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The President of the United States would like the American people to talk about gun control around the Thanksgiving table this week. Not the abject failure of his Middle East policy or the State Department’s worldwide terror alert (be afraid, be somewhat afraid). Fair enough! Let’s talk turkey about gun control over turkey. You have two options . . .

1. If your family is pro-gun rights

Ask your relatives and friends what guns they have, what they’ve shot recently, what they’re planning on buying and the state of their ammo supply. On the face of it, this doesn’t qualify as “talking about gun control,” but sharing stories about the pleasures of owning firearms is an excellent way to be thankful for what we have and remind yourself and your ballistic brethren that gun control advocates want to destroy your way of life (in general). It’s anti-gun control motivation.

If your family is politically-minded, no doubt the Second Amendment will enter into conversation. As a TTAG reader, you’ll have plenty of salient facts and recent news at your proverbial fingertips. Click on our Facts About Guns tab to arm yourself with more insight for the pro-2A convo.

2. If your family is anti-gun rights

Raise the issue of gun control and pretend to agree with their ignorant, emotion-based “arguments.” Something along the lines of “I agree: people on the terrorist watch list shouldn’t be able to buy guns. In fact, we should expand the list to include every single member of the NRA. And the Tea Party. And people who we think might be a domestic abuser. Like … anyone who watches porn online.”

Seriously, it’s hard enough to digest all that food without having to digest the half-baked prejudice of people who can’t or won’t consider the importance of Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. A right that protects their ability to pursue happiness with their friends, family and neighbors. Just nod your head at the anti-gun misegos and give silent thanks that you’re not alone in your pro-gun rights position. L’chaim! 

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  1. Does going to the range count?

    Took my dad, uncle, and brother-in-law to my club today to plink at steel with our .22’s (Savage, 10/22, and an old Marlin).

    • I plan to go to the range and shoot printouts of Obama’s smug, lying face with my S&W Model 29-3, and to be thankful that the Muslim-in-Chief will only be in office for one more year.

      • Careful, you could get busted by the Secret Service for perforating an image of the Preezy of the United Steezy. It’s considered a proxy assassination by the SS.

        In 1992 someone was shooting at a photo of candidate Bill Clinton & got arrested. No joke.

        • Sounds like un-American nonsense to me. I wonder how that notion failed to apply to rabid Democrats who burned effigies of George W Bush in the street? Google ‘george w bush burnt in effigy’

  2. Forget talking about gun control. I am exercising gun control. U know. Loading up 2 or 3 hundred rounds and letting rip. Practice makes perfect when it involves gun control. Make sure u hit what u aim at. That’s my gun control.

  3. My version of gun control is somehow, and with terrifying difficulty, stopping myself from buying more guns and ammo. I’ve so far been a dismal failure at this and freely admit that I have a problem.

    Maybe somebody at the T-Day dinner table can help me.

    But I seriously doubt it.

  4. I prefer the ‘Get drunk, piss off everyone in the room, fart loudly, take a pie and leave’ strategy, A.K.A: The creepy uncle.

    • Make sure you leave with one of your smoking-hot 18 year-old nieces to maximize the creepy uncle effect…


  5. I am sure we will talk of controlling guns around the table. Dining at bro-in-law’s and he said to bring a few guns along for a little shooting before dinner.

  6. Knowledge always defeats ignorance only one rule for this type of discussion never raise ur voice and always use facts let them look like screaming idiots

  7. Most of us will be wearing guns during Thanksgiving supper. And, I’ll likely be wearing two…

    All the anti-gun family members don’t come over, likely because they know we all carry.

    Yep, the gun convo should be pretty one sided, as usual.

  8. Serious question: what other Constitutional rights does a person lose by being placed on the “terrorist watch list”? I mean, can their phones be tapped without a warrant? And their houses likewise be entered and searched without a warrant? Can they be jailed without charges? Denied counsel if charged with an offense?

    • You will not be able to fly on airplanes, but you do get a free ride in the brightly painted cattle cars on your way to a fun and relaxing re-education camp.

    • Likely all of the above.

      It’s one thing to keep track of people who may ties to terrorist organizations. But taking action needs to have restraints in place to check abuses. Are we at greater risk because of this? Probably so. But giving free rein to the government to surveil anyone without restraint, to detain anyone for any reason, and removing any chance for the people to challenge them is a much more dangerous risk.

      • Yea but that risk is going from infinitesimal to just minute. So basically still in the noise of any statistical analysis. I’ll take those odds everyday over an omnipotent govt.

  9. Remember that the First Amendment protects your right to watch porn in public libraries. But the Second Amendment covers only the militia and its government-issued muskets.

  10. Instead of the “kids” table we have the “anti-gun” table. Its been about 4 years now and the group that sits there still hasn’t figured out why….

    • Instead of the “kids” table we have the “anti-gun” table. Its been about 4 years now and the group that sits there still hasn’t figured out why….”

      If they haven’t figured it out in 4 years – they really are at the “kids table”

  11. Favorite gun control bumper sticker seen in California years ago:

    Help fight gang violence –
    Shoot back – don’t miss!

    Try that one on your anti-2A relatives.

  12. 7 family members are pro gun, 1 is neutral/ doesn’t care, 1 is more hoplophobic than anti but still a little anti. Talking about guns at the table with just the one anti could ruin the night. Not going to happen.

  13. Of course we’ll talk gun contol. Proper control led to the harvest of a couple of deer this weekend. You can’t exercise any better gun control than hitting the intended target.

