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“Right now, we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland,” President Obama pronounced in a televised statement from the White House after schmoozing with his national security team in the [non-Blitzerian] Situation Room. The same man who said ISIS was “contained” just hours before ISIS gunmen slaughtered more than a hundred Parisians. “If you see something suspicious, say something,” the President proclaimed. “That’s always helpful. But otherwise, Americans should go about their usual Thanksgiving weekend activities — spend time with family and friends and celebrating our blessings.” Armed and alert. He forgot that bit.

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  1. The one time you should make sure to have your BOB in your car and pistol and long gun handy, is when a government official says there is no need to panic.

  2. For the most powerful man in the world to say something like that is absolutely retarded! After all he is the one who caused the ISIS problem by withdrawing our troops from the Middle East after killing Osama bin Laden! This guy Is the worst president we have ever had and probably will ever have unless Hillary gets elected and then there goes the Constitution and freedom of every citizen in this country!

  3. I carry 2 guns and 2spare magazines for 57 rds. I used to think that may be that was overkill, now, not so much.

  4. “No credible threat I’m a competent president”…let’s break in TV to say nothing. The narcissist in chief just likes to hear the sound of it’s own voice…

  5. Every time he comments on something it backfires, we are safer if he shuts up. Now I am worried something will happen. I hope you all have a safe Thanksgiving!

  6. You are all missing the point and he may be (unbelievably) telling the truth this time.

    Since B. Hussein Obama seems to be the Islamic State’s very best friend in the world right now, why would they jeopardize that by launching an attack in America that would force him to actually take effective countermeasures against them? Duh.

    • By the way, I have switched from my regular EDC SR9c with 10+1 to a standard mag 17+1 and two 17 round extra mags (52 rounds Hornady Critical Defense), just in case the above analysis turns out to be wrong. I also do not plan to go anywhere near any shopping mall or major public gathering until well into January, maybe not even then.

      • Glock 20 with 3 15rnd mags. 2 10 rnd mags with Lehigh Defense Extreme PENETRATORS in 10mm. Just in case Kevlar is in the mix. I don’t see this matter going away.

      • I work providing covert armed protection in a very high end mall. Holidays typically bring additional pressures to guys in my field, which are typically taken in stride. After Paris though , there is a strange vibe that I feel from some, I sense a number of them have a fear of similar events occurring here. I am thankful for my training and my trusted SR9, which will hopefully remain in the Blackhawk level 2 she rides in on the job, lest I am at the range or on a simulation. Carry on.

        • If (big IF) I went to a mall and saw security patrolling with slung ARs instead of radios & pepper spray I might consider walking their aisles and giving my business to their shops, so long as I did not also see any Gun Free/Target Rich signs on their doors.

          Properly armed security is one thing – asking ME to disarm is still another.

          By the way, good choice on the SR9, brother.

    • Unfortunately it seems far too evident that this is exactly what is happening.

      The tinfoil hat crowd might suggest that they are planning on getting a Republican elected president and when that happens to effect all manner of ‘bad things’ against the US; inflation caused by rising interest rates, terrorist attacks, international crisis hither and yon, etc.

      All conveniently able to be blamed then on the Republican president.

      It’s almost like this is all being set up and planned.

      If I were a conspiracy theorist I might really be worried about these kinds of things.

      So for now at least, I’m just a little worried that this is what is happening.

      But let’s face facts – ISIS (or whoever, doesn’t matter) clearly could carry out Paris/Mumbai style attacks here in the US if they wanted to. We know they have the people, or at the very least if they wanted the people to be here it would be trivially easy to get them across our borders. Weapons – of course they could get these things. Planning and organization… well the only real challenge to that is hiding themselves from DHS, and as we can see this is as easy to do that even brain surgeons like the Tsarnaev brothers (speedbump and Joker) were able to pull it off, so I don’t expect that to be all that difficult for them.

      So why they haven’t pulled something like Paris/Mumbai or worse seems to be a troubling question, and again, with full tinfoil coverage, a desire not to give Obama this kind of trouble at this time is one explanation that might make sense. Truth be told, I can’t think of too many other reasons.

      Good thing I’m not one of those tinfoil hat conspiracy type nutjobs or I would be very worried about this.

  7. Said the same thing before both attacks on Paris (“JV” then “contained”). If it happens a third time, they might even come after him!

