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Destructive device? Nick? Anyway, God bless Yankee ingenuity. And anyone who thinks that outlawing or even confiscating millions of guns would leave Americans without a ballistic solution to their self-defense needs is unaware of 3D printing, backyard gunsmithing and Ralph’s prowess at zip gun production. Just sayin’.


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  1. Those commercial grade backpack leaf blowers don’t exactly come cheap.
    But if you already have one, let loose your inner redneck engineer.

    • Yes! Just buy one of those big tubs of tennis balls and attach it like a paintball hopper. No need for manual feed when God already gave us gravity.

  2. Hmm, still no story about Facebook’s ongoing purge of gun-related groups after a full day? A good number of the largest sites (and not just those focused on arranging sales) are currently being silenced by Obama’s phone and Zuckerberg’s pen…

  3. In all seriousness does Fedzilla consider this a destructive device under the National Firearms Act? While the operator choose to use snowballs in this particular case, he could just as well have chosen to use baseballs. Launched at only 80 m.p.h., a string of baseballs hitting someone could cause serious injury and possibly even death.

  4. Does not fall under NFA purview as it is not a firearm (no combustion of propellant). The projectile itself is irrelevant.

  5. These weapons of winter have no place on our city streets. If you need more than one or two manual shots to bean your nephews with a snowball, then you need more target practice.


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