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Nick already gave us an update from SHOT Show’s Range Day about the KRISS Vector being offered with an SB Tactical arm brace and in a few new calibers, but we gleaned a bit more info later in the week. First, add 10mm to the list! Vectors will soon be available in .45 ACP, 9×19, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, and 10mm Auto. Sweet. They’re also being offered in a handful of colors, and I’ll admit to liking the look of the white one (pics follow). As seen in the video above, even at a blistering cyclic rate of 1,050 rounds per minute, it’s pretty darn controllable in 9mm. However, it did suffer a handful of stoppages, seen in the uncut video below . . .

For the purposes of my [terrible] YouTube channel, I cut out the jams. Watching somebody clear stoppages isn’t exactly thrilling. For the purposes of TTAG, y’all get The Truth About Guns. KRISS was holding an event at a Las Vegas gun range, which started at 3:00 PM and ran until 11:00 PM. There was a waiting list to get behind the KRISS and SPHINX models throughout that time. Naturally, I got down there at about 10:30 PM (actually, the video metadata says 10:49 PM). I don’t know how many near-nonstop rounds this Vector had fired before I got my mitts on it, but it’s fair to say that it was a heck of a lot. Unfortunately, I think the thing needed a cleaning. …some swearing ensues…

Funny thing, the KRISS rep was actually right that he jinxed it by asking to film me shooting. When he handed my cell phone back and suggested I try another magazine, it ran in 2-round burst and full-auto without a hitch. Figures.

New color options (many of these colors and more, by the way, are available in the SPHINX pistol line as well as on pistol and carbine Vectors):

vector-odgvector-fde vector-white vector-black

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    • Too bad the laws keep us from having the full auto version. But I’ll keep an eye out for a 10mm!

  1. Yeah the white one looks cool as all get out. I built a white ar15 done in cerakote gloss white And it looks amazing As well.

  2. Hey! They gave you more than 1 mag! I am miffed, miffed I say. OTOH, my ‘minder’ was the cute blonde.

    (I was there about 7 pm)

    • LOL, yeah I chatted with her about Marco Polo on Netflix for a while haha. But 15 rounds wasn’t gonna cut it 😉

  3. They need to get that down to 650-700 rpm, IMO. 1050 rpm is a 30rnd mag in under 2 seconds. A trained user could get maybe 4 trigger pulls out of that before needing a mag change.

  4. What magazine will the 10mm version use? The 9mm uses the factory 33-round Glock extended mag, the .40 and .357 Sig can use the 22-round factory extended mag, and for the .45 they invented (and had MagPul build for them) a superb extension that made the G21 13-round mag hold 30 rounds.

    But what will they use for 10mm? Assuming it uses Glock mags, the biggest is the 15-rounder.

    Are they perhaps planning on adapting that same .45 Auto extension for Glock 20 mags now? That would be delicious.

    • I believe a lot of people have adapted those .45 extensions to 10mm mags. You have to hog out the ID of the coupler or something a bit, IIRC

  5. I bought a .45 Kriss with a bull barrel at a gun show in Dayton, Ohio, i fired a few rounds and it started not feeding rounds ,It keeps jamming up, i have cleaned it no help,i tried different ammo too, I have the same problem, even tried different magazines,i heard others had the same problem and sent it back and got it fixed. I called the company they told me they couldn,t help. i had to go through the dealer i bought it from. i like the gun just want it repaired. when you pay that much for a item,you expect it to work the way it should.hard to go to the dealer at a gun show.

    • That’s why I always tell people don’t buy anything from a gun show. And second I don’t stand behind any product That you have to deal with the dealer To be able to send back to the Original company. The firearm doesn’t have the dealers name on the side of it it has the manufacturer’s name. Any manufacturer that won’t stand behind their product is shit to me.

    • Was it a factory gun, or modified by the dealer? I don’t recall KRISS ever selling a bull barrel version. …would explain the warranty situation…

  6. New colors for a jam o matic self destructing POS. When it doesnt sell, just offer more colors.

  7. 10mm and an 100 and 150 double drum would nice (tripel burst for the 150) 🙂
    And re open the register after closed them 1986 if it comes to federal crimes from federal against the people !

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