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Since stepping into office on May 15, [Chicago Mayor Brandon] Johnson has announced four key positions and a 44-person transition subcommittee to lead the charge around public safety specifically. The subcommittee includes academics, organizers, politicians, first responders, faith leaders, educators, business people, native Chicagoans, and organizers who were formerly incarcerated. The group has 13 people with experience in violence prevention or reduction, 25 people with experience organizing around social justice, public safety, or police reform, six business leaders, and four former first responders.

“It’s important to have a diverse group from different perspectives because there is no one solution to ending gun violence,” said the Reverend Ciera Bates-Chamberlain, executive director of Live Free Illinois and a member of the Council of Criminal Justice’s Violent Crime Working Group. 

To lead his public safety efforts, Johnson named Garien Gatewood as deputy mayor of community safety; Alderperson Brian K. Hopkins as chair of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee; Alderperson Christopher Taliaferro as chair of the newly created Committee of Police and Fire; and Fred L. Waller as the interim Chicago Police Department superintendent.

Gatewood and Taliaferro have been applauded by supporters for their past work on public safety, but Hopkins and Waller’s previous remarks have raised concern that their public support of police who have faced misconduct allegations may lead to a continued reliance on law enforcement. Johnson’s team did not respond to questions from The Trace about these worries, but shared the following statement on Johnson’s behalf: “I’m proud of the public safety coalition we’ve brought together because creating safe communities will take all of us – police, City departments and agencies, business, philanthropy, community partners, and all the people of Chicago.”

— Rita Oceguera in All Eyes Are On Chicago Mayor’s First Move on Violence Prevention

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  1. Would I be wrong that the biggest (and only) accomplishment of this will be the transfer of taxpayer dollars to friends and family?

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    • It looks to me like there will be 1 commission member per average number of people shot in Chicago on a normal weekend.

      Good idea, Mayor. And understanding how Bureaucracies work, there will soon need to be 50 or 60 to keep up with the, shall we say- Inflation.

      • I betcha the commish will be unanimously pro-“reparations”.

        Simple math: 1 white pay 1 unit rep $ to 1 black.

        1/2 white + 1/2 black person pays net zero.

        3/4 white + 1/4 black person owes 1/4 unit…

        Hmmm, l am thinking the “one drop” rule will be rocking a HUGE revival.

        We might owe some “surprisingly white” black people money.

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      • Did you know that the soldiers and officers who served in the Continental Army were never paid? Now if you want to talk about reparations, the descendants of these patriots do deserve compensation.

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  2. Mayor “let’s go Brandon” is a progressive ie a communist. Death & he!! will continue in Chiraq🙄

  3. “How to Accomplish Absolutely Nothing”


    Hell, no. They are gonna have some *epic* 10,000-dollar blowout ‘working lunches’ fueled by top-shelf liquor for that little ‘commission’…

    • It will be a gig similar to the New Orleans “Levee commission” that ate and drank at taxpayer expense instead of inspecting the Lake Pontchartrain flood control system…

    • 44+ the mayor = 45.

      When nothing useful happens, at worst there’s a game of musical chairs where any one person has a 1/44 chance of being thrown under the bus (because it’s not gonna be the mayor under there).

      • A company I worked for in the late 90s had a sure-fire way to guarantee attendance at their many ‘working group’ meetings the salaried folks were required to join. The meetings always took place at lunchtime.

        *Outstanding* catering. It was as far as it gets from the typical pizza lunches many companies use. Nice, nice food and beverages. Steaks, seafood, etc. (No alcohol during the workday hours, evening meetings at the hotels when out of town were another story. At least twice a year we flew up to corporate headquarters for the company rah-rah crap. EVERYTHING including the bar bill were on our corporate AMEX cards. Nice.)

        This had a direct impact on my department, since the facility ‘training rooms’ were in the same building as my department. Our break room doubled as the room where the catering was laid out for the meeting attendees.

        Any leftovers were fair game for us after they left. We descended like vultures every time it was meeting time. Conservatively, my home grocery bills (and my department mates) were easily one-half as much as they would have been without those meetings. Very helpful in making my mortgage payments easier on my first home, I admit. 🙂

        The company was and still is *very* big in the Midwest…

  4. If the sole focus of public safety is reducing “gun violence”, they’ve already gone off track.

    • that will be #1 but ” fixing ” the police department, more handouts to marginalized minority groups and power lunches will be high on the agenda

  5. I would imagine these are all ‘paid’ positions…??? Also. I still have not heard a peep about violent BLACK crime in that city. Code word : ‘Gun Violence’. Put thugs in jail. Problem solved.

