Drivers have parked their trucks blocking lanes of traffic to protest against pandemic restrictions in Ottawa, Ontario, on Monday, Feb. 14, 2022. (AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey)
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We have freedom in Canada. I enjoy it every time I go to the grocery store or the coffee shop and not feel threaten[ed] by an AR-15.

— Bernard Leclair1 via Twitter

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  1. Excellent…if you like to live in the closest thing to a socialistic country that exists in North America where any low-down criminal WHO DOES POSSES A GUN (or any other type of weapon) can tie you and your wife up and rape both of you…repeatedly…and…sequentially…and then kill you both so as to eliminate witnesses…because you declined to take you family’s protection seriously.

    • I grew up enamored with the Great White North and always wanted to visit. I even held the Canadian culture in high regard.

      Not anymore.

      • urban dominance of the rest of the country…something they’d like to see here

        • Funny there is all this talk of slavery when in fact we commoners are all still enslaved. Some more and some less than others. AND, if the NWO people get their way, those left alive will be enslaved like never seen before. That has been the whole goal of humanity since we left caves, to enslave others. This is done economically, educationally, through religion, titles, professions and many other ways. The only way out is to resist, depose and extinquish, then move back to the cave with enough slaves you can make work easier and pleasure yourselves with the ecstatic things of life.

      • I suggest all reading the post immediately above this post and especially the above author (Miner49er) to obtain a copy of the long-ago (1954) published book (available and inexpensive in book stores and even online): How To Lie With Statistics.,to%20articles%20as%20a%20freelancer.

        The comparative life expectancies between the U.S. and Canada is a consequence of near uncountable factors and influences.

        So, ascribing marginally longer life expectancies between one or the other of the two as principally the result of stricter gun laws is, to be kind, obviously obfuscation of the many causes which surely exist and and contribute to that difference…i.e.: statistical lying.

        • Yes, America is somewhat different from Canada, always has been:

          The Philadelphia Gazette on May 24, 1796:

          Absconded from the household of the President of the United States, ONEY JUDGE, a light mulatto girl, much freckled, with very black eyes and bushy hair. She is of middle stature, slender, and delicately formed, about 20 years of age.

          She has many changes of good clothes, of all sorts, but they are not sufficiently recollected to be described—As there was no suspicion of her going off, nor no provocation to do so, it is not easy to conjecture whither she has gone, or fully, what her design is; but as she may attempt to escape by water, all masters of vessels are cautioned against admitting her into them, although it is probable she will attempt to pass for a free woman, and has, it is said, wherewithal to pay her passage.

          Ten dollars will be paid to any person who will bring her home, if taken in the city, or on board any vessel in the harbour;—and a reasonable additional sum if apprehended at, and brought from a greater distance, and in proportion to the distance.

          FREDERICK KITT, Steward. May 23

        • Well, look what slithered out from under its rock.

          “Yes, America is somewhat different from Canada, always has been …”

          No shit, Sherlock. What was your first clue?

          BTW, Canada had slavery too:

          Canada’s slavery secret: The whitewashing of 200 years of enslavement — Our collective silence amounts to an ‘erasure of Blackness,’ says historian

          Hmmm. Canada is not as different as you would like us to believe, Liar49er.

        • Remind me again, when did the ruler of Canada own household slaves?

          Did Canada and/or the British empire require a Civil War and the death of 5000,000 of their own citizens to abolish slavery within their borders?

        • Five million?

          Liar. That’s why we can’t have a reasonable discussion with you.

        • Sorry Minerva, you must have missed this…

          “Slavery was the dominant condition of life for black people in this country (Canada) for well over 200 years. So we have been enslaved for longer than we have been free.”

          —Afua Cooper, historian

          Free Black people in New France were at constant risk of being enslaved. In 1732, GOVERNOR Jonquierre enslaved a Black freedom seeker who had arrived from New England on the basis that “a black is a slave, wherever he may be found.”

          Nevertheless, slavery in what is now Canada was just as barbarous as in other states. As a matter of fact, slaves were beaten, sexually abused, or even killed when they tried to escape. “Most wills from the time treated enslaved people as nothing more than property, passing on ownership of human beings the same as they would furniture, cattle or land,” writes the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

          In British North America, however, slavery continued. Influential colonists including McGill University founder James McGill, Upper Canada administrator Peter Russell and Father Louis Payet, the priest of Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieus, owned slaves

      • Refrigeration is why they live longer. Or maybe it just seems longer.

