employees or have small businesses(and have a family income under $250k or so) are not represented. Many of them vote Republican because they are voting against certain policies the Dems have brought out, more than voting for Wall Street, multinational Corporations’ wishes(that do not employ American workers or pay tax to the US) and the war to keep the Muslim masses in thier place. They are supporting Saudi Arabia and the other Muslim dictatorships against what thier people feel is extreme, so they backlash against the US.

    We have not been truely represented since the 60s. We do not need more control over our lives, we need need less. Repeal the repressive patriot act, disband all federal police agencies, maybe keeping FBI, but only working with local police and using thier powers, not any of thier own(except with warranted investigation corruption in local LE agencies).
    Setting up federal LE and giving powers that must be reconized by the states is not what our forefathers had in mind. It was written to assure a commonwealth among the states and allowed for the people to travel and settle in any state they wished.
    What is does is allows for a federal police force that does what the feds say or forces presidential decree, even when the state objects. This will be about controlling gun ownership, sooner or later, it will be federal CCWs and the like, states rights will disappear.

  43. Just posted this on her FB page:

    “When you make unfounded statements about Constitutional Carry like “To me, this is modern-day lynching. This bill would allow open season for vigilante-style behavior and put all of us at risk.” and the result is NOT what you predicted, do you feel responsible enough to apologize to your constituents and admit that you were wrong about your prognostications of doom and the breakdown of social order?”

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