    • They already have paid positions, so this is just a “working group” to waste time.

      • They certainly are “working” extra hard and need a substantial bonus. Or a car w/driver. Hot/cold running hookers, booze, and blow.

        “13 people with experience in violence prevention or reduction, 25 people with experience organizing around social justice, public safety, or police reform” – Laughable.

    • “…there is no one solution to ending gun violence,”…

      Actually…uhhhh…there is. At least in Chicago.

    • There is also a “Shoot to kill” order from the mayor to the police.

      Who knew that Mayor Daly had such future vision?

  6. I wonder how many of these will join in the festivities and carjack/pull people out of their vehicles and beat them like the nice Memorial Day fella did

  7. “Violence prevention experts and organizers in Chicago have consistently called for long-term solutions that address the root causes of violence, like sustainable housing, job security, youth programming, and access to health care. But during this mayoral election, voters made it clear they also want short-term solutions to improve their safety immediately.”

    Yeah, that’s gonna work.

    • Have you seen where crime is now so bad in San Fransisco that the major hotels are just up and abandoning the city?

      Something tells me since no one sane wants to stay in San Fran, those properties might get ‘donated’ and turned into homeless shelters.

      Place you bets, sports fans, how long until those nice hotels are completely destroyed by the street people? Pissing in the corners, crapping in the hallways… 🙂

  8. The word “crime” appears in the entire story only twice, and both times it’s in the title of the group, the “Violent Crime Working Group.”

  9. Diffusion of responsibility is the accomplishment here. Also…


    Ultra-Basics of Brain Systems Part I:

    Human information processing is, at base, emotional because this is the physical structure of our brains. Surprise, for example, is a mixture of curiosity and anxiety produced by an event or outcome that we didn’t expect. Anxiety is controlled by the amygdala and curiosity by the hippocampus. Both areas of the brain “light up” when someone is surprised and in order for us to think critically, we must have one of these systems overcome the other, engage in actions that “calm” that area which was overcome and then do what the winning portion of the brain wants.


    If the amygdala “wins” you tend to get the “fight/flight” response. Rational analysis will not begin until the person is essentially doing an after-action in their own head having cleared the danger area or won the fight.

    If at least one of these conditions are not met then cognitive processing cannot begin in any meaningful way. This is more powerful than many people understand. Anxiety is one of the most unpleasant things humans can experience. A constantly active amygdala can lead people to actual suicide and one who intentionally manipulates this aspect of the brain can drive others to suicide alarmingly often. Yeah, it’s that powerful. However, for propaganda and brainwashing purposes this also provides a mechanism to the manipulator who can induce anxiety in a victim and then offer something that removes it. Even ham-handed attempts at this are generally fairly effective. Remember masks?

    Cults do this kind of thing all the time too, inducing anxiety and then providing what amounts to a lozenge, a totem to be fixated on, to alleviate that anxiety. It doesn’t have to make sense, and really, from a propaganda point of view it’s better that it doesn’t since compliance with nonsense is a good gauge of how effective your propaganda/brainwashing is and where it needs adjustment, or if you’ve maybe jumped the shark. In cases of non-shark-jumping, this also causes dissenters to show themselves so they can be targeted and purged later, but that’s something we’ll address again later in more detail.

    Regardless, the point is that the totem becomes an anxiety relief mechanism that people latch on to. A security blanket, if you like. The totem can be an object but it doesn’t have to be, this manipulation is well known as a mechanism to produce repetitive behaviors as a calming mechanism, we sometimes see this as a neurosis (in the non-technical sense of the term). This is, essentially, the malicious creation of a new heuristic in the targeted person or population. Social-media produces this behavior but by another mechanism which is basically Operant Conditioning, again more later.

    [Note: Properly regulated, after a fight/flight response information seeking should be part of the after-action consideration. In natural environments people will tend towards logically deducing how to avoid that particular little fuckup again. Cults and propaganda go out of their way to avoid allowing this to happen so that they can always offer to remove the anxiety and effectively become a neurotransmitter-based heroin dealer.]