        Seriously, differences in national origin. Ethnic mix. Climate. Diet. Etc. need to be factored in or these statistics are meaningless.

      • Hispanic-Americans have longer life expectancies than Mexican or South Americans and Hispanic-Americans live longer than Asian-Americans, who have longer life expectancies than Asians.
        Asian-Americans have longer life expectancies than Caucasian-Americans, who have have similar life expectancies to Caucasian-Canadians and Caucasian-Europeans.
        African-Americans have longer life expectancies than Africans; but have shorter life expectancies than Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans or Caucasian-Americans.
        But note that each ethnic sub-group in America lives longer than their relatives in the country of origin, with the exception of white Americans, who have similar longevities to white Europeans.
        The US is ~14% Black. Canada is less than 5% Black. Europe has an even lower percentage of Black population.
        There is also a nearly 10-year difference in life expectancy between the top economic decile and the bottom economic decile–and this is present in both America and in Europe (so “universal medical access” via single-party payors, common in Europe, does not seem to improve medical outcomes for the poorest segments of society). Longevity differences among advanced nations are largely accounted for by different proportions of various ethnic groups.
        It is also interesting to see how people vote with their feet:
        9% of Canadian Citizens choose to live outside of Canada.
        1.7% of US Citizens choose to live outside the US.
        Canada is a beautiful country with wonderful people of which its citizens can be rightfully proud. But, claiming superiority on the basis of average longevity is a spurious argument.

        If you fear being killed by an AR-15, realize that 358 persons were killed in the US by rifles of all types (a sub-fraction of which were ARs) in 2019 (FBI stats). By comparison, Canada suffered 8,000 deaths by hypothermia, which is 3x the per-capita death rate by hypothermia in the US. And a 5.56 mm bullet from an AR is actually less lethal than a typical 7 mm or 7.62mm Canadian hunting rifle bullet. If fear of being killed by an AR keeps you up at night, you may benefit from a course in statistical risk analysis–it might make you feel a lot less anxious and happier overall.

    • The majority of Canada is a vast wilderness. When a Canadian leaves his or her urban police state and ventures out into this vast wilderness they will find that the only law out there is the law of the GUN. And they will also find that brown bears and grizzly bears do not follow man’s laws. There is only one law out there and it is the law of survival.

  2. When your so-called leaders can shut you down, you don’t have freedom. That is what was so wrong about the Covid lockdowns. The US Constitution was suspended.

    If you are threatened by an AR15 then there is a criminal somewhere in the equation and it’s not about the gun. Otherwise there is no threat.

  3. Yes! ‘Freedom’ necessitates denying citizens the means to defend themselves. ‘Freedom’ requires that we restrict speech and rights because some one might be offended or frightened. ‘Freedom’ means removing freedom because we all have to worry about what we think of each other. ‘Freedom’ means you get to intrude on and impede my life because you do not like how I think.

    Then, again, let’s turn that around so that I get to intrude on and impede your life. How are you liking that?

    Bottom line: As defined above, ‘Freedom’ means conflict and war as we struggle to make our feelings the dominant feelings, the only feelings that are legal.

      • “Freedom Is Slavery” because, according to the Party, the man who is independent is doomed to fail. By the same token, “Slavery Is Freedom,” because the man subjected to the collective will is free from danger and want. 1984 George Orwell
        Even Stephen Hawking warned of the dangers of lost freedom before he died. Specifically from the ability of the government to control society through the messaging of the media and the use of A I.
        You have been warned.

    • Those who give up their freedoms for safety will end up with neither and they deserve neither.

      • How very true. The problem is, we have a group of people who are hell bent on giving up their freedoms for safety, and damned determined to drag the rest of us down with them, because they think they are right, and we are wrong in standing up for ourselves. And they do not think we deserve freedom, either, because they are giving it up, too.

