San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo
San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia,File)
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During a national emergency with unprecedented demand for guns nationwide, San Jose’s Mayor — someone who wanted to require gun owners to buy liability insurance — has decided that no one really needs to buy a firearm.

…[A]fter customers lined up around gun stores in several counties Tuesday — including outside the Bullseye Bishop in San Jose — San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo declared that “gun stores are non-essential.”

“We are having panic buying right now for food,” Liccardo said Wednesday. “The one thing we cannot have is panic buying of guns.”

Law enforcement officials confirmed Wednesday that they shut down the Bullseye Bishop with little fanfare, in one of the first enforcement actions taken in San Jose on the initial day of the shelter-in-place order.

“We went out there and closed it,” San Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia said, adding that the owner was cooperative.

– Robert Salonga in Coronavirus: San Jose orders gun store to close in one of first enforcement against businesses open under shelter order

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    • I think his security detail should be cancelled because protecting idiots is non-essential.

      • lol that is insulting to idiots worldwide. He is a bit more “special” than even the villiage idiot

        • Do you know the Way to San Jose? I’ve been away so long, I may go wrong and lose my way.🎵🎵by Dionne Warwick.

      • 💯% Agree ! In Vallejo yesterday a older couple was leaving Target. 3 assailants attacked them! It’s 2:30 in the afternoon took their supplies, belongings and car. Not sure if they survived. 😢
        This “Senior” (“Biker”) will fight back.!! Concidering most of our hearing is shot anyway…Big Bangs!! Are no worries !
        The “Ol-lady” doesn’t shop alone until further notice. This is no fucking joke !!!

      • Agree!!strip him of any armed security he has,since he feels nobody else is entitled to the same protection!! It’s pathetic and so in line with these left wing socialists that they use the virus as an excuse to try and push their anti second amendment agenda!
        These politicians are truly ignorant socialist communist’s!!,and no surprise alot come from Kalifornia,where they.’ve already destroyed the state with their ignorant,anti American ways!

    • Now you know the true reason the [LIBERAL DEMOCRAT & SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, GODLESS SYMPATHIZER, ANT-AMERICAN’ TRAITOR’S UNBORN BABY KILLERS]. want to take our guns from us, they can put in in boxcars with out a fight.
      This is SOCIALISM. Are you sure you want to live under socialism?

        • Remember this kiddies, You can vote your way into socialism, but you will have to shoot your way out.

          • “You can vote your way into socialism, but you will have to shoot your way out.”

            Haven’t seen/read lately (years?) about the socialist haven that was once East Germany. Or how the socialist paradise had to fence people in, and shoot them on the way out.

            BTW, Nazis are only a favorite slur because we don’t have the same amount of video and archive access about the Russians. Stalin and the Russians were a more brutal and effective killing machine than what Hitler put together.

        • it matters not fascist, socialist, communist, or indeed even a kingdom. All of those are a form of dictatorship no matter WTF you want to call them. Any form of dictatorship does not have liberty. If it has no liberty I dont want any part of it or the society under it. I am seeing it going to go that way here in australia as well though I have seen their preperations for it to go that way going on for about 30 years now. Screw them and the horse they rode in on

    • Gun Ownership in the United States
      Our nation is free because its citizens are able to own guns. US Hitler came into power in Germany in 1936 and since Germans had been required early to register their guns it was easy to know where guns were located thus making confiscation easy. In 1963 in a meeting between retired officers of the US and Japan when asked why they didn’t invade the mainland, the reply was due to our private gun ownership there would have been a “gun behind each blade of grass.”
      Studies indicate that firearms are used more than 2 million times a year for personal protection, and the presence of a firearm, without a shot being fired, prevents crime in many instances. Shooting usually can be justified only where crime constitutes an immediate, imminent threat to life, limb or in some cases, property.
      In the majority of the mass shootings that have taken place this year the mental condition of the perpetrator was in question and even confinement orders had been ordered but not carried out. Innocent people lost their lives due to this dereliction of duty. The media seems to glorify these actions and ignore the cases in the preceding paragraph.
      I hope in the remainder of my life, I don’t see the invasion of our great country where we private citizens are required to come to its defense.