    Attempts to counter this kind of anxiety-based “programming” can be, and often are, met with extreme hostility because you are unwittingly shoving someone back into an anxiety state which they find extremely unpleasant because… well, they’re fairly normal. This is true of cult programming, propaganda or sometimes just strongly held erroneous beliefs if those beliefs are tangentially connected to something bigger in the person’s life such as their family, religion, job (sense of self-worth) or something else they place a lot of meaning on which may be as mundane as a trinket that is actually a family heirloom or a belief in Nessie or Sasquatch.

    This is, ultimately, the one of the major roots of the statement that you “cannot reason someone out of a position they have emoted themselves into”.

    In such cases you’re not attacking the idea. You’re attacking the person without realizing it because this is an area that pushes them back into some form of anxiety. This is why “the best prisons are built in someone’s head”. No real construction or maintenance costs, no guards, they carry it with them wherever they go and they will look at people trying to break them out of that prison as if those people are actually assaulting the victim’s personal castle. Building such a mental construct is a nasty little trick to pull on people but it’s quite common, this is just one aspect of how to build it.

    Expert trolls also play on this or other, similar, emotional frameworks, getting a reaction by launching nonsense attacks that the targets feel must be countered lest the troll somehow “win” something.


    If the hippocampus “wins” then information seeking behaviors will begin and the person will start to try to gain information with which to process what’s going on. They will gather information, process it and come to a conclusion. This is the first O in the OODA loop.

    Here, on the curiosity side of this we can have someone stuck in a curiosity loop, sometimes referred to as “analysis paralysis”. These people will never get to cognitive processing either as they will continue to seek new information to process rather than beginning to process what they have. This information-to-satisfaction has been documented in rats in the “corner runs” experiments but it works extremely well on people because the rats eventually run out of physical space. In the mind, our working area is effectively unlimited.

    In both cases actual cognitive processing of the information we have gathered does not start until either curiosity or anxiety wins and, usually, the associated behavior has been completed. There are some other interruptions that can occur via distraction but that’s beyond our scope here. Heuristics can also come into play and we’ll get back to that as well.

    In both propaganda and argument establishing such a curiosity loop in a target can be accomplished several ways, one of the most obvious tools used against groups of people is a tactic known as the “Gish Gallop” (Gish Gallop: The debate tactic of throwing out a series of points or arguments in a rapid-fire manner, knowing that the other person can’t address them all. Particularly effective in modern media where time constraints are an issue. This can be modified to control a group of people as a method of preventing action by offering continuous updates such as “breaking news” in a manner that makes decision making impossible because no meaning can be extracted from a continuous stream of purportedly important information related to the topic).

    While generally used as a debate tactic, the Gish works wonderfully well against a population that is seeking information as a mechanism to prevent or alleviate anxiety stemming from a shock such as a terror attack, mass shooting or, perhaps, a disease outbreak. Perhaps even a novel disease outbreak, where the very term “novel disease” tells you that there’s more to know. You can’t be familiar with this, it’s new! Stay tuned for updates as they become available!

    Once such a topic is presented and catches public attention new, but either obviously incomplete (or stated to be such), information is constantly presented keeping the majority of people stuck in a situation where they feel, specifically FEEL, that they need more information to make a decision and therefore they put off making the decision. Later, more, again incomplete or even contradictory information is supplied to keep this effect going.

    This particular use of the Gish does produce diminishing returns due to burnout and/or discovery of other, solid contradictory information that doesn’t change much, but against a large population it can be sustained a surprisingly long time because of the social statistics I mentioned in the Statistics for Propagandists section. In recent lingo, “the science changed” or “we were moving at the speed of science”.

    In short, the result is that in order to avoid being pushed into anxiety via known ignorance of a perceived threat, the person seeks information to combat that potential anxiety but they can never get enough information to form a decision. They get stuck in the first O in OODA loop, unable to move forward and orient themselves. Such people will find it very hard to stop because stopping pushes them into the anxiety realm because that’s the realm of the pure unknown.

    The double-punch here being that an inability to discover enough information to form a decision is, itself, anxiety producing in two ways.

    First, a general feeling of unmooring leads to pre-anxiety anxiety, that is the feeling that someone is anxious that they might become more anxious without further information. This is usually seen as a general feeling of “free floating” anxiety, which can be manipulated with the tactics previously discussed and then attached to a totem.

    Secondly, the fact that concrete information is not forthcoming leads to anxiety about an inability to orient and make decisions. This can lead to people who shut down and simply wait for someone else to tell them what to do.