  4. Right now there is a man-hunt underway in Texas for a murderer, reward for his capture, etc. is $80,000. Unless citizens have the means on hand ready to deal with such individuals they are sht out of luck. In other words bernard leclair, Freedom means nothing without the means to defend it.

    • I posted this on another thread but just an observation.

      From an article at Red State.

      “The shooter, Francisco Oropesa, shot his neighbors almost execution-style. Two of the women who were killed — Diana Velazquez Alvarado and Julisa Molina Rivera — were murdered as they lay over three children, trying to protect them. The women also hid a two-month-old baby under some clothes so the shooter wouldn’t find him. The four children all survived.”

      This is what the women did while one of the men?…is on camera talking about having jumped out a window. God Bless those women. They remind me of a time not that long ago where women said during pregnancy “I don’t care what happens to me just save my baby!”

      What the hell happened?

      • They were ALL illegals, shooter has been deported five times, but we need stronger gun laws…

        • My baddd, The VICTIMS were Honduran nationals, and the shooter was a Mexican national and all of them had entered the United States without benefit of proper documentation and the shooter had been given free transportation back to his home country five times prior to his decision to take the lives of those individuals… Don’t know what my previous post has to do with CHILDREN, stating a fucking fact is NOT disparaging anyone, it is simply stating a fact and if that offends YOUR sensibilities then maybe you need to get over yourself… No mater how you say it nothing changes the fact that 5 ILLEGAL migrants were murdered by another ILLEGAL migrant that had been deported FIVE times who was ILLEGALLY in possession of a firearm and IF someone had done their job none of this would have happened…

        • MADD,
          Just one more “gun law”.
          For the children. You know if it saves just one life because that would have “fixed” it.

        • First and foremost MADD the reason for my post was to highlight the FACT that two women gave their lives for four children. And I don’t give a flying fuck whether or not they were here legally.
          My “just one more” comment was a sarcastic remark highlighting how one more law would have fixed everything when you and I know it wouldn’t have accomplished a fucking thing. And if the illegal alien hadn’t been living next door to the other illegal aliens none of this would have happened. Duh! But that isn’t how this played out. Back to my point. Those women had more ball’s than the loser father who jumped out the window.

        • Maybe if you’d said one more “GUN” law for the children it would not have sounded like you were saying I am in favor of more gun laws… Guess I need to start marking my sarcasm OR just stop doing it…

        • how did this guy manage to get a gun?…..

          Probably caught the “excess Indiana guns” guy on his way to Chicago by way of Houston or some such “dacian” clown-boy bullshit… How does ANY prohibited person get a gun?… They buy stolen stuff from other criminals… “excess Indiana guns” WAS intended to be sarcastic… (that better?)

        • I knew you were being sarcastic just from having read your previous posts. I guess my sarc wasn’t clear enough.

      • one of the women told the man to jump out the window after watching his wife getting shot and said “your children lost there mother, run because they don’t need to lose there father.”

        • I heard that also. And I wasn’t there so my comment about him being a loser may be out of line. I just wonder if he knew the condition of his children as he fled.

        • So who related THAT story, everyone but the guy and the children were dead… Not sure I’d rely on the veracity of the guy that left his family to die instead of attempting to stop the shooter… How did the woman know that the children would NOT be shot? Just sayin’… Not being sarcastic…

    • You notice there is no mention of the alien stash house that was his target, no immigration sweep of that area.

  5. this LeClair guy makes you want to puke. sounds like another leftist sissy boy. maybe he’s related to Justin Trudeau.

  6. How soon they forget.
    Three short years ago, a gunman in Nova Scotia dressed as a cop took his sweet time killing eighteen unarmed victims over a twelve hour period while they huddled defenselessly in their homes, unable to do jack shit about it … yep, freedom sure tastes sweet.

  7. Hey, a little off topic, but has anyone heard from Minor Irritant or lil ‘d lately?
    Maybe Soros’ paycheck account is at the latest failing major US bank….at least some good will come from the inevitable crash.

  8. I know I have told this story previously.

    A bunch of us were going out to dinner in Cincinnati after successful completion of a big project. Mike, a business analyst, noticed my Sneaky-Pete and asked what it contained. “A Glock 43”, I answered. “A gun? You’re carrying a gun?” he replied. I answered “Aren’t you? You have a new baby to go home to, a family to support and protect.”