    • What a hypocrite, along with all the liberal mayors and liberal elites running California into the ground and anyone who’s got half a brain knows the liberals want to ban ‘assault’ guns. Wow, do these buffoons think the citizens here are that stupid and think ‘assault’ guns are a special category and need to be banned? Newsflash: any gun can be used as an assault weapon! It doesn’t take a 4 year degree from MIT to figure this out.These idiots want to prohibit law abiding citizens from their ‘right to keep and bear arms’ as it’s defined in the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. When are people going to get smart especially here in California and vote out these liberal slugs who’ve proven over the years they can’t run a first class state with fiscal prudence and common sense other than to run it into the ground. Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose along with all the major California cities are prime examples of their liberal, progressive ‘management’, NOT I’d bet Liccardo along with all the liberal mayors have guns for their protection yet deny this right to law abiding citizens, unbelievable!

    • Communists! “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      This is the 2nd Amendment in our Bill of Rights. Suspend Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness; while they’ve hijacked the 1st Amendment as a propaganda ministry; they’ve suspended the God Given, Natural Right to Self Defense and Machination! This is not America!

      This is what Communists do. It’s what Hitler’s Communism lite (Socialism) did; It’s what Stalin did; it’s what Mao Zedong did; it’s what Castro did; it’s what Chavez did.

      My son thinks the Nazis were some kind of right wing. Nope! National Socialists! Republicanism isn’t right wing, either. Stop calling yourselves that! The opposite of left wing is not right wing. They’re both totalitarian collectivism. Liberty is not that!

      The demagogue commucrats are the enemy of America, of liberty and they think they’re not. They don’t know the democrat party cult started the war to preserve slavery, wrote all of the Jim Crow laws and enforced segregation, apartheid in our country, fought against the Civil Rights Act.

      We’ve gotten used to the nanny state and the tyranny of big government. Now, it’s normal to surrender our liberty. Don’t allow it to get worse. The last time we were this disenfranchised, we had a revolution.

      • “Now, it’s normal to surrender our liberty. Don’t allow it to get worse. The last time we were this disenfranchised, we had a revolution.”

        Recommended course of action?

        Note: It is arguable that the constitution provides for allowable exceptions to 2A. Which are your favorite exceptions?

  1. One could (and I would) argue that guns are most certainly essential, given that the criminal justice system is releasing those incarcerated and not even arresting offenders now.

    • Al- Guns are essential for the safety of the Citizenry, but they are kind of a hazard to the government thugs, who are going full tyrant. Hence, the state will protect itself at the expense of the Citizens.

      • I don’t know how to break this to Mayor Garcia, but there have apparently been 338 Million NICS checks since 1998, at which time there were thought to be 273 Million firearms, already. — That’d be 611 Million US firearms, currently, not counting the volume added for 2020, which is probably in the range of another 2.7 Million per month.

        The people, which you serve, Already. Have. Guns.

        Lots. Nearly half of all the guns on planet Earth.

        All you’re doing is annoying them, and preventing leftists from being able to join their ranks at the last-minute.

        So, is That it? Suppression of an expanded owner-class? Trying to keep newbies from being forever-normalized into the firearms aspects of their civil rights?

        • And how many of those B+NICS checks were on multiple gun purchases…..If a person buys more than one gun, there is only one check performed for the lot. So, the actual number of guns out there is probably more.

  2. Hey Mayor, 🖕! This is exactly the time they should selling guns. To protect themselves from the usual suspects that start prowling after every emergency, and the overreaching politicians!

  3. ‘I’m just doing my job.’
    …… Nazi soldier / Stasi agent / KGB operative / San Jose Police Chief

    • Every cop in California fits under that label. They think it is their job to harm the Citizen’s, because the Citizens have the nerve to think they have rights, and not government permits. The bad part is the people( not Citizens), there are material driven cowards, who don’t use force to protect their rights.
      The gang members in california are better stewards of the 2nd Amendment, as the cops know they will get shot, if they try to disarm them.

      • As a Californian that hurts. Unfortunately, very accurate. Maybe one f the reasons the rest of the country has rightfully abandoned us.

        I do believe though that the rot is predominant only in the Bay Area ( San francisco and surrounding counties) and the LA, San Bernardino and San Diego areas. Northern and Central California law enforcement still follow the Constitution and uphold their oaths

  4. Hard to believe the people you clowns put in office are tying your hands now…learn from it vote Republican you did it to yourselves bunch of liberal fools..all I can say is (Are you listening now? Are you worried now? Are you mad you can’t protect your wife and kids) o well can’t help you..