    Assuming that all which is produced is the loop then, as stated, the loop won’t last forever but it’s effectively an emotional BSoD for a period of time in the affected person or people. As the Gish loses steam, people will reboot on wildly different timelines but as long as a social mass can be maintained the overarching steering effect is achieved. This will also eventually be something we return to when discussing “social atomization” in the modern context.

    In either case, anxiety or curiousity, people are stuck. They are literally unable to critically think. The specific reasons vary but the root cause is the same, the gaming of the “surprise” or “curiousity” function of our brain. This is a favorite of manipulators because it’s such a high percentage move. It doesn’t get everyone but the one-two punch gets a huge number, at least at first. Like all con games it will eventually expend its room to run but a master conman is already on to the next con where they can recycle many of these strategies with the exact same formula to string the population along for another period of time.

    The point here being that since all human information processing starts with emotion, we are in effect hijackable from the emotional point of view. This is part of how much of propaganda and advertising work. Some of these manipulation systems can be complicated in their real-world functionality but they are all, at base, fairly simply emotional manipulations.

    The fact that many people do not believe they are susceptible to such manipulation is one of the major strengths of systems built to manipulate them. It is their faith in themselves that, in part, is hijacked in order to mislead them. Their obvious resistance to these tricks in one area is often their weakness in another. What you’re dealing with here is well over a century of weaponized psychology and, more recently, neurobiology that has gone so far as to test this kind of thing using fMRI while inducing the stimulus.

    Those thinking ahead have probably already realized that one of the best ways to armor a person against the above forms of manipulation is to create a heuristic within that person that allows them to recognize what is being done and jump to an alternative solution from that being offered to counter the anxiety, thereby also defeating gaming of information seeking behavior. Such people would be correct.

    • Self worth or low self esteem. Last year I visited with a 3 time felon, he doesn’t care because he has nothing to lose. I think the system should have some kind of help pay the wages program or drop the we cant hire you, your a felon. These guys get out of the slammer after serving their sentences and they are continously stomped on. Cut the first time felon a break, might make a difference. It’s not easy out here after being locked up, no housing unit will slot you, DMV plays its games, cant get a job. So what’s left?

      • l advocate pedal-powered generators, pay folks by the kwh. It would have top be the most expensive electricity ever, but at least there would full employment for able-bodied peeps.

        • Most expensive EXCEPT the crazy “green”/”no carbon” BS the progs are pushing.

          Sounds like a plan. Perhaps our tiny navy could bring back galleys (as Ben Hur). Chain the 3 timers to a bench/oar.

        • The cost per watt would be astronomical, but no more healthy folks saying they can’t find work.

        • “l advocate pedal-powered generators…”

          If that happens I may go out and buy some Peloton stock…. Then maybe invest in a little meth to try to get em to crank a little faster/longer.

      • Demoralization is a real PITA (and a whole topic in this series). I would agree that it is common with felons, particularly those who either made a mistake or are truly reformed.

        If you look at it, the effect is similar to POWs when they first come back to civilization but, for the felon, there is no homecoming in many cases due to the circumstances you mention, which is totally and completely fucked. The idea that we allow that as a society while still allowing the flat-out, and quite obvious, propaganda of calling something the “Department of Corrections” is sardonically amusing and extremely aggravating.

        IMHO, the government loves kicking people while they’re down and loves it even more if they can get you to play along with it. Intentionally playing in the gray area of who is and who is not truly reformed is dispicable and debases us all at a fundamental level. Well… it would if we had any principles left.

  10. 10% of it is first responders and there’s no one there from the DA’s office? There’s 15% of it as business people? 25 people who are into social justice, police reform etc?

    You can see the priority is really public safety here. CWB or whoever would be smart to pull public records on these folks salaries.

  11. As long as Black Americans are ignorant enough to belong to the Party of their slave masters do not expect Content of Character to ever become popular with what are by all accounts seriously misguided youths.

      • muckmouth…When it comes to “Content” of Character a person’s skin color is neither here nor there. It’s not or never has been or will be a pejorative whitey.

        • Blacks (not all) dismiss the content of character phrase be whites embraced it. And you darn well know it.

        • @muckraker
          I think that’s not only the problem but is also what Debbie said. I agree with Osprey.

        • Prndll,
          Not sure why she took offense. I was saying basically the same thing that she was as I was agreeing with her.