    At that point we were interrupted.

    After dinner, I gave Mike a lift back to his hotel. During the drive he told me that, at first, he was alarmed that I was armed. But during dinner, he realized we were all safer because of it.

    Mike left the company a few months later for another opportunity. We lost touch with each other. I wonder if he ever purchased a gun.

    • Hope it sunk in, most importantly.

      Had a strange experience last night. Took a person out to eat getting to know them at a nice restaurant. Had an intriguing conversation, going swimmingly, at least up until an hour in where she lavished me with praise, in her eyes at least saying she “appreciates a confident man who isn’t all about toxic masculinity”.

      “O noez. Here we go…” My immediate thought, put it aside for the moment. She is pretty hot, in all other ways just my type.

      No more than 5 minutes more pass before bringing up the fatal words gun control, and a litany of hot button leftist anti bullet points inclusive of, of course “assault weapons”. Literally debated internally about whether I should risk being executed by the cops to snub her bravo sierra by revealing I have a bunch at home & was carrying right then and there. “Discretion being the better part of valor” I heard in my head.

      Why is it always the crazy ones?

      Hard nope of course. Well beyond reason, and indoctrinated to the hilt that one is. No breaking that programming without a hammer, for sure. Was akin to having the remaining dinner with our resident idiot trolls. Only question remaining is whether I tap that before running to the hills, or make tracks and avoid all the trouble? Not really a question. Deleted that number and blocked it, need, nor want that sort of drama.

      That’s a neg. Punching out.

      • Good call. Birth control is never 100% reliable.
        “Only question remaining is whether I tap that before running to the hills”
        Crazy is Crazy wil always be CRAZY!

        • True. Never dip the wick in crazy.

          Even if they are the most fun in the bed.

        • Spent a lot of years between last committed relationship and this one and I loved to play with the crazies til I finally met the keeper (23 years and counting)… Just NEVER give your real last name or phone number…

      • “she left me when she thought that i needed her most.”
        hahaha kinnison.

      • Back in my single days second date was often to gun range. Lost a few that way.

        Married twenty years last week.

        • Does she still go to the range with you?

          Here’s a potential marriage-ender: who’s the better shot? 🙂

        • Made that mistake once upon a time, lost half my… everything I ever made in the divorce. Too high a risk factor, people can and do change over time.

          No legal strings attached is by far the safer path. 3rd date is the range, test the waters on the 2nd, if nothing goes awry beforehand.

    • LifeSavor,

      How, may I ask, did your colleague notice your Sneaky Pete if it was (assumedly) concealed?

  9. Canada is a commie shytehole.
    – The Federal government is currently importing up to 300,000 immigrants a year, out of a total population of 36,000,000, swamping old stock Canadians.
    – Taxes are exorbitant, including a “carbon tax” that is strangling the populace.
    – Canada has “hate-speech” laws, and bans what are called “hate facts.” These are truths that are inconvenient to the “equity” narrative.
    – Canada has “Human Rights Tribunals,” kangaroo courts used to enforce the communist “equity” narrative.
    Canada’s commie health care system is on the verge of collapse; Canadians with money (politicians and their corporate cronies) avail themselves of private health care in the U.S., leaving the proles to suffer under commie medicine. They are now encouraging their own soldiers with PTSD and people with other treatable conditions to avail themselves of “assisted dying,” which is government sponsored suicide.
    – All of this, and more, on top of tyrannical gun control.

    My advice, don’t step foot in that commie shythole.

    • Downunder the government wants to import 650,000 immigrants to make up for losses in the “virus of unknown origin” years.

      But what jobs are available for these people and where are they going to live? We are in a housing crisis where rental availability has dropped to below 1%. New housing construction has stalled because the companies are going broke with the fast inflating costs of materials.

      • MADDMAXX May 1, 2023 At 19:32
        Your comment is awaiting moderation
        Maybe “Chucky” can send a bunch Britain’s derelicts and convicts, some can live under the bridges the rest will be fine with a jail cell and a free meal, they did it before… History repeats…

        Okaaaayyyy: WTF? “free”, “Jail”, “History”? Sorry if I offended Chucky, NOT…

    • … Canadians with money avail themselves of private healthcare in the US…
      No shit. I recently took a family friend to Mayo Clinic ( Rochester, Mn.) and parked my jeep amongst the multiple million- plus dollar motorhomes wearing various provincial license plates.
      The family friend? ” We’ll accept your insurance but have no idea when we can actually schedule your required tests “. Money knows no language barrier.