    • It’s false to believe all Republicans are friendly to the 2A.
      Examples: Republican Sen Pat Toomey and Former Governor Chris Christie

      • It is also false to believe that ANY Demonrat is pro-2A. The party platform is anti- Constitution, and anti-American!

  5. Imagine the poor fool who was suppose to finally pick up there weapon today after waiting for 10.

    • Something tells me the shop owner may have made it available to him through an alternative location (*cough* his house *cough*).

      The transfer was legal at that point…

  6. This is clearly a political prejudice against a specific type of business. Now, the gun shops need to file suit not only for a stay, but for damages.

    • If anyone bothered to read the actual news reports – not just the headline here – you’d know that they have shut down all kinds of “non-essential” businesses and even had the cops break up a pick-up basketball game in a city park for not keeping social distance.

      The city may be crazy and may be over-reacting (or maybe not!) but they only “targeted” businesses that stayed open after the city order to close all non-essential businesses. This store made the news because it was a follow-up to the earlier news story showing the giant line of stupid people waiting to get in thinking they would be able to buy a gun. Without that line and the news coverage it got, the mayor and the police wouldn’t even have noticed them.

      The owner can say that they stayed open only due to the Kalifornia law setting a time limit for them to actually give people the guns they had bought after the 10 day waiting period, but I’d bet that all their prices went sky high as soon as they saw those idiots panicking to buy guns. The could have closed and still let people who had already bought guns come pick theirs up at the end of the 10 days, but that wouldn’t have made them rich.

      ‘Fraid I’m just not feeling all that sorry for gun shops profiteering on the COVID-19 panic.

      • Why are you in the US stupid? Your reasoning and lack of effort in Vietnam is the reason you lost your country.

  7. They’re several gun stores in San Jose. Why just this one? LC Action Police Supply is still open according to their website, but now only to Active LE and folks who’ve already started a 10 day registration. WTF.

    • If the media was really fair, (silly, I know) they’d ask the mayor, “Why?” We all know his order doesn’t save one child.

  8. Are the marijuana dispensaries still open? I assume they are. Are the sex toy stores, the pornography stores still open? I assume that they are. Are the liquor stores still open? I assume that they are. So now you have a list of what is essential in California.

    • All freedom is essential, chris. A person should be able to buy a .44 caliber dildo with a built in whiskey flask/bong and walk out the door with it.

      Freedom isn’t just about what your pastor tells you is OK.

      • Indeed, I would argue that medical cannabis shops are essential but I don’t play this game of letting government try and shut down PRIVATE business.

        I have the right to travel, right to property (pursuit of happiness), etc, its government that is non-essential and needs to be shut down! It was never given such powers to begin with and has begun assuming new ones.

      • His point was the hypocrisy of the mayor choosing one business over another. And it’s not the “pastor” who made the moral law.

        • Mhmm, and I’m pointing out that the business type is irrelevant. Government has no constitutional power to shut down private business

          • “Government has no constitutional power to shut down private business”

            The SC says different: “compelling government interest”.

        • To Joseph Quixote
          Yes there is a lot of hypocrisy around. The city government of San Francisco forced the closure of the last gun store in the city Highbridge arms. And then try to turn that store location into a marijuana dispensary.

          So a marijuana dispensary is more important than a gun store. Even if that dispensary provides medicine. That you would need to recover from a stab wound from a person breaking into your home. Unfortunately you can’t have a gun in San Francisco. To protect yourself from a burglar with a knife.

          But you can get marijuana medicine to help you recover I’m being assaulted.

      • To jwm
        I don’t have a pastor. In fact I haven’t attended church in years. But I still read the Bible. And as far as sex toys go the Good Vibrations retail stores on Valencia Street in San Francisco and San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley California have wonderful selections for any man or woman. Or couple. My wife and I have enjoyed what they offer. I suggest everyone go to their Berkeley location that has a wonderful dildo Museum located inside. With examples going back more than 100 years.

        Not having access to a sex toy store has not stopped my wife and I. The produce department in your local grocery store has several selections to choose from. Use your imagination.

        But for me its guns before sex toys. Unfortunately in California sex toys are a distraction from more important things. Like Second Amendment civil rights.

    • You assume lots of shit. Maybe you should find someone to read the actual news story to you instead of making assumptions based on click-bait propaganda headlines.

    • “Are the sex toy stores, the pornography stores still open?”

      Give them an excuse to shut down the internet, eh? 😉

      • They did shut down the gay bathhouses. And as far as I know they are still closed to this day. So some parts of the sex business are not allowed in San Francisco.

