Rep. Colin Allred, D-Texas (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)
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You remember Beto O’Rourke, don’t you? Of course you do. He’s the thrice failed candidate for, well, lots of offices who was only too happy to tell anyone who’d listen that he wants to confiscate their AR-15s. Until recently that was a problem in politics. Democrats at least had the good sense to do a little sidestep and at least claim they really weren’t coming for your guns.

All of that went out the window years ago, though. And that honesty actually works now for many Dems in lots of places. But here in the Lone Star State, where Robert Francis ran two big, expensive, failed campaigns, telling Texans you want to take their guns isn’t a recipe for success in a statewide race.

When Beto challenged Ted Cruz for his Senate seat back in 2018, he had literally every advantage a non-incumbent could ask for. The faux Hispanic from west Texas was billed as the Democrats’ Kennedy-esque great hope for finally turning Texas blue. He was almost suffocated under an avalanche of cash — much, if not most of it from out of state — and Beto outspent the incumbent by about 75 percent. He also got reams of fawning media coverage including an Annie Liebovitz cover shoot.

But in the end, it just wasn’t enough. Telling Texans you plan to confiscate their guns doesn’t win friends in these parts. At least not nearly enough of them. Even with a mountain of money and the help of virtually every media outlet, Beto still fell short by almost three percentage points.

Let’s skip over O’Rourke’s abortive 2020 presidential run…aside for that timeless debate stage quote: “Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15, your AK47.”

Maybe he actually thought he could live that down when he later decided to run for the Texas Governor’s office against incumbent Greg Abbott. At first he tried lying about his stance on gun rights. But he eventually returned to form and Texans weren’t dumb enough to forget it. Abbott trounced him by 11 points.

If there’s one thing the state’s Democrats should have learned from their experience with Robert Francis O’Rourke, it’s that you don’t tell Texans how little regard you have for their gun rights. Beto did that with enthusiasm and proved one thing; rather than being Texas Democrats’ Great Hope, he was nothing more than a Great Dope. Too many Texans love their guns and their rights too much to elect someone like Robert Francis who wants to do away with both.

That’s why the Texas Blue Crew may have a sinking feeling this weekend. A video has just surfaced of the man who’s stepped up to challenge Ted Cruz in 2024. In it, the infelicitously named Rep. Colin Allred opines that it really would have been better if the Second Amendment has never been written.

The topic begins at the 3:00 mark.


The person Allred is talking to notes the fact that retired Justice John Paul Stevens had just written that the Second Amendment should be repealed and asks Allred for his thoughts on the matter . . .

Number one, it’s not realistic. Alright, it’s not…. I also think we don’t need to. I think within the confines of the accurately applied Second Amendment, we can do everything we want to do, in terms of regulating weapons and all that. The Second Amendment does have, in the first sentence, in order to maintain a ‘well-regulated militia,’ and then ‘the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’

And it’s two ideas there. The recent trend has only been to focus on the right to bear arms instead of the well-regulated militia part. So I just think we have to accurately apply it.

Would it be better had it had not been written? Of course. But there’s no chance that we’re going to repeal any of the Bill of Rights amendments. …

What we could do, I think, like I said, there’s plenty of room within their, I think, is not allow people to have weapons of war. Not allow them to buy bazookas, buy tanks.

Allred goes on to acknowledge that Stevens’ op-ed was unrealistic. He discusses the Second Amendment more, but the background noise makes it difficult to accurately quote him.

To be sure, Rep. Allred didn’t say he wanted to take anyone’s AR-15 a la Beto. At least not per se. But decrying “weapons of war” and expressing his wish that the Founders hadn’t included the right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution isn’t going to give Texas gun owners — who tend to vote with gusto — any warm fuzzy feelings.

There’s still a long way to go before November, 2024 and no one in the Cruz camp should be popping any champagne corks yet. But Rep. Allred has given them a huge early opening. It’s one that we’re sure they’ll be using often and with great enthusiasm in the next 18 months.




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    • D’s can pose a real threat of bluing the state by capturing large cities as their populations increase.

      Underestimating the threat is hubris.

      If you’re a Texan, then work on discrediting the D platform and discrediting citizen-disarmism, outside this echo-chamber.

      • Good advise, Mark. Ds are like having intestinal worms. They keep propagating. My daughter spent too many years in San Francisco and has been infested with the D-disease. When I commented that she, who has fled to Arizona to escape what she helped create in CA, and in the process was creating another CA remarked that corrupting AZ was good and she hoped to be able to turn AZ blue. Which, by the way, is happening with all the kallyfornicators fleeing the state they ruined.

  1. try to start a militia now and not have it be full of feds wanting you in a cell……

  2. TBF, this video is from 2018.

    Also TBF — he still feels that way, but he’ll be trying to spin it differently during the campaign.

    Even Wikipedia has this guy’s number:

    In the wake of the 2023 Cleveland, Texas shooting, Allred stated that he supports “common-sense actions like universal background checks and red-flag laws to ensure dangerous individuals don’t have these deadly weapons.” In 2022, after the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Allred voted for the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act; this law incentivized states to pass red-flag laws and significantly narrowed the so-called boyfriend loophole, which had allowed abusive partners to obtain guns so long as they were not married to the survivor of the abuse. He has also supported a federal assault weapons ban.

    • Nonsense.
      Our President Biden is as physically fit as Tarzan and His mental capacity is greater then a Chimpanzee’s.
      Monkeys are smart.

  3. RE: “The Second Amendment does have, in the first sentence, in order to maintain a ‘well-regulated militia,’ and then ‘the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’

    After Gun Control democRats bashed and spit on the word Militia for years now all of a sudden a blowbag democRat wants to embrace it all in a lame sneaky effort to advance his insane Gun Control Rot.