  8. Virtually everything he says ends up being 180 degrees from reality. So yeah, it’s time to really pay attention to your surroundings.

  9. So were there credible threats in:

    Boston again
    Ft Hood
    Times Square

    Those are just a few attacks under BHO. I’m so glad the NSA is wasting time collecting my emails and the CIA has done away with human intel.

  10. Sorry Obama. You’re a liar and I don’t believe anything you say. You have ZERO credibility in my opinion.

  11. Does this guy think the whole country is that gullible?

    It took him 2 years, four months to “find and kill” Osama bin Laden, but “knows” in a mere 12 DAYS that there’s no “credible threat” to the citizens of the United States by an ISIS attack here!?!

    COME ON! 😐

      • Because our “al-lie” Pakistan hid salami been rotten for 6 years…I didn’t see Bury Obama “get” anyone. I saw him withdraw all our guys from Iraq and leave it to ISIS…

      • Bohucka, usama bin buried @ sea, was a cia asset in 1980’s Afghanistan. Maybe the cia didn’t know where he was, and maybe they liked the ripples in the chatter. Hussein O-hole ‘eliminated the threat’, created isis [o-hole admin calls them isil ceding even more territory than the enemy has the stones to claim], and eliminated all secular (non-religious muslim [a_ _ wipe]) rulers in the middle east. Pay attention, there’s no test at the end. The test is now.

        • UBL is quoted as ‘seeing’ the blast on the U.S.S. COLE but was too busy doing dick to do dick. The COLE was hit in Yemen, o-hole released GITMO poopstains there, now it’s not a country. Hillary’s state Dept. gave two Alaskan Islands to Russia (they didn’t even ask for) now the Bering Strait is a little tougher to monitor sub traffic. O-hole said he could be a little more flexible after his second term election. Russia subsequently violated nearly all border US and European airspace, took whole countries around the black sea, and is presently going through Syria for it’s own gains, while enciting war with our NATO ~ ally Turkey.

        • Calm down Joe-as if anyone not a spook knows anything. It ain’t so simple as dumbocrat vs republitard. For all we know bin rotten is still kickin’ back with his porn stash and his 14 year old “wives”.

    • Meanwhile, ‘Syrians’ are sneaking into the country through the central American countries that he named in his no deportation executive order.

  12. “If you see something suspicious, say something,”

    Yes, then get sued for 15 million after the guy is invited to the White House.

  13. Here’s a little song I wrote, ISIS is coming on a boat. Don’t worry, be happy!
    They say they want to cause some trouble, they gonna bust Obama’s bubble. Don’t worry, be happy!
    Don’t worry, be happy now! *a capella refrain*
    Civilized folk are full of dread, terrorists want to make them dead. Don’t worry, be happy!
    ISIS say they full of hate, they just might decapitate! Don’t worry, be happy!
    *a capella refrain*

    Follow the bouncing ball and sing along, kids!

  14. A local tv news story last night showed a gun store where guns were flying off the shelves because of the Paris attack.

    I don’t think anyone will listen to President 0 on this.

  15. “If you see something suspicious, say something,” the President proclaimed.

    I see something suspicious in the White House. To whom do I say something?

  16. No specific plots… Probably just a bunch of loose plans. With all the hussle and bussle of the seasons I’m sure the modern jihadi has to be pretty flexible with his plots. “Go pick up the baby osamas from training I mean school, get some halal meat from the jugdish market, make sure the wife isn’t showing her face in public, and then if I get time we will all go get those infidels”.

    • Or consider this: How effective would a half dozen or so random stabbing attacks at crowded malls be instilling terror and interrupting the normal flow of happiness and good cheer we all hope for each Christmastime? Massed attacks with firearms are not the only means of accomplishing their fascistic goals. Don’t even get me started on improvised explosive devices. I thought about providing Internet links to sights with instructions, but they already have them and I think we here don’t need them.

      • It wouldn’t have much impact, on me…

        Go ahead, ragheads; bring a knife to a gunfight.

        Hell, after the demonstration of “training” and “skill” seen on camera in Paris, bring your AKs, too!

        I got this.

  17. Well, I’m not doing anything different. If the terrorizers kill 10 people a day, they won’t even come close to what we kill on the roads, or even in bathtubs. Sure, shoot ’em if you can, but these idiots don’t even move the risk needle IMO.