  14. visited my wife’s maternal grandparents yesterday. My grandmother in law is 88. She whispered to me that she saw my piece (a glock) under my sweater when I got up to take a call from the office and she felt very safe. She then smiled. that is called #winning

  15. “If your family is anti-gun”
    Just draw down on them and blow them away! There’s no hope for them. If they are still around in a year from now, they will sure as hell vote for Mzzzzzzzzzzz Clinton

    • Yes, go ahead and “prove them right.” If they are anti-freedom and you are pro-freedom, then you should just choose not to associate with them. Family is who you make it.

  16. Dear terrorist, let me teach you how to attack. U dont need a high caliber 0.9mm assault clip or an Airbus 747 or whatever consititutional right. Buy a pairing knife from a cornor shop, get in a taxi 8am NYC rush hour, force the driver out and full throttle onto the pedestrian walk before the cops come. Nicely done. Happy thanksgiving, bake me a allahu snackbar

    • Oh wait, u dunno which is throttle which is brake? Glad to hear that drivers’ licensing prevented that

  17. I’d not share a meal with someone that was anti-gun rights. If anyone that came to my table believes in that nonsense they had best keep it to themselves like the deviant they are or get the hell out of my house.

    • +1. If you are my friend, you already support my position on gun control. Family has been converted over the years by an onslaught of pro-2A preaching by yours truly, in words and by example.

  18. If any Liberal quisling’s among your family and friends ask what guns you have, what you’ve shot recently, or what you’re planning on buying and the state of your ammo supply tell them you’ve given up firearms as it’s been proven they contribute to “global warming”. Hell if any anti-gunner asks the aforementioned questions you can be assured if you answer truthfully immediately upon arriving at their home after the holiday they’ll be scribbling in their Little Red Book so when the day they so often wish for comes they can report you to authorities and that’s if there the don’t have an app for that already and enter your info while they’re in the bathroom “refunding” (Seinfeld reference) the day’s meal.

  19. If you are alone tomorrow, and it’s intended. Have a great happy and blessed day, and you get to talk/do guns anyway.
    If it’s unintended, I hope you have agreat, happy, and blessed day too, and you’re reunited with friends and/or family unexpectedly. Or maybe we can meet back here and talk guns, or see you at the range.

  20. Obama would like people to sit around on Thanksgiving and talk about gun control?
    How about we have a Tupperware party, or a Windows party where we stand around and introduce ourselves to the newest version of Windblows.
    Heck, while we’re at it, I’d like it if Obama fell in the shower and knocked himself out!
    Discuss gun control during Thanksgiving. Is that about stupid or what?

  21. Thanksgiving with the wife and grown kids. We all like guns. Haven’t been around my left-wing brother in several years. I’m Ez with him as he’s loaned me $(loaned-lol). My other brother served duck he shot one year-no problems there. Old sons I rarely see but both are less than pro-gun. It just doesn’t come up. My late mother-in-law carried a chrome 38(less than legally).The only mother-in-law I liked…

  22. They did the same thing with health insurance. Does anybody remember Pajama Boy? Can’t wait to see the gun control propaganda they come out with around Xmas time. Maybe a hipster girl with green hair and a nose ring “talking” with her pro gun “family” about magazine size restrictions.

  23. I got a better idea–let’s not let that terrorist on the watch list into our country–or better yet, let’s not let that terrorists NOT on the watch list here, either. Problem solved. DUH.

  24. How to talk about politics on Thanksgiving:
    Step 1. DON’T. We’re all tired of hearing our relatives’ half-cocked rants about candidate X or issue Y. You aren’t going to change anybody’s mind at that dinner table, certainly not after your third or fourth glass of pinot grigio. All you’re going to do is start a shouting match between you, the person you’re yelling at, and at least two other people who are just trying to get the both of you to SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE DAMN MEAL UNCLE FRANK.

  25. I wish I could have Thansgiving with most of you guys. Not that my family is anti-gun at all, but I like the brutal, honest, truth mixed in with the sense of humor you all show.

  26. I am sure we will talk about gun control and concealed carry today. It will probably be like, “Yeah, I carry. Do you?”. “No.” “Why not?”

    Our CCW class was taught by a couple county sheriffs’ deputies. It was arranged for us by a sheriffs’ department detective. All these guys are fully in favor of concealed carry. Law abiding folks who are quietly carrying are a benefit to society, especially now that there are real terrorist threats against the US out there.

  27. If any political topics come up gun control will be a crumb at best. That crumb would include a quick shattering of the nonsense from clueless and programmed talking heads like this less than freethinking example..

    Any political discussions will certainly be about the disaster of a POTUS we have endured followed by an even worse potential scenario of him being replaced with Clinton. I am going to put the count of people at the table that think he is not the most divisive POTUS in their lifetime at exactly 0. It will most likely be the nicest thing that anyone will have to say about him.

  28. We have already discussed gun control for the Thanksgiving holiday. My son and I agreed to an alternating shot format for Friday’s deer hunt.

  29. Paris came up in conversation.

    I explained the computer modeling done at Purdue University. In a family with a heavy leaning toward scientific investigation, that approach had serious legs.

    This, BTW, is why I keep harping on the NRA to provide documentation in all of their articles on the issue: there are people who have been trained to listen to things with actual sources and won’t listen otherwise. I’ve found that many will actually think when you have something solid to present.

  30. Just wrapped up a pleasant Thanksgiving with neighbors. Liberal attendee refused to believe me when I told him that Maine, the site of his vacation home, had just gone constitutional carry. Showed him Bangor News articles on my iPhone, but he said that I was biased so couldn’t be trusted.

    I don’t get it. This wasn’t am I for it, or did I think it was a good thing…..just that it was what had actually happened recently. Wouldn’t trust what I showed him and tried to call his neighbors in Maine to verify.

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