        I understand that Libertarians continue to demand that the bathhouses be allowed to operate again in the city.

        And before anyone types a word please research why the bathhouses were closed in San Francisco in the first place.

    • In San Francisco the liberal-progressive aka communist idiot mayor london breed decided that ‘cannabis dispensaries were ‘essential businesses’. Wow is this idiot lacking common sense? wait my mistake, what ‘am I thinking?, of course she is along with all the clowns on the board of ‘stupidvsors’. All this shutdown BULLS**T includes liquor stores. And the head ass wipe, gavin ‘giveaway the store for free’ newsom wants to declare martial law. If this isn’t getting dictatorial, what is? Time to recall mr. pretty boy before he completely destroys California like he did as mayor of San Francisco (the new (doo-doo capital of the USA) and sadly in many places he along with the liberal slugs running the place, they’ve succeeded.

  9. Commiefornia. No shortage of wannabe authoritarian wannabe dictators, that’s for sure.

  10. While I feel bad for all those folks that were waiting in line and especially those that were supposed to pick up their gun that day, I have to say the next time you step into the voting booth, don’t forget this fool obstructed your right as an American to protect yourself and your family. Sobering thought…

    • Ross,

      People fail to understand hugely important facts in this situation:

      San Jose’s Mayor and police are quite literally accessories to any criminals who harm anyone that wanted to purchase a firearm and was unable to do so after the Mayor shut down the gun store. When anyone else binds a victim — rendering him/her defenseless and unable to repel an attacker who harms them — that person is an accessory and their action is a felony. Unfortunately, our courts refuse to apply the very same simple standard to Mayors, Governors, Presidents, and police forces.

      Furthermore, San Jose’s Mayor and police are gladly condemning good people to victim status and harm at the hands of violent criminals. That is inexcusable. More importantly, it demonstrates that San Jose’s Mayor and police are mortal enemies of the good people of our nation. As long as that situation stands, they have no righteous authority over us and they are neither our friends nor our countrymen.

      • And this is why I fully support someone making a very real tangible example of someone like this.

  11. Thank God this mayor is still dedicated to the Paris Climate Accord and welcoming illegal aliens. That’s the key to success, especially now.

  12. This is the difference between doing something of your own free will and something your forced into doing by government.

    Anything a gun store can provide other than peace of mind needed to be purchased well before now. My concern here is with the power to make this a permanent thing.

  13. Was wondering when this would happen. It was/is inevitable.

    The governor of Virginia set the model (also surprising it hasn’t been widespread) with the idea that he had the power to declare a state emergency and ban guns from the capitol grounds (because he decided the grounds and buildings qualified as “shelters” under the law). Since there are usually residences in towns, villages and cities, why are the governors in the country not declaring states gun free zones under the declaration of “emergency”?

    It seems the manufactured panic over Whuhan virus certainly meets the standard of “compelling government interest” in protecting the populace by forbiding the possession/purchase of firearms for the sake of public safety.


  14. I hate that this tyrant over stepped his authority. But how many of those folks in SJ that were attempting to buy a guy had never owned one before this crisis? How many have been happy with the mayor of SJ until now?

    If you wait until the riot/plague/zombie/socialists are at your door before you get concerned about your safety, then shame on you.

    • how many of those folks in SJ that were attempting to buy a guy had never owned one before this crisis?

      I don’t know how many had previously owned guys, but in Bay Area it’s a good bet many had at least rented a guy from time to time.

      • Should have proof read. D’oh. Should have said gun. I’ll sit in the corner for 45 seconds and think about what I did. 🙂

        • “Should have proof read. D’oh. Should have said gun. I’ll sit in the corner for 45 seconds and think about what I did.”

          Wait, what?

          The comment seemed perfectly natural for the Bay Area.

          Oh….you meant to write “guns”?

      • I lived in the Bay Area for 66 years & the last 14 years I started buying a few handguns, a Colt Sporter & a Savage model 99 with family heritage. There were two indoor ranges I would use. The majority of patrons were Asians; especially at the the range in SSF where occasionally you’d see a small bus parked outside & inside there were Asians not speaking english. Tours with a side trip to shoot guns at an indoor range. The majority of those lined up outside businesses that sell firearms are those that have no idea about the hassle of acquiring a firearm legally in Kalifornia. About the time the 14 day mandatory nonessential business closure is over they will be able to pick-up their firearms purchase. Kalifornia has a 10 working day cooling off period. Those people in Santa Clara Counties can drive up 680 to Pleasanton take eastbound 580 exit, 580 east over the Altamont to Tracy (San Juaquin County).