  10. Keep telling yourself that. Citizens in France can’t own those types of weapons either, but have you ever heard of Charlie Hebdo (7 January 2015) the Battaclan attack (Nov. 13, 2015) or the Bastille Day Nice truck attack (14 July 2016)? You’re merely being allowed to live.

    • The Nice, France semi truck attack is always my go-to example when someone tries to argue guns need to be banned.

  11. Well Justin Castreau is the bastard boy of a commie. Makes sense🙄🙃

  12. Good for that prick.

    I dont feel threatened here in ‘merrica either..and not just because i have 15 on my hip and another 15 in my pocket. Thats just in case

  13. That’s not freedom. At. All. Karen.

    Not that much is to be expected from one named Le Claire.

  14. Why are you retweeting from a guy with 900 followers on Twitter and acting like his Tweet should be a News article?

    • Slow 2A-news day apparently. But, tell me deriding the panty wetter isn’t fun.

    • “Why are you retweeting from a guy with 900 followers on Twitter and acting like his Tweet should be a News article?”

      It’s called “Know your enemy”. TTAG covers guns, gun policy, gun culture, pretty much all guns.

      Knowing how the other half thinks is a part of that.

      Perhaps another gun blog is more your speed? 🙁

    • The morning “chum in the water” article. Like a cup of coffee for POTG. (Sorry to mix my metaphors).

  15. Freedom is not about going to a store, to buy whatever you want. The AR-15, “is an instrument of liberty”. It provides you the freedom to be able to go to a store, to buy whatever you want. Without being interrupted by a criminal. Or you can use one to defend your home and private bussiness against criminals. Especially against criminals who are supported by the government.

  16. Considering how the west is basically in a cold war with Trudeau I don’t think you have as much freedom as you think you do buddy.

    • “…I don’t think you have as much freedom as you think you do buddy.”

      It’s literally Orwell’s ‘1984’ in Canada, where everything is backwards. Where actual freedom (the right to keep and bear) he calls slavery.

      And what the Leftist Scum ™ want very badly here… 🙁

      • Canada is not NEARLY that monolithic. There’s a big battle between the west and the east. Gun rights are included within that by the way. The west could push them into something similar or even superior to our 2A at some point.

        I don’t know if it will happen but there’s segments of the west that are very tired of being ruled like a vassal of the eastern part of Canada when they have the resources.

        • Rural voters aside, who are the pro-gun Canucks?

          What do the west of Canada have in mind that is superior to 2A?

  17. They may not have to worry about AR-15s, but they have nut cases that stab 28 people, killing 11, or wander around Nova Scotia for 12 hours killing 22 people. Amazing the amount of damage you can do easily against an unarmed populace.

  18. That stupid bastard has been a Trudeau Castro slave his whole life. He has no idea what freedom truly is.

  19. The Kunnucks have been condition by bending a knee to a crown. We dumped the royal nonsense 247 years ago. Maybe we should give them Commiefornia, Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. We’ll take the tundra and the moose, bears and geese. Fair trade.

    • “Maybe we should give them Commiefornia, Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. We’ll take the tundra and the moose, bears and geese. Fair trade.”

      Awesome trade!

  20. Candida is a lost cause. Seal up the border tight since it is going to be as bad as our southern border soon. Build a massive wall on both of them. Keep that riffraff Canukistan filth out just like the Mexijanos.

  21. Probably one of those guys marching around in Parliament wearing pink high heels last week.

  22. I’ve never been threatened at the grocery store by an AR-15. In fact I’ve never been threatened by a person with an AR-15, at the grocery store or anywhere else. How does an AR-15 even make threats? It’s an inanimate object, or do they have talking ARs in Canada or something? ‘You, with the bananas. Out of my way, I’m loaded and ready to go off!’ Sounds like a Disney thing.