    • Why does everybody capitalize “black”? We don’t capitalize any other adjective to that level. I don’t see asian, middle eastern, nordic, the “pro” in pro-gun and pro-2A, red, white, or blue being capitalized to the extent that people capitalize “black” as in “American”.

      It’s not an accusation; just a question.

      • It was the first word in my sentence? Also to be clear I agreed with Debbie’s first post but when she said this “It’s not or never has been or will be a pejorative whitey.” She is lying and she knows it which makes it all the more damning. Black people years ago started dismissing Martin Luther King’s statement almost as soon as white people embraced it. She knows it and she’s lying about it.

      • “Why does everybody capitalize “black”?”

        It clarifies the difference between the color and the race, that’s why…

      • Some spellcheck and auto-correct features will *suggest* capitalization for most racial identifiers other than “white” which, I guess might mean supremacy or something.

        Some online services won’t allow words like “black” in any context. You can’t use that on several major sites that use Disqus and it’s common enough that I suspect it’s a standard feature for Disqus at this point where the site actually has to enable use of the word.

        The politics around this have become a very odd thing IMHO and there doesn’t seem to be much continuity to it.

  12. so maybe 10 of them have any practical mindset. maybe.

    but they’ll get shouted down by the rest anyway.

    good luck with this.

  13. Oh, just thinking about this waiting to find out the 4 former police officers have private security firms in Chicago.

  14. The 15 most violent cities in the country (as measured by the number of murders) are all Democrat controlled. So, if we want to reduce violence all we have to do is ban Democrats, not guns.

  15. try to find a love
    try to find a relationship
    where you can abuse the other person
    as much as you want
    you can even literally kill their baby
    multiple times
    and they keep coming back for more
    like the democrats do
    to black people

    • “and they keep coming back for more
      like the democrats do
      to black people”

      That’s changing, and the change is accelerating.

      Kinda odd how the Leftist Scum ™ jumps up and down screaming “Racist” about Trump, yet a higher percentage of Blacks voted for him in 2020 than 2016. That trend is continuing to accelerate, in our favor.

      It’s almost as if they might be waking up to the true face of the fascists… 🙂

  16. This 44 member Commission/committee would accomplish nothing but a drain on the taxpayers money.

    • thats the plan, Let’s add 44 more to the payroll.
      The mayor just had to figure out who he wants owing him favors

  17. quote———-“It’s important to have a diverse group from different perspectives because there is no one solution to ending gun violence,” said the Reverend Ciera Bates-Chamberlain, executive director of Live Free Illinois and a member of the Council of Criminal Justice’s Violent Crime Working Group. ———-quote

    Studying a complex problem and exploring solutions is always preferable to the cave like Neanderthal mentality of the Far Right. The Far Right only wring their hands, scream that there are no solutions and advocate shooting everyone who gets in their way or does not conform to their own political ideology and putting the survivors in concentration camps. Hitler would have loved them all.

  18. They must be in love with failing schools, High crime, high taxes, political corruption and no plan to fix anything, They keep voting Democrat and expect a different result.

    • Because it is a known certainty. Voting out Democrats and voting in someone else creates uncertainty.

      Better the devil you know.

    • Into the moderation gulag for daring to raise the option of voting out dem0crats.

      Voting for someone else than THE PARTY is an anti-state activity to commissar W0rdpress.

  19. Sounds like it might involve a guillotine. Is this hood or bad? I thought they didn’t do capital punishment in Illinois anymore?

    • For some criminals, a guillotine would be too good for them. Capital punishment is a deterrent. Do you know of any executed criminal who ever came back and did it again?

        • Do you know of any “innocent” who were executed?
          Thanks for proving my point!

        • Lots of innocents have been executed. Welll-known historucal fact. If you are pretending to be a moron, good job!

        • XZX, I asked a question and in true lawyer style you deflected without answering. The answer is NONE. Speaking of being a moron, isn’t that you picture along side the word in Websters?

        • There’s a boatload of old movies about executed cons coming back from the dead to wreak revenge…

          Most famously (though NOT an executed convict) The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow…Traditional folklore holds that the Horseman was a Hessian trooper who was killed during the Battle of White Plains on 28 October 1776. He was decapitated by an American cannonball, and the shattered remains of his head were left on the battlefield while his comrades hastily carried his body away. Eventually, they buried him in the cemetery of the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, from which he rises as a malevolent ghost, furiously seeking his lost head…

          Just a few of the better ones…
          Prison (1987): When a prisoner is executed in 1964 for a murder he did not commit, Creedmore Prison becomes haunted by a vengeful spirit hellbent on exacting revenge on the officer who carried out the sentence.