  15. “The one thing we cannot have is panic buying of guns.”

    says the metrosexual with armed security.

    • We have panic buying of food and guns, and panic buying must be bad–but we are only going to shut down the gun stores.

  16. I’m starting to see small signs of law abiding breakdown. I live in Austin in a good part of town away from downtown. Working from home, last night was the first time I went out since Sunday and coming back from the grocery store I noticed what seemed to me to be a drug dealer. This is not a typical thing here to be hanging around and seen in the open. I’ll be carrying double amount of rounds from now on.

  17. So, I’m sure that the dictator/mayor will have the police actually doing their job and protecting the law-abiding citizens. Making sure that the criminals don’t break the law and arresting them if they do. There, that’s it – my joke of the day!

    • Keeping in mind they are beginning to empty jails and prison as well as forgoing arrests of non violent criminals. In response to the China Virus. That’s Covid-19 for all the Snowflakes and PC Clowns. Lock and Load time boys and girls. Maintain OP SEC. Be Safe Out There.

      • Nah, that may be true elsewhere, but California started doing that several years ago. Why do you think the homeless population here is so high? Many of those released are in on drug charges with a burglary or two on top, and they resume their prior activities as soon as they get out. Those arrested for nonviolet burglaries are typically released within 24 hours (because there is no place to keep them).

  18. Fortunately in the free state I live in. State law supersedes this type of action. It was put in place to directly prohibit such action in times of emergency and natural disasters. Be Safe Out there. Maintain Op Sec and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.

  19. The gun store owners in that city should ban together and never sell another round of ammo or another firearm to any city official or LEO….Punitive actions call for punitive responses.

  20. I don’t believe da mayor has the authority to close gunshops. Unconstitutional ya’ know…but when push comes to shove he’s going to import more spanglish to bolster his ego. Does this fool realize HE’S more dangerous than the plague?!? @Have your chit together!

  21. Panic buying? California has so many restrictive steps required to buy a firearm. No one who’s buying a firearm will get one anytime soon.

  22. This is the same Mayor, police chief and police department that stood by and let leftist(?) thugs attack Trump rally participants.

    There is a lawsuit working its way through the courts over that.

    • It is worse than that–the Mayor ordered the police to stand down and not arrest the counter protesters who were attacking the Trump supporters. The guy is a hard core anti-gun, anti-Trump liberal, and stupid to boot.

  23. i bet the side market for guns between people in CA is booming. When someone goes in and finds little to buy and ten days to wait for it they are going to leave and find someone with a cache of guns and make them an offer.

    The criminals are pretty tooled up now already.

    • I am not selling to anyone. We have a universal background check law, and as an upstanding citizen, I am not going to commit a felony to help some grasshopper out.

      • You think the average thug looking to triple the money he spent for his stolen Glock will be as upstanding as you? 🙂

        Because that will be true market value of a gun in California…

  24. Owner was cooperative and the ARs strapped to their chests goober brigade was nowhere to be seen. Per usual.

  25. Mayors are expendable. Politicians have a history of being “run out of town on a rail”! This country was built by citizen patriots, NOT POLITICIANS! It sounds to me like he is overstepping his bounds and he better reconsider his position! The mayor is directly answerable to the people! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

  26. I’m somewhat surprised that with a line of people standing there to buy firearms, that the police had the courage to shut the store down.

    That could have gone badly.

    This, yet again shows, where no proof is required, that the lawful gun owners are not the problem. The left, again, attacks the wrong target.

    • “This, yet again, where no proof is required, that the lawful gun owners are not the problem. The left, again, attacks the wrong target.”

      You just don’t understand how dangerous law-abiding people are. Give them a panic, make them stand in long lines, limit what they can buy, and someone in that line is going to get their gun and take out their anger (at the restrictions) on an unsuspecting public. Law-abiding gun owners are just one frustration away from becoming mass murders. The “criminal element” is rather small (compared to the population), and they mostly confine themselves to identifiable areas. Non-criminals are legion, and you never know when mass hysteria will overcome legal gun owners, and those numbers are incalculable.

      See how that works? Perfectly logical, common sense situation.