    The sneaky democRat colin allred who panders to Gun Control history illiterates is certainly no Colion Noir…

    • And “well-regulated” simply means the guns are in good working order and available to the (as able as possible) citizenry. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • No. A well regulated militia means one that has practiced close order drill, the small unit tactics of the 18th century. If you want to see what a well-regulated militia looks like, I suggest the next time you are in Wash DC you catch the U.S. Marine Barracks Sunset Parade. In the 18th century, in order to get troops on the field of battle where the terms of engagement were massed firing followed by a bayonet charge, close order drill performed under the stress of the noise and smoke of the 18th century battlefield was essential in order to keep the troops under control and not panicked and running hither and yon. You have heard the term “regulars” used in connection with bodies of troops and also the term “irregulars”. Regulars were troops that had sufficient training in close order drill to be able to function on an 18th century battlefield. Irregulars were not so well drilled and the noise, smoke and apparent confusion of the battlefield rattled them and frequently they broke and ran when the bayonet charge was initiated against them. That is also why the regulations in many states provided for having a musket instead of a rifle. The musket was the assault battle weapon of the 18th century. The militiaman was also supposed to have either a bayonet for his musket or a hanger which was the common term for a sword suitable for use on foot. There was a length difference between a hanger and a cavalry saber. A cavalry saber was longer than the typical foot soldier’s sword. A shorter sword is better suited to hand to hand combat than a long cumbersome saber. One uses pikes to attack cavalry. The intent is to disable the horse whereupon the mounted rider must dismount (or hopefully be thrown by the panicked horse) where he will be at a disadvantage with his longer sword less suited for hand to hand combat. You have read about VonStuben teaching the soldiers, non-coms and officers close order drill during the winter at Valley Forge. That was essential for them to meet the British and Hessians on the field of battle in the 18th century. Not only was it essential for the troops to be able to respond to the commands, it was essential for the officers and non-coms to know which commands to use in which situations. “Company, right front on to line” is an amazing maneuver to watch as the company moves from the approach formation of columns of men to having the company on line in four ranks to present the most effective firing formation. You would swear it looks like the proverbial chinese fire drill and in learning the steps necessary to smoothly move from column to ranks seems like learning some intricate dance routine. Today if I had to perform “Company, right front on to line,” I would be like a new recruit on his first day of close order drill where learning left from right was confusing. Even that simple maneuver “Column left turn, march” needs to be learned and it is one of the most basic steps in close order drill.

  4. In it, the infelicitously named Rep. Colin Allred opines that it really would have been better if the Second Amendment has never been written.

    Gee… and the next day some flake kills a bunch of folks at a mall….
    what a ….coincidence.

  5. People like this guy will not be happy unless he can shoot gun owners without consequence.

    • Them kinda people never get their hands dirty, its always someone else doing the work for them.
      Generals gathered in their masses.

  6. We are well regulated with a lot of unconstitutional laws and over payment of taxes… I strive for even better self regulation by taking meta-Meusel daily… so enough of the well-regulated crap…

    • Technically they did back in 1965 when LBJ signed the so called “Great Society Act”. It returned all the blacks to the democrat plantation.

  7. Any anti-civil rights candidate in the state of Texas who wants to ban and confiscate guns. They need to explain why nearly 400 armed representatives of the Texas state government, called police officers, stood by and let over 30 people adults and children, get shot to death in their own classrooms???

    Whereas in Indiana, a 22-year-old civilian with a handgun, went up against a murderer with an AR-15. And he shot and killed that Criminal at 40 yards Dead on site.

  8. Was a mass shooting in Chico California with 1 dead and at least 4 more wounded. The Dead being a 17 year old girl. Nothing in the National media outlets. Stumbled across it looking for something else in the San Fran news.
    Most of the well publicized stories are there for propaganda purposes. Must push the narrative.
    Yes there are many things we could do to improve public safety and lessen crime and violence. Problem politicians from the local city level all the way to DC are never going to do anything that give them headlines and political clout. Keeping violent criminals in prison and off the streets, encouraging kids to stay in school instead of running the streets, encouraging young males to be responsible for their offspring, encouraging young women to not have kids early and often, holding parents responsible for their offspring’s actions, dealing with the drug, gang and cultural issues of the various racial and cultural groups.
    No, not easy, 1 size fits all solutions. No, not politically popular and 20 second sound byte fixes. And will require actual effort and time. We didn’t get to this point overnight and will not roll back the problems overnight.

  9. There’s something not right about that dude’s eyes. Is he inbred or something? Mongoloid, maybe? He looks like he’s mildly cross-eyed, but the eye sockets aren’t exactly right. WTF? I’m not a doctor or anything, I can’t exactly describe what I’m seeing, but he’s screwed up somehow.

    • The vibrator he got as a present from China shorted out.
      It may be a sign of mental illness if you walk around with a vibrator stuck up your a**, but hey, its 2023, so probably not.
      Just a normal guy doing his normal thing

  10. hook up with beto & try some door-to-door confiscation, see how well that works

  11. I’m assuming that these people running on the no gunms platform just love it when someone shutes up the place with a gunm.
    ” Well I’m sorry all the kids are dead(Not). Vote for Me.”

  12. Blame, moderated twice in a row and nothing out of the ordinary said.
    Eeeeewwww I can feel the eyes of the elf bee eyes running strong today.

  13. The Democrat/Commie Party of America has it figured to a Tee – People don’t kill people, guns do. Case in point: The great Hollywood mogul and actor Alec BONE-win. He didn’t point his gun at the two crew members nor did he pull the trigger. . . Case closed. The upside to this is we’ve no more need for an Infantry, we merely just have to send our guns off to war .

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