  23. Very few people in the U.S. feel threatened by an AR-15 at the grocery store or coffee shop either. I’m in a coffee shop right now and went to the grocery store yesterday – I have not been shot and neither has anyone else I’ve been in the vicinity of. Truth is, no matter how much fearmongering goes on, the U.S. is not unusually dangerous.

    Why can people not seem to get it through their thick heads that the media reporting on the violent use of AR-15s dramatically magnifies the apparent frequency of such events.

  24. Typical leftist drivel, they always assign sentience to inantimate objects as if any firearm ever jumped up and went and shot someone. This insane unwillingness to assign guilt to criminals lets them sign off on turning dangerous criminals lose without requiring bail or completely refusing to prosecute them.

    • In psychotherapy it’s called cathexis, the assignment of mental and/or emotional energy in an object or idea. I’d like to start a movement called Gun Owners Against Cathexics… it sounds enough like Catholics that some lefties are bound to join in.

  25. I have been threatened by an AR15. “Clean me, or I WILL jam!”

    Freedom and Canada don’t belong in the same sentence.
    Misgender someone
    Honk your horn in protest
    Refuse the vaccine
    Try to keep your church open

    These are just a small list of things that will get you arrested and/or your bank accounts frozen.

  26. obviously this guy is not a peacefully protesting truck. Those folks were threatened by RCMP officers with fully automatic suppressed M4’s and snipers on roof tops. Had their bank accounts frozen, were arrested and finally trampled by police on horse back

    Canada truly is a Socialist Paradise, as long as you obey and parrot the government talking points, or else.

  27. This is not freedom. This is the illusion of freedom.

    This sadly mistaken person is only “free” if others decide to leave this person alone. If your freedom is dependent on the grace of others – you are not free.

    Canadians will surrender all of their rights in the name of “freedom”.

    • Do they have any “rights” or “freedom” guaranteed to them in their founding documents?

  28. Canada has greater limits on guns than the U.S. So some have argued they are less secure. However, per 100,000 people, there were roughly five homicides in the U.S. in 2019 and 2.06 homicides in Canada in 2021.

    • “So some have argued they are less secure.”

      I say that they are less secure against their own government. Do you agree?

      “However … ”

      Okay, so you don’t agree.

      ” …per 100,000 people, there were roughly five homicides in the U.S. in 2019 and 2.06 homicides in Canada in 2021.”

      Why is that?

    • Remove “diversity” from the “gun violence” statistics and the US is as safe as Canada. We don’t have a gun problem, we have a “violent diversity” problem.

      • Canada does not have a GUN “violence” problem because the big gangs up there prefer homemade explosives and firebombs to shut down their competition, much more entertaining (but a lot of collateral damage) and effective…

  29. Never been threatened by a firearm. Nor intimidated by one.
    Been threatened by other humans, and a few vicious dogs.
    Perhaps the fear factor is psychosomatic. There are treatments for such phobias and perhaps the author should check into getting some help.
    Went to a hardware store yesterday and then stopped and picked up a few things we don’t produce on the homestead at the grocery store. Noticed several people with sort of concealed weapons and a couple open carriers. As well as a couple police officers with duty belts/weapons. No threat from any of them. Of course I was as usual armed as well.
    The average Joe Homeowner or tax paying citizen is not a threat to anyone no matter what firearms they may own. The threat comes from those who already ignore the law and will not willingly disarm themselves because some Marxist demands the do so.
    As always gun control has little to do with guns or crime or public safety or even the children. And everything to do with control over the serfs and slaves by the political and corporate elites.

    • Canucks have a lot less to fear and, coincidentally, a lot more control.

      It is what it is

      • How so, Miner?

        What do they have to fear less?

        And how does that translate to control? Control of what?

  30. I don’t feel threatened by AR-15’s when I go to a coffee shop here in Texas. Sounds like paranoia.

  31. During the 1920s we had prohibition where all alcoholic beverages were illegal. Illegal distilleries and breweries sprang up all over the country providing criminals with a very lucrative criminal industry. Providing illegal alcoholic beverages to the American public
    was no problem. What makes those who want to ban guns think there won’t be an
    illegal gun industry? You don’t need some sort of magic pixy dust to manufacture guns.

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