  27. This is just like Jay Inslee in WA State, he talks to the people like he is a Little League Coach. Same stripe, hope the feral he dwells among recognizes him as unarmed.

  28. The coronavirus is an hoax, I frequent Asian massage parlors approx twice per week and I haven’t been sick in ages.

    • You better pray they keep you in the hospital wing, Harvey, because once your ass is in general pop, they are gonna have *fun* with you… 😉

  29. That’s what government is for – to tell me what is essential and what is not.

  30. “The one thing we cannot have is panic buying of guns.”

    This is a very sensible move by an intelligent and brave mayor. There is simply no need for guns in a crisis situation. The right extremists would have you believe otherwise that gus protect lives but this is a fallacy. Reasonable people understand that in a crisis situation cooler heads prevail. Not some nut job arming himself for the apocalypse. Guns scare people and provoke confrontation and anger. It is time we banned all guns for the sake of humanity.

    • Kimber…You are what is known in law enforcement as a, “victim.” Now violence to you may be a neighbor’s puppy going through your ivory tower garbage can, etc. Your cool head is sufficient to handle such a situation. Unfortunately if you are a victim of a home invasion, vehicle hyjacking, kidnapping, rape, etc. you’ll need much, much more than the smoke you blow out your Tele Tubby piehole. If you prefer to be an obedient victim that is your choice just don’t ever think you can apply your stupidity and incompetence to others who know you cannot negotiate with a violent criminal. BTW…I suggest you educate yourself about the roots of gun control being in racism and genocide and understand exactly who and what you are paying accolades to.

  31. This virus is being USED as an excuse for a gun hating POS to pee on the rights of the citizenry. Perhaps now that these going green socialist suckers in CA have their noses rubbed in democrap they realize the kind of sick self serving filth they are in camp with. Rest assured the mayor has his toilet paper and his armed security like most hypocrite ratbassturds do.

  32. I’ve been hearing from little birdies that something big is coming to Chicago… I guess we’ll soon find out… A version of Martial Law? Who knows? But I wouldn’t be surprised….

    • Oak Park was just shut down under penalty of asswholes. Misdemeanor and or a fine or JAIL. LITERALLY across the street from CHIRAQ! Fatboy Prickster is just now jabbering…stay tuned😩

  33. No matter what the crisis, democrats turn it into a gun grab situation. Be wary of the future under dems. Form “well regulated” militias now to protect us all from usurp politicians.

  34. Left wing communists never let a good crisis go to waste. Neither do nazis. The citizens there can either decide to grow a pair and do something about this tyrant or continue to live on their knees. Nobody wants to be the first to offer up loud public resistance especially after being witness to the corrupt power perpetrated against opposition to the ruling authority (Like the Mueller fiasco). If they can bring down high placed people they can certainly take down what they consider peons like us. If you add in the vast majority of the media that masquerade as journalists but are nothing more than lapdogs of the socialist demonrat party it is even worse for those that would dare to resist. People are easily duped by this bunch telling them what to think on a daily basis. It’s the NEWS! It must be true! If we lose the White House to an outspoken communist like sanders or an outspoken anti gun mentally impaired nut like creepy joe biden then you can expect all of this extremism to ramp up quickly.

  35. Is the health crisis really real?

    No, this isn’t a question about whether Corona Virus 19 isn’t real (doesn’t exist). I was just presented with an interesting question, and have not yet found a source for the answer.

    Question: Are more people dying of respiratory disease since Jan 2020, than has happened historically? In other words, does adding the number of deaths in the US from Corona Virus 19 result in an abnormal total of significance? If not, can it be determined that Corona 19 was already accounted for in the annual flu deaths, but Corona 19 had not been isolated?

    The apparently accepted stats on flu and pneumonia deaths in the US ranges from ~30,000, to ~80,000 per year. Around 7500 have died from Corona 19, worldwide. The number of dead in the U.S. is ~140. Can it get worse? Yes. But where does the data come from regarding the spread and fatality rate? From computer models. While the source of the models may be quite credible, the models cannot accommodate every actual and potential variable. The media publishes only the worst case projections, without reference to the best case projection.

    Bottom line: if the media hyped seasonal flu to the extent of C-19, there would be riots in the streets, maybe even a collapse of government and all social constructs.

  36. Entirely predictable.

    Those who didn’t own a gun and now can’t buy one going into this crisis should learn something as they drive to a different county to do so.