  18. People still listen to this dickbag? I’ve never known of a human being who so thoroughly destroyed his own credibility, to the point that he doesn’t even deserve to be called human anymore… The Left has never managed to go this far off the deep end before, and they’re still listening to him? I sincerely hope that ISIS does attack the obvious urban centers where these fools huddle and steal. Once ISIS kills them all, we won’t have to worry about them any more, and ISIS has no hope of surviving after us real Americans get our shot at them. Just let ISIS come. We can handle them. The liberals who bring it upon themselves are the ones who cannot. Let ISIS be our useful idiots. The antibiotic for the infection that is democrats…

  19. Sorry, but when politicians refer to America as the “homeland” I sense a bit of Hitler. Just saying they should really stop using that term. And completely agree on the sr9c.

  20. “If you see something suspicious, say something,”

    I’m saying I find the policies of this man quite suspicious.

  21. There is nothing to worry about, and ISIS is contained.

    Folks, you gotta carry if you are going out. It is the only smart thing to do. (Put it away if you will be drinking, though.)

  22. G-20 on body and an AR pistol in the tennis racquet bag.
    Just in case. But I won’t be going anywhere near any malls or similarly crowded places. My deep fryer and I have plans for the ‘morrow.

  23. Libertarians are saying the same thing. They agree with the stupid president. Let the refugees and the invisible suicide bombers into america.

    Just read the stupid writers at Reason Magazine.

    • I’ve said it before: go ahead — let `em all in: straight to the old Ellis Island Immigration Hospital.

      While they’re there awaiting a comprehensive vetting, give `em brooms, mops, buckets of paint and brushes, so they can tidy-up the place they’re gonna stay while the “Universal Background Checks” are completed.

      After all, if it’s good enough of a practice or policy for honest, law-abiding American citizens to have to be submitted to to purchase firearms, it’s good enough for all the Muslim “refugees”…..

  24. “Right now, we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland,” Muslim at heart President Obama pronounced as honorary Caliphate.
    So we now know that all out attacks by ISIS are imminent.

    • Ya’ know Tom my son works at DoD,speaks and reads Syrian arabic and spends his day(I presume) analyzing “chatter”. He related NO ONE had a clue the so-called Arab Spring was coming or what it would mean to the world. Hard to believe no one knew getting rid of (stable) despots would usher in the last days/Armageddon,ISIS,Russia invading the middle east, huge migration of moose-lins and lots of other fun stuff. As RF says-Yes there is that…

  25. Probably the storms out in the Plains States will kill more people than ISIS, but if they do strike it probably will be in a gun free media and target rich metropolis.

  26. Last year it was Ebola coming over the borders, before that al Queda was infiltrating the country. Now its Isis is going to kill you in your beds. When Fox and Limbaugh and Beck pull the strings, everyone pees their pants and dance to the tune.

    Ever since 9/11 fear became a commodity for broadcasters to ramp up ratings and politicians to use as a cudgel against their opponents. The fact is, a disturbed shooter in a mall is more likely than an Isis attack. But you can’t say that.

    When did all these so called Patriots become cowards cowering in the closet? “OMG, some Arab might shoot a gun in a theater” (Oppps, that’s been done but he wasn’t Arab), I think once again it started with 9/11 when the nation was attacked and all we were called on to do our duty and go shopping No shared sacrifice, no national efforts. Couldn’t ask to do more or you might jeopardize the tax cuts. Then fear used to force through the “Patriot Act” and its continued elements, including monitoring the Internet and sites like this and the “Terror Watch List” . A secret list with Americans on it, no way to know how you got there, and now the push to curtail your Constitutional Rights based on that list. Its bullshit and a political stunt. Now a political candidate who wants to put Americans on another list based on the free exercise of the their 1st Amend rights. You can’t claim to support the 2nd Amend and allow the infringement of the 1st or 4th.

    So anyway, Isis it the fear of the moment. Next year it will be something else. Use your head and stand up to your fears, don’t be manipulated into giving away your birthright based on propaganda.

    BTW- its this fear of crime (which is down to the lowest levels in decades) that allows the police think they can get away with executing teenagers for jaywalking. But if crime is down, then why do I need military weapons to defend my canned peaches from the hoards when civilization collapses. Guess what you don’t, but you bought those makers new bass boats for your fears.


  27. *If* there is an attack on US soil, that would be good for gun rights.

    Yeah, I’m aware that is a cold assessment…

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