          Haunting of Cell Block 11 (2014): film follows a ghost hunting crew who are pushing themselves to improve TV ratings before their show, “Ghost Sightings” is cancelled. Tipped off by a unique source, they head to an abandoned institution and quickly find themselves trapped in a horrific struggle for survival. Many hideous crimes were committed in this prison and the specters now look to punish anyone who wanders into their midst…

          Beyond Re-Animator (2003): Some thirteen years after he was put in prison, the nefarious Dr. Herbert West finds a new opportunity to poke into human anatomy. Using supplies at his place of incarceration, West uncovers a new means of resurrection in the form of nano-plasmic energy. On cue, the doctor’s work leads to chaos at the prison with a full-on riot serving as the film’s climax.

          Last Shift (2014): Rookie police officer Jessica Loren is assigned the night shift at a local jail, she finds herself contending with evil spirits and other demonic events. It’s the last operation before the police station closes and Loren is all alone against the supernatural terrors.

        • You said: Haven’t heard of one, (i.e. B movies about dead guys coming back for revenge) but if you do, let us know? (which I did)… What would YOU call ANY movie about the dead returning and wreaking havoc upon the living… Why YES, that WOULD be a “HORROR” movie (usually a low budget B grade film)… No one that I’m aware of has ever made a factual documentary about such an occurrence if that is what you’re looking for…

        • MADDMAXX, Gee I’m so sorry. but I don’t consider horror flicks to be real movies. LOL I consider them on the same level I do DEMONcRAT propaganda.

  20. The subcommittee includes: Individuals that helped him get elected that he has not yet paid off… Just wait til the NEXT mayoral contest when the leader of The Latin Kings gets elected.

    • That made me laugh. Leader of The Latin Kings.
      And why not, The Black Deacons got it now.

  21. All are perpetually aggrieved African Americans who feel entitled to perpetuate the homicidal violence until they all have received millions of dollars in reparations. In a sane world, this is known as extortion and robbery.

      • giv should have left him alone.

        His own people did him, needed a martyr, a reason to riot Burn Loot and Murder some more…

      • Malcom X was a hypocrite just like all the other “idols” they have. Still, pretty fucked up what the .gov did do all of them. Basically WACO status but covert. Not cool. Not cool to do to anyone. Just goes to show how easily the .gov will turn anyone into a terrorist – even if they actually are lol.

  22. The woman in the pink hoodie:

    Never trust someone who ties their hoody like they are tying their shoes… who tf does that?

  23. OMG, elect a clown and don’t be surprised when a circus breaks out. Congrats Chicongo

  24. It’s not just Chicago.The people who complain often have put themselves in the situation they find themselves in now. And they want to avoid accountability for the decisions that they made.

    It’s not just that they voted for this guy. They had completely unrealistic expectations, on what they would get out of him in the first place.

    The white communists have figured out that if they put “a black face” on their communism, they will be able to seduce a whole lot of black People. Into that ideology.
    Yeah, that’s right? I said it. Unfortunately a lot of black people have not figured that out.

    Or perhaps even worse. They don’t understand that communism is a really terrible thing. I have noticed a lot of young people of all skin Colors, seem to think communism/s0ci@lism is not a bad thing. Which just goes to show that the communists have been very successful in this country.

    The communists have captured this major city. That’s just a fact. They will give you your h0m0sexuality/Tr@nny/sexu@l liberation. They’ll give you your drugs. They’ll order the police to stand down. They’ll give you the welfare.
    And they’ll take your guns away.

    It is not a coincidence that the passage of permitlesss carry, is going on in States where there is more religious belief. The religious do cling to their God and their guns. And the atheists cling to a belief in the government leader.

    President Eisenhower did warn the country in his final address to the nation. That the enemies of the United States were atheistic in their nature.

    And there are other things that people like to ignore in that final speech he made. Things that are very harmful to the future of the United States. Besides. The military industrial complex.

  25. Well this became a Charlie Foxtrot before they’ve even met. If you want to reduce violence, start putting criminal in prison and keeping them there.

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