  37. ” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
    Sounds like the mayor needs to read the 2nd A again. Nope he wants Marshall Law. People it’s time to stop this shit!

  38. The owner was cooperative?

    and there lies the fucken problem, people. Should have been the perfect opportunity to stand your ground, and if they threaten your business, defend it and kill as many tyrants as possible.

  39. I love California but retired to DFW. It’s unfortunate we have politicians who smear the state’s good name with their asinine politics. Hopefully, this ignorant, out-of-touch mayor gets voted out ASAP.

  40. Oh My God…. Another damn click-bait headline from TTAG followed by all the usual Cold Dead Hands bullshit from wannabe patriots

    • “Oh My God…. Another damn click-bait headline from TTAG”

      You can avoid all the aggravation by simply ignoring TTAG, altogether. There must be dozens, nay, thousands of more superior web forums/blogs.

        • “Uncle Bloomy doesn’t pay Xaun to comment on those sites.”

          Xuan Loc is a place, rather than an actual name of/for an individual. The town/city was the site of the last battle fought by the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, April 1975.

        • Well sure. And I’m not actually a western territorial governor in 1874.

          • “Well sure. And I’m not actually a western territorial governor in 1874.”

            What? Wait. I saw you in the movie. You really are the territorial governor. I saw you. Why deny it now?

        • “I saw you. Why deny it now?”

          No, you smelled him from afar.

          (His flatus is as voluminous and prodigious as a politician’s speech… *snicker* 😉 )



      You’re not up to speed on what’s happening in the ‘Nam, nowadays.


      Vietnam likes us nowadays, because of the bullshit China is pulling on them :

      “US navy returns to Cam Ranh Bay”

      “Some 38 years since they left and 16 years since a US admiral travelled to Hanoi to declare ‘I’m always on the lookout for a good port’, the US navy has finally returned to Vietnam’s Cam Ranh Bay.

      In a little-noticed move expected to resonate in Beijing, supply ship USNS Richard E. Byrd anchored in Cam Ranh’s deep natural harbour on Thursday last week for seven days of maintenance.

      The US navy built Cam Ranh Bay into a vast air and sea base during its long war with Vietnam, only for a victorious Hanoi to hand it over to their Soviet patrons in the late 1970s as relations with Beijing degenerated into conflict.

      Moscow built a major listening post and a submarine base, with the last Russians leaving in 2002.

      Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung announced last October that Cam Ranh Bay port facilities would be expanded and opened for use by foreign navies, rented at market prices. His announcement was widely seen by regional envoys and analysts as Hanoi’s latest hedge against China’s military rise in the South China Sea.”

    first time comment

  43. If I owned a business and found out that the local mayor had the authority to close any business down that he deemed not ‘essential’ and the thugs with badges would enforce his whims, I’d move my business. Regardless of whether my business was effected or not.

    Hopefully the San Jose gun shops sue the city and recoup their losses. Aught to be worth about $1 million each.

  44. Californians are going to have to fix California’s problems. Assuming there’s anyone left in California who cares. Because a lot of people gave up and have already left the state. Because conservatives and liberals simply have a different view of the world. And right now in California the Liberals outnumber conservatives. So the conservatives left and said let the Liberals have California.

    Unfortunately for the Liberals they supported gun control for decades. So now that they want a gun they can’t have one. And if they were smart enough to buy a gun. The Liberals were dumb enough to support ammunition restrictions.

  45. When will people begin to defy illegal orders? Clearly the Mayor has no authority to do this. Why did the shop owner cooperate with the Police who were violating their oaths? At the very least explain to the cops that you will cooperate but that they will need to arrest you first as you intend to sue everyone involve for violating their rights under color of law. In their personal capacity.

  46. Just another Democrat Hitler. When does a Mayor have the right to close a gun store? He did take a oath to uphold the Constitution, does sound like he broke the law,

  47. I can’t help but wonder if this fascist SOB owns a copy of the dictionary with the word “infringed” removed. The Founders must be not only spinning in their graves, but whirling like dervishes. It’s time to reawaken their definition of “Patriotism”.

  48. Since when is exercising a Constitutional Right non essential? Both the mayor and the police chief took oaths to uphold the Constitution. Both have failed miserably!

  49. Pay attention people. The dems are using this as an attempt to take our guns!! This gimmick is genius for trampling the Constitution!! Disarm us because of a pandemic!! We lose our Constitutional rights under a cascade of an “emergency” Bullsh!t.

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