Glock 48 Barrels display
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From Faxon . . .

Faxon Firearms is proud to showcase its Match Series pistol barrels, designed specifically for those Glock G48 owners seeking enhanced accuracy and performance. This Glock 48 barrel promises a range of benefits over stock barrels. 

Faxon’s Glock 48 barrels are expertly crafted from stress-relieved 416-R stainless steel and coated with either black Nitride or PVD for increased lubricity, barrel life, and surface wear resistance. The conventionally rifled barrels allow for compatibility with a wide variety of ammunition and ensure a snug fit into factory-spec slides without requiring gunsmith installation.

Black Glock 48 Barrel

Key advantages of Faxon‘s Glock 48 barrels include improved accuracy, increased reliability, better recoil management, and customizable options. With a 1:10 twist rate and an 11-degree target crown, the Match Series barrels deliver superior accuracy and tighter groupings at 25 yards compared to stock barrels. 

The optimized chamber ensures reliable feeding and extraction, while the barrel design reduces recoil for faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

Available in various finishes, lengths, and threading options, Faxon’s Glock 48 barrels can be customized to suit individual preferences and needs. The threaded barrel option also enables the attachment of suppressors or compensators, further enhancing the firearm’s versatility.

Faxon Glock 48 Barrel Specifications:

  • Handgun Type: Glock G48
  • Barrel Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Material: Stress Relieved 416-R Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Twist: 1:10
  • Muzzle Thread: 1/2X28
  • Crown: 11-degree Target Crown
  • Rifling Type: Conventional

Yellow Glock 48 Barrel

While the Faxon Match Series Glock 48 barrel boasts superior performance compared to stock barrels, it does come at a higher cost. However, for those who prioritize performance and are willing to invest in their firearm, Faxon barrels are undoubtedly worth considering.

Faxon Glock 48 barrels are highly recommended for anyone seeking to improve their Glock’s performance. Offering top-quality, reliability, and several advantages over stock barrels, a Faxon barrel can make a significant difference in your shooting experience.

Turquoise Glock 48 Barrel

Browse Faxon’s G48 options here, or read more about Faxon’s Glock replacement barrel options.

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  1. “Key advantages of Faxon‘s Glock 48 barrels include improved accuracy, increased reliability, better recoil management”

    …and how, precisely, does it affect better recoil management?

      • Well to speculate if the Faxon replacement barrel chamber end is wider than Glock it would lessen the play between the barrel and slide. Rifling/twist causes the screwing through the barrel projectile to twist the loose fitting striker fired barrel conglomeration a bit. If the barrel chamber end is widened even by .005″-.010″ on each side at the base of the squared chamber where it connects to the barrel it lessens the running start slop between the barrel and slide and also helps guide the decending feed ramp for the next round.
        My experience with Faxon is solely with their perfect weight 20″ Big Gunner AR-308 barrels. There are reasons why sellers I purchase Faxon from have a no questions asked free return policy.

      • I charged my son $499 to hap hazardly sight in his Red Ryder.
        It was a 1974 model and had never been fired before.
        I think my neighbor opened up a can of Mackerel.

    • Gotta get yourself a pair of those X-Ray glasses at the back of the Archie’s comics. Get some of those Sea Monkeys while your at it….😉

        • I drank the sea monkeys and used the X-ray specs to view a solar eclipse. Hey, I was so much younger then.

        • No lie… my neighbor’s BIL’s barber’s grocery delivery man routinely shoots sea monkeys at 500 yards while WEARING x-ray glasses !! I’ve heard him tell the same story TWICE, nearly exactly both times!!

  2. I don’t recall TTAG writing a story when the [email protected] married with children governor, in the state of Colorado, signing the law that repealed preemption. That was a few years ago.

    Now that same libertarian “happy” married with kids governor has signing several gun control bills into laws.

    Will TTAG anything about it???

    Yes I know there are people who say he’s not a libertarian. However, there are many people who think he is a libertarian. But I will say he makes libertarians look very bad.

      • This is the kind of crap that will continue to happen when idiots vote for dems. These people are tyrants and don’t work to better the lives of their constituents they always work to consolidate power. The idiot pole smoker also eliminated the electoral college here rendering my vote useless.

        • Let’s be honest here. There are a lot of black people who got what they voted for in these Democrat controlled cities. And it should be said that the white Libertarians liberals and the left, got what they wanted in the cities and the states. They all voted for this.

          When they knowingly vote for candidates who are anti-second amendment. Sure they got “other things” in the process.
          That’s just part of the deal. It’s called a trade. You get some things. When you give up other things.

          The tyrants know they are dealing with weak men and weak women. These weak people want the “free stuff”. They’re not interested in having to work hard to get it. And tyrants will gladly give you the “soft things”, for “free”.

  3. The funny things is that the Chameleon barrels essentially look blued to me. There is a rainbow effect but primarily blue.

    I really don’t see myself ever owning a Glock but Faxon does make other barrels.

  4. Yeaaa, another opportunity for all the Glock haters to crawl out of their corners and bash one of the most reliable and popular handguns in the world… Enjoy…

    • It’s made out of Plastic
      You see them hanging off every cops hip
      And the Nazi’s used them to kill jews in Antarctica
      A HiPoint is better

      • It’s made out of Plastic
        So are 90% of 80% ARs and ALL 80% handguns… CZ, H&K, Sig, Baretta, S&W M&P and Bodyguard, Walther PPQ, FNH, Springfield Armory, Ruger LCP and MANY more including your beloved HiPoint(?)…

        You see them hanging off every cops hip
        You make that sound like a bad thing…

        And the Nazi’s used them to kill jews in Antarctica
        ???? Missed that one in MY History books….

        All that you didn’t rag on Striker fired and NO external safety? Is the possum slipping ?

        • pretty sure 9 out of ten ar 80% lowers are not goop.
          i’d say most were 7075.
          but i care about that as much as plastic pinkstools.

    • Well, I don’t hate Glocks. I don’t love them either. They are guns and quite a few people guy them.

      ok…moving on.

  5. There is nothing wrong with the stock barrels that came with my pistols. Maybe these aftermarket parts will magically make bullseye quality out of my